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Super School Student Chapter 225-226

Chapter 225

He aimed for the man closest to him, in fact, the woman with the double gun was the one he wanted to take down the most, but it was too far away.


This guy emerged with a sentence in English after seeing Ye Lu’s speed, followed by also flying and started to run away, apparently he also had a good body martial art technique, Ye Lu’s attack only left a very shallow wound on his arm, and this guy fled to the distance.

And at the same time, the sound of gunshots rang out again.

“It’s true that these people aren’t that easy to deal with!”

He originally thought that with his speed and the “Misty Steps” martial art, he could gain an advantage in speed, but now it seemed that he had underestimated these demons.

In fact, although there was a close correlation between realm and combat power, it was not the only criterion to measure, and the difference in combat power between people of the same realm was actually very large.

However, Ye Luo did not think that everyone of these people had such fast body skills, after all, Ye Luo’s current speed of using martial arts skills was similar to that of Huo Huan, who was in the middle stage of the “Combined God Realm”.

Sure enough, after dodging the woman’s bullets, he noticed that the other Blood fighter was significantly less fast, “Boom!” Ye Lu’s dagger came down quickly, and this guy was knocked unconscious on the ground.

Seeing this scene, the leader of the Gothic Bloods shook his head helplessly.

“Hey, a makeshift team really doesn’t work.”

In fact, in order to deal with this boxing match, they had already deployed their “Pulse Raising Realm” experts from their European headquarters, but unfortunately, these people were still on their way here, and if the “Shadow of Death” had not temporarily adjusted the time of the match, their people would have arrived.

But then he was relieved.

It suddenly occurred to him that even if the experts were on their way, they would not be able to deal with the current five Bloods by themselves.

So, if it was really a one-on-one wheel-to-wheel battle the day after tomorrow, he felt that he would have even less chance of winning instead.

Thinking about this he suddenly felt much more relaxed.

“It’s not that our people are incompetent, it’s that our opponents are too strong!”

He sighed silently, followed by seeing that the woman with the double guns was also knocked unconscious on the fighting platform by Ye Luo at the end because she had run out of bullets.

To be honest, Ye Luo didn’t expect this first battle to be so easy either.

He felt that maybe it had something to do with his improved cultivation and change of mentality, for no matter what, he had killed a “master” once!

Seeing that all five of them had fainted, Ye Lu raised his hand and gestured to the leader of the Gothic Bloods, who of course had no choice but to admit defeat.

Then, the host announced in a loud voice.

“I declare the winner of this match to be the ‘Undefeated Bright Power’, Bloodshot!”

After her announcement, all the spectators in the audience stood up and shouted wildly.

Ye Luo looked at the three remaining teams, if things went on as they were, he might be able to win this match easily.

After the Bloods’ fighter returned, the beautiful host continued to announce.

“Here are the second round challengers, five experts from the ‘Dark Pharaohs’ who share the same name, ‘Servants of the Pharaoh King’, please!”

Following that, five guys wrapped up like mummies who couldn’t see their expressions walked up to Ye Luo, these five guys looked lifeless and each one held a spear in their hands, but each one had a different shape.

Ye Lu suddenly had a strange feeling as he looked at these guys, he felt that these five guys did not seem to be full creatures.


At this time, the host had given the order.

The five guys danced their spears quickly and rushed up, to Ye Lu’s surprise, all five guys were super fast, simply too fast, and the five guys obviously had coordination.

“Holy f*ck!”

In just one encounter, Ye Lu used his “Misty Steps”, and even so, he almost got killed.

However, although these guys’ attacks were flawless, their weapons were not. Therefore, after dodging several times, Ye Lu seized the opportunity to cut off the spear in his opponent’s hand with a dagger when his opponent’s spear came over, and then plunged the dagger into his opponent’s heart.

“One, done!”

Ye Luo was delighted in his heart, as long as he had this indestructible dagger around, Ye Luo felt that he should be able to end today’s battle easily.

However, right after that, he saw that the opponent who should have been dead flew and struck again, holding the half-broken spear and stabbing it violently towards himself.

It was too late to dodge it completely, so Ye Lv moved his body quickly and the spear poked through his body in one go, and then he chopped the guy’s arm into two pieces with his backhand.

However, the severed arm did not bleed, as if the opponent was not a flesh and blood body at all.


The other four lances had taken the opportunity to stab towards Ye Lu like poisonous snakes.

Ye Lu had no time to pull out the half-lance that was stuck in his body, so he quickly performed the “Misty Steps” and started to dodge.

Seeing this scene, the crowd was worried about Ye Lu.

“Are those things really human?”

Someone looked at the Egyptian boxer who had one of his arms cut off and asked incredulously.

Of course, no one could answer him that question.

“Who knows? Not many people knew much about ancient Egyptian witchcraft in the first place, so maybe it was some kind of sorcery.”

“Well, maybe they originally wanted to discard these five men, that’s why they transformed them like this, in order to stop Bloodshot’s winning streak.”

“Yeah, I think you’ve got a point there.”


On the side of “Deadly Shadow”, Black Meditation’s judgement was similar to this man’s, he felt that most of these were also attacks from “deadly warriors”, this was a big problem for Bloodshot.


The sudden appearance of several feet of blue flame set the body of one of his opponents ablaze like a sword.

This time, this guy could no longer ignore this attack, and he quickly started to puff up the flames on his body, while Ye Lu took the opportunity to pull his spear out of his body.


The lance was thrown to the ground, and Ye Lu quickly took the “Regeneration Pill” and crushed it and applied it to the wound on his body.

Then, he saw the guy who had just had half of his arm cut off suddenly put his other hand into his mouth, and then he tilted his head and pulled out a long knife from his mouth.

The scene was so bizarre that some people in the audience could not help but vomit.

At this moment, the other guy also extinguished the flames on his body, and the five men once again surrounded Ye Lu with their weapons.

“It’s really not that easy!”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, however, he was also a bit helpless at the same time, who would have thought that this thing just wouldn’t die even if it was poked through the heart.

“I just don’t believe I can’t kill you.”

After taking a deep breath, Ye Luo then held his dagger and looked at these five guys around him.

Following that, he took the initiative to attack, and the five monsters also danced the weapons in their hands and attacked towards Ye Luo, however, Ye Luo’s stance was fast, and after a few glances, Ye Luo once again cut off the weapons in his opponents’ hands, however, this time, he did not attack the heart again, but chose the neck instead.


A guy’s head was directly cut off, following which Ye Luo flew back, as he was worried that this might not kill his opponent either.

As it turned out, his fears were right, not only did the other guy not die, he also launched an attack at the same time, if Ye Lu hadn’t backed up beforehand, there would have been another transparent hole in his body.

“Sh*t! What the hell is this thing?”

Ye Lu was surprised beyond words, because he saw that the guy actually picked up his own head from the ground and put it back on his neck, then after tampering with it a few times, he shook his head from side to side, and as a result, the head that had just been cut off grew back on his head.

Not only Ye Lu, but everyone was shocked by this scene, which was beyond everyone’s comprehension.

Then, an even more desperate scene appeared.

Those five Egyptians suddenly clasped their hands over their chests in a strange pose similar to a prayer, and as soon as this pose appeared, Ye Lu felt that the other party’s eyes suddenly turned red, while their breath also began to grow stronger.

“Sh*t! It’s getting tougher and tougher!”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but scratch his hair as well.


Chapter 226

He had thought that was all the strength of the other side just now, but now it seemed that he was wrong again, these guys could obviously get even stronger.

“Sh*t! How can we fight this?”

“That’s right, it’s too scary too!”

“This time the ‘Blood Shadows’ are finished!”

“Hey! It’s a pity, if it wasn’t a one-on-five, he might have had a chance.”

“That’s right, why does he need a pair of fives?”


The audience seemed to have seen Ye Lu’s death, as everyone really couldn’t see any hope of Ye Lu surviving, it was five undead things!

Ye Lu also took a deep breath, then clenched his fists.

“It’s time to show off the real technique!”

Ye Lu gritted his teeth, then took out a “medium-grade spirit stone”, then began to run his spirit energy and started to gather the “Candle Dragon Finger”.

At the same time, the eyes of the five living dead-like mummies snapped open and attacked again.

Sure enough, this time the attack was even swifter and more terrifying than the previous one, as all the weapons lit up with a long aura of true qi, and the speed of these guys became faster again.

Following that, the six of them engaged in an electric attack and defence battle, and Ye Lu’s body was instantly covered in colour.

“Guess how much longer Blood Shadow can last?”

“I don’t see it lasting ten seconds.”

“That’s right, he’s dead this time.”


However, just when everyone unanimously thought that Bloodshot was finished, Ye Lu unexpectedly extended a finger and poked one of the guys in the chest with a single finger.

“It’s useless, these guys can’t be beaten to death, right?”

“Yeah, how else can you kill them when you can’t even die after your heart is poked through and your head falls off.”

“What’s the point of poking him if you can’t kill him?”


However, soon everyone understood the reason why Ye Lu poked that Egyptian, thought, a blue flame suddenly emerged from this guy’s body, this flame was not very strong, but its power was exceptionally obvious, at least the effect on these mummies was very obvious.


The mummy that had been set alight fell to the ground like a machine that had suddenly lost its electrical power.

The “medium-grade spirit stones” in Ye Lu’s hand were also disappearing rapidly.

Ye Lu finally realized the difference between these “medium grade spirit stones” and the previous “lower grade spirit stones”, it was not a difference in quantity, but in quality.

A “medium-grade spirit stone” was not equivalent to consuming more “lower-grade spirit stones”, the “medium-grade spirit stones” not only replenished the spirit qi rapidly, but also made the five strands of spirit qi that were already there thicker.

The “Candle Dragon Finger” was indeed a terrifying martial art. When using the “Candle Dragon Finger”, one could choose how much aura to use, and the more aura one used, the more powerful it would be.

The strike that Ye Lu had just made had already penetrated into the mummy’s limbs and bones, so it had consumed a great deal of spiritual energy.

However, Ye Lu felt that if it wasn’t an all-round blow, I was afraid that it would be difficult to finish the opponent, but, fortunately, there were still four left, so the pressure was much less.

Of course, what was more troublesome was the consumption of the “Ghostly Inferno”. The consumption of aura could be replenished with “medium-grade spirit stones”, but the consumption of the “Ghostly Inferno” could only be accumulated slowly over time.

“D*mn you! Come again!”

Ye Lu gritted his teeth and desperately used his Medium Grade Spirit Stones before charging up again, since this would work, even if he ran out of Ghostly Inferno, he had to go for it.


Soon, Ye Luo lit a mummy on fire again.

Just like that, when Ye Lu ignited the third mummy, Ye Lu felt that the “Ghostly Inferno” in his body had run out, but the battle ended abruptly, because this mummy let out a miserable scream, and after he died, the other two mummies seemed to have lost consciousness, and they all fell down on the fighting platform automatically.

“Sh*t! So it’s not all dead!”

Ye Luo muttered, and the audience also dawned on him, it turned out that one person was controlling four things like dead soldiers, which was the reason why those guys could fight even if their heads fell off, as they were all nothing more than puppets.

After this battle was over, Ye Lu raised his hand and said.

“Referee, I request a timeout, I am allowed to take a break, right?”

The woman who was in charge of officiating was actually also the referee, and she looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Of course, you can take a break, however, it’s only fifteen minutes, after that the match will continue no matter what.”

Ye Lu nodded, then walked back to the spot that belonged to him.

The spear had just pierced directly through his chest, and with the loss of blood, the damage caused by this wound was still very terrifying, and he must take a rest before he could do so.

So, after going down, he began to quickly treat the wound and adjust.

There were still two more fights to come, if they were as easy as the Gothic Bloods, things would be easier, if the remaining two fights were as tough as this one, he would probably die in the last one.

However, Ye felt that the one against the Japanese Yakuza would definitely not be easy.

On the podium, the “Jack of Spades”, one of the twelve personal guards of the Lord of the Underground, nodded in satisfaction as he looked in Ye Lu’s direction.

“As expected of someone who is called the closest to becoming a Shura, he is indeed a bit interesting, he has broken the ‘Dark Pharaoh’s’ signature snipe, but the next two levels will be even more difficult.”

He muttered in his mind as he looked towards the Bloodthirsty Rose team.

“Even if the Japanese can’t stop him, the Five Golden Flowers’ sword formation can definitely stop him, and their sword formation has taken down ‘Sovereigns’ before.”

The Five Golden Flowers were behaving much as the “Jack of Spades” had thought, with the five of them looking at the direction where Ye Lu was sitting with a relaxed expression and no pressure at all.

There was also no pressure on the Japanese Yakuza, but the leader of the Yakuza was looking very uncomfortable because someone had just brought back the news that Yasuhiko Abe might have died.

“Is the news confirmed?”

Abe asked as he looked at the ninja who had reported the news.

The ninja nodded and said.

“It’s basically confirmed, because Master Yasuhiko did go up to the ‘Top of Purple and Gold’, we found their car on the mountain, but the man was gone, and there were witnesses who said that they had seen people with tall hats fighting at the top of the mountain, and then the dragon appeared.”

“Then the dragon spat out flames, and after that, Young Master Abe and the others were gone, and it’s true that the incident of the ‘candle dragon’ appearing at the top of the mountain is true, and there have been many news reports about it.”

“Also, even if Young Master Abe was trapped, I’m sure he would have found a way to make contact in a way that is unique to us, a condition like this where no one can be contacted at all should mean that he is in distress.”

In fact, Abe was thinking the same thing, except that he couldn’t and didn’t dare to accept the fact that Yasuhiko Abe had a very special position in the Yin Yang Riao.

And the ninja looked in Ye Luo’s direction and continued.

The witness also said that he had seen a man wearing a ghost mask and bare-chested near the “Great Man’s Stone Forest” at the top of the mountain, and that the man’s description looked very much like Bloodshot.

After listening to this guy’s words, Abe Hoeye looked in Ye Lu’s direction and thought about it, then nodded his head.

If someone had told him before that Ye Lu could kill Yasuhiko Abe, he might not have believed him, but seeing Ye Lu’s performance just now, he felt that Ye Lu might have the ability to do so.

So, Abe Hoeye turned to the five ninjas around him and said.

“Before you kill him, try to ask what exactly happened between him and Young Master Yasuhiko.”

Following that, the host announced.

“Next to pick on the blood shadow of our undefeated God of War will be the ‘Yakuza no Kai’, five ninja from the Hattori Hanzo clan, the ‘God of Ninja’ of Japan, with the ‘Hattori Five ‘.”

Following that, the five ninjas made their way out, and Ye Luo of course had to walk back onto the fighting platform.

Seeing Ye Lu come over, the five men quickly took out five boxes, which were the “Ghost Niches” that Ye Lu had seen before, and at the same time, the five men opened the “Ghost Niches” without hesitation.

The five ninjas appeared in front of the five ninjas with five high-level “God Harmony Realm” ghosts that were one small realm above them.

One versus ten begins!