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Super School Student Chapter 227-228

Chapter 227

The five senior ghosts were of different shapes, and one of the most prominent was the ghost named “Tall Girl”, which was really ugly to a certain extent.

Of course, the most devastating thing for Ye Lu was that all these ghosts were at the peak of the “Harmonious God Realm”, which was the strongest ghost these Japanese ninjas could bring.

“D*mn it, unless I can condense a sixth strand of aura, I should be dead.”

Ye Lu looked at the ten guys opposite him and became a bit depressed.

“Sh*t! This N*gga is too shameless.”

“That’s right, making so many powerful ghosts, Japanese what the hell are you guys?”

“Little Japanese, you guys are so cheap.”

“Jeez you immortal board!”


This time, the venue was the “Naihe Bridge Side” of the “Pulse Raising Realm”, so many of those who came to see the fun were cultivators of the Innate Realm, so of course everyone saw the five senior ghosts.

The audience could not tell the level of the ghosts, but since they were carried by ninjas at the peak of the “Pulse Raising Realm”, they should have been a level higher than them, so many people started to curse.

The Japanese “Yakuza no Kai” were unmoved.

“So this is it after all.”

Tu Chen frowned as he watched the competition. He and Black Hei had expected the Japanese to do this, but now, it was up to Ye Lu to do it himself.

Seeing these five senior brats appear, the host also frowned, but, following that, she raised her hand and announced.

“Good, since both sides are ready, the match begins!”

After that, she darted away and disappeared into the pa*sage.

Ye Lu stood there, holding the Medium Grade Spirit Stones and the Heaven Stealing Pill, waiting for the other side to pounce on him, he wanted to test how strong these ghosts really were, and with the Heaven Stealing Pill, he might still have a chance.

However, to his surprise, the other side did not attack, the five ninjas stood together, then one of them looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Did you kill young master Yasuhiko Abe?”

When he heard his question, Ye Lu understood that Abe Yasuhiko had been killed and that his presence on the mountain top had been revealed, but since the other party was asking this, it meant that they did not know how Abe Yasuhiko had died.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The ninja continued.

“Master Abe’s candle of life has gone out, and you happened to be at the top of the mountain that night, so you’d better tell the truth and we’ll let you live.”

In fact, he had made up the “candle of life”, he only wanted to make sure that Abe was really dead, so that Ye Lu wouldn’t threaten himself by pretending that Abe was still alive, because if that was the case, the five of them wouldn’t know what to do.

Ye Lu did not know the status of Abe Yasuhiko in the other party’s heart, so he could not even think of this layer, he could only bite the bullet and deny it, so he shook his head and said.

“I’m sorry, I don’t even know what Abe Yasuhiko you’re talking about, as for why I went to the top of the mountain, why do I need to explain to you guys, who are you?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, this guy opposite then said coldly.

“Since that’s the case, then you no longer have any value, you can go and die.”

Saying this, he then waved his hand.

Five senior brats rushed towards Ye Luo at the same time.

“Holy f*ck! Playing a big game as soon as they come!”

Ye Luo hadn’t expected that the other party would come up with all the ghosts at once, and he thought that if they came one by one, he might still have a chance to kill one, although the chances were slim.

He quickly stepped back and took out the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”.

The moment the arrow dagger appeared, all five senior brats stopped instantly, followed by a subconscious step backwards.

They seemed to be in fear of the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”.

In the depths of the bomb shelter, Ye Lu’s “Sunset Arrow” had scared away many Grandmaster level “evil ghosts”, so of course these senior ghosts were even more afraid of the “Sunset Arrow”.

When they saw how these ghosts behaved, the five ninjas also frowned.

They looked at each other and then began to chant.

The five senior ghosts once again charged towards Ye Lu under the urging of the five ninjas.

“Surely they’re not intimidating.”

Of course, Ye Lu did not want to scare them away, they should be instinctively afraid of the “Sunset Arrow”, just like people are naturally afraid of ghosts, even if they are not powerful, suddenly seeing a ghost in the middle of the night will scare them with numb claws, this has nothing to do with how powerful the other party is, whether they will eat them or not.

The “Sunset Arrow” should indeed be a terrifying thing full of masculine power, but with Ye Lu’s current cultivation level, he could not exert much power with the Sunset Arrow.


However, there was nothing he could do, so Ye Lu held the Sunset Arrow and rushed towards the first ghost.


The result was obvious, he didn’t even get a single hair of the other ghost, but he was cut by the other ghost’s scythe with a long wound on his body.

These ghosts were at the peak of the “God Harmony Realm”, they weren’t just for show, Ye Luo had a bit of trouble beating up the middle “God Harmony Realm” Huo Huan, so how could he possibly beat them?

“Wow! Is Bloodshot going to die?”

“I think it’s over, those ghosts are too powerful.”

“Why doesn’t he raise his cultivation level before he comes back to challenge?”

“That’s right, there’s no time limit on the challenge even if he’s low level.”


Seeing that Ye Lu was injured in one move, all the audience started to worry.

Tu Chen, on the other hand, tapped his fingers on the table and said.

“This kid should still have a bottom card, only, knowing how strong his bottom card really is, let’s hope it’s a very powerful one, otherwise I might really be wrong in this decision.”

The matter of allowing Ye Lu to compete was certainly something that Black Meditation had no right to decide, this matter was facilitated by Tu Chen.

“Sh*t! I can only get high on Dan!”

On the battle stage, Ye Lu quickly threw a “Heaven Stealing Pill” into his mouth.


This time he took the initiative and charged towards a ghost, because instead of being pa*sively surrounded by five ghosts, it was better to take the initiative and perhaps have a chance of avoiding their joint efforts.

This was because, through the strike he had just made, Ye Lu found out that these ghosts were simply cooperating with each other, just like the five “Gothic Blood” guys he had initially fought, there were no joint attacking moves like sword formations between the five of them, which was the only thing that Ye Lu was glad about.

If the five ghosts at the peak of the “Combined God Realm” had their own formations, then he could have just killed himself.


As a result, he was once again left with a wound on his body by another ghost.

“Your sister, I’ll eat it again.”

Having no choice, Ye Lu quickly took a “Heaven Stealing Pill” again, but by this time, those ghosts were already rushing up.

“Misty Steps!”

Ye Lu began to run for his life, but the stage was too small, and there were five ghosts on the other side, so there was no way for him to completely escape their attacks.

In a flash, another transparent hole was poked in his shoulder.

“Is it a drug that can increase combat power? And it can increase twice, but still, it won’t work!”

Seeing that Ye Luo had become stronger twice, Tu Chen had of course understood Ye Luo’s bottom card, because these things were something they would occasionally use, they used what was called “Military Ration Pills”, which could make a person exert great battle power for a short period of time, but the after-effects were also very serious, taking too many “Military Ration Pills” would even damage the meridians and make a person’s cultivation regress and not be able to progress anymore.

“It looks like Bloodshot is going to be finished this time.”

Tu Chen said helplessly.

The curses were deafening, everyone was cursing the Extreme Daoist a*sociation for being shameless.

However, at this moment, Tu Chen saw that Ye Lu’s speed had increased again.

“Three increases! What the hell is that thing he took?”

This time, he was completely stunned, the second “Army Ration Pill” was already a risk, but Ye Lu could actually become stronger three times, this was definitely not something that could be done with “Army Ration Pills”.

However, the pitfall is, Ye Lu found that after increasing his combat power three times, although he could catch up with the speed of ghosts and could fight them, but his killing power against ghosts was extremely limited, now the “Ghostly Flame” had only partially recovered, without a large amount of “Ghostly Flame” it was too difficult to kill a ghost.

“Then we should kill them, as long as we kill their master, they should be finished.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo quickly changed the target of his attack.

At that time, to his despair, the five ninjas seemed to be prepared, before he could rush over, the five had already put one hand against each other’s backs, then five katanas were waved at the same time, a defensive shield suddenly lit up, blocking Ye Luo from the outside.


Ye Lu’s “Sunset Arrow” pierced the defensive shield, but it didn’t break through, and he was bounced far away, while the extremely ugly “tall female” ghost had already arrived with the other four ghosts.

“How is this going to work?”

Ye Lu was completely dumbfounded.


Chapter 228

The five ghosts took advantage of Ye Lu’s bouncing stall to quickly launch an attack, and Ye Lu’s body was instantly covered with several more wounds, with blood splattering.

However, he could not just wait for death, so he endured the pain and dodged the attacks of the ghosts, then started to run away.

After three times of strengthening, Ye Lu’s speed at the moment could indeed avoid the attacks of the five ghosts, but the problem was that he currently had no particularly effective attacks.

“Should I try it with ‘Ghostly Underworld Flame’?”

Ye Lu hesitated, he had used “Ghostly Inferno” to attack the “intermediate level ghosts” in the last boxing match before, so he could probably estimate the amount of “Ghostly Inferno” he would need to use to kill all the ghosts, the “Ghostly Inferno” he had gathered so far was definitely not enough.

“The Red Lotus Karma Flame, being a flame from hell and a Yang flame, was indeed also effective against ghosts, but Ye Lu had not cultivated it with anything after he had taken it in, so the Red Lotus Karma Flame in his body was far less powerful than the Underworld Ghost Flame, and was not enough to destroy a ghost.

“What should I do? What should I do?”

Ye Lu thought of a solution as he dodged, but he had already played all his cards, so unless he could gather the sixth strand of spiritual energy, there should be no way for him to turn the tables.

With the constant consumption of the precious “Medium Grade Spirit Stones”, the sixth strand of spiritual energy was indeed on the verge of coalescing, but to make a complete breakthrough before the weakness of the “Heaven Stealing Pill” came, that was simply a daydream.

“One, as long as I can kill one, I will be able to fuse its ‘Ghost Qi’, these ‘Ghost Qi’ of the ‘Harmonious God Realm’ are very strong, after that I will be able to have the chance to kill another one, so that after killing these five ghosts, I will be able to dispose of those five ninjas.”

Through the strike he had just made, Ye Lu found out that that defensive shield of the five ninjas was a true qi shield, which should be extremely consuming, he only needed to attack a few more times and they would inevitably run out of energy, but now once he attacked the defensive shield, he would inevitably be surrounded by those five ghosts, and he reckoned that he wouldn’t be able to last until the defensive shield broke.

“Ai! This time Bloodshot is dead.”

“Yeah, it’s so suffocating, letting those Japs’ treacherous plans succeed.”

“That’s despicable.”

“Five against one and still like this, how shameless!”


However, the curses of the audience could not change the fact that on the fighting platform, Ye Lu only had the ability to move and was completely powerless to fight back.

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to work, but Blood Shadow has done a good job.”

Tu Chen said with a sigh.

“Crazy ninety consecutive wins, a pair of ten, and with five senior brats at the peak of the ‘Combined God Realm’, to actually last this long, this battle is enough to go down in history, it’s just a pity, it can only go so far, Blood Shadow will probably have to disappear along with his secret. ”

Tu Chen felt that there were too many unbelievable things in Blood Shadow’s body, how could he be so strong in Ming Power? Why could he unleash flames other than “True Qi Fire”? What kind of potion had he just taken to increase his strength? What kind of weapon was he holding that could cut through magic weapons like vegetables?

All of this was going to remain a mystery forever with Ye Lu’s death.

However, just at this moment, the attacks of the crowd of ghosts stopped.

“Still the same question as just now, what exactly happened to Young Master Abe that day? Tell us and we can spare you from death.”

The ninja from before once again looked at Ye Luo and asked coldly.

Ye Lu finally caught his breath, then he looked at the other party and said with a smile.

“No need to lie to me, even if I really knew something, I would still die after telling you, how would you guys spare it, even if I admit defeat, you guys would still kill me all the same, right?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the ninja still said coldly.

“Humph! Say it, at least I will leave you a whole body.”

Ye Luo guessed correctly, they had been given a death order before they came out, that they would risk being sanctioned to get Ye Luo, the demon, to death.

However, following that, Ye Luo laughed once again.

“Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to make me die, let’s dodge this blow of mine first.”

With those words, he dashed towards the “tall female” ghost.

This time, Ye Lu gritted his teeth and sped up to the limit, but the ghost did not panic, it had been wounded by Ye Lu’s “Sunset Arrow” before, but Ye Lu could only manage to exchange injuries for injuries.

However, this time, Ye Lu’s attack was different. Instead of using the Sunset Arrow, he lashed out with a fierce finger.

It was the “Candle Dragon Finger”.

The “ugly girl” quickly swung her fist to meet Ye Lu’s finger.

As the Candle Dragon Finger struck the opponent’s fist, a bright purple fire lit up, followed by a “bang!” With a bang, the “High Maiden” instantly lit up with purple flames and turned into a black “Ghost Qi”.

With one finger, “Gao Mui” was dead!

Everyone was shocked, even Ye Lu himself was a little surprised, but he didn’t hesitate, the “Ghostly Inferno” quickly began to hungrily swallow all the “Ghost Qi”.


After absorbing the “Ghost Qi”, Ye Lu clenched his fists and let out a high-pitched roar.

“It’s finally my turn to fight back!”

Ye Luo said coldly, following the blue flames on his fists, he had already charged up.

Just now, Ye Lu had an idea when he had no other choice, that was to fuse the two flames of “Red Lotus Karma Flame” and “Ghostly Flame” together, because the amount of each flame was not enough to kill a ghost, but the two flames together might be enough.

However, what Ye Lu did not expect was that the purple flame produced by the simple fusion of the two flames would be so powerful, so powerful that Ye Lu felt unbelievable.

However, time was running out, and Ye Luo had to speed up in order to do so.

“Sh*t! Bull of a deal!”

“Cool, what kind of move was that just now, it was so powerful!”

“Isn’t he a blue flame, why was it purple just now.”

“What do you care, just tell me if that counter attack was cool?”



This finger of Ye Lu completely ignited the emotions of the audience, from the moment these Japanese came out, Ye Lu was being pressured and beaten, the five ninjas who were manipulating the ghosts kept acting with an indifferent face.

The audience couldn’t take it anymore, but they all felt that there was no chance for Ye Lu to turn the tide, so they felt uncomfortable and depressed when they saw Ye Lu being beaten.

But this is really cool, isn’t it?


Tu Chen couldn’t help but “Boom!” The steel table was smashed into a steel cake and all the cups on the table broke, but the crowd laughed out loud.

Ye Lu was attacking as hard as he could, because the weakness of the “Heaven Stealing Pill” was like a countdown to death, urging him to finish the fight quickly, after all, there was still a fierce battle waiting for him.

According to Black Meditation’s words, the “Five Golden Flowers” should be very difficult to deal with, and after these two battles, Ye Lu did not dare to take it lightly.

He had never used the three “Heaven Stealing Pills” before, and he didn’t know when the weakness would come.

Soon, all five ghosts were subdued, but unfortunately, the last one was too full to digest, so Ye Lu could only watch the “Ghost Qi” slowly disappear.

The “Ghost Inferno” could not be improved just by devouring it, just like a human being eating, the real improvement required constant digestion of the “Ghost Qi”.


Under Ye Luo’s continuous attacks, the five ninja’s defense shield finally broke with a bang! Ye Luo did not hesitate to use the “Ghostly Inferno” to burn all five of them into ashes.

This was a good thing, even the fighting platform didn’t need to be cleaned up.

Ye Luo quickly clapped his hands and then looked at the beautiful host and said.

“Come on, pretty girl, next match.”

The beautiful host also snapped out of her shock, she looked at Ye Lu and smiled, then walked to the middle of the fighting platform and started to announce it in a loud voice.

“The winner of this match is the invincible Blood Shadow, next we have the strongest group of ‘Bloodthirsty Rose’, the super team ‘Five Golden Flowers’ who have killed ‘Patriarchal Level ‘ come out.”

Following that, the room was filled with screams as the beautiful mess of the Five Golden Flowers finally made their appearance.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, muttered in his heart.

“Hurry up and make an appearance, hurry up, hurry up again ……”

However, instead of the five golden flowers coming out faster, his weakness came very quickly, he felt all the strength in his body being drained away, and all his meridians hurt like there were countless bugs biting.

“This time it’s over!”

Ye Lu sighed silently.