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Super School Student Chapter 233-234

Chapter 233

This is no longer simply arrogant, this is simply too arrogant.

Daoist Master Xuan Zhen laughed back in anger and said.

“With just that simple version of your ‘Candle Dragon Finger’? Just that one finger of yours can break my defence, and I will concede defeat.”

Daoist Master Xuan Zhen certainly had the strength to say this, as he was wearing soft armour with defensive capabilities, which was the reason why he was so confident.

At this moment, all the parties who were following this incident were also watching the situation in front of the headquarters of the “Sky Covering Gang”.

In the Ye family, several of the family’s sons and daughters were playing the videos that had been posted on various devices, some of which were self-published and some were published by certain official media on the internet, so the perspective and clarity were different.

“This ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is too arrogant.”

Ye Nantian shook his head as he watched the content on the video and said.

“It’s good for young people to be confident, but there has to be a limit, from where Mu Zhaotian was standing, those three people should all be ‘clan master’ level existences, it seems we were right not to get involved in this mess.”

Several other people from the Ye family nodded as well, everyone felt that it was unimaginably difficult for one person to challenge three Zong Shi levels.

Following that, Ye Qiu Die then looked at Ye Nantian and said.

“Great Grandpa, I recently found out something, that is, Ye Yan, you still remember, she seems to have met a powerful ‘alchemist’ and has opened an elixir shop, I feel that her relationship with that ‘alchemist’ should not be ordinary.”

Hearing Ye Qiu Die’s words, Ye Nantian was somewhat surprised as he looked at Ye Qiu Die and asked.

“Are you sure it’s an ‘alchemist’ and not a pill refiner?”

An “alchemist” was a powerful existence that could at least refine pills that could be used by the “Innate Realm”, which was not the same concept as a mundane doctor.

Ye Qiu Die said with certainty.

“Yes, take a look at this kind of elixir, I have asked at the shop of the branch of the Medicine League, it is said that it contains spiritual power and is not a mundane product.”

Now Ye Nantian was really moved, if he could get the elixir from an “alchemist” he knew well, then the Ye family might still be able to prosper.

So, he nodded and said.

“Good, as soon as the matter with the ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang’ is over, I will go and see Ye Yan.”

The Long family was also watching this scene where Ye Lu and Daoist Master Xuan Zhen were facing each other, and like the Ye family, Long Ao was also not optimistic about the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”.

“I told you, the ‘Masked Sky Gang’ must be on guard, this time they’ve struck three ‘Patriarch’ level experts, there’s no telling how many hidden experts there are, if we go to attack them, we definitely won’t make it back. ”

“This ‘stocking masked warrior’ is as rash as I was when I was young, he’s probably going to fall here this time.”

The Lin family’s side was the same, but the Lin family was much less concerned about this matter, after all, the family was looking for Ye Lu everywhere, and Abe Hoey was also anxious to get the “Soul Tower” to open the “Ghost Graveyard” so that he could improve the cultivation of the “Drinking Swallow Boy”.

However, both Ye Lu and Qin Shiyu have disappeared this time.

Of course, they didn’t know about Ye Yan’s existence yet, or else Ye Yan would probably be in trouble.

As for the Jin family, they didn’t even bother to pay attention to this matter.

Apart from the four clans, Qin Shiyu, Long Feixue and Liu Mei, the girls who already knew the identity of the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”, were also watching the video of Ye Luo standing at the entrance of the headquarters of the “Sky Covering Gang”.

After listening to Daoist Master Xuan Zhen, Ye Lu looked at him and said with a smile.

“Is it enough to destroy you, just try it, why so much nonsense.”

As he said that, Ye Lu made a starting stance, which was the starting stance of the “Candle Dragon Finger”.

When he saw this stance, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen smiled. Last time, Daoist Master Xuan He was pitted by Ye Lu once, so he would never be pitted by Ye Lu again this time.

Following this, a red flame lit up on Ye Lu’s finger.

When he saw the red flame light up, Daoist Master Xuan Zhen’s brow frowned again, because this kind of flame with a special colour was something he had only seen at the Pill Alliance’s Pill Refining Conference, and he could not understand why Ye Lu could do this.

Immediately afterwards, the flame at the tip of Ye Lu’s finger began to coalesce and gradually turned into a fiery red ball of fire a little bigger than a walnut.

“Could it be that it was because of the flames that he had poked Senior Xuanhe with one finger?”

Daoist Master Xuan Zhen also felt the terrifying flames on Ye Lu’s finger.

“Perhaps it’s possible, Daoist Master Xuanhe doesn’t have a magic weapon that can defend against it, I can’t let his finger get close.”

In an instant, Xuan Zhen made up his mind that he must not let Ye Lu’s dangerous finger touch him, so he pulled a sword splash towards Ye Lu to meet him.

However, something unexpected happened right after that, as the two were about to make contact, the fire bomb on Ye Lu’s finger suddenly shot out like a bullet.


The red fire bomb instantly pierced through Daoist Master Xuan Zhen’s throat.

“Woo …… woo ……”

It was so sudden that Daoist Master Xuan Zhen wanted to say something, but with his throat pierced, all he could do was to let out a “whimper”, and then he took a few more steps forward before he fell to the ground with a “thud!” He fell to the ground with a thud.

With one finger, Patriarch Xuan Zhen was dead!

The two disciples of Daoist Master Xuan Zhen’s eyes were wide open, they never thought that Ye had really destroyed Daoist Master Xuan Zhen with one finger.

In the Ye family, the cup in Ye Nantian’s hand had fallen to the ground and shattered.

However, he didn’t even notice because he was too shocked. He had just said that the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” was bragging, but the next second he was smashed in the face.

Of course, the most shocking thing was not that Ye Lu killed Daoist Master Xuan Zhen with one finger, but because Ye Lu actually shot out that fire bomb from his finger.

“How is this …… possible? What exactly is his cultivation level? Or does he have a ‘Heavenly’ or “Holy” ranked magic weapon in his hand?”

A powerful Zong master with a powerful magic weapon could achieve “astral qi leaving the body”, that is, “astral qi being released”, but this was usually only possible for senior Zong masters, or with a strong high-level magic weapon.

He couldn’t figure out how Ye Lu could do this.

“Could he be a Grand Master?”

Long Ao also stroked his big beard as he watched this incredible scene, however, he did not believe at all that Ye Lu could be a Grand Master, after all, Ye Lu was too young.

The clan members of the Shade Sky Gang, including Mu Zhaotian, were also dumbfounded.

A moment later, Mu Zhaotian then looked at the other two Patriarch-level powerhouses and asked.

“Great …… masters, what should we do?”

However, without waiting for these two Patriarch-level Dao masters to speak, Ye Lu spoke first.

“I know that you are not from the ‘Sky Covering Gang’, I can spare your lives, get lost!”

Ye Luo’s last word was very heavy and nonchalant.

After Ye Lu finished speaking, the crowd present all murmured, this was a sect master, just like chasing a dog around, was this really good?

The other two Daoist priests of the Xuan generation changed their expressions, but in the end, they left without a fart.

Because the two of them really could not see through Ye Lu.

If these two guys didn’t leave, he would have to use the “Heaven Stealing Pill”, otherwise, with his current cultivation level, it would still be difficult for him to deal with a “Sovereign” level expert.

He had just killed Daoist Master Xuan Zhen mainly because the incident was too sudden, and Ye Lu had already judged that the other party would not have thought that he could use “spells” even if he thought about it, which was why he dared to say that he could kill the other party with one finger.

If the opponent had been prepared, not to mention whether his fire bomb could really break through the opponent’s “astral” defence, it was unknown whether his fire bomb could hit the opponent, knowing that a Grandmaster’s cultivation, combined with a powerful body technique, could still evade very quickly.

Seeing that one clan master was exterminated with one blow and the other two fled in disarray, Mu Zhaotian and the rest of the gang all collapsed at once.

“Grand warrior, Grand warrior Silk, no, Grand warrior Meng, just spare us.”

Mu Zhaotian took the lead and “flung himself to the ground!” He fell to his knees, and several other fellows also fell to their knees.


Chapter 234

“If you don’t die, you won’t die, save these words for the souls of the dead who died at your hands.”

Ye Luo looked at these few guys and said blandly.

These people had done countless evils, Ye Lu did not intend to spare them, their style could be seen somehow from the very beginning when he met that gang in Liao City, that kid just treated human lives like gra*s.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Mu Zhaotian put his heart in his mouth as he gave a wink to the crowd around him.


These guys were originally outlaws, so of course they refused to behave themselves.

The crowd had a tacit understanding and rushed forward with their weapons.

But of course, these people were nothing in front of Ye Lu, although Mu Zhaotian was a strong person at the peak of the “Harmonious God Realm”, he was still far behind those demons in the underground boxing tournament, and Ye Lu’s current cultivation level was close to the sixth strand of aura.

What was more, the “Misty Stance” that Ye Lu was using at this moment was not the previous “Misty Stance”, it was a complete version of the “Misty Stance”, and the “Candle Dragon Finger” and other martial skills were not the same as the previous level of martial skills.


Ye Lu took advantage of the fact that Mu Zhaotian had revealed a flaw and used the “Fire Bomb Technique” to hit him again. Although this blow contained very little “Red Lotus Karma Fire”, it still caused a lot of damage to Mu Zhaotian, followed by the “Candle Dragon Finger”, and after one finger, Mu Zhaotian fell to the ground.

In less than three minutes, all the gang members at the entrance had fallen.

The only people left at the club headquarters were Ye Lu, the nine women who had been rescued and the countless uninformed people who had gathered to watch.

“From now on, there will never be the name ‘Chakra Gang’ in Jianghu again.”

Ye Luo turned and said in a loud voice to all those who were gathered at the entrance.

Then without looking back, he flew away into the night.

“Awesome! That’s a reunion?”

“That’s so dominating!”

“Looks like they’ve messed with the wrong people!”

“But these people deserve to die too, it’s too brutal to kill without a second thought.”



Immediately, the crowd gossiped at the door, followed only by people who started greeting the nine students who were trapped and sending them back to the school.

After everyone had left, a large group of terrifyingly shaped “ghost bats” appeared in black, these guys were the ones that Ye Lu had prepared for the “Sky Covering Gang” earlier.

Ye Lu was surprised that these guys would come to the capital.

It was only yesterday that he found out that only one of the leaders had flown to the Purple Mountain to find Ye Lu, and Ye Lu found out that although these guys were free-range, they had grown quite fast in the past few months.

The “ghost bats”, like ghosts, were born as innate spirits, that is, at the level of “second-rank demonic beasts”, plus the fact that demonic beasts were originally tougher than humans, in fact, even a newborn “ghost bat” was comparable to a cultivator at the “Vein Raising Realm”, so the fearfulness of this large group of “ghost bats” could be imagined.

Ye Lu dared to come to the club’s headquarters without fear because he was backed up by these “ghost bats”. Ye Lu felt that if a fight really started, these “ghost bats” would swarm over him, and even though there were three sect masters on the other side, he probably wouldn’t be able to win.

The leader of these ghost bats was at the peak of the “Second Order Demonic Beast” cultivation level, and although it could not be comparable to a Patriarch across a large rank, it was still much more powerful than an ordinary cultivator at the peak of the “Harmonious God Realm”.

“When will I raise all these guys to ‘Third Order Demonic Beast’, I’ll be a bully when you do.”

Before, he was afraid to think about this, but now he dared to think about it, because with this woman Huo Huan, he could get demon pellets from her to make “demon breeding pills”.

Although it would be very difficult to get demon pellets that fit the ghost attribute of these “ghost bats”, he could still make ordinary generic “demon breeding pills”, although they were less effective, but as long as he had demon pellets, he could make “demon breeding pills” continuously.

Of course, these “demon bats” are huge in number, so I’m afraid I’ll be exhausted if I really do it.

“All in all, we’ll be busy next.”

Ye Lu sat on the stone and said with some emotion.

Raising cultivation level, learning “spells” and “martial arts”, cultivating “ghost bats”, raising “red lotus karma fire” and “ghostly underworld flames”……

There is a lot more to be done.

Of course, the first thing to do was to make a phone call to Black Hades.

“Blood Shadow Shura, why do you want to contact me?”

Black Hades said with a smile on the other side.

Ye Luo, in turn, said politely.

“Hall Master Black Hades, it’s the same thing as before, I want to ask you to protect that girl called ‘Qin Shiyu’, of course, I understand that the difficulty of protection has increased like never before, don’t worry, you just need to make an offer, I will ask my friends to help you transform the magic weapon that Any magic weapon below ‘earth rank’, but I don’t dare to guarantee a hundred percent, but ninety percent or more is possible.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Black Hei asked with some curiosity.

“What’s your friend’s name, is he a master smith, but it’s unlikely that a master smith would be this good, at least researching to complete the ‘Pattern of Laws’ is very time consuming, and it’s not always just right.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course it’s an expert, his name is ‘Mr. Luo’, anyway, just rest a*sured, I’m sure I’ll do what I say.”

Black Hades then said with a smile.

“Good, deal, anyway, what can go against the ‘Society of the Extreme Dao’, we ‘Death’s Shadow’ like to do, this time you can rest a*sured, last time it was because we didn’t think things would involve the Last time it was because we didn’t think things would involve the ‘Society of the Extreme Way’, so we dropped the ball a bit, this time you can let student Qin Shiyu rest a*sured a hundred times.”

“But, introduce me to that ‘Mr. Luo’ sometime, I’d love to meet him.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Sure, don’t worry, you can definitely meet him sometime, tomorrow morning I guess, Qin Shiyu will be back at school, you arrange someone.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Lu greeted those “ghost bats”.

“Let’s go, brats!”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

Then, he led a large group of “ghost bats” back to the “Purple Mountain”.

“Siyu, tomorrow you can go back to filming as normal, I’ve already arranged for good people, so don’t worry.”

After returning, Ye Lu looked at Qin Siyu and said with a smile.

However, Qin Siyu suddenly felt a little lost, she found that she had spent these few days with Ye Lu on the mountain happily, of course, she couldn’t leave the crew alone, so she looked at Ye Lu and nodded.

Ye Lu told her again and again to be safe and to take her medicine on time, and then let Qin Siyu go into the tent to rest, while he still sat outside and used the “medium-grade spirit stones” to cultivate, he had to find a way to break through this bottleneck, now he was just a hair short of gathering the sixth strand of spirit energy.

The sixth strand of spiritual energy had already coalesced, although it was a bit weak, but the extra strand of spiritual energy was a qualitative breakthrough, it was equivalent to a cultivator breaking through a small realm, this was simply too helpful to Ye Lu.


Ye Lu laughed happily.

Following that, he made a call to Mo Xiaomi.

“Mo Xiaomi, contact that Master Tie for me and tell him that I want to talk to him about what I said last time about the elders.”

Mo Xiaomi of course did her best to help Ye Luo get in touch, after all, the money Ye Luo had given her to use for charity over this period of time was already enough to win more than N five million lottery tickets.

Not much longer than a moment later, Mo Xiaomi said with a smile.

“Master Tie said there’s time, so you can go over whenever you want.”

Ye Luo hung up the phone, and when Qin Siyu woke up, he sent her down the mountain and went all the way to school before putting on his make-up and rushing to the branch of the Weapon Sect in the capital.

“Mr. Luo, you’re here.”

Master Liu and another disciple of Master Tie recognized Mr. Luo, so the two of them ran out quickly, followed by Tie Zonglin.

“Mr. Luo, nice to meet you, nice to meet you, have a seat inside.”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Good day Master Tie, do you need to go to the clan? If we need to, we’d better move right away, I’m still quite anxious.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Tie Zong Lin then smiled a little embarra*sed and said.

“Yes, there is really a need to go to the clan, because they don’t believe in your strength at all, so they said they need to test you before they can.”

Ye Lu then said with a smile.

“Then what are you waiting for, let’s go!”