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Super School Student Chapter 235-236

Chapter 235

Tie Zonglin did not expect Ye Lu to be in such a hurry, however, he still nodded and said.

“Good, those guys from the clan are too insular and self-righteous, then let’s go, let’s go to the secret realm where the clan is located.”

After listening to Tie Zonglin, Ye Lu was also a bit curious, he had always heard other cultivators mention places like clans, but had never been to the so-called clan, he was also eager to see where the so-called clan was actually located.

While Ye Lu followed Tie Zong Lin to the clan, someone had already started to investigate at the headquarters of the “Heavenly Clan”, which had been destroyed.

The first group of people to go were from the Xuan Tian Clan, including the two core disciples of the Xuan Clan who had escaped last night, and a few others who were the Xuan Tian Clan’s contacts in the capital.

“How could this happen?”

When they arrived at Black Dragon Mountain’s headquarters, they saw white bones all over the ground, everyone’s flesh and skin had been eaten away, and there was no way to know the cause of death.

“Poor thing, Senior Xuan Zhen died like this, if I had known I would have come myself, this is my fault, I will contact the clan and see if there is any way the clan can send disciples with a higher cultivation level over.”

The guy at the head of the group said with a sigh as he looked at the white bones all over the ground.

“It’s just a pity that the people of the Wuji Clan are watching too closely, if we send those with high cultivation or send too many people over, I’m worried that it will draw the people of the Wuji Clan over, and it will be troublesome to cause extra problems.”

“I hope that this time we can make a turnaround and no longer be suppressed by the Wuji Clan, in short, don’t make any rash moves,.”

The other two both nodded and nodded their heads.

The clan had been suppressed by the Wuji Sect for a long time, and this time, due to the disciple who had taken the “Immortal Pill” by chance, the clan seemed to have found a big opportunity from that person, so they were extremely careful in their actions this time, and they didn’t dare to do many things without permission.

In fact, what they didn’t know was that a disciple of the Wuji Sect was watching the scene from not far away.

“What the hell are these from the Xuantian Sect up to?”

This fellow who was in charge of surveillance was also somewhat confused by the Xuan Tian Clan’s unusual actions, as he did not know that the Xuan Tian Clan was secretly threatening the four ancient martial clans, so he could not figure out what the Xuan Tian Clan was doing by going to such great lengths to foster such an unreliable clan.

“This is a bit interesting.”

He muttered as he looked at the distant backs of a few people from the Xuan Tian Clan.

The second group of people to come were the police.

“Huh! Why is this scene like this?”

Someone said with some surprise as they looked at the white bones all over the place.

Another chuckled and said.

“This is great, this is all over for the outlaws, let’s just close the case.”

And the accompanying forensic scientist said.

“What the hell did that do, it’s too clean a disposal, it feels like some kind of creature ate it, there’s not even much blood left.”

To be honest, the group wasn’t too keen on giving these outlaws a case to investigate, and the situation had turned so bizarre that they didn’t bother, and after taking various photos they called it a day.

“Let’s get the water army to boast about this ‘stockinged and masked man’ tomorrow, let’s call him the ‘Messenger of Justice’, that way we’ll save a lot of heartache if more people show up.”

After these people left, a third wave arrived.

To be precise, several groups of people from this wave arrived, none other than those from the Ye Family, the Dragon Family and the Lin Family of the Four Great Clans.

“This ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is too scary, is he an evil cultivator?”

Ye Nantian was shocked at the white bones in the courtyard, the sight was indeed too terrifying, and he never thought that he had made such and such preparations, but the final result was completely different from what he thought.

“But I’m afraid it’s not that simple, there must be more than three sectarians on the other side, and I don’t know who’s targeting us.”

After Ye Nantian left Long Bo also came, and he was certainly shocked by the sight before him.

“Sh*t! This ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is really a set of hombres.”

Long Ao said with some emotion.

The last people to come were from the Lin family, led by Abe Hoeye.

He looked at the scene and said with a frown.

“It was done very cleanly, no clues left behind, however, looking at the video, that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’ should be at least a ‘Grand Master’, it looks like the water in this matter is indeed very deep, I guess there is some big hidden I guess there are some big secrets hidden here.”

“By the way, your family’s old master probably what is out of the gate, he is able to sense the location of the ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’, right?”

Abe Hoeye asked as he looked at Lin Qing beside him.

Lin Qing immediately nodded his head and said.

“Yes, my grandfather is the only one in the family who can do that, he should be able to come out soon, the ‘Ghost Mound’ is too heavy with Yin energy even people from our Lin family can’t stay for too long.”

Abe Hoeye nodded and said.

“Good, then stop the other activities together and wait to start from your grandfather’s side, because the people from the ‘Shadow of Death’ have intervened in this matter and I don’t want them to know too much, this is their territory and so are you guys, about the ‘Drunken Boy ‘ don’t reveal a word about it, or you will die without a burial.”

Hearing Abe’s words, everyone’s heart trembled, for we had all seen the cruelty of these Japanese “Yakuza no Kai”.

Soon, the news of the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” destroying the “Heavenly Clan” in one night spread on the internet, and the weight of this news was undoubtedly comparable to the battle at the “Top of Purple Gold”.

Almost everyone was talking about the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”.

At this moment, the person in question, Ye Lu, had gone to a mountain village a hundred miles away from the capital.

It was part of the “Yan Xing Mountain Range”, with beautiful scenery in the sublime mountains, and the small mountain village looked quite prosperous, with everything it needed, electricity, internet and even a helicopter, it didn’t look like a normal mountain village at all.

However, looking at the scale of existence, Ye Lu felt that it did not look like a clan, after all, this mountain village was full of a few hundred families.

Seeing Master Tie arrive, the crowd greeted him, obviously well acquainted.

Master Tie also ignored Ye Lu’s doubts and led him to where the village committee was located. When they walked into the courtyard of the village committee, they did not enter the room, but walked directly to the backyard, and Master Tie pointed to a door in the backyard and said.

“Through here is the clan gate, but first you have to go over with me to register and confirm your identity.”

Looking at this seemingly ordinary door, Ye Lu became curious, it seemed that these so-called “clans” did not simply live in the mountains!

Originally, Ye Lu thought that “clans” were just like building many courtyards in the mountains and having many disciples cultivating in them, just like in the movies, but now it seemed that it was not like that at all.

The confirmation of identity was quick, as Master Tie had already spoken to the clan.

After that, the group pushed open the gate and walked in.

After the gate was pushed open, Ye Lu did not feel anything special, only that a white mist filled the inside of the gate. After walking into the white mist and walking for a few more minutes, the white mist began to fade, and following that, the scenery in front of him changed.

Ye Lu found himself in a very grand space.

This space was not as simple as a cave, it was much bigger, it was almost like another world, and unlike what Ye Luo thought, this world was not as simple as just a few thousand, tens of thousands of people, he saw all kinds of houses, villages, and people everywhere, this place was simply a world of its own.

“Hehe, Mr. Luo must be entering a certain sect for the first time, because everyone who just came in has this expression on your face, that’s right, this is actually a separate side of the world.”

Master Tie said with a smile.

“This small independent world has thousands of square kilometres and hundreds of thousands of people living in it, of course the ‘sect world’ has its own rules, it is not allowed to go into the secular world and cause trouble indiscriminately.”

While Master Tie was talking, Ye Lu didn’t say a word.

Because he was still in shock, he hadn’t thought at all that there was actually such a place hidden in this deep mountain.

“Is every clan in such a ‘small world’?”

Ye Lu swallowed his saliva and said.

Master Tie smiled and said.

“Yes, the Buddhist scriptures say that such worlds are called ‘small worlds’, and a collection of a thousand small worlds is a ‘small thousand worlds’, I don’t know if there are a thousand such ‘small worlds’ on Earth ‘, but there are a lot of them that is.”

“Let’s go, let’s go to the sect’s ‘Creation Pavilion’, the elders should be waiting for us there.”


Chapter 236

Ye Luo nodded, then followed Master Tie towards the interior of this world.

After walking into this small world, Ye Luo felt the dense aura of the fire attribute.

“This world contains the ‘Law of Flame’, no wonder it was looked at by the ‘Weapon Sect’.”

Ye Luo was most familiar with the “Laws of Laws”, so although he could not control and apply the rules between heaven and earth, he could feel the aura of the laws of heaven and earth.

In particular, through the only “spell” he had learnt, that is, the “fire bomb technique”, Ye Lu discovered that the so-called “spell” was actually an application of the laws of heaven and earth, including the pills, which were also a condensation of the laws.

“It seems that all these abilities I know are related to each other.”

Ye Lu muttered as he felt the aura of this world, while Master Tie introduced him.

“About these small worlds, some people say that they existed at the beginning, while others say that they were opened by the great powers of the ancient times themselves, after which they experienced the ‘World Extermination Battle’ The demon gods and great powers of the ancient times died out in that battle, and these ‘small worlds ‘ were then left behind, in short, any way you want to put it.”

“However, it is said that the conditions in most of the ‘small worlds’ are the same as the world we are in, such as the gravity is the same, and the time of day and morning is the same, because they all share the same power of the laws, but I have not been to several of the ‘ small worlds’, so I’m not sure of the specifics.”

“The ones I’ve been to are the ‘small worlds’ of our ‘Weaponry Sect’ that have branches all over the world, however, those ‘small worlds’ are much smaller in scale. To be honest, the situation inside some of the ‘small worlds’ is still quite odd.”

Ye Lu then thought about it and said.

“I’ve heard of the so-called ‘secret realms’ referring to these ‘small worlds’ as well?”

Master Tie smiled and said.

“Yes, in fact, this is also considered a ‘secret realm’, only that this is a developed ‘secret realm’, there should still be many undiscovered ‘small worlds ‘, by the way, there is one more thing I forgot to tell you, that is, there are aborigines in the ‘small worlds’, some of them are extremely scary, but the small worlds have their own rules, and it is extremely difficult for these ‘aborigines’ to reach our world. Many people call discovering a new secret world and exploring into it ‘opening up’, in short, this world holds too many unknown secrets.”

To be honest, from the moment he entered this so-called “small world”, Ye Lu felt that one of his three “world views” had been turned upside down.

“This world is so amazing!”

Ye Lu looked at the surrounding buildings and the people coming and going and muttered in his heart with some emotion.

It didn’t take long for the group to arrive near the so-called “Creation Pavilion”, which was also an institution that received outsiders, and this was the outer edge of the Weapon Sect, and further inside was the interior of the Weapon Sect.

When he was almost at the “Creation Pavilion”, Master Tie suddenly looked at Ye Luo with a slightly embarra*sed face and said.

“Mr. Luo, since everyone doesn’t believe in my words, and everyone doesn’t believe in you, so everyone might be a bit rude in a while, so please bear with me a bit more, after all, the elders are all ‘Golden Dan’ stage powers with terrifying cultivation.”

Hearing Master Tie finish, Ye Lu was taken aback.

“‘Golden Dan’ stage great powers, wouldn’t this be able to just stir up the world if one were to go out to the outside.”

Master Tie said with a smile.

“No, all people with cultivation levels above the ‘Golden Dan Stage’ cannot easily interfere with the daily routine of the ‘secular world’, thinking that everyone comes from the ‘secular world’ s, so anyone who dares to violate this rule will be jointly sanctioned, and not only a certain person, but the clan will be ‘implicated’.”

“There have been precedents of sects being wiped out because of such things before.”

“Not to mention the ‘Jindan stage’, even cultivators at the late stage of the ‘Foundation Establishment realm’ have strict restrictions, and this rule is the same in all countries.”

After hearing Master Tie finish, Ye Lu asked.

“What is the level of cultivators in other countries?”

Master Tie said.

“I’m not sure exactly, my cultivation level is too low, but when the elder gave us a lesson, he said that in fact, ‘all laws have the same origin’, whether it’s magic or sorcery in the western world, the essence is still the laws of heaven and earth, so there’s no essential difference.”

Hearing Master Tie finish his speech, Ye Lu nodded his head.

After that, the group went into the “Creation Pavilion”.

As a result, Ye Lu found that there were many people waiting for him inside, and three of them had extremely powerful auras that made people feel a terrifying pressure from afar, so they must be the so-called “Golden Dan Stage” elders.

Once inside, Master Tie gave a respectful salute and said.

“Three elders, this is the ‘Mr. Luo’ I recommended for the sect.”

Ye Luo also gave a salute and said.

“Good day to the three elders, and good day to everyone from the ‘Weaponry Sect’.”

Seeing Ye Luo’s attitude, the three elders nodded backwards.

Following that, one of the elders then looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“Earlier, Tie Zonglin said that you once drew a ‘Weapon Pattern’ that could react differently according to different types of True Qi, is that true?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s not true.”

Hearing Ye Lu say “not true”, Tie Zong Lin’s face immediately changed, several elders and others also laughed, in their opinion, Tie Zong Lin must have been fooled.

Tie Zonglin looked at Ye Luo with some anxiety and said.

“Mr. Luo ……”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, waved his hand at him and then continued.

“Because to be precise, it wasn’t one ‘weapon pattern’, but two ‘weapon patterns’ that overlapped together, one was responsible for defense, while the other one would explode as soon as it came into contact with ‘innate true qi ‘ could explode.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, one of the elders then revealed an incredulous expression and said.

“Won’t the two weapon patterns drawn together clash? Don’t you joke.”

Ye Lu didn’t refute anything, but brought a metal plate from the side, these plates should be for practicing drawing “weapon patterns”, he took the plate, then took out the “burin gold brush” and began to draw.

He drew the same pattern that he had drawn once before, so he was so familiar with it that he drew it very quickly and finished it in no time.

“Lord Elder, you may take a look at it.”

Ye Lu held up the finished plate and said.

Immediately, a disciple of the Weapon Sect took the board and handed it to one of the three elders.

Their eyes were different from Master Tie’s, of course, and Ye Lu had said that this was the effect of superimposing two functional weapon patterns, so the three of them quickly distinguished the two different weapon patterns.

The three elders all had some doubts.

“‘Innate Realm’ disciples, which one of you will try?”

The elders had all crossed into the Golden Dan stage, and the aura in their bodies was no longer “innate true qi”, so they could only find an “inner disciple” to try.

A disciple immediately approached the elder.

Ye Lu reminded him kindly.

“It’s better not to try it here, go to the open space.”

As a result, that elder said with some disdain.

“Do you think that a mere ‘Innate True Qi’ can unleash a ‘weapon pattern’ that can hurt me? You’re too naive, try it!”

Hearing his words, that inner disciple then quickly poured in his innate true qi.


Sure enough the weapon pattern exploded instantly, however, the explosion was not powerful at all, it was just thick smoke rolling around, more like a smoke bomb.

The elder raised his hand and the smoke was blown away by a gust of wind, revealing the elder’s dark face after the smoke cleared.

Some female disciples could not help but “pfft!” A female disciple couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Other disciples also held their laughter, while some covered their mouths, wondering if they would suffer internal injuries.

The elder, on the other hand, didn’t say anything for half a day with a black face before he stood up and said.

“I’ll go wash my face and change my clothes.”

He really had no way to complain about Ye Lu, Ye Lu had already reminded him just now, but he didn’t listen to Ye Lu’s advice, so he was kind of asking for bad luck.

Master Tie next to Ye Luo was also holding back his laughter, he was so happy in his heart, these guys had a serious look on their faces every day, it was annoying to look at them, this time he had finally been defeated.

After another while, the elder changed his clothes and came back.

When he came back, he looked at Ye Luo with a serious face and said.

“Mr. Luo, your weapon pattern really takes my breath away, however, it’s not that easy to become an elder of our sect, we have to test you before we can do so.”