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Super School Student Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

After saying that, Ye Luo walked straight towards Ye Bi Fan.

Those two security guards were certainly not dry eaters, they quickly moved to prepare to stop Ye Luo, but now Ye Luo was not the Ye Luo of before, despite not knowing any moves, his speed and strength were incredibly powerful.



After two muffled sounds, both those two guards pa*sed out.

To be honest, if they hadn’t been gullible and misjudged, Ye Lu might not have been able to finish them both off so easily, but they hadn’t expected Ye Lu to be so strong, and they had also been careless and hadn’t used their weapons in the first place.

Seeing the two guards fall to the ground without even a grunt, Ye Yan was also taken aback.

She did not expect Ye Lu to not only know the art of medicine, but also to be so capable of fighting.

Of course, the one who was most confused was Ye Bi Fan, he no longer knew what to say, he stood there frozen with his head a bit down, but then, following Ye Lu reached him.

“Just now you asked me to hit you, right, I’m a person who is actually very helpful.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, he punched the other guy in the stomach, and this guy immediately turned into a bent lobster, following which, Ye Lu kicked him again and fainted on the floor.

However, Ye Luo saw that the nurse in the room had pressed the alarm button.

In this kind of intensive care ward is twenty-four hours can not lack of nurses, plus Ye Yan grandfather’s special status, in the room actually has a doctor and two nurses.

“Call Ye Qiu Die and ask her to come and help clean up the mess, we have to hurry up and treat the old man.”

Ye Lu looked at Ye Yan and said.

However, at this time, a voice rang out from the doorway.

“What kind of person dares to spill their guts here?”

Following that, a tall man with an inch haircut walked in, this man’s aura was completely different from the previous security guard, this guy carried a strong fierce aura, his temples bulged, and his eyes seemed to be glowing, giving people a feeling of a dragon and a tiger.

Ye Luo knew that this guy should be a master.

However, without waiting for Ye Luo to speak, Ye Yan spoke first.

“Uncle Lei, you’re here too.”

Following that, Ye Yan turned to Ye Luo and said.

“Ye Luo, this is Uncle Lei, Grandpa’s godson, who has been following Grandpa.”

Obviously, Uncle Lei knew Ye Yan, and he looked at Ye Yan and asked.

“Ye Yan, it’s you, what’s going on here?”

He asked, pointing to the fainted security guard and that Ye Bi Fan.

Ye Yan quickly told him the general situation.

“Right now, only Ye Lu can save grandpa, so that’s why I brought Ye Lu to break in here.”

However, just as Ye Yan finished her words, the doctor who was at the side spoke first.

“That, Miss Ye Yan right, I think you might be disappointed, according to the current condition, the old man shouldn’t be able to live much longer, no, technically speaking, he’s actually dead.”

Hearing the doctor’s words, both Ye Lu and Ye Yan were stunned.

Seeing that the two did not understand, the doctor went on to explain.

“The current medical definition of human death is ‘brain death’, which means that if the brain stem of the brain is dead, although the person still has a heartbeat, eventually he will end up in cardiac arrest, and it is only a matter of time as to when the heartbeat will stop, and right now the old man is in this state, although there is still a very weak heartbeat, but the brain is dead, so it is said to be hopeless.”

“If this gentleman hadn’t been so insistent, we would have pulled down all the various equipment hours ago.”

As he said that he pointed at Uncle Lei, but he didn’t say anything, he seemed to be a rather quiet man.

Ye Luo didn’t say anything either, but walked over to Grandpa Ye Yan’s side and started checking it out, while he used his mind control to start looking up the treatment in the gla*ses.

Since the gla*ses were really unlocked, the mind control was also unlocked, so all the operations didn’t have to be done manually, which was much more convenient for Ye Lu.

Seeing that Ye Lu was still not determined to check, the doctor shook his head helplessly.

At this time, another large group of people walked in, led by a middle-aged man who looked very much like a superior person, obviously someone who often gave orders.

This fellow was none other than Ye Yan’s third uncle, and as soon as he walked in he said in a very dignified manner.

“What kind of person is causing trouble?”

Upon seeing Ye Yan, he said coldly.

“B*****ds are not welcome here, please leave.”

Ye Yan of course refused to back down as she looked at Third Uncle and said.

“Why should I leave, by blood, by law, he is my grandfather, I have the right to see my grandfather, I also have the right to save my grandfather, no need for you to care.”

Hearing Ye Yan say save grandpa, Third Uncle suddenly laughed and said.

“Save! How can you save a dead person?”

Apparently that doctor had also spoken to him about Ye Yan’s grandfather’s condition, and following that, he waved his hand and said.

“Doctor, pull out the tube.”

However, the doctor didn’t do it because Uncle Lei was already standing in front of the hospital bed like a pylon.

However, Third Uncle was obviously prepared, and from behind him two equally tall guys came out and walked towards Uncle Lei.

But, at that moment, Ye Qiu Die’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Wait, third uncle, don’t be impulsive, didn’t the doctor say, just wait a few more hours, anyway, brain death is not a vegetable, let them toss and turn a bit more, lest they fall into any kind of mouth.”

Ye Qiu Die of course was called over by Ye Yan with a message, she didn’t dare to offend Ye Lu, nor did she dare to help Ye Lu openly, so she had to come up with a delaying tactic.

Third Uncle thought for a moment and nodded as well, after all, there was still a family feud to follow, so it was obviously no good to fall into disrepute.

At this time, however, Ye Luo spoke up.

“This person can still be saved.”

He didn’t say it in a loud voice, but after he finished, the whole room fell silent and a pin drop could be heard, following which, it was the doctor who was the first to say.

“Didn’t I just say, he’s already dead, you’re not kidding, dead people can’t be saved.”

For his part, Ye Lu said firmly.

“If I say I can save him, I can definitely save him, however, all the idle people leave me, I need to concentrate on the treatment only.”

At this time, several more security guards and doctors came running over, probably because they had just heard the nurse call the police, but they were also confused by the situation at the scene.

“I understand how you feel, but this man is really dead, even if these tubes are not removed, his heart will stop in a few hours.”

An old looking doctor looked at Ye Luo and said.

Ye Luo then looked at him and said.

“Since you have already decided that he is a dead man, what’s the harm in letting me treat him, the worst condition would be a death anyway, wouldn’t it?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, this old doctor thought for a moment, then nodded his head.

However, that third uncle said coldly.

“No, I don’t agree.”

However, Uncle Lei fiercely pulled out a short knife from his waist and said.

“This matter is settled, whoever dares to stand in the way today is dead, I will fight with him to the end.”

Seeing Uncle Lei’s unshakable expression, Uncle San finally chose to back down and led his men outwards, knowing very well that Uncle Lei really dared to fight to the death, however, he said viciously as he walked away.

“You guys wait, if you can’t save my dad, I’ll have you all eating out of my hand later.”

Ye Lu ignored this and instead lifted the quilt covering the patient and pressed the old man’s chest, following which he began to run his body’s spiritual qi to heal him.

According to the instructions in the gla*ses, even though the old man’s injuries were extremely serious, he could still be saved, but it would require a lot of spiritual energy and the healing process would also be complicated, if not for the flawed spiritual stone that he had obtained today, Ye Luo would not have much confidence that he could save him, as his cultivation level was still very weak at the moment.

Sure enough, very soon, the spiritual energy in his body was depleted.

The few doctors surrounding him shook their heads helplessly, as they simply did not believe that Ye Lu could bring a dead man back to life.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, took out the flawed spirit stone that had been carved into a pendant from his arms, and he placed it on his left hand while his right hand remained on the old man’s chest, following which the spirit stone in his left hand began to slowly become smaller ……

Outside the ward, a woman who was following Uncle San looked at Uncle San and asked with some concern.

“Third brother, that hairy child won’t really be able to bring the old man back to life, will he?”

Third Uncle shook his head and said.

“How is it possible, the treatment in the capital for so long did not work, not to mention a hairy child, even if a Daoist priest with profound Daoist skills or other strange people came, there is nothing you can do, didn’t you hear the doctor say, the person is already dead, how to save him, even if the gods come, there is nothing they can do.”

But not a moment later, the crowd guarding the door heard a shriek from the room!


Chapter 28

“What’s happened? Did it really work?”

“It can’t be, did it kill the person?”

“No, didn’t people just die before.”

“That’s right, go and see!”


As the crowd spoke they walked into the room, only to see that everyone in the room was looking at the hospital bed, and the old man on the bed who had been brain dead had actually opened his gla*ses and his lips had started to move, seemingly wanting to say something, except that the person was still too weak to make a sound.

However, everyone could clearly see the rise and fall of the chest due to breathing, and the slow movement of the arms.

Ye Luo was also sweating profusely at this moment, but in fact, he did not have a great loss of vitality or anything like that, on the contrary, due to the absorption and refinement of that spiritual stone, his cultivation had increased a bit, only that this treatment was indeed very tiring.

In fact, when they saw that the stone in Ye Lu’s left hand actually slowly turned into powder, everyone in the room was already sure that this youngster was really not a mortal, but when Ye Lu really saved the person’s life, those doctors were still deeply shocked by this scene.

“That’s impossible, obviously the person was already dead!”

“Yes, we all followed the process to confirm the brain death ah, there can’t be any mistake.”

“But the person really came back to life.”


Those few doctors were puzzled and looked at Ye Lu fixedly, as if they were looking at a monster.

“This student, how did you …… you do it?”

That old doctor just couldn’t resist then went over and looked at Ye Lu and asked.

Ye Luo also can’t explain this matter, so he had to say ambiguously.

“This is the traditional method of Chinese medicine combined with Daoism, Chinese medicine is vast and profound, it’s normal that you don’t understand, help take a look at it first, see how the patient is recovering and about how long it will take to speak.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the old doctor hurriedly looked at the various data on the machine next to him, and then said.

“All the patient’s vital signs have recovered, only his body functions are still too debilitating, I’ll change some medicine for him, I guess he’ll be able to speak in a while.”

With those words, he began to direct the nurse to change the medicine again.

Seeing this scene, Third Uncle and the other man looked at each other for a couple of seconds before they left straight away.

“Ye Lu, you are too godly, you really saved grandpa’s life.”

Ye Yan looked at Ye Luo and said with some excitement.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Didn’t I say that I was a divine doctor, you didn’t believe me, now you believe me.”

Ye Yan subconsciously nodded, however, immediately afterwards, she grabbed Ye Lu’s ears and said.

“Humph! A little bit of ability and you’re dragging your feet so much with sister, I still haven’t settled the score with you for that day.”

Seeing this stance, Ye Lu hurriedly said.

“Alright, well, since the person has been saved, I’ll leave first, I have a mock exam tomorrow.”

Hearing Ye Luo say he was leaving, Ye Yan let go of his hand and asked in confusion.

“Aren’t you waiting to say a few words to grandpa?”

Ye Luo said coldly.

“He is your grandfather, not my grandfather, I have nothing to say to him, besides, I actually want to scold him a lot, so it’s better for me to go first.”

With those words, Ye Luo turned around and headed for the door, that Uncle Lei suddenly walked over to Ye Luo and bowed and said.

“No thanks for your great kindness, if you ask for anything in the future, I will go through fire and soup.”

Ye Luo still had a good feeling about this hanyou, so he waved his hand at him, and then left the intensive care ward under the attention of the crowd.

“What a strange man this boy is! As a dean, such a thing is still unheard of in all the grades I’ve lived.”

After Ye Lu left, that old doctor looked at the old man who was slowly waking up with a surprised look on his face and said.

“Why is he leaving so soon?”

A nurse asked, somewhat puzzled.

The other doctor said with a sudden realization.

“I reckon it was to avoid trouble, think about it, if other people knew about his ability to raise the dead like this, how many people would have to play for their lives to find him.”

Hearing his words, many people also nodded in realization, as they all felt he had a point, and no one wanted to be disturbed.

Of course, some people also started to move their hearts, because Ye Luo was indeed an incomparable resource.

At this moment, Ye Luo was eating at the roadside stall outside, the consumption just now was really great and he needed to replenish his strength to do so.

What he had just said wasn’t a lie, although he didn’t have to prepare, tomorrow was indeed the day of the mock exams, and he had promised Liu Mei to get a good score.

“What’s the right score to get? It’s better to keep a low profile and just get a pa*sing grade or above.”

Ye Lu thought about it for a while and finally made a decision.

With that, after eating dinner Ye Lu quickly returned home and started to cultivate on his knees, as the spirit stones he had just absorbed still had some of them to digest.

And in the intensive care ward of the hospital, Ye Yan’s grandfather had already woken up.

“I …… I actually didn’t die?”

Master Ye said with some surprise as he looked at his hands, followed, followed by the realization that he just seemed to see a teenager healing himself.

So, he quickly looked around, but as a result, he did not see Ye Lu’s figure.

“Yan’er, there you are, where is the man who just saved me?”

Elder Ye asked as he looked at Ye Yan’s.

Ye Yan cried happily at the sight of her grandfather waking up.

“Grandpa you’re finally awake, the person who just saved you was Ye Lu, how should I say, he’s also your grandson, but he doesn’t want to see you and has already left.”

Hearing Ye Yan say that Ye Lu did not want to see him, Elder Ye was also stunned, but after listening to Ye Yan’s explanation, he nodded and said.

“He did the right thing, it’s my fault that I’m sorry for his grandmother, this is my fault, however, we can’t lose this child, we have to give him some compensation at any rate.”

“Lei Ming, you arrange for someone to send him tens of millions of dollars first.”

Lei Ming was none other than Uncle Lei’s name, this Elder Ye was indeed generous in his gestures, however, Ye Yan and Uncle Lei shook their heads almost simultaneously and said.

“He may not be willing to take it.”

Hearing the two men’s words, Elder Ye froze for a moment, then immediately slapped his head and said.

“I’m so old and confused, how can someone who can have the art of life-saving medicine worry about money, Lei Ming, which way of medicine do you think that Ye Lu learns?”

Elder Ye looked at Lei Ming and asked.

Lei Ming thought for a moment and said.

“He doesn’t use any herbal aids, nor does he need to use blood arts or anything like that, I think most of what he learns is some kind of hidden dao art or he is an expert who has stepped into the innate cultivation level.”

The innate cultivation that Lei Ming was talking about was a realm of cultivators, and an extremely strong one at that, while Lei Ming himself was a Houtian cultivator, and there had been Houtian cultivators who had treated Elder Ye’s national illness before, but with little success, which was why Lei Ming had said that Ye Lu was an innate expert.

However, they did not know that Ye Lu used spiritual qi rather than the true qi of a cultivator, so his cultivation realm at this time was a completely different concept from that of an ordinary cultivator.

Lei Ming then went on to say.

“Ye Luo is definitely not an innate expert because I don’t feel any fluctuations of true qi in his body, so he should have learnt some kind of powerful medical dao technique.”

“Since he’s also a cultivator, I think he might be interested in the puja in this city, so why don’t we get him two tickets to the puja and plunder something for him, cultivators like to attend ‘puja’, even martial practitioners like me.”

Hearing Lei Ming’s words, Elder Ye nodded and said.

“Good, let’s arrange it that way then, but it would be good if such a genius could have the chance to join our group, but this matter cannot be rushed, let’s think about it in the long run.”

If Gu Shiqi’s grandfather knew that Elder Ye wanted to give Ye Lu two tickets to the puja would definitely be surprised, because even the Gu family only had two places to participate.

The effect of Ye Lu’s cultivation this night was quite good, he felt that the surge of spiritual energy that had coalesced within his body had become more and more solid and powerful.

“It’s a pity that this flawed piece of spirit stone is too small and of poor quality, otherwise it should be able to improve even more.”

Ye Luo stretched out slightly unsatisfied and followed, then walked out of the room, only to find that Ye Yan hadn’t returned yet, presumably she had been guarding her grandfather’s side.

After washing up, Ye Luo arrived at school early.

As a result, from a distance, he heard a few girls arguing about something.

“You’re the cla*s president of the rubbish cla*s, did I say something wrong about you? The best student in your cla*s doesn’t even deserve to lift the shoes of the worst in our cla*s, and you dare to say you’re not a rubbish cla*s president.”

A girl said in a condescending manner.

Followed by Qin Shiyu’s voice, she said angrily.

“That’s not because the school puts all the top students in your cla*s, and quite a few of your students haven’t pa*sed through our cla*s.”

There was a system in the school where the top students from each cla*s were put together into a sprint cla*s from the beginning of the first year of high school, and they were selected and eliminated once a quarter, and so on, and this caused the senior cla*s to be godlike powerful, and from this point of view, Zhang Yang the dude was not considered useless.

“Yell! What are you still not convinced, if you have the guts, I’ll see you on the results, don’t BB if you don’t have the strength.”

That girl said arrogantly.

To be honest, Qin Siyu’s grades were not bad, and she was considered one of the best among the 1,500-odd students in the year, but there was still a big gap between her and the top 60 students in Cla*s 1.

Therefore, although Qin Siyu was angry, she couldn’t really say anything.

However, at this time, Ye Lu suddenly appeared in front of her, and Ye Lu looked at that other girl and said with a smile.

“Just now I heard that you guys want to play with strength, right? Then we’ll play a game.”