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Super School Student Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29

When she saw Ye Lu appear, the girl looked at him, because Ye Lu was all the rage recently, and of course she knew who he was and what he had done.

Ye Lu first beat up Zhang Yang on the rooftop, then donated a crazy 5 million, after that Zhang Yang asked Tiger to help clean him up, only to be scared away by Ye Lu.

So there were many rumours about Ye Luo and this girl didn’t dare to be too arrogant with Ye Luo, but, obviously, she hadn’t heard the rumours about Ye Luo answering questions, so she made a wrong decision and she looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

“Ye Luo right, I know you, you’re a big money now, throwing millions of dollars, that bravado, I really admire it, however, this is a competition of studies, not money, so I advise you better not to get into this mess.”

Although she said so with her mouth, but there was a provocative expression in her gla*ses.

Of course Ye Lu knew exactly what the other party was thinking, and he smiled and said.

“It’s true that I’m not good at studying, but I can still do it if I’m better than you guys, so how about we have a competition?”

This suggestion of course just hit the girl’s fancy and she said with a smile.

“Fine, I’m Zheng Min Yi from the senior cla*s, so we’ll have a competition, but it’s no fun to have such a simple competition, why don’t we hang a bit of a prize, how about it?”

Due to the argument just now, in addition to the fact that many people were paying attention to Ye Lu, so at this moment, quite a number of people had gathered around, and everyone was looking at Ye Lu and Zheng Min Yi and them with the mindset of watching the fun.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Fine, I don’t have anything else, I just have a lot of money, so how about one million, is this enough for the lottery, but accordingly, your side should also give me a lottery that is enough for the price.”

Now it was Zheng Minyi who was in a dilemma. Her family’s condition was very poor, so she didn’t have anything equivalent to a million dollars.

As a result, she thought for half a day and actually did not know what bet she should make.

Seeing this situation, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Since you don’t know, then I do have a proposal, how about this, I won’t let you get naked either, three point style, run around the playground and then shout all the way, I’m just a trash cla*s president, even if it’s a million, how about that?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Zheng Min Yi’s face “brushed!” This condition was honestly too difficult, but she thought of another point, that is, if she won, she would have one million, one million, even if she graduated from university with an annual salary of 100,000, it would take a whole decade to earn it.

Moreover, she knew very well that Ye Lu could take it out.

So, she finally gritted her teeth and said.

“Okay, I’ll promise you, there are so many people around watching, you can’t back out.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Of course!”

And the people around rose together.

“Don’t worry, we’ve all recorded it on our phones, no one can deny it.”

“Right, whoever dares to renege, we all present will not agree.”

“This bet is a bit interesting!”


Seeing everyone talking, Zheng Minyi knew that there should be no way for Ye Lu to deny this matter, so she smiled and said while walking.

“Well then, Ye Lu you just get the money ready.”

After saying that, she led a group of people from the senior cla*s and left.

Qin Siyu, on the other hand, came over and asked with some concern.

“Ye Lu, are you sure about this?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely help you give this out, but why is she targeting you so much?”

Qin Siyu skimmed her mouth for a moment and said.


“Actually, she and I have known each other since we were kids, but, thanks to my grandmother, I’ve always had a better life than her, and my grandmother can buy me anything I want, no matter how expensive the dolls or toys are, even my mobile phone I always use the best one, so she has long had a problem with me.”

“Her favourite thing is to use sarcasm about my studies, I don’t like to fight with people so, I’ve always avoided her but as soon as she sees me, she does this, especially since she and I are both cla*s presidents, it’s gotten worse.”

After she said that, I suddenly remembered the old saying, “A man is not guilty of anything, but he is guilty of something.” In fact, Qin Siyu had done nothing, so she had been shot even though she was lying down.

However, the news of our bet spread because of this episode.

Zheng Minyi is what she is, the senior cla*s president of the senior cla*s, her academic performance is there for all to see, steadily in the top five of her grade, and she has never missed a beat.

So the vast majority of people did not think highly of Ye Lu.

“Rich people are capricious.”

“What capricious, this is definitely a set up, set up don’t you understand, Ye Lu tried to set up Zheng Min Yi’s big cla*s president.”

“Yes, you’re so right, you’re so smart in the head, why didn’t I think of it, the city’s set-up is deep!”

“Hey! We poor losers who have nothing, we’d better go back to the countryside.”


However, in senior cla*s 8, the voices were different, most people felt that that girl Zheng Min Yi was looking for bad luck and was not far from it, especially the academic bully Chu Wen Xuan was very sure of this.

This was a good show for Senior 8 to turn the tables on them, and to deflate Senior 1 was a result that all the students in Senior 8 were happy to see, and several of them were already ready to borrow digital cameras to record a video of Zheng Minyi in a three-pointed position.

Meanwhile, our teacher Liu Junlin was picking out various things at the adult shop, he was still confident of success this time, he was well aware of Ye Lu’s achievements, and more importantly, Liu Mei’s pigtail was in her own hands, that of her sister Liu Xin.

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of your sister.

This is also something that Liu Mei has always had a headache, she thinks too much of this sister and would rather suffer herself than let her sister suffer a little for herself.

“Boss, just these two boxes of 0.01mm.”

Liu Junlin slapped the money on the table with a smile on his face.

The matter of Ye Lu’s bet had of course reached Gu Shiqi’s ears, and she muttered with a puzzled look on her face.

“Is this kid still a schoolboy? It’s impossible, if he was a school bully, he would have come to our first cla*s long ago, and why would he stay in cla*s 8? He dared to bet on the exam with Zheng Min Yi, he really wanted to set up our cla*s president.”

Thinking of Ye Luo setting up Zheng Min Yi, Gu Shiqi didn’t know why she suddenly felt a little lost in her heart, as if something that belonged to her had been taken away by someone else.

Apart from them, of course there was another person who was most concerned about this matter who was also watching Ye Lu, that was teacher Liu Mei, who was sitting in the English office at the moment silently folding her hands together and praying that Ye Lu would pa*s all the subjects this time, so that his sister wouldn’t be in trouble and he wouldn’t have to be bullied.

The first subject in the mock exam was of course still ironically the language.

This was the only subject where Ye Lu could achieve more than a hundred without any help, so Ye Lu was not worried at all, and even though the gla*ses were very dodgy in not giving standard answers to essay questions, he still spilled out a thousand words and wrote a good essay.

He has always done very well in essays.

After the language exam, Liu Junlin ran to the language group’s office first, he found Ye Lu’s language teacher then quickly said.

“Teacher Yang, quickly, look at Ye Lu’s language results.”

Teacher Yang was wondering in his heart, when did this Liu Junlin care so much about Ye Lu’s results, however, he didn’t dare to offend Liu Junlin, so he had to take out Ye Lu’s paper first and judge it first.


“This question is correct!”

“This question is also correct!”


As a result, the previous multiple-choice questions were all correct.

Liu Junlin, who was watching from the side, suddenly felt a little bottomless in his heart, followed by the fill-in-the-blank questions, which also turned out to have all the right answers.

All the way to the essay, Ye Lu actually did not deduct any marks.

“Well, this essay is not badly written, Ye Lu’s level of essay writing has always been good.”

Teacher Yang nodded in satisfaction after reading the essay, and then moved his pen to prepare to give the essay a mark as well.

However, at this time, Liu Junlin reached out to block him.

“Can I give a zero mark for this composition?”

Liu Junlin looked into Teacher Yang’s eyes and said with deep meaning in his eyes.


Chapter 30

Teacher Yang was also surprised by Liu Junlin’s words, he looked at him with some confusion and asked.

“This essay is a sixty point essay, and you are going to give it a zero, what does that mean?”

Of course Liu Junlin couldn’t tell the truth, so he had to look at Mr. Yang and say.

“It’s a long story, let’s not talk about it, you just know one thing, if you can do what I say, I will give you benefits, I heard that you want to be rated as a senior teacher, right?”

The latter words, Liu Junlin smiled and did not continue.

Mr. Yang rubbed his chin and kept shaking his head.

“I’m afraid this is not easy, zero marks, there’s no reason for it, besides, I’ve never awarded zero marks for an essay since I’ve been teaching languages.”

Liu Junlin thought for a moment and said.

“Then give a minimum mark, anyway, language, just find a reason.”

Teacher Yang thought about it and then said.

“OK, I’ll take a closer look, just listen to you and give him the lowest mark, it’s just a mock exam anyway, and another student who usually studies very poorly.”

So, he quickly wrote a “10” on the paper.

In fact, Liu Junlin was not satisfied with the result, he thought that a zero would be better, but he also understood that Mr. Yang had done his best, so he left after making another promise.

In fact, Teacher Yang was also very apprehensive at this moment, after all, he knew Ye Lu’s results well, the language was okay, but he got all the questions right except for the essay, which really surprised him too much, no student in the cla*s he taught had been able to do this, and this was the reason why he was very apprehensive in his heart.

“Don’t make any mess only.”

Teacher Yang looked at Ye Lu’s paper and muttered somewhat unsure of himself.

Ye Lu did not know that her language results had already come out, she was answering her English paper for the afternoon, this paper also had English writing, but the marks were much less, to be honest, with Liu Mei’s efforts, Ye Lu’s English was not too bad, so, after thinking about it, he wrote this composition in the easiest and least error-prone way.

The English essay mark was very small anyway, only 25 marks.

However, Liu Junlin likewise found Ye Lu’s English teacher, Teacher Liu Xin, who was also Liu Mei’s sister.

“No way! I can’t treat my students like this.”

As a result, Liu Xin flatly refused Liu Junlin’s request.

Liu Junlin was furious and said.

“Liu Xin, don’t be insensitive and give shame, you know who I am, right? Do you know what happens when you offend me? It’s the headmaster who left the school at my word, just wait, I’ll make you eat your words.”

Liu Xin was no teacher of Yang, she said without showing any weakness.

“I Liu Xin work for the school and my conscience for my students, just wait, what can you do to me, even if I am expelled, I will not do something against my conscience.”

Hearing teacher Liu Xin’s words, Liu Junlin pointed at her and said.

“Good, good, good ……”

After saying three good, he actually didn’t know how he should refute Teacher Liu Xin, so he said.

“You wait.”

After saying that, he left the office in a huff.

At this time, Liu Mei also happened to walk in.

“What’s wrong with sister?”

She asked with some concern as she walked up to Liu Xin’s side and grabbed her hand.

Liu Xin smiled lovingly and said.

“Nothing is wrong, don’t worry, I don’t know which tendon Liu Junlin got wrong, he actually asked me to come and change Ye Lu’s score, how could I do such a thing?”

“Change the score?”

Hearing Teacher Liu Xin’s words, Liu Mei got a little worried, she really didn’t expect Liu Junlin would actually go to such a low level, did this person still have any bottom line of being a human being.

Following that, she then looked at her sister Liu Xin with some worry and asked.

“Then sister, aren’t you worried that he will give you small shoes?”

Liu Xin stroked Liu Mei’s head and said with a smile.

“What’s so scary, what can he do if he is powerful, even if he kicks me out of school, even if he kicks me out of education, your sister I have hands and feet, still afraid that I can’t support us two sisters? Since ancient times, evil cannot suppress righteousness, your sister I am not afraid of them.”

Seeing her sister in this state, Liu Mei smiled, she suddenly realised that her sister was far stronger and taller than she had imagined.

At this moment, Liu Junlin’s heart was filled with irritation, as he was really worried that Ye Lu would succeed in pa*sing this time, those check marks on the language paper made him extremely uneasy.

“No, I have to look for Teacher Li, this guy will definitely help me.”

As a result, to his surprise, Teacher Li actually rebuffed him as well.

“Suppressing the marks, ah, my subject is really hard, you know, maths? It’s a subject where one is one and two is two, if he gets it right, I can’t just make up mistakes like I did with the language.”

Teacher Li said with a bit of a headache.

To be honest, why did he not want to do that, but he had a handle on Ye Lu’s hand.

Liu Junlin, on the other hand, thought for a moment and said.

“Look at it this way, as long as you help, next time I’ll find a way to make you the head of the maths group, and at the same time give you charge of the students ordering maths revision materials, you know the oil and water in this, right?”

This condition really moved Mr. Li, however, he still looked at Liu Junlin and said helplessly.

“It’s really not that I don’t want to help you ah, the key is that there is no way to help ah, I can only do the strictest deduction of points, and there is nothing else I can do.”

Seeing that even Mr. Li was not cooperative, Liu Junlin left Mr. Li’s office in anger.

At this moment, in a corner of the playground Ren Xueying was discussing something with Zheng Minyi, the cla*s president of the first cla*s.

“You said Ye Lu would definitely be able to surpa*s me this time?”

Zheng Minyi looked at Ren Xueying with some incredulity and said.

Ren Xue Ying nodded and said.

“Yes, and I dare say that it is with a hundred percent certainty that he can surpa*s you, because the current him is not the same as the previous him, in our cla*s, he once finished all the choices and fill in the blanks in front of a set of maths paper in a few minutes, and the answers were all correct, so you are definitely not a match.”

“Everyone in our cla*s knows about this matter, in fact, Ye Lu also knew that he could win long ago, that’s why he set you up.”

Hearing Ren Xue Ying’s words, Zheng Min Yi suddenly felt a little chill on her body, as if she had taken off her clothes and started running laps in the playground.

“How could this happen? It’s not true, it’s not true ……”

She thought about the matter from the beginning and suddenly realized that Ren Xue Ying was right, she had fallen into Ye Lu’s thieving boat, no wonder he had made that kind of offer that day, so he had planned everything long ago.

“But, unfortunately, it’s all true.”

Ren Xue Ying said from the side.

“However, I have a way to make it impossible for him to score more than you.”

Ren Xue Ying’s words once again took Zheng Min Yi by surprise, and she looked up at Ren Xue Ying and asked.

“What you said is true?”

Ren Xue Ying said with a smile.

“Of course it is true, however, I have one condition, that is, after you win the one million, share half of it with me, and if you agree, I have the means to do it.”

Zheng Minyi’s brow furrowed, money was as hard for her to part with as anything else.

When she saw her hesitate, Ren Xueying smiled and said.

“Don’t hesitate, you have to understand one thing, right now that money doesn’t belong to you yet, so half of what you give me isn’t actually your own money either, it’s a win-win proposal, don’t you think?”

After another moment of thought, Zheng Min Yi nodded through clenched teeth and said.

“You’re right, it’s Ye Lu’s money anyway, there’s nothing I wouldn’t be satisfied with taking half a million of his, I promise you.”

Hearing Zheng Min Yi promise to come down, Ren Xue Ying’s heart finally let out a sigh of relief, it was as if she felt that the money was already in her hands.

After leaving Zheng Min Yi, Ren Xue Ying dialed Mr Li’s phone number.

“No, I can’t do that, if I do that, Ye Lu will definitely tell everyone about that incident.”

Teacher Li immediately rejected Ren Xueying’s request.

However, this was also expected by Ren Xue Ying and she said with a smile.

“Teacher Li, you’re worried about Ye Lu stirring things up, but not me? In fact, Ye Lu only knows about it, he doesn’t have those information in my hands, I thought about it carefully all night afterwards, I just figured out why he would know, it should be because he looked at my phone once before, so he accidentally saw it.”

“However, I’m very careful with my phone, so I can be sure of one thing, that is, he definitely didn’t transfer the video away or copy it, so you don’t need to worry about him, or worry about me, to do or not to do, give a painful word.”

In the end, Mr. Li thought about it and nodded his agreement.

Following that, he dialed Liu Junlin’s phone number.

“That Liu teacher ah, I figured it out, I’ll help you, go through fire I’ll help you this time, don’t worry, I have a way, I just need to change all his options, the number 3 to 8, 7 to 9, just move your hand and you can give him a zero, this you can rest a*sured a hundred times.”

According to Mr. Li’s logic, since he had already promised Ren Xueying, cool come one or the other, in Liu Junlin also just buy a good.