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Super School Student Chapter 31-32

Chapter 31

Ye Luo spent the night in cultivation again, and arrived at school the next day refreshed, there were two more subjects today, maths and science synthesis, and then the mock exam was over.

These two subjects he was most sure of, after all, the answers to such questions were fixed, and now that he had unlocked his gla*ses, the answers he saw were complete, so there was no sense in missing out.

“Brush brush brush brush!”

After the paper was in his hands, it didn’t take long for him to finish answering all of them.

After that, he studied the magical gla*ses again.

He felt that there should still be many functions of this spectacle that had not been activated, mostly because he had not yet touched a certain activation button, or a certain activation event had not occurred.

The last fight had activated the powerful “enhanced ability”, and Ye Lu really wanted to do something more to activate other abilities.

However, the worst thing about these gla*ses was that there were no hints.

After half a day of research, he finally gave up.

Following that, he took out two more gold-encrusted cards, which Ye Yan had given him last night, saying that they were a thank-you gift from Elder Ye in appreciation of him.

According to Ye Yan, with these two cards, he could take one person to some kind of puja, where it was said that people would exchange or auction various magic weapons, magic treasures and other things.

This made Ye Lu, who originally wanted to refuse, end up accepting these two things, as he really needed them.

Other people might not be able to judge the authenticity and value of a certain item at the puja, but Ye Lu was different, after arriving at the puja, as long as he casually touched and looked, it would be clear whether there was something worth getting or not.

“But who to bring? How about Gu Shiqi, she likes this kind of hilarity the most.”

Ye Luo made a decision after a little thinking.

Then, Ye Luo looked at Zhao Yang who was answering questions in front of him, at this moment, the injuries on Zhao Yang’s body and face had not yet healed, he said that he had met hooligans outside and was beaten, but Ye Luo knew clearly that these things were done by Zhang Yang’s people.

“Zhang Yang, just you wait, I will help my brother to take revenge for this.”

Ye Luo said as he twirled the pen in his hand and looked in the direction of the senior three cla*s.

Soon, it was time to hand in the papers, so Ye Lu handed in the papers and left the cla*sroom, then sat in a corner of the playground and opened the “auxiliary function”.

In the “auxiliary function”, Ye Luo selected the query, and then selected Zhang Yang’s mobile phone.

This is the power of the “auxiliary function”, just like a hacker, you can open someone’s phone or computer at will, and then query and look through the information inside.

For many people, mobile phones are “grenades”, with too many secrets hidden inside.

Soon, Ye Luo found out a lot of Zhang Yang’s secrets.

“This is a great feature, copy it all down, Zhao Yang, Zhao Yang, your college tuition and meal ticket are now paid for!”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

In the maths office not far from him, Mr. Li was scribbling Ye Lu’s answer key.

“You usually get such a low score anyway, so I’ll help you back to your original form this time.”

Teacher Li did not know what deeper meaning there was in the matter of changing marks, but he knew that since Liu Junlin and Ren Xueying were so intent on getting their marks changed, then Ye Lu must be unlucky, and as long as Ye Lu was unlucky, he would feel pain in his heart.

It didn’t take long for him to tamper with the answer key, the fill-in-the-blank questions and the big questions, and then give Ye Lu a final score of 32.

Liu Junlin was only basically satisfied with this score, he hated to give a zero.

After that was the last subject, Science General, and Ye Lu still finished the questions in a flash. However, when the exam was all over and he returned to the cla*s again, Zheng Min Yi arrived at the door of the cla*s.

“Ye Lu, remember to prepare the money, I don’t want you to have any excuses tomorrow.”

After saying that, Zheng Min Yi turned around and left Senior 8 cla*s with an arrogant face.

This time Ye Lu was also a bit confused, where did this girl get her honey confidence from, he felt that although his language and English essays were not perfect, the rest should basically hover around full marks, because Ye Lu felt that full marks would be a bit scary, so he purposely did two questions wrong.

And the previous results of the senior cla*s Ye Lu also knew that the best of the seven hundred and fifty questions was something like six hundred and sixty or seventy points, and he was definitely confident that he would get the first place.

“It seems that Liu Mei was right in reminding me that there should be something fishy.”

Ye Lu said with a smile as he turned the pen in his hand, however, he wasn’t worried because he had also prepared for it.

“Zhao Yang, remember to treat yourself tonight, something good is coming your way.”

Ye Luo said with a smile as he twirled his pen and looked at Zhao Yang beside him.

Zhao Yang, on the other hand, skimmed his lips and said.

“Cut, what good thing ah, you kid donate all five million, five million donations, then not a single cent to brothers, you still let me treat, you do not go too far ah!”

Ye Luo knew that Zhao Yang was actually joking when he said that, if he really gave Zhao Yang money, he might not be willing to take it, Zhao Yang was still a very befriendable and true friend.

So, Ye Luo smiled and said.

“There is a song that says ‘No food, no clothes, it’s your own enemy that sends you forward’, so just wait, the enemy that sends you money will be here soon.”

Sure enough, as soon as Ye Lu’s words fell, Zhang Yang walked in with a black face and a few of his minions.

After walking in he walked straight up to Zhao Yang, then bowed and said.

“Zhao Yang, I’m really sorry for that day, we misunderstood you, so we accidentally hit you, please don’t hold a grudge against us, this card is my compensation to you, the pa*sword is 666666, please make sure you accept it.”

Now Zhao Yang was dumbfounded, what was this all about, there was really an enemy sending him money.

He gave a muddled promise and then took the card over, while Zhang Yang turned around and left the cla*sroom with his men.

The whole cla*sroom was dumbfounded by this scene, everyone had no idea what had happened, why the always high-minded Zhang Yang had suddenly changed his nature, taking the initiative to run over and apologise and pay for the damages, what kind of rhythm was this.

“It must be Ye Luo’s doing, look at him you have a cheap smile on your face.”

“Yes, it’s too lewd!”

“I bet a meal, there must be more than 100,000 yuan in that card.”


Ye Luo then looked at Zhao Yang and said with a smile.

“How about that? You just say two words, treat or no treat?”

Zhao Yang said with a smile.

“Come on, I’ll treat you to a big meal, you’ll definitely be full.”

The two men left the school as they spoke.

However, Ye Luo and the others didn’t know that with them leaving the school was Ren Xue Ying, she was following Ye Luo and the others because that Brother Long had just called her and said that he was ready to find Ye Luo to collect the money he had said that day and that the week was coming up.

“Brother Long, you’d better be more careful, that Ye Lu seems to have suddenly become very capable of fighting, no one in our school dares to mess with him anymore, even that most arrogant Ah Hu runs when he sees him.”

Ren Xue Ying hadn’t seen Ye Lu fight before, so she only knew that Ye Lu was very powerful, but she didn’t know how powerful he really was, however, she felt it was necessary to remind Brother Long.

As a result, Brother Long said with disdain.

“Be careful, what can a bar punk at school do, wasn’t he beaten up by me last time? Don’t worry, but is it true what you said about him suddenly being very rich?”

It was obvious that Dragon was more concerned about this matter.

“Yeah, he gave a one-off donation of five million to that pneumoconiosis patient, and then bet another million with someone, I don’t even know how much money he actually has now, it should be too much to count anyway.”

Hearing Ren Xueying’s words, Long laughed heatedly.

“It’s good that I can’t count it, I was worried about spending money recently, and here comes a wealthy man, don’t worry, I’ll definitely share some of it with you when I get the money later.”

“Keep an eye on it for me, leave the rest to me.”

While Ye Lu and Zhao Yang were completely in the dark.

“Haha, one million, I’m a millionaire now, woah woah woah, let’s go to ‘Huibin Restaurant’ and have a rubdown, my treat, eat whatever you want.”

Zhao Yang was so happy that he did what he said he would do, and the two of them soon arrived at the ‘Huibin Restaurant’, Zhao Yang picked up the menu and ordered several signature dishes, then ordered a case of beer.

“Let’s both get drunk today.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Drunk is out of the question, I have things to do later, but it does make for a good drink.”

Ye Luo was now full of aura, and he was still planning to help Liu Mei completely get rid of all the cold poison in a while.

Just at this time, Ren Xue Ying, Brother Long and their men had already started to gather at the side of the restaurant.


Chapter 32

“Brother Long, that Ye Lu seems to have changed, so you’d better be careful.”

Ren Xue Ying said as she looked at Brother Long who had a relaxed face with a cigarette roll in his mouth.

Brother Long puffed out a mouthful of smoke and said indifferently.

“I’m afraid it’s a bit of a problem to do it here, but I’ll think of a way to lure him to the grove over there.

He said, pointing to a green area not far away.

A heavily made-up woman smiled and said.

“This is easy, don’t these young boys like to play some heroic rescue game? We’ll put on a show and lure the boy over.”

After a few people had made up their minds they also found a restaurant close by where they could observe the place and ate.

In the luxury hotel, Zhao Yang and Ye Lu repeatedly asked him what kind of strange encounter he had, Ye Lu of course could not say, some secrets can be shared, some will bring trouble, however, Zhao Yang saw Ye Lu refused to say so he also stopped asking questions, the two people drank a lot of fun.

This meal took an hour for the two people to come out.

“It’s great to be rich!”

Zhao Yang said, waving his hand drunkenly.

However, just as the taxi stopped, he heard a woman’s voice running and shouting from the other side.

“Big brother, big brother help me ……”

A heavily made up woman shouted at Ye Lu while running with her bag, and behind her was a man who was chasing her, the two were fast, shouting as they ran towards the bushes in the green belt.

“What the hell!”

Ye Lu held up his gla*ses, then walked towards the place where the two men had disappeared.

Just now, he had already found out from the woman’s profile that it was a conspiracy, but the description didn’t say who was manipulating this conspiracy, so Ye Luo wanted to go and see who was really up to no good.

Of course, it soon became clear to Ye Lu who was manipulating it, because in the grove he saw a smiling Brother Long, and behind Brother Long, Ren Xue Ying.

“It’s been a long time!”

Brother Long looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Is the money ready yet?”

Ye Luo then looked at him and said coldly.

“Didn’t the owner of that bar pa*s on the message to you, didn’t he tell you not to mess with me again?”

As soon as Ye Lu’s words fell, Brother Long revealed a cruel expression and said.

“Posing with me aren’t you? Looks like you won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin, go on, give this brat a brutal beating first before we talk about anything else.”

With these words, he waved his hand with a cigarette in his hand.

The few of his men immediately rushed towards Ye Lu.

However, these few stinking fish and shrimps were not in Ye Luo’s eyes.


The fastest guy was kicked in the chest by Ye Lu and flew backwards a long way, then tumbled over a few more times before stopping in the gra*s.

“Holy sh*t!”

The other guys were stunned by the vicious kick, but Ye Lu’s fist had already arrived.


A fist disliked straight to the stomach, and immediately another guy fell to the ground.


Following that, Ye Luo grabbed another guy’s wrist, he used his one hand to force it and violently yanked and then swung it, this guy was actually swung by Ye Luo and flew up, then he was thrown like a sack and fell into the gra*s.


Ye Luo shook his neck, then moved his wrist again before he started his attack with a smile.

Not only had Ye Luo now shed his mortal body, but he had also gathered aura within his body, making him much stronger than when he had fought with Brother Tiger before, and beating these few punks was like an old man playing with a baby.

In a flash, Brother Long’s little brothers were lying on the ground in a heap.


Ye Luo pressed the knuckles of his fingers, then walked towards the only Brother Long and Ren Xue Ying who were still standing there, Brother Long’s face had long since changed.

However, Ye Luo didn’t give him the chance to escape, Ye Luo smiled and said.

“I heard that the rule is ‘beat this brat up first before we talk about the rest’, right?”

After saying that, Ye Luo then dashed over and kicked Brother Long to the ground, then it was a head-bashing beating, beating the kid so much that he couldn’t even recognize his mother.

Only then did he stop and say.

“According to the rules, it seems we can talk about something else now.”

Brother Long, who now had no temper left at all, quickly begged for mercy.

“I’m wrong, Boss, I’m really wrong, just treat me as a fart and let me go.”

At the side, Ren Xue Ying was surprised beyond words to see this scene, she knew that Ye Lu had become capable of fighting, but she did not expect to become so capable of fighting, this was too outrageous.

At this time, Ye Lu suddenly raised his head and gave her a cold look.

This glance made Ren Xue Ying’s sweat hairs stand up, because she knew that Ye Lu must hate herself to death.

Seeing Ye Lu’s eyes not looking kindly at Ren Xue Ying, Brother Long immediately went over and gave Ren Xue Ying a kick, which caused Ren Xue Ying to fall to the ground with her back bowed and moaning.

“Ye Lu, it’s all this b*tch’s fault, if she hadn’t said you were rich and instigated this matter, I wouldn’t have fallen for it, it’s all this b*tch’s fault ……”

However, before he could finish his words, Ye Lu had already kicked him a few meters away and then said coldly.

“Get lost!”

Following that, he turned his head towards Ren Xue Ying and said.

“Ren Xueying, thanks for helping to lure these people out, don’t worry, that 100,000 yuan, I’ve already credited it to your account, happy cooperation!”

After saying that, Ye Luo flew away because he heard the sound of a police car, it was estimated that someone had called the police.

After hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ren Xue Ying tried hard to explain something, however, her stomach was too painful, she could only look at Brother Long in a broken voice and said.

“Long, Long …… brother, it’s not like that, really …… I didn’t do anything ……”

Dragon then said viciously.

“No wonder you suddenly contact me after several days, no wonder you have to be so kind to tell me these things, it turns out that you are playing both sides of the fence with me, isn’t it?”

Ren Xue Ying hurriedly explained.

“No, it’s not, how could I do that, I wouldn’t betray Brother Long.”

As a result, Brother Long said disdainfully.

“Don’t play this game with Laozi, do you think Laozi doesn’t know what kind of person you are? You can’t do anything for money, don’t think I don’t know about the ugly things you’ve done, cut the crap and give me the hundred thousand dollars that kid gave you, and this matter is over.”

He said as he grabbed Ren Xueying’s hair and dragged her to the far side.

“Brother Long, he lied to you, he didn’t give me any money at all!”

Ren Xueying said anxiously.

Brother Long paid no attention to her words, he said coldly.

“Cut the crap, 100,000 yuan, sell it to me if you don’t have it, you have such a good figure and are still a high school student, it shouldn’t take long to earn enough.”

Seeing Long’s grim look, Ren Xueying had no doubt that he would let himself go for sale, moreover, she felt that Long might have had this intention for a long time, only that today just gave him the opportunity to play it out, so she gritted her teeth and said.

“Brother Long, wait for me for a day, let me go and raise the money, I will give it to you when I get it.”

Hearing Ren Xueying’s words, Brother Long immediately smiled happily and patted Ren Xueying’s buttocks and said.

“Good talk, good talk.”

Ren Xue Ying then secretly resolved in her heart that after she gave the money this time, she must not have any entanglement with Brother Long and the others again.

And at this moment, Ye Luo was already contacting Liu Mei.

“Ye Lu, now that my sister is not at home, can you come and help treat me? I’ve been much more comfortable these past two days, but it still hurts slightly.”

Liu Mei blushed a little on the other side of the phone, as she remembered the day she was ma*saged by Ye Lu again, and suddenly her body was a little heated up.

Ye Lu also happened to want to help her get rid of the root of her illness, so he quickly rushed to Liu Mei’s place of residence.

“Ye Luo, you …… are here, by the way, how did you do in your exams?”

Liu Mei said somewhat without words.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Not bad, don’t worry, pa*sing is definitely no problem.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s confident answer, the stone in Liu Mei’s heart fell to the ground.

She said with a sigh of relief.

“That’s good, just now my sister said that they’re judging the papers overnight, registering the results and ranking them, because tomorrow the new headmaster is going to hold a school a*sembly, saying that they want to rectify the school discipline, improve the students’ performance and so on, it is said that there are going to be big moves.”

Ye Luo did not care too much about this, anyway, these things do not have much to do with most of their senior year, after all, everyone will soon take the college entrance exams, school spirit, grades and so on now is not very meaningful to catch.

So, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Come on! Let’s hurry up and heal, your sister should be back later.”