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Super School Student Chapter 281-282

Chapter 281

The first problem to solve was transportation. Since we had to bring the Ghost Bats with us, it was definitely not possible to travel by regular aeroplane, as there were so many Ghost Bats that could not pa*s the security check.

The security checks of all countries were very strict in controlling practitioners when crossing their borders, and anything that exceeded the limit would be cla*sified as contraband.

Ye Lu had no choice but to smuggle it across.

“Stowaway! We can only take a boat, but it will take about two days from Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin.”

“It’s basically fine if you’re at home, you can use a private plane, but it’s very troublesome when you get out of the country, you definitely have to rely on a boat if you want to enter Japanese territory unknowingly.”

The fixer in charge of smuggling people across the border and Ye Lu explained carefully.

It looked like trying to get there entirely by boat would definitely not work, the speed was too slow and Ye Lu did not want to waste most of his time on the boat, so he decided it would be better to operate jointly by land, sea and air.

As he planned, he began to prepare his things, including booking some more spirit stones from the Hundred Flowers Sect, and then spending money to get higher grade fire-attribute demon pills from Huo Huan’s hands.

In fact, the price of these demon pills was not too high, because humans could not directly eat demon pills to improve their cultivation, and the same was true of demon beasts themselves, which could not be swallowed and turned into their own cultivation unless they had exactly the same attributes, which made many demon pills useless.

Of course, for alchemists who can use “beast fire”, these demon pills are useful, but such level of alchemists usually have to use “saint level” demon pills, and not all alchemists have a recipe for making demon pills, which are in short supply in this world of Earth.

Of course, the “divine Beast Bloodline” Ye Luo also had to prepare, and at the same time Ye Luo also had to prepare two things, one was a storage item, he was going to make one himself, the raw material was the imperial green jade bracelet given to Long Fei Xue by Gu Shi Qi before, this material was just suitable for making a storage magic weapon.

In fact, the material requirements for storage magic weapons were extremely strict, and so far Ye Lu had only found this one material that could be used to make storage magic weapons.

The second item was a flying device. Ever since he had seen that kind of flying device from the Weapon Sect, Ye Lu had wanted to make one of his own, but he had never found the time to do so.

However, both of these items were not easy to make, so Ye Lu prepared the materials and planned to do it on the way, as it would take quite a lot of time on the way anyway.

With that, Ye Lu spent a few hours getting ready, and then paid a fixer to get started.

First he flew to Dandong, a very easy and time-consuming journey within the country, and then he smuggled himself across the border into North Korea, a smooth journey within the country, as there were no decent practitioners within the country.

However, there was a bit of trouble when he entered the Korean border to make a flight in Seoul to Busan.

“Sorry, you cannot take this flight because, we suspect that you are a practitioner from another country and there is a hidden danger of hindering the safety of your country, please cooperate.”

As he was preparing to board the flight, Ye Luo was stopped.

Ye Luo’s current identity, as well as various documents and so on, had been obtained at great expense, so he wasn’t worried that anything would go wrong, but he couldn’t afford the delay, so Ye Luo asked politely.

“I’d like to ask how long this review will take approximately, as I’m in a bit of a hurry with an urgent matter.”

As a result, the lady in charge said as she inquired to a middle-aged man behind her.

“I reckon, you’ll have to check with us at the headquarters, and according to the current situation I reckon we’ll have to find the senior management of the ‘Seven Star a*sociation’, so it’ll probably take at least a day.”

Hearing that it would take a day, Ye Luo then frowned and said.

“Can you shorten the time a little, I don’t mean any harm, I’m just pa*sing by, can you be a little more accommodating.”

As he said that, Ye Lu took out a large stack of Korean coins from the large parcel he was carrying and put it in front of the woman and the other middle-aged man.

It was a stack of 50,000 denominations of Korean won, with a total value of 5 million won, which was about 30,000 according to the exchange rate.

Seeing that the woman’s expression did not change, Ye Lu quickly took out another pile.

As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a pile of money that can’t be fixed. If it can’t be fixed, then two piles, and if that doesn’t work, then add more.

So, Ye Lu kept pulling out more and more money.

Finally the two men were a little more moved.

The woman said.

“Well then, next time won’t be an exception, let’s forget it this time, I hope you don’t make any mess.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It won’t happen, I didn’t come here to run to you guys this time.”

After saying that, Ye Luo carried the big parcel and pulled the suitcase towards the waiting hall, it seems that the truth that “money can make the devil push the mill” can work everywhere.

Now, Ye Luo didn’t dare to say anything else, but he was rich.

The Gu family was now completely out of the woods, and business was booming, and Long Fei Xue’s multinational companies were also profitable, not to mention Ye Yan’s pills, so this was nothing to Ye Lu.

“The forces involved this time are the ‘Yin Yang Liao’, the four great clans of Japan, Koga, the ninja clans of the Iga Ryu, and the Hattori clan who once had such an expert as Hattori Hanzo, and the Miyamoto clan who had Miyamoto Musashi, these five families are the purpose of this trip.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly while opening the map and started to look up the location of these five families.

So, Ye Lu thought he could do both this time.

However, just as he was calculating, a couple of Korean men who looked a bit non-mainstream suddenly walked over.

“Kid, I heard you’re quite rich right, so leave everything you have on you.”

One of the guys looked at Ye Lu and said with narrowed eyes.

Ye Lu did not answer his words, but looked around, and as a result, he saw that the middle-aged man who had examined his things before was hiding in a far corner, apparently he had just violated a taboo when he used the “money makes the devil go round” trick, and that was “not to reveal your wealth”.

It seems that the action of taking out the money just now has led to trouble.

The security guards around the place were oblivious, so I guess they had already conspired to make it difficult for me to leave this time.

“It’s really a case of ‘the tree wants to be quiet but the wind won’t stop’!”

Ye Luo muttered helplessly in his heart, originally he wanted to move in a low-key and calm manner, but now it seemed to be out of the question.

So, Ye Luo turned his head and looked at these few non-mainstreams.

It was obvious that these guys were all dressed up as cultivators, and the level of the people who came was not low, even the worst one was a “Hua Jin” cultivator.

Ye Lu looked at these guys and said indifferently.

“Indeed, I have money, and a lot of it, but this has nothing to do with you guys, so hurry up and get lost.”

When he heard Ye Luo’s words, one of the non-mainstream guys laughed.

He looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Do you know who we are? We’re not ordinary punks.”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, continued to sit there and said indifferently.

“I’m not interested in who you are, and besides, I’ll tell you that I’m not an ordinary traveller either.”

Seeing that Ye Luo had no intention of getting on, this guy then bristled and charged violently towards Ye Luo, while a white light of true qi lit up in his hands, it looked like he was ready to make Ye Luo understand his position through actual actions.


However, the ending was that he had not even touched a piece of Ye Luo’s coat and he had already flown far away.


After flying a dozen meters away, this guy only fell to the ground without moving.

“Sh*t! What’s going on?”

“That’s it, what just happened.”

“He’s too gullible.”


The few people surrounding them didn’t dare to attack again, but they didn’t see what had just happened in between the lightning bolts.


For his part, Ye Lu said again indifferently.


Chapter 282

If these guys could back off, Ye Luo did not want to tangle with these guys, however, these guys were obviously used to being bullish, and when they heard Ye Luo’s words they rushed towards Ye Luo with glares like a dog whose tail had been stepped on, and all of them were still acting together.


Ye Luo couldn’t help but sigh, then he flew out, and everyone flew up almost simultaneously, like a firework released with Ye Luo as the centre.

The people around had long been attracted by the scene they had just seen, and everyone let out a gasp at the sight.

“Wow! This Opa is so capable of fighting!”

“That’s right, and very handsome too, mmm ……”

“But he’s fighting someone from the ‘Seven Stars Club’, right? He’s in trouble now.”

“It looks like a foreign Opa yet.”


A group of Korean schoolgirls started looking at Ye Lu and pointing.

This was the second time that Ye Lu heard the term “Seven Star a*sociation”, and it seemed that this “Seven Star a*sociation” was quite a powerful organization here.

In fact, what Ye Lu didn’t know was that the Seven Star Society was a very famous organization in Korea, not only did they control the Korean underworld, but they were also the ones who were asked to help with many official matters, so they were almost known to everyone.

After knocking these guys off their feet, Ye Lu continued to look up various information about Japanese ninjas and yin-yang masters on his mobile phone.

The guys who had been knocked off their feet all looked at each other in disbelief as they did not understand how Ye Lu had struck.

The middle-aged man who was not far away dialed a phone.

Soon, five guys in suits appeared.

These guys were the cla*sic movie outfits, black suits, white shirts, black ties, and if they weren’t wearing sungla*ses, they would have looked like insurance salesmen.

After these five men came over, the man in black at the head then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Do you know what happens when you mess with the ‘Seven Stars Society’ in Korea?”

Ye Luo then said indifferently without raising his head.

“Then do you know what happens if you mess with me?”

Then, he put away the phone and looked at the other party and said seriously.

“Is it that there is no longer a way to reconcile this matter, and to be honest, I don’t want to make a big deal out of it because I still have things to take care of.”

Ye Luo did not want to invite any other trouble if he could do so without causing any extra trouble.

As a result, the man in black opposite said coldly.

“There is a way to reconcile, you just need to leave everything on you and then let us beat you up again, and this matter will be settled, otherwise the ‘Seven Star a*sociation’ is not finished with you.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“How about this, what do you think, I can let you guys beat me up, then, I can give you guys all the cash I have on me, what do you think about this?”

The sungla*ses man at the head of the other party thought about it and said.

“Okay, that’s fine too, until we’ve had our fun beating.”

Ye Lu nodded with a smile and said.

“Okay, don’t worry, I’m not wearing anything protective, feel free to fight.”

With those words, he took off his shirt, revealing his well-proportioned and fit muscles, and then waved his hand towards the other side, signalling that they could start.

After seeing Ye Luo’s body, those little girls who had just commented on Ye Luo were not calm.

“Wow! That body is too good.”

“Yes, it’s beautiful, pretty and shapely.”

“I’m going to drool!”


The five men in black were obviously displeased when they heard the compliments, and they all snorted coldly before the guy at the head of the group shook his neck and clicked his fingers to make a “cackle!” He then punched Ye Lu’s chest.

The white light on his fist flashed, obviously using his “innate true qi”.


The man in black felt as if he had hit a wall of flesh, there was no recoil, nor was there any “innate true qi” defence.

For his part, Ye Lu looked at him and smiled, saying.

“The strength could be a bit more, I can do it.”

Sure enough, this guy dug in and punched Ye Luo’s chest again, followed by the other guy who all came over, everyone punched and kicked in a hectic manner, however, nothing happened to Ye Luo.

The reason why there was no recoil was because the opponent’s grade was too low, and Ye Luo was too lazy to recoil them.

After a full five minutes of fighting, everyone stopped.

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Satisfied, satisfied that’s all, I’m in a hurry and ready to board the plane.”

Because the prompt said he could board the plane, Ye Luo didn’t want to waste time with this guy over here.

“Satisfied my a*s, get him killed.”

What he didn’t expect was that the man in black at the head of the group suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed at Ye Luo.

“Sh*t! What a toast!”

Ye Lu was not a good-tempered person, he had just condescended to acknowledge these guys for a long time, but he didn’t expect them to be so aggressive, and he was P*ssed off.

“Get lost!”

He quickly struck out and punched the guy in the stomach.


The guy went flying with the same swipe as a ping pong ball being smacked with a ping pong paddle, and followed it by crashing into a nearby chair never to get up again.

“You ……”

The other guy was surprised and wanted to say something, when Ye Lu had already said impatiently.


Following that, another slap sent this fellow flying as well.

“Big brother, I ……”

Seeing this scene, a man in black immediately scared farts, however, before he could finish his words, Ye Luo said coldly.

“Me what me? Get lost ……”

Another slap this guy also flew far away.

One of the two remaining men then pointed at Ye Lu in surprise and said.

“You ……”

Ye Luo said impatiently.

“You what you ……”

Following that, another slap sent this guy flying out as well, while the remaining one in black was lying straight on the ground without waiting for Ye Lu to do anything.

“Sh*t! Even faster than me!”

Ye Lu looked at this guy lying on the ground, then kicked him off, followed by walking towards the plane’s boarding gate with his stuff bare-chested.

The flight personnel near the gate were all overwhelmed by this scene.

“Right …… right …… sorry ……”

A female attendant stopped Ye Lu had stuttered and said.

“Sorry, you can’t board the plane because you have offended the ‘Seven Stars Society’, we dare not let you take this flight to Busan.”

At the same time, Ye Luo saw that a number of people in black had appeared from all sides of the waiting hall, and everyone was surging towards his direction.

“It looks like they want to endlessly.”

Ye Luo didn’t have time to play this boring game with these guys, he reached out and grabbed this woman and put her to the side, then walked in the direction of the plane while saying.

“I’ve decided to hijack this plane, all those who don’t want to get hurt get the hell away from me.”

When they heard Ye Luo’s words, the attendants “Hullo!” However, to Ye Lu’s surprise, another group of guys in black suits appeared from the vicinity of the plane, this time with “magic weapons” in their hands or on their bodies.

“D*mn, the ‘Seven Star a*sociation’, right, f*ck it.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu did not have to be polite, he walked straight towards the direction of the plane with his bare arms, while all the men in black quickly gathered around.

However, these hastily arrived men in black were obviously not of a high level, not even at the “Sovereign” level, and the highest was only a practitioner of the “Harmonious God Realm”, but the long-established habits of these men made them arrogant.

“Dare to fight with our ‘Seven Star a*sociation’, destroy him for me.”

“Go on, kill this kid.”



All those who dared to rush up were knocked down with a single punch, without exception, and everyone who was knocked down pa*sed out and never woke up.

The raging group of people all turned off in an instant, and Ye Lu walked into the cabin.

“Take off now and drive to Busan or die!”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the pilot, while he let out a palm which with a searing heat melted a slap-shaped hole in one side of the metal wall.

“Okay, okay!”

The pilot flew up to operate the various buttons and equipment, saying at the same time.

“Mr. Robber, it’s not hard for us to fly over, but when we get to that side it will definitely be full of people from the ‘Seven Stars Society’, you still have only one way to die!”

Ye Luo then said indifferently.

“This has chicken sh*t to do with you, just fly your plane!”