Super School Student Chapter 283-284

Chapter 283

In the plane, Ye Lu looked out at the sky and began to calculate.

“The Ghost Bats were moving on the ground according to his plan, and although all the Ghost Bats had reached the level of “Master”, they were definitely not as fast as the plane.

Therefore, even if he flew to Busan, he would not be able to move immediately and would need to wait for the arrival of those “ghost bats” before he could move, so he might as well take advantage of this time to play with the so-called “Seven Star a*sociation”.

Of course, since he had chosen to fight with the other party, Ye Lu did not hold back any longer. He put on his protective clothing, which had been upgraded to the “Earth Stage”, and then he stopped paying attention to the others and started to eat the “Fire Pills”, which actually contained different fire attributes because they were made from different demon pills, so the ingredients of each potion were different.

Now Ye Lu was like eating a snack, “Gaba!” “Gabba!” While eating the “Fire Pill”, he was generally looking at the various information on his mobile phone.

At the headquarters of the Seven Star a*sociation, the news of the clash between Ye Lu and the Seven Star a*sociation at the airport in Seoul had already reached the headquarters.

“What was the reason for the clash?”

One of the senior leaders looked at the person who reported the incident and asked.

“It seems that the man had revealed his wealth, so a few members of the gang tried to hack him, but they didn’t expect that they would hit the iron plate.

The person reporting said seriously.

However, another senior leader said coldly.

“Why ask so many questions, for how many years, no one has ever dared to go against our ‘Seven Star a*sociation’, if we can’t even handle such a brat, what face do we have to mix?”

“Besides, that kid doesn’t seem to be from our country, that’s like us being bullied by foreigners, how can we put up with something like that?”

However, the man from before didn’t pay any attention to him instead he continued to ask.

“What level is that person at?”

The reporting man thought for a moment and said.

“That person doesn’t seem to have exerted his full strength, however, judging from his current fighting power, he can easily defeat ‘Combined God Realm’ cultivators, so I guess he should be at the level of ‘Patriarch’.”

Hearing this guy’s words, those two chiefs both stared in surprise.

The cultivators in Korea were relatively young, and the whole country had basically no heritage in cultivation, all cultivation techniques, martial arts and so on came from outside, of which Japan was the big one they borrowed from, and another big one was China, so a ‘Sovereign’ level cultivator in Korea was already the strongest cultivator.

“‘Sovereign’, it’s a bit difficult to get a hold of!”

This guy muttered with some uncertainty in his heart.

While the other guy thought about it and said.

“No matter how difficult it is, we still have to mess with it, are we afraid of one ‘Sovereign level’, don’t we have many Sovereign level experts in the ‘Seven Star a*sociation’ too, besides, Master Hattori is also here, and our spirit beast The ‘Fire Fox’ has also broken through again before, I don’t believe that we can’t handle such an outsider with the strength of one nation.”

When he finished, the man from before pondered, but, in the end, he thought about it and said.

“It will take about fifty minutes from Seoul to Busan, so let’s talk to the chairman and let him decide this matter.”

At this moment, the chairman of the Seven Star a*sociation was receiving the Japanese master “Hattori Fumimasa” at the headquarters. For the Korean cultivation community, these masters from Japan were to be treated with respect, because without them, the whole Korean cultivation community could not go any further.

“Chairman, the Vice Chairman said there is something very important to report to you.”

A subordinate quickly walked up and said.

“The president of the Seven Star a*sociation said with some impatience.

“Doesn’t he know that I have an important guest here? Why are you so unruly? What’s the big deal?”

The servant had no choice but to retreat, but in a short while, she came back and said.

“The vice president said that time is pressing and he must report to you before he can do so.”

Thus, after three tosses and turns, the president had no choice but to look at Hattori Fumimasa and say.

“Master, what do you think?”

For his part, Fumimasa Hattori smiled and said.

“Let him in, but I don’t think anything big should happen here for you, so I guess it’s just another fuss.”

In fact, Hattori Fumimasa had a point, because the Seven Stars a*sociation was the only one in Korea, and there were no rivals, so what could happen?

The vice president then came in and gave a quick description of what had happened.

“There is such a thing?”

The president said, slightly surprised.

At that moment, that Hattori Fumimasa, however, smiled and said.

“It’s just a nameless cultivator from China, there’s no need to be so nervous, didn’t you just say that ‘Fire Fox’ has broken through, you can let Fire Fox go and clean him up later, just to see how Fire Fox’s level is now, but I feel that person shouldn’t be able to wait for Fire Fox to strike. ”

“The chairman of the Seven Star Society was born with a special physique, which is very suitable for the “beast”, and the “beast” is also one of the major Japanese ninjutsu, and this time Hattori Fumimasa came to Korea because of this matter.

When he heard Hattori Fumimasa’s words, the chairman of the Seven Star Society smiled, for indeed, with Master Hattori Fumimasa around, there was no need to worry.

So he gave a quick order.

“All members who are not on a mission should go to Busan and bring the ‘Fire Fox’ here, and I will go with Master Fumimasa to help.”

“The headquarters of the Seven Stars Society was not in Seoul, but in Daejeon, the centre of Korea, so these Seven Stars Society members were much faster than Ye Lu.

Ye Lu did not know that the Seven Star Society had already started to gather in Busan. He thought that with the combat power he had shown, they would not come to stop him, because Ye Lu had also checked the situation of the Korean cultivation world in his gla*ses.

In fact, the actual situation was similar to what Ye Lu thought. If Hattori Fumimasa was not here, even if there was a “fire fox”, the chairman of the “Seven Star a*sociation” would not have confronted Ye Lu, after all, there was no need to fight against a suspected “Patriarch” level pa*serby, it was not worth the loss and there was no point.

But now that he had a backing, things were very different.

So, when Ye Lu stepped down from the plane, he saw a rather shocking scene, because the airport was full of people, and those standing in front were all in black suits, white shirts and black ties, looking neat and tidy and in high spirits.

Behind them and around them, there were many people watching, adding up to thousands of people, but there were no media people, nor did anyone raise their mobile phones to take pictures, it seems that they were stopped by the Seven Stars a*sociation, after all, although they also work for the officials, they are still strictly speaking from the underground world.

“Sh*t! What’s with all the fighting, what’s going on here?”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo also had a bit of a headache.

He did not know Hattori Fumimasa, but he was very familiar with Hattori Fumimasa’s Yin Yang master look.

“Hattori Fumimasa, one of the elite of the Hattori clan, skilled in the ‘Art of Beast Mastery’, ‘Level 3 Sovereign’ ……”

When Ye Lu saw Hattori Fumimasa, he took a look at the information about him in pa*sing.

At this time, the president of the Seven Star a*sociation looked at his men and said.

“Who’s going to meet this guy first?”

Immediately, one of the “Master” level fighters raised his hand and said.


Looking at these people, it was as if Ye Lu had already become a fish on the chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered by them.

Ye Lu smiled, then stretched out and said.

“Alright, consider this a bit of a warm-up exercise.”

However, at this moment, Ye Luo did not know that there was a not-so-subtle surprise waiting for him next.


Chapter 284

Seeing Ye Lu carrying a big parcel with a relaxed look on his back, that guy from the Seven Star a*sociation who was about to attack was a bit furious.

“How arrogant, I’ll make you less arrogant.”

He quickly unleashed his martial arts skills and rushed like lightning to Ye Luo’s immediate vicinity, then threw a punch at Ye Luo’s chest, which was a decent punch.


“Beat him to death!”

“Awesome my brother!”


When they saw this guy strike, all the onlookers shouted, because “master” level experts are already top level in Korea, usually people don’t often get to see such experts strike, this time they finally got to see this, everyone couldn’t help but get excited.


However, following that, he was sent flying far away by Ye Lu’s light punch.

All the people who were cheering and shouting for joy stopped instantly, everyone’s mouths were open, their eyes were staring, others held their hands up, and for a while there was a silence in the arena, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.

“No way, it’s too weak!”

Ye Lu said in a very non-standard Korean language.

The Korean language and pronunciation was of course something he had gotten from the “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses, and he drew from the gourd, and although his speech was not standard, he could still convey the meaning.

“So good!”

Seeing Ye Luo’s clean strike, most of them showed the same expression, because Ye Luo’s toughness was too much beyond their expectation.

“Who’s going?”

“The president of the Seven Star a*sociation frowned as he looked at the people around him and asked again.

This time, no one immediately responded to him, although the one who had just gone up was not a strong fighter, and was a “Level 1 Patriarch” level practitioner, but the defeat was too light, which made everyone feel unsure.

To be honest, the Seven Stars a*sociation could not be blamed for this, because there was only one cultivation organisation in Korea, and it was too difficult for them to find someone to fight with, so they had very little real combat experience, and there was a fundamental difference between a sparring session between friends and a fight to the death, which also led to their low real combat power.

“Let me go and try.”

At this time, a tall man stepped forward.

Ye Luo was in no hurry, it would take quite a while for the “ghost bats” to come over anyway, and it was much more fun to fight than to stay bored.

The tall man was a “Second Level Grandmaster”, but he didn’t look like a “Second Level Grandmaster”, so he looked at Ye Lu with a bit of trepidation.

He had fought many second level masters before, so he did not take this guy in his eyes.


This guy yelled out, as if he was emboldening himself, following which he waved the knife in his hand and charged fiercely towards Ye Luo.

As a result, Ye Lu reached out quickly and grabbed the knife in his hand with a “clang!” With a clang, he grabbed the knife in his hand and then threw a punch at the tall guy.


This guy raised his hand in a hurry to block, and as a result, Ye Luo’s fist hit his arm.


This punch then broke his arm into two.

Ye Lu was using a super high level martial art that was second only to the “Saint Level” martial art, which was something that the “Seven Star a*sociation” would not have, because Korea did not have a cultivator base, so it was difficult to find martial arts and magic weapons in the country, and the difference was obvious from this punch.

“Go on!”

As Ye Lu said that, he kicked this guy out.

After that, Ye Luo looked at the president of the Seven Star a*sociation and said.

“That one, you are the leader, right? Can you find two more powerful and forbidden guys to come here, these guys are too low, right, you seem to be more powerful than those two just now, maybe you.”

“The Seven Star a*sociation’s president’s face immediately changed, but he wouldn’t really go up to fight Ye Lu, because he didn’t have any confidence.

So, he thought for a moment and said.

“Okay, in that case, I’ll find something that can fight you and meet you.”

With those words, he reached out and grabbed a bracelet he was wearing on his left hand, and right after that, a fiery red demonic beast appeared abruptly in front of Ye Lu.

It was a demonic beast that looked similar to a fox, but its form was much taller and more vicious than the fox, with a head of about two meters, its body was covered with fiery red fur like flames, and its pair of blood-red gla*ses were like copper bells, especially its claws like a blade and mouth full of sharp teeth, which looked exceptionally terrifying.

“A third-rank demonic beast!”

Seeing this fiery red demonic beast, Ye Lu was also taken aback, because this was actually a “Third Order Demonic Beast”, that is, a “Patriarch Level” demonic beast.

Moreover, it was a “Third Order, Third Grade” demonic beast, which was equivalent to a “Third Grade Sovereign” among humans, and its actual combat power was probably comparable to that of a “Fourth Grade Sovereign”.

“I’m afraid this guy is not easy to deal with!”

When he saw this demonic beast, Ye Lu was both surprised and a little worried.

However, what Ye Lu was more concerned about was the bracelet worn by the president of the Seven Star a*sociation.

“Name: Spiritual Beast Bracelet, Origin: Haotian Continent, Grade: Heavenly-ranked Upper Grade Magic Treasure, Description: A special magic treasure that can store demonic beasts and spiritual beasts, with a special space, however, the space can only store things that are alive, or things whose life aura has not completely disappeared, and cannot store things that exceed the magic treasure’s tolerance range, the bracelet belongs to a special space, demonic beasts cannot grow in the space but can survive for a long time ……”

Seeing the brief description of this thing, Ye Lu couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

“Holy f*ck! What a great treasure!”

This was a treasure for storing and carrying demon beasts, if people from the “Beast Alliance” saw it, they would definitely be jealous, even if Ye Lu did not have a “native spirit beast” at the moment, he could not help but covet this thing.

“I wonder how big the storage space is, if it’s big enough to fit all the ‘Ghost Bats’ in it, that would be great.”

Ye Luo made calculations in his mind.

The “Ghost Bats” in Ye Lu’s hand were all “Master Grade”, but they were very troublesome to carry around, so he couldn’t carry all of them around with him, not to mention that they were all grimacing and hideous.

So, Ye Lu licked his lips as he looked at the bracelet of the president of the “Seven Stars a*sociation”.

However, the president of the Seven Star a*sociation misunderstood Ye Lu’s meaning, and he subconsciously put his legs together and covered his buttocks.

Ye Lu looked at him and smiled, saying.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any interest in your a*s, the two of us will chatter about it later, after I finish this one first.”

With those words, Ye Luo turned his head to look at the demonic beast “Fire Fox”.

If it was a demonic beast with other attributes, Ye Lu might be very difficult to deal with, but this “Fire Fox” was of the fire attribute, and Ye Lu felt that he might not need to use his “Heaven Stealing Pill” and other cards.

“Will it work or not? I’ll have to try, you do it.”

Ye Luo said as he hooked his hand towards the Fire Fox.


The fire fox let out a strange cry and then charged forward, the burning wave of Qi also came at the same time, Ye Lu raised his hand and punched against the claws of the fire fox, and both the man and the beast took two steps backwards.

“It doesn’t look like it has a lot of strength.”

Ye Luo looked at his fist and muttered to himself.


At this time, the fire fox suddenly opened its mouth and terrifying flames spat out like a fire-breather towards and enveloped Ye Lu, turning him into a man of fire.


Seeing this scene, everyone was surprised.

“We’ve won! We’ve won!”

“Hahahahaha, we’ve won!”

“Burning him in one go, the fire fox is really powerful!”

“Of course, that’s a ‘Third Order Third Grade’, which is equivalent to a ‘Fourth Grade Sovereign’, even though it’s a recent breakthrough, it’s not something that ordinary people can deal with.”


In the eyes of these people, a “third-order, third-grade” demonic beast was already an invincible existence, and even the president of the “Seven Star a*sociation” was no match at all.

However, at this moment, the fire man suddenly spoke.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! The ‘Beast Fire’ is just like that.”

With that, Ye Lu laughed in the flames and charged towards the fire fox.