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Super School Student Chapter 349-350

Chapter 349

When he heard the report, the elder of the Black Witch Cult frowned, and after thinking about it, he dialed the phone again to confirm the situation.

“A few of us have been guarding the entrance of the valley, everything is normal, don’t worry, Elder Nangong.”

The person on the other side of the “Shen Nong Valley” didn’t know that someone had been quietly checking out the situation and was still reporting peace.

“Sh*t! What a normal chicken feather!”

Elder Nangong muttered in his heart, but he couldn’t figure out who had unknowingly taken out the “Divine Farming Valley”, where there were two “Saint Level” experts in charge.

“No, I have to go and see for myself.”

After thinking about it, Elder Nangong led his men towards the “Divine Farmers’ Valley”, which was not very far away from the “Divine Farmers’ Valley”, but he had to take care of the speed of the men he was leading, so it still took nearly half an hour for all of them to reach the entrance of the “Divine Farmers’ Valley”.

The number of people was indeed too large, unless the people of the Valley had been released.

“But if the people from the valley were released, what are they doing on the mountain instead of running away?”

Elder Nangong frowned in confusion, then led his men towards the entrance of the valley.

The people who were on guard near the mouth of the valley soon saw Elder Nangong and the people he had brought with him; after all, the number of these people was not less than a few hundred.

“Yilu Zhiqiu, they’re here, what should we do?”

The man on guard inquired towards Ye Lu.

“All go into the secret realm, leave the matter outside to me.”

In fact, just now Ye Lu had already finished repairing part of the “artifact pattern” in the defense part of the formation, however, this was the first time Ye Lu had seen such a large formation, so he did not have any idea about the results of his repair, for safety’s sake, he was really doing a final check.

The “formation” is actually like a huge machine controlled by programs and so on, with all kinds of circuits and also all kinds of laws and energy operation, so it is impossible to make a big mistake, if not the formation will blow up.

If such a large formation really blew up, it would be difficult to repair it.

“Something has really happened.”

As he approached near the mouth of the valley, Elder Nangong saw that there was no one near the mouth of the valley, and it looked like everyone who stayed here should have died.

At that moment, he saw a huge monster bird appear in the air, and on the back of the monster bird stood a man.

“You are the people of the ‘Black Witch Cult’, right?”

Ye Lu stood on the “big wind” and looked at the other party and said with a smile.

“From today onwards, I will take over the ‘Divine Farming Valley’, you can all go now.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s unashamed manner, Elder Nangong’s brow furrowed, however, he still looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“You are from that power and dare to come here to spill your guts.”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Mao’s power is a power itself, I repeat, from this moment now, ‘Shen Nong Gu’ is already my territory, hurry up and get the hell away from me.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s attitude, Elder Nangong then sneered, following which he lifted his hand.

The cane made of some kind of bone with a black skull inlaid on it was also raised, and at the same time, the “Pseudo Dan” in his dantian also started to operate.

Elder Nangong was at the “Third Turn of the Golden Elixir” or “Third Pseudo-Dan” realm.

The so-called “pseudo-dan” was a ball-shaped object formed by the convergence of the nine Yuan liquids after successful “foundation building”.

Different cultivation levels have different forms of heaven and earth energy. Initially, a flesh and blood body is unable to use heaven and earth energy, but later, through the opening of meridians, one can use “true qi”, which is a form of heaven and earth energy.

The “Foundation Establishment Realm” is the process of the Heaven and Earth energy condensing into nine liquids.

After reaching the “Ninth Golden Dan” realm, the liquid energy will fuse together to form a “Dan”, but at the “Pseudo-Dan” stage, although this “Dan” looks like a “Dan”, in fact, it is still in a liquid state, so it is called a “Pseudo-Dan”.

Only after the “Third Turn of the Golden Elixir” would this “Pseudo Dan” undergo a metamorphosis to form a “Void Dan”.

This Elder Nangong was at the “Pseudo-Dan” stage, so although the attack he sent out was powerful, the essence of a “Foundation Establishment” attack was the same.

Therefore, seeing that Elder Nangong was ready to attack, Ye Lu quickly swallowed three Exploding Yuan Pills, then folded his hands and began to fuse the Red Lotus Karma Flame and the Ghostly Underworld Flame.

He didn’t want to let go of any opportunity to fight, because at this moment, Ye Lu’s cultivation had already reached the state where his nine auras were complete as desired, and he was just one opportunity away from “gathering Qi into liquid” and crossing over to a new realm, at which time, he would be more comfortable using “spells” and “magic treasures”.

Up to now, Ye Lu could only use a few “spells” of the “Flame” attribute and bloodline spells like “Summoning”, and when he saw that he could not use so many “spells”, Ye Lu was really greedy.

Soon, the skeleton cane in Elder Nangong’s hand lit up with black light, and a huge, black scythe shadow appeared.

The tens of metres of black scythe, coupled with the lightning-like speed, made it difficult for Ye Luo to dodge.


A huge purple shield appeared on his left hand, the “Flame Shield”, while his right hand threw a straight punch at Elder Nangong, a purple fire dragon rushing towards Elder Nangong with its teeth and claws.


The black scythe instantly collided with the purple flame shield.

The flaming shield shattered with a loud noise, and Ye Lu and “Big Wind” were struck together by the blow to the ground, “Boom! The ground was instantly smashed into a big crater by “Big Wind’s” body.

“Little B*****d, you’ve killed me!”

“Gale immediately muttered in discontent.

“Don’t you know these things are hard to handle?”

“Evil cultivators were much more powerful than cultivators of the same level, not to mention that this Elder Nangong was one level higher than “Big Wind”.

At the same time, Ye Lu’s purple fire dragon also reached Elder Nangong’s side. Elder Nangong didn’t take Ye Lu’s fire red in his eyes at all, and he casually swung his arm to fan the fire dragon away.

But, “Boom!” The fire dragon was not slapped away but collided with his arm, and purple flames instantly enveloped Elder Nangong’s left arm.

“Holy sh*t!”

Elder Nangong was also stunned by this scene as he felt that this flame was of quite a high grade and could actually burn him and was as hard to shake off as a tarsal maggot.

“Snort snort!”

His right hand flew and started slapping and pointing and pressing on his left arm, black breath surging and tossing for a few seconds before he finally got rid of the purple flames, his entire left arm missing its clothes, revealing an arm that was burned with wounds everywhere.

“Seeking death!”

This blow caused Elder Nangong to become somewhat infuriated as he swung the skeleton cane in his hand once again, however, Ye Luo no longer wanted to fight him anymore, and after landing, Ye Luo and Da Feng flew back, and at the same time, Ye Luo raised his right hand.

“If you want to leave, it’s too late!”

Elder Nangong looked at Ye Lu and Da Feng and sneered, followed by an extremely fast dash in Ye Lu’s direction, and the huge black scythe slashed down again.

However, Ye Lu’s right hand was already pressed to the ground as he raised his head and smiled at Elder Nangong.


Elder Nangong’s scythe slashed at the already functioning “Divine Farming Grand Formation”, but the result was like a mud bull entering the sea, and it was blocked by the “Grand Formation” without even making a ripple.


Seeing the Great Formation that enveloped the entire valley, Elder Nangong’s mouth opened wide in surprise.

“Who on earth could have this ability!”

At the same time, he also understood that the guy just now was right, the “Divine Farmers’ Valley” had already become the other party’s territory.


Chapter 350

Seeing the effect of the “Divine Farming Formation”, Ye Luo also felt quite satisfied, at least for a short period of time, he should be fine, and in this time, he had the opportunity to reinforce the formation’s defense and other parts again.

“Evil cultivators are really difficult to deal with!”

Ye Lu looked at Elder Nangong who was standing outside the formation and said with some emotion.

“Big Wind” then muttered.

“Even cultivators who have started to form a dan are difficult to deal with, our demon beasts’ days are getting worse and worse.”

Ye Lu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you some wind attribute spells, you’re so smart you’ll definitely learn them soon.”

After saying that, Ye Lu ignored these people of the Black Witch Sect and walked into the secret realm of the Shen Nong Valley with Big Wind.

“How is it? Has the formation been repaired?”

Jiang Wu Ya looked at Ye Lu and asked with some concern.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course, the Great Valley Protection Formation has been opened, let’s go out together and take a look.”

Following that, Ye Luo then led the crowd out of the secret realm together.

In the middle of the valley, Jiang Wu Ya and the others saw that around the valley, there was a huge transparent defensive shield that surrounded the valley, and on the opposite side of the valley, hundreds of “Black Witch Cult” were standing there looking at the formation, helpless.

Ye Lu looked at the Black Witch Cult at the entrance of the valley and said with a smile.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you, when the attacking formation opens, all of you will die without a burial place, so hurry up and get lost.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s loud shout, Elder Nangong frowned, just now he had led the crowd to try to launch an attack on the formation, however, he found that his people could not break the defense of the “Great Divine Farming Formation”, however, these people did not leave, being told by Ye Lu to run away, would this not be very humiliating.

Ye Lu ignored these people, but turned his head to Jiang Wu Ya and said with a smile.

“Master Jiang Gu, it’s time for us to talk about our business next.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Jiang Wu Ya then said with a bitter smile.

“I understand Mr. Ye’s words, our lives were all given to us by Mr. Ye, and we have all become ordinary people now, and the key to the treasure vault is in your hands, so you can take whatever you want.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t say I’m like a robber, I won’t take your things for nothing, didn’t I just say that I can help you restore your cultivation, I’m not joking.”

Hearing Ye Lu bring up the matter of helping them restore their cultivation again, Jiang Wu Ya was positively moved this time.

If he was still skeptical before, but after seeing all of Ye Lu’s tricks, especially the fact that even the great formation that could not be repaired for countless years was actually made usable again by Ye Lu in a few hours, this made Jiang Wu Ya have no more doubts about Ye Lu’s words.

He quickly fell to the ground on one knee and said.

“Mr. Ye has already saved the incense of our ‘Shennong Valley’ lineage, if you can also restore the strength of our ‘Shennong Valley’, all the output of our Shennong Valley not only now but also in the future will belong to you alone, and we ‘Divine Farming Valley’ will also vow to follow Mr. Ye to the death.”

After Jiang Wu Ya finished speaking, the people of the Shen Nong Valley behind him all “hooted and hollered!” A large number of people fell to their knees in one fell swoop.

“Third Miss” Jiang Yan stared at Ye Lu, she never thought that the man she had never seen before, who had not even looked at her once, was actually such a deeply hidden expert, and now she had reached a level that made her father and everyone else worship her.


Seeing that Jiang Yan didn’t move, Jiang Wu Ya said in a somewhat unkind tone.

Jiang Yan immediately fell to her knees as well.

Outside the formation, Elder Nangong frowned, he couldn’t think of Ye Lu’s origin either, he had never heard of such a formation expert, even the Weapon Sect didn’t have this ability.

“Could it be a long-lost legendary clan, such as ‘Kunlun’?”

The “hidden clan” was very similar to the hidden clan like “Shennong Valley”, they were no longer in the jianghu, so very few people knew of their existence, let alone their recent status, however, there were some “hidden clans” that left behind various legends, “Kunlun”, “Penglai” and so on.

However, these things were so indistinct that even someone like Elder Nangong, who had been cultivating for many years, had no way of knowing about them.

“However, if what the sect master said is true, it is not impossible for this matter to attract the attention of the ‘Hidden Monsters’ even if it is.”

Elder Nangong watched Ye Lu and the others reenter the secret realm and thought about it before dialing the phone number of the “Black Witch Sect” Sect Master.

“Sect Master, we may have encountered a big problem.”

Elder Nangong said to the “Black Witch Sect” Sect Master.

The Black Witch Sect Sect Master on the other side asked, somewhat puzzled.

“There’s trouble? Is there a big trouble, which organization has struck? How dare they penetrate into the territory of our Miao Frontier?

Elder Nangong then said.

“It’s not any organisation, there’s only one person, I haven’t seen this person before either, he should be from the north, however, I can’t think where he’s from, he actually fixed the ‘Great Valley Protection Formation’ of the Shen Nong Valley.”

When he heard Elder Nangong say that this person had repaired the ‘Great Valley Protection Formation’, the sect master of the Black Witch Sect’s brow furrowed, for he could not think of anyone with such ability.

In his opinion, unless it was a hidden superpower, no one could do this.

However, he thought about it and said.

“Okay, I get it, let’s put this matter aside for now and focus on dealing with the ‘Wudang’ matter first, and try to strike a blow because, regarding the matter of the girl called Ye Yan, the Companions’ side seems to have messed up, so most of their side has no chance, and our side must succeed in giving the Companions We must succeed on our side to show the Companions.”

In the “Divine Farmers’ Valley”, Jiang Wu Ya had already started to introduce the situation in the “Divine Farmers’ Valley” to Ye Lu.

“We have everything here, of course, most of the plants and herbs, because we have been living a secluded life all these years, so all kinds of crops and farming are also good. ”

After Jiang Wu Ya’s introduction, Ye Lu found that this “divine Farmers’ Valley” was a self-sufficient paradise, so even if we were trapped for life, we wouldn’t worry at all.

Of course, it was also because of this reason that although many of the people in the valley had high cultivation levels, their actual combat strength was very low and they had almost zero combat experience.

Of course, he guessed that the Pill Alliance might also have these things, but Lin Ruyue and the Mo Lian Master’s faction were too marginalized, so many of the precious things were not accessible to them.

“Sh*t! There’s actually ‘Yuyuhua’ flowers everywhere.”

Ye Luo muttered in a somewhat depressed manner, as he found that not only the ‘Yudan Flower’, but also the ‘Nine Leaf Blood Lotus’, which was to be the reward for this escort, were also abundant here.

Not only that, there are even more powerful legendary plants here, such as the “Nine Spikes of Harvest” which is said to be immortal when eaten, the “Four Flora of the Heavenly Realm” Manjushtha, Mahabharata Manjushtha, Mandala Flower, and Mahabharata Flower, the “Cave Underworld Gra*s” which is most beneficial to ghosts, and the “Dragon Ruminant” which can enhance the bloodline of demonic beasts ……

It is really true to say that this place is a treasure trove!

“Now the ‘Tongtian Vine’ won’t have to worry about food.”

If the “Tongtian Vine” wanted to grow, it needed a lot of plants, and the more dense the Yuan Power and the higher the grade, the better.

However, immediately afterwards, Ye Lu saw another very precious herb introduced by Jiang Wu Ya, called “Earth Vein Purple Chi”, which was a three-stemmed, six-leafed herb with a purple, lingzhi-like fruit on a foot-long jasper-coloured stem.

Seeing this thing, Ye Lu was really amazed, because this “Earth Vein Purple Ganoderma” was the most important material for refining the “Gathering Yuan Pill”, which was a heavenly pill that could create a “Saint”.

“With the ‘Nine Leaves Blood Lotus’, we can refine ‘Foundation Establishment Pills’ in large quantities to create ‘Sage’ powerhouses, and with the Although there are very few ‘Earth Vein Violet Chi’ here, I have ‘Spirit Field ‘ Ah!”

Thinking of this, Ye Lu swallowed and muttered darkly.

“Now I’m really going against the odds.”