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Super School Student Chapter 309-310

Chapter 309

To be honest, Ye Lu was touched, he didn’t expect Death’s Shadow to be so generous.

And the person in charge continued to say.

“When I heard that you needed the blood of a ‘demonic beast’, not only did all of us from Death’s Shadow come out, but also all of the big families in the capital, as well as some lone wolves and people from the northern and southern martial arts, almost the whole country mobilized. So it’s a little late, but there’s enough beast blood.”

While we were talking, we all walked onto the boat and there were buckets full of “beast’s blood” everywhere, most of which were labelled with “Cloud Leopard”, “Fire Wolf”, “Eight Eared Beast” ……

The various kinds of “beast blood” made Ye Luo a bit dazzled, finally, Ye Luo decided to find a “beast blood” with the strongest divine beast bloodline, as to what could be summoned, let’s leave it to fate.

So, he finally chose a beast blood called “Vajra Ape”, which was said to be a new species found in an open secret realm in the “Underworld”, resembling a wild man who could use weapons, and was so powerful in the sky that it could send out blades of qi, and was only caught by many experts.

When he saw that Ye Lu had finally chosen, the man in charge asked with some concern.

“‘Stocking Warrior’, are you sure about this battle, after all, the other side is already fully aware of our base cards.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, these beast blood is stronger than the power of the ‘Cat Again’ bloodline I used before, I’ll beat the Sh*t out of that whatever bird sword saint and fill the ground with teeth.”

When he heard Ye Lu finish speaking, that person in charge nodded.

Because he knew very well that although this battle didn’t explicitly say that it was a life and death battle, it was actually a fight to the death, and it was obvious that in such a battle, if one admitted defeat, it would definitely be a bigger loss of face than dying in battle, so no one would definitely admit defeat.

Next, Ye Lu adjusted his state and prepared for everything.

At eleven o’clock at midnight, countless people gathered around the Clear Sky Tower. Although the Tower was so high that it was probably better to watch it from below than from home, the enthusiasm of the audience could not be stopped.

Of course, to match this enthusiasm, there were many media screens set up around the tower, with dozens of screens on all sides, and four large screens on all sides of the tower.

There were also four large screens on the four sides of the tower. In the air there were aerial cameras from various media and a number of live commentators were in place.

The whole area around the Sky Tower was buzzing with activity.

The “Sword Saint”, Ogata Jubei, was already sitting at the top of the “Sky Tower”, waiting for the leaves to fall.

Then, everyone saw a figure slowly walking up from the ladder prepared on one side.

“Even a “Grand Master” cannot fly, so either one of them would be killed if they fell.

“The top of the “Sky Tower” is very small and not a single piece, but a disc in the middle and dozens of smaller discs around it.

When he saw Ye Luo coming up, he sat there and looked at him and said.

“I’ve seen your previous battles, except for that weapon, it’s not much to look at, and your fireballs can’t hit me.

As he spoke, his sword, the “Dao Yi Writing”, was resting on his kneeling lap, as if he had no intention of letting it out.

Ye Lu then looked at him and said with a smile.

“Hehe, not bad, quite imposing, I guess this is the power that has been practiced after decades of pretending, pretending quite well.”

Ye Luo said as he swallowed the three “Exploding Yuan Pills”.

Ogata Jubei then said indifferently.

“It’s useless for you to get high, I’ll just watch you quietly, use whatever you have.”

This guy looked overwhelmingly confident, but seeing from his aura, Ye Lu felt that he did have the root of his confidence as well, and he did sit there like a mountain, giving a feeling of being unshakeable.

However, Ye Lu was eager to see what kind of level a “quasi-saint” was, so he did not hesitate to gather his strength and then opened his joined hands to launch a fierce attack.

This time it was not a single fireball, but many fireballs, which Ye Lu had developed himself, and he called this move “Rain of Fire in the Sky”, which was actually a ma*s-fire “Fireball Technique”.

Seeing this move, Ogata Jubei’s eyebrows twitched, and then he struck out quickly.

He surprised Ye Lu with his sword qi, and with a single blow from each firebomb, he defeated all the firebombs, each of which exploded with a “bang!” Each fire bomb exploded with a bang, and from afar, it looked like many fireworks had blown up in front of him, looking exceptionally magnificent.

Seeing this scene, all the people from China were sweating.

This Sword Saint was really living up to his name!

It was said that this guy was obsessed with the sword and had never practiced any other martial arts, and all, all the Japanese ninjutsu he did not know, but no matter what came over, he would break it with a single sword, and because of this reason, he was extremely popular among the Japanese people, almost no one knew about him, no one knew about him.

So, seeing this scene, the people around him started to shout out in excitement, and this time the audience was of course overwhelmingly Japanese, so the momentum was overwhelming.

“Not bad, come again!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo flew his “Saint Level” martial art “Rakshasa Ghost Step”, and his figure also disappeared instantly, and the top of the “Clear Sky Tower” was filled with the residual shadow of Ye Luo.

Ogata Jubei also stood up, because he noticed that Ye Lu’s “Rakshasa Ghost Step” was much faster than yesterday, and he was extremely surprised by this progress.





Ye Lu’s attack was launched in an instant, but after thinking about it, Ogata Jubei finally did not dare to use his “Daoichi Writing” to fight Ye Lu’s dagger, because he was worried that something might happen to his “Daoichi Writing”, so he just kept dodging.

“Well, if that’s all you can do, then I can only say that you’ve let me down too much.”

After Ogata Jubei finished speaking, his body’s aura soared wildly, and then a sword slashed at Ye Lu with a harsh aura.

There was nothing flashy about this sword, it was a simple slash, but it blocked all of Ye Lu’s retreats, as if it had locked a person in place, and Ye Lu’s heart was filled with horror.

He found that this “Sword Saint” of the “Quasi-Saint” level was really strong, so strong that it was beyond his expectation, and could not be compared to that Abe Liufeng.

Then, this terrifying slash struck at Ye Lu’s waist, he wanted to split Ye Lu into two pieces.

The material of this “Dao Yi Writing” was extremely special, and coupled with Ogata Jubei’s terrifying “astral energy”, he had cut through “Heavenly Grade” weapons before, so he was extremely confident.

However, he immediately realised that he was wrong.

“Clang!” With a clang, the Dao Yi Writing in his hand seemed to have cut against something harder, and then the Dao Yi Writing shattered.

Yes, it really broke, and the shiny pieces flew up and cut through Ogata Jubei’s face.



“That’s awesome!”

“What’s happening?”

“‘Doichi Writing’ shattered!”


The whole area around the “Clear Sky Tower” was in an uproar, no one expected that the “Dao Yi Writing”, the strongest sword in Japan, had actually shattered, however, the more uproar was still behind, at the same time as the “Dao Yi Writing” was shattered by the “Burning Heavenly Furnace”, Ye Lu made a quick move.

“The terrifying purple ball of fire blasted towards Ogata Jubei, who was too close to dodge.

He only had time to make one move, and that was to slice his hand as if it were a “sword”.


The purple ball of fire was sliced away, but Ogata Jubei paid the price as his hand burst into flames.

However, at that very moment, Ogata Jubei’s aura changed completely.

At that moment, when he was in a life-or-death situation, he had finally reached the legendary “unity of the human blade”, a breakthrough that had been long overdue.


Chapter 310

Ye Lu felt the power of the laws of heaven and earth all around him begin to coalesce towards Ogata Jubei, and his aura climbed to an overwhelmingly strong height.

“A breakthrough!”

“Lord Sword Saint has made a breakthrough!”

“A true ‘Sword Saint’, a true ‘Sword Saint’!”

“Lord Tenebrae is too strong!”


Ogata Jubei had always been called a ‘Sword Saint’, but not a ‘Saint’, so it was no wonder that the crowd cheered.

“To break my ‘Douichi Monogatari’, you’re really out of my league.”

After the breakthrough, Ogata Jubei said in a somewhat cold voice as he looked at Ye Lu.

“He had followed him for many years and had been born into death, his relationship with that sword was extremely deep, and as a result, it was inexplicably broken by Ye Lu.

However, among the audience, those Japanese masters were actually more shocked that Ye Luo could shatter the “Daoichi script” with his body.

Because Ogata Jubei’s breakthrough was bound to happen sooner or later, he needed an opportunity to break through at any time, so it wasn’t unusual for him to break through, but being able to shatter the “Daoichi script” was different.

“If this ‘stocking masked warrior’ survives this time, he will definitely become a demon.”

One of the shrine masters sat on one of the bleachers and muttered secretly.

Ye Lu looked at Ogata Jubei and said with a smile.

“No need to admire me, since I can break the ‘Daoichi script’, I can also break you, at that time, it’s not too late for you to be surprised.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ogata Jubei smiled instead.

He looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I see that your ability to talk big is the best in the world, so it’s good, let’s use your blood to commemorate my breakthrough.”

When he finished Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Following this, Ogata Jubei’s “hand sword” swung again.


A slash of light slashed towards Ye Lu with a brilliant train of light.

Ye Lu stepped back violently, and then the sword light slashed at his chest, breaking his clothes and armour, and sending him flying straight out of the top of your “Haruka Tower”.



“This is the death of the ‘Stocking Masked Man’!”

“That’s right, it’s so high, even iron will be deformed.”

“The fight is over!”


Amidst the shrieks of the crowd, Ye Luo had fallen straight down, and with increasing speed.

No one had expected the final ending to be like this, a “Grandmaster” could not fly, and everyone thought that Ye Lu was finished this time.

However, just when everyone was desperate, Ye Lu suddenly slowed down and stopped in the air, and then he flew like a flying bird towards the side.

This scene was so sudden that everyone was shocked.

“Holy Sh*t! What is this, how much does it mean!”

“He can suddenly fly!”

“Who the hell is ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’?”

“I don’t know, it looks like he really isn’t necessarily human, maybe he’s a demon too.”

“What you say seems to make sense.”


Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Ye Luo had already landed.

The reason why he could fly was of course because of the “weapon pattern”, after these few days of continuous research and consultation with the Blazing Yang elder of the “Weapon Sect”, he had finally created this flying “magic weapon”, in fact, this “magic weapon” was on Ye Luo’s back, just inside his clothes, so no one could see it.

In fact, Ye Luo’s flying device was not quite mature, and it was quite difficult to control, but at last, it was successful.

“Clear the field!”

After descending, Ye Lu released the “Ghost Bat”, which was hideous, and quickly cleared out the empty space.

A large bucket of blood was poured in, followed by the light up of the vessel, and countless blood began to tumble, while Ye Lu bit his finger and dripped his own blood into it.

The people around didn’t know what Ye Luo was doing, and all gathered around from afar to watch.

“Everyone, hide away from me, further away, further away ……”

Ye Lu shouted as loud as a bell, while driving the “Ghost Bats”, telling them to shoo away all the unknown eaters, the further away the better.

His intuition told him that something horrible was about to happen.

The people around him could not see what was going on inside, but the aerial planes were recording and broadcasting the scene live, and the experts could see that Ye Lu was summoning something.

“What a powerful summoning formation, what is this summoning?”

“I don’t know, he can even fly, hell knows what kind of thing he’ll summon.”

“You’re right!”


As the Blood Formation emitted an intense red light, Ogata Jubei was also watching the scene, but he was now immersed in the emotion and excitement of breaking through the “Saint Level” as he looked at the Blood Formation and said quietly.

“I hope you can come up with something challenging, otherwise it will be too boring.”

Ogata Jubei looked at his right hand after he finished speaking, it looked like it was ruined, the purple flames that Ye Lu used were too terrifying.

“Ruin one of my hands and I will have your life.”

Just as Ogata Jubei spoke, Ye Lu’s side had already succeeded in summoning.

A huge figure tens of meters tall appeared in the red light, this guy was a humanoid demon beast, but I don’t know if it was a demon beast in human form, because the appearance of demon beasts was originally complicated, the most impressive thing about this demon beast was the two long sharp teeth that showed on the lower lip, white and extremely scary.

In the hand of this muscular and armoured creature was a huge wolf tooth stick, also tens of metres long.

“Name: Tiger Chiseltooth, Rank: Third Order Ninth Grade, Source: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Description: A demonic beast with the bloodline of the divine beast ‘Chiseltooth’, after the “Foreign Beast Chiseltooth” was killed by Hou Yi, the descendant with the Chiseltooth bloodline and the demonic tiger clan combined to produce a terrifying demonic beast ……”

After reading this introduction, Ye Lu understood why this guy had a tiger’s pattern.


This guy just appeared and let out a mad howl.

The powerful strong wind made people who were far away from here feel their faces hurt, this monster with a big grin was really too scary.

After the howl, this creature turned its head to look at Ye Lu with an unkind face, but, like the Poor Man, when it saw the Sunset Arrow in Ye Lu’s hand, it also showed a horrified expression, and then meekly lowered its head.

“Tear down this tower and kill the man up there.”

Ye Luo said quickly to this “Tiger Chiseltooth”.


“Without any hesitation, the tiger shouted furiously and then rushed towards the Clear Sky Tower with a huge wolf tooth stick.

Everywhere it pa*sed, the audience was trampled into meat cakes.


The huge wolf’s tooth club hit one of the pillars of the Clear Sky Tower.

“The Tower was made up of three pillars on the outside and the main tower on the inside, and it only took a few blows to break this pillar.

Then came the other one.

“Everyone was shocked by the strength and fearfulness of the tiger’s teeth.

Of course, the most shocked was the cook of the Sword Saint’s house, who only then remembered what happened last night.

“Sh*t! I should have known to talk to Lord ‘Sword Saint’ about it last night.”

While he was muttering, the tiger had already knocked down three of the pillars and started to tear down the main building in the middle.

The main building wasn’t all steel frame or anything like that, so the Tiger Chiseled Tooth pushed quickly and in a matter of seconds he had demolished the main building in the middle.

After the entire foundation was torn down, the Sky Tower finally fell down.




On the side where the tower fell, countless spectators began to shout in panic to both sides and started to run wildly, as they would surely be killed if the tower fell on them.

“The ‘Sky Tower’ has actually been pushed down!”

“This is too scary!”

“Holy sh*t!”



Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Ogata Jubei was already dashing along the tilted “Sky Tower” towards the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”.

The enemy had five seconds to reach the battlefield!