Super School Student Chapter 325-326

Chapter 325

Equally surprised were the people from other organisations.

“I can’t believe the top twenty people on the ‘Killer Sky List’ are all here.

“One of the cadres of Bloodthirsty Rose looked at the screen and asked in confusion.

As a result, a beautiful woman said.

“I know him, he fought against our ‘Five Golden Flowers’ before, that ‘Blood Shadow Shura’, my god, he is actually so powerful, is there any sense in this?”

One of the “Five Golden Flowers” opened her mouth wide in surprise.

After all, when she fought against the Five Golden Flowers, Ye Luo could not even defeat the “Master” level, but now he could actually fight several terrifying a*sa*sins who could even kill the “Saint” level by himself.

You know, the top five in the “Killer Heavenly Ranking” all had records of killing “Saint Level” experts, because those who could make it to the “Killer Heavenly Ranking” had a knack for killing, not to mention everything else.

Ye Lu was also surprised at how powerful these people were.

Especially the “Son of Death”, the three undead creatures summoned could actually block the “Saint Level” White Tiger, it was really too formidable.

At this moment, the “Son of Death” was using another “divine ability”, and Ye Lu saw a terrifying black-robed death figure with a huge scythe appear above the “Son of Death’s” head.

As soon as the black-robed God of Death appeared, he swung his huge black scythe and slashed at the Defence Formation.


A huge fluctuation appeared on the formation, and Ye Lu saw that all forty-nine spirit stones flickered for a moment, obviously this blow had caused a considerable consumption of the “spirit stones”.

“It’s the God of Death ‘Thanatos’, ‘Thanatos’ has appeared!”

Many of the spectators did not know who the “Son of Death” was, but they were very familiar with the “God of Death” in Greek mythology, and the moment the figure of the “God of Death”, Thanatos, appeared, all the spectators boiled over, for it was the first time that they had seen the virtual figure of a god or goddess.

At the same time, as if by tacit agreement, the figure of the “Sleeping God” Hypnos appeared above the head of Uncle Dirt, and the figure of Nemesis appeared above the head of the Joker.

Seeing that the three giants were all using their “killer weapons”, the Egyptian “Black Witch” Susanna also began to attack, chanting words under her breath, and then began to draw a formation with blood, obviously to summon something.

Ye Luo understood that this defence shield would not last long.

He held the “Spirit Stones” in each hand and quickly replenished his spiritual power. The three “Exploding Yuan Pills” had already made his battle power soar again, while the “Beast Blood” entered the “Blood Formation” again.

The “Designated Summoning” was to summon a demonic beast or spirit with a certain type of bloodline, so only the blood of a certain type of “demonic beast” could be used, so in order for the summoning to be successful, the remaining blood had to be replenished with the summoner’s blood.

Fortunately, the “Blood Tonic Pill” that Ye Luo was using was made from the blood of the “Blood Clan” experts. The “Blood Clan” originally lived on blood, and the ingredients for these pills were the blood left behind by the dead experts of the “Jimi Spirits Clan” over the generations, which were all precious.

So, Ye Lu cut his own arm and forced the blood out into the Blood Formation.

“Come on! Nine Infants!”

Ye Luo’s first summon was the “Nine Infants”, one of the six ferocious beasts that “Hou Yi” had killed. Ye Luo felt that this creature’s ancestor was killed by Hou Yi with the “Sunset Arrow”, so this thing must be afraid of the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” from its bones.


A terrifying demonic beast with nine heads appeared, the shape of this creature was extremely exaggerated, a snake god with nine heads, and when it appeared, water, fire, lightning and thunder all came out, as if it was a demon god.

Ye Lu did not know that the “Nine Infants” was actually much more terrifying than the “Chiseled Teeth” he had summoned before. This creature was a terrifying beast that was birthed when Pan Gu opened up the heavens, when chaos first opened up, when heaven and earth were first divided.

When he saw the terrifying “Nine Infants” appear, the expression of the “Son of Death” also changed.

This was because this “Nine Infants” was obviously stronger than all the demonic beasts that had appeared before.

As Ye Luo had thought, as soon as this creature appeared, its nine hideous heads looked at Ye Luo at the same time, but when it saw the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Luo’s hand, the look of anger on its face immediately turned into panic.

“Go, kill them.”

Ye Luo said in a loud voice.


“With a strange cry, the Nine Infants rushed towards the Son of Death, their nine heads coming out in unison.

“The “Son of Death” had a grave expression as he bit his finger and started some kind of secret technique. The shadow of Tanatos, the God of Death, immediately grew in size again, followed by a huge black scythe swinging to cut down one of the heads of the Nine Infants.

This blow sent the Son of Death flying, and where the Nine Infants’ head had just fallen, a new head began to grow rapidly.


Seeing this scene, the audience all sucked in a breath of cold air.

Such a terrifying monster bird was actually an undead body, how was it going to be dealt with?

However, Ye Lu’s summoning did not stop there, as blood once again entered the “Blood Formation”, and this time Ye Lu summoned a giant bird with feathers covering the sky.

Like the Nine Infants before him, this creature was also a “fourth-ranked, second-ranked” great demon, comparable to a “third-ranked sage” among humans.

Moreover, this thing’s greatest skill is speed.

After summoning the Great Wind, Ye Lu fell to his knees with a thud, as he had really lost too much blood.

When the demonic beast “Gale” came out, the first to suffer was Koji Ishida, who was the first to be bitten by “Gale” and eaten into his mouth. The sound of blood splattered in the air.

He was the tenth on the “Killer’s List”, and Koji Ishida was dead.

Then there was a tall, thin guy next to Koji Ishida, then a fat guy, then a woman with a patterned face ……

Death of Nitroth, number 13 on the “Hitman’s List”.

Nineteenth on the “Hitman’s List”, Tork is dead.

“Eighth on the Slayer’s List, death of the ‘Sacred Maiden of the Takuru’.


In the blink of an eye, all of the once popular “Heavenly List Killers” had fallen.

Suzanne, who had just summoned the Egyptian god of death, Anubis, with a wolf’s head and body, saw this scene and quickly chose to escape, but it was too late.

“The Gale was too fast.

“Ka-ching!” With a bite, half of Susanna’s body was snapped off.

Sixth on the “Slayer’s List”, Susanna was dead.

With the appearance of the two terrifying demonic beasts, the entire battlefield was instantly turned around, and in the blink of an eye, all five of the “Heavenly Ranking of Killers” experts fell.

The number of onlookers who came from the surrounding area was already in the thousands, and everyone looked at the scene in amazement.

“What’s that thing with nine heads? It’s terrifying.”

“Is it the Japanese Yaki Orochi?”

“No way, isn’t the Yaki Orochi eight heads, this guy has one more!”

“The scariest thing is that giant white bird, right? Eating people without batting an eye? It’s crazy.”


Not only the people present, but also all the viewers who watched the battle remotely were stunned, and the most shocked was the “Underworld”, so many killers of the “Killer Heavenly List” died in one night, there has never been such a thing.

However, immediately afterwards, everyone saw that the “Son of Death”, the number one a*sa*sin on the “Hitman’s List”, was bitten by the four heads of the “Nine Infants” and then violently torn apart.

The No. 1 on the “Killer Ranking”, the “Son of Death”, died.

The “Nine Infants”, who had torn apart the “Son of Death”, let out a roar that resounded through the clouds, and then rushed towards the “Sleeping God of Killers”, Uncle Dirt.

Seeing this scene, Tu Chen looked at the screen and said with some emotion.

“From tonight onwards, the name ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ will be famous all over the world!”

However, at this moment, he did not know that there was something even more surprising for him next.


Chapter 326

After the death of the “Son of Death”, the “Nine Infants” and the “Great Wind” entered the realm of no one, and in an instant, the “Sleeping God” was dead, and so was the “Joker”, leaving the fourth ranked “Human Slaughterer” Jefferson as the only one left in the top 20 of the “Killer Heavenly List”.

He felt that for some reason these terrifying demonic beasts were afraid of this “Jefferson” and did not dare to attack him.

However, after everyone had been killed, the fierce “Nine Infants” still made its move.

It roared and rushed towards Jefferson.

Looking at the Nine Infants, Jefferson smiled coldly and a blood-red axe with a terrifying aura suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Name: Torture Axe, Grade: Earth Grade Upper Grade Magical Treasure, Source: Haotian Continent, Description: one of the Thirteen Sacred Weapons of the Blood Race, only effective against ‘Blood Race’, feels the level and purity of the bloodline of the Blood Race, allows the user to exert several times, dozens of times more combat power, side effect is bleeding out until death ……”

This was the introduction of this red giant axe that Ye Luo saw.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu understood that this “human slaughterer” Jefferson was the real card of this a*sa*sination, these demonic beasts were afraid of the terrifying “torture axe” in his hand, and I am afraid only he knew what was going on when Liu Mei was tied up just now.

Following this, Jefferson swung the “Torture Axe” in his hand and delivered a terrifying blow.

The huge blood-red axe appeared in the air as if it were a real axe, and struck the body of the “Nine Infants”.

In fact, for cultivators who have not entered the “Golden Dan” realm, they should not be able to use “magic treasures” but only “magic weapons”, but there are some exceptions, such as bloodline “magic treasures”, which can be understood as special “magic treasures”, so as long as they have the corresponding bloodline, they can use them.

However, as his cultivation level was not high enough, Jefferson was a bit reluctant to use it.

This blow cut off more than half of the Nine Infants’ heads, and the aftermath of the attack struck the bleachers, destroying one side of them, but Jefferson’s face and hands also turned bloody, so it was clear that he had paid a small price.


However, following this he unleashed a second strike.

This blow was not as terrifying as the one he had just dealt, but it was enough to cut off the rest of the Nine Infants’ heads, killing the terrifying demon beast.


Seeing this scene, the demonic beast “Big Wind” swung its huge wings, bringing up a tornado, and then the beast “whooped!” The beast rose into the sky and fled.


Seeing this scene, Ye Lu showed a dumbfounded expression, he had just thought that this “Big Wind” was going to be furious.

The other demonic beasts, the White Tiger, the Chi Dragon, the Bi Fang and their followers also made a wise choice when they saw this scene, they fled in all directions and soon jumped out of the Colosseum.

“Alright, you guys are tough!”

Ye Lu sat in the defence shield and muttered sullenly, looking at the current situation, if “Big Wind” brought those demonic beasts together, that “Human Slaughter” Jefferson would probably not be able to hold out.

Ye Lu knew very well that in front of that fearsome axe, neither the “Wine Barrel Boy” nor the “Ghost Bat” would be enough for him.

The “Wine Barrel Boy” was a “Level 7 Master”, but he couldn’t even defeat his current self, so it was useless.

Seeing that all the demonic beasts had fled, Jefferson was relieved to see that such a terrible attack could not have been launched at once without cost.

“Gotta make this quick!”

With this in mind, Jefferson jumped up from the bleachers and slashed down with his axe in the air towards the defence shield.


The terrifying strike directly split the aura’s defence shield into shattered points of light.

“I didn’t expect it, you actually made me use all of my clan’s ‘holy weapons’, ‘Blood Shadow’ you’ve died a famous death this time.”

Jefferson said with some emotion as he looked at Ye Lu.

He was right in saying that Ye Lu had killed 19 of the top 20 experts on the “Killer Heavenly Ranking” in one go, and this was a battle that would have shocked the world.

“The Prince said you were a curse, and he seems to be right, you are definitely a monster.

With these words, Jefferson swung his “Torture Axe”, and the blood-coloured light blade slashed down towards Ye Lu.

Everyone felt that Ye Lu was really finished this time.

“What a pity! You have stunned the world, but you have lost to fate!”

The leader of the Bloodthirsty Rose, who was watching the live broadcast, said with some emotion when he saw this scene.

Tu Chen and the others were not so poetic, as he and Black Hei and the others were banging on the table feeling sorry for Ye Lu, a failure to achieve anything!

Of course, because it happened so soon, and this is Europe, the story did not spread that fast among the public, so Ye Lu’s friends, including the four ancient martial arts families, do not know about it yet, and of course, even if they did, they could not link Ye Lu with the “Blood Shadow Cultivation” now.

The only people who knew about it were Jin Kun and Qin Shiyu.

“Looks like it’s over!”

Those in the Colosseum sighed when they saw this scene. The battle just now was truly amazing, but it looked like Ye Lu no longer had any ability to fight back.

Even if he summoned a demonic beast like the Nine Infants, he wouldn’t be able to stop Jefferson.

What’s more, there was no time to do so, even if Ye Lu used a high level “summoning technique”, it would still take a little time to do so.

The huge axe blade of light had already reached Ye Lu’s body in an instant, but to everyone’s surprise, a purple shield suddenly appeared in front of Ye Lu’s body when the blade of light was about to fall on him.

It was the “Flame Shield”.

Originally, Ye Lv had saved these purple flames in preparation for his final strike, which he had been storing up for these two gloves since the battle at the “Clear Sky Tower”.


The blow slashed Ye Lu and the shield together into the stone of the ground, just like Ye Lu was embedded in the stone of the ground.


Even though there wasn’t much blood left in Ye Lu’s body, he was still spitting blood from this blow.

The blow was so heavy that if it wasn’t for the “Flame Shield” that helped Ye Lu block the fatal blow, a bunch of guys of his level would have died as well.

However, it was all he could do to avoid the blow, as all his stored flames had been completely used up.

Now the flames were gone, the blood was almost gone, and he was out of ammunition and at the end of his rope.

The blood man Jefferson raised the axe in his hand again, and everyone understood that this time Ye Lu was definitely dead, and no one or anything could save him.

“It’s over!”

Everyone sighed.

However, just when everyone thought that Ye Lu was dead again, something unexpected happened, because that “human slaughterer” Jefferson actually held up the “torture axe” for half a day, but did not do anything.

“Why didn’t he chop it?”

“That’s right, let’s kill him with an axe!”

“Hey! Don’t pose! Do it!”


The people present were all locals, so they knew a lot about the Bloods and took them as their own, or at least as being from the same region as themselves, while Ye Lu was obviously an outsider, as was clear from the dragon he summoned.

Yet, Jefferson never made a move.

“Sh*t! This B*****d is already dead.”

It was only then that Ye Lu saw that this “human slaughterer” Jefferson had actually died just like that, probably because the “torture axe” had done too much damage to his body, so it had drained all the blood from his body.

This was a terrifying increase in combat power, and it must have come at a price.

“It’s finally over, it’s killing me!”

Ye Luo also finally breathed a sigh of relief, this battle was really dangerous, nine deaths, it was easy to kill those three terrifying guys, but who would have thought that there was another “human slaughter”, an even more terrifying backhand, fortunately, it seems that this guy had not used the “torture axe” before, that’s why there was such a mistake.

As he thought, Ye Lu climbed up.

However, at this moment, from the crowd of spectators in the distance, several black shadows dashed towards him.

“Holy f*ck!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth!