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Super School Student Chapter 353-354

Chapter 353

This guy also felt as if he had a deja vu, but couldn’t figure out exactly where he had seen Ye Luo before, and he looked at the words on the ground and muttered with a crooked head.

“The Black Witch Cult? It seems to be from that side of Miaojiang, it’s quite far away from us, how could it come to us? Besides, we’re a holy place of martial arts, so if you dare to come here, you’re looking for death.”

“Although Wudang is the most prestigious of the Southern Martial Arts Schools, it is located in the northern part of Hubei, closer to the Central Plains, so there is no connection between them and Miaojiang.

Therefore, this guy did not take Ye Lu’s words seriously.

In his opinion, anyone who dared to challenge Wudang had been easily defeated in the end, so he didn’t need to pay any attention to it.

Ye Lu left a reminder and then walked out again.

“Gale” was a bit surprised at how quickly Ye Lu had gone.

As a result, Ye Lu shook his head and briefly explained what had happened.

“Gale” said with a grimace.

“So proud, let them die, we might as well take the opportunity to destroy the ‘Black Witch Cult’s’ lair.”

If the Black Witch Cult had focused on Wudang, then their headquarters might indeed be relatively empty.

So, Ye Lu picked a thumb up at “Big Wind” and said with a smile.

“You have a point, you’re too smart, I’ll ask about the ‘Black Witch Cult’ headquarters.”

As he said that, Ye Lu began to ask the people of “Shen Nong Gu” about it.

After asking them clearly, Ye Lu looked at “Big Wind” and said.

“Let’s go, let’s find a valley to help refine the ‘Dragon Ruminant’, this thing is not easy to get, this is a good thing that is treated as a treasure in the ‘Dragon Clan’.”

The “Dragon Race” had always been one of the strongest races among the demonic beasts or divine beasts, so demonic beasts with all kinds of dragon bloodlines were exceptionally strong, as evidenced by Ye Lu’s summoning of Jiao and Chi dragons, and the “Dragon Rum” was a good thing that could even purify and enhance the dragon bloodlines.

Therefore, “Big Wind” was also very much looking forward to it.

However, the refining process of this item was still rather complicated, and although Ye Lu’s flame had been greatly improved, he was not yet able to refine all kinds of pills, for example, the Heavenly Pill “Gathering Yuan Pill”, which could make a person cross the “Saint Level”, he had the ingredients but was not able to refine it.

Of course, this also had to do with the fact that such an item as the “Gathering Pill” was too heavenly, and the idea of creating a “Saint Level” super expert was a bit unbelievable.

After finding a secluded valley, Ye Lu began to concentrate on refining the Dragon Ruminant, while Gale watched quietly from the side.

At noon, the first potion was finally successful.

“Let’s try it.”

Ye Lu handed the elixir to “Big Wind”, who was already salivating at the smell of it, and quickly swallowed the elixir.

This scared Ye Lu, although this pill didn’t say anything about the dosage, but really won’t it be bad to eat like this?

He looked at “Big Wind” with some suspicion.

As a result, the “Big Wind” turned into its original form with a “boom!” Ye Lu felt that the Gale had become much bigger than the previous Gale.

More importantly, Ye Luo felt that the wind attribute fluctuations emanating from the Gale were even stronger, and its colour had also turned whiter than before.

“It looks like it’s really effective after all.”

Ye Lu muttered to himself.

However, after the “Great Wind” started to go crazy, probably because she had taken too much medicine, countless whirlwinds quickly rose from around her body, and Ye Lu was instantly blown away by the fierce wind, while the surrounding trees had all been uprooted, and sand and rocks were flying away.





After that, countless “wind blades” flew out, and the trees around fell with a sound, and even the rocks were cut into countless pieces.

Ye Lu turned around and ran in fear.

This “gale” looked like it was about to mutate.

He muttered to himself and then watched from afar.

Soon, the commotion here attracted the attention of the tourists and the Daoist priests as well, and everyone started pointing from afar.

“There can’t be a demon!”

Some people speculated as they watched the sky rush and the whirlwind in the valley.

And a tourist with half his face wrapped in black cloth frowned.

“How could there be such a terrifying demonic beast in the vicinity of ‘Wudang’, it won’t have any effect on tonight’s action, will it?”

He muttered with some concern.

However, the rampage didn’t last long before “Gale” collapsed on the ground. When Ye Luo went over, he found that she was almost the same as when he had first “disembodied” her, covered in black mud and stuck with a lot of dust and so on, looking like a terracotta warrior.

“Well, I’ll find a place to clean you up, and hopefully you’ll wake up soon.”

Ye Lu picked up Gale and went to the other valley to find a place to start cleaning Gale.

Now that Gale was in a coma and Ye Lu had not signed a contract with her, there was no way to get her into the “Spirit Beast Bracelet”, so Ye Lu had to dress her in new clothes and wait for her to wake up while refining the pills.

It was not long after the “new moon” and the night was particularly dark when it came. At about nine o’clock, Ye heard a “rustling!” sound coming from one side.

Then, he saw a dense ma*s of “poisonous insects” spreading up from the lower side of the mountain, just like a stream of water, and it looked alarming to the eyes.

“Looks like the ‘Black Witch Cult’ has already taken action.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, then picked up “Big Wind” and ran up the mountain. He guessed that these “Black Witch Cult” people were going to block the back way of “Wudang” and besiege the Golden Peak.

When he reached the Golden Peak, he noticed that there were many tents near it, probably because the weather was still warm.

“I think we need to give everyone a warning.”

Ye Lu thought to himself as he ran.

However, there were some black-clad figures who were even faster than him, and these people were killing people on sight.

“Woori, don’t be so cruel.”

Ye Luo muttered as he rushed towards the nearest man in black, but immediately afterwards, he noticed that after smelling the blood, the army of “poisonous insects” began to speed up, and it seemed that their purpose of killing was to make the insects more excited.

The remaining people were driven to the top of the mountain, including the guests in the only hotel near the Golden Peak, the “VIP House”, were also driven out.

After thinking about it, Ye Lu carried “Big Wind” and blended in with the crowd.

The leader of the group raised his hand and a bright flame rose up, illuminating the entire golden roof.

“I give you one minute to come out, or else your incense-bearers will be killed.”

Seeing the flames in this guy’s hand, Ye Lu hurried that most of them were even stronger than that “Nangong Elder”.

At this time, a man beside Ye Lu looked at the flames on the golden roof and said.

“It looks like the evil cultivators from ‘Miaojiang’, if only ‘Ling Hu Qian Silence’ was here, he would have killed the Sh*t out of them.”

Hearing this person’s words, Ye Lu asked with some curiosity.

“Who is Ling Hu Qian Silence?”

As a result, this guy looked at Ye Luo as if he was looking at a second pen and said.

“You actually don’t even know the powerful Lord ‘Ling Hu Qian Silence’ of the Southern Border, how did you get around, he is a top ten expert in the ‘War God List’, just ask who doesn’t know who doesn’t know ……”

Just at this time, the Daoist priests from Wudang Mountain appeared.


Chapter 354

To Ye Lu’s slight surprise, these Daoists did not all come out of that small secret realm yesterday, there were two other secret realms in the vicinity of the Golden Peak.

“What kind of demons dare to come to our ‘Wudang Mountain’ and spread their wildness.”

A Taoist priest at the head of the group had white eyebrows and a white beard, and was carrying a long sword in his hand as he walked through the air, looking exceptionally ethereal and very expert.

“It’s the ‘Enforcement Elder’, now we are saved.”

Seeing this Daoist appear, many people were relieved, it looked like this person should be very famous.

However, what made Ye Luo a little puzzled was why the Sect Leader had not come out.

The other two of the three secret realms in the Golden Dome were wrapped in “poisonous insects”, so the Daoist priests had just appeared and started a fight.

Ye Lu saw that seven of them had formed a sword formation, and their sword qi stood out.

“The ‘Seven Wonders of Wudang’ are here too, this should be fine.”

“Yes, calling the shots with ‘Wudang Mountain’, these people are too arrogant.”

“I think they are just seeking their own death.”


The moment Wudang’s experts appeared, they suppressed the insects, which made everyone breathe a sigh of relief, after all, everyone still believed in a famous school like “Wudang”.

Seeing this, the leader of the Black Witch Cult put away his flames and waved his hand.

The insects instantly parted like a stream of water, and all the Daoist priests gathered near the Golden Hall at the top of the Golden Dome, while the Daoist who was walking in the air landed on the side of the roof of the Golden Hall.

“You are the evil practitioners of the ‘Miao Frontier’.”

The Black Witch Cult people were clearly dressed, especially in the intricately textured silver jewellery and the strange patterns that covered their bodies and faces.

“The leader of the Black Witch Cult looked at the white-browed Taoist priest and said.

“Is that all you Wudang people have? It seems that we have overestimated you! But it doesn’t matter, today, both you and the Wudang disciples who are now hiding in the secret realm will become our prisoners.”

Seeing to the several people confronting each other on the roof of the Golden Hall, the Daoist priest who was in charge of the reception of the secret realm instantly regretted it.

He realized that what Ye Lu had said to him earlier was not alarmist talk, the “Black Witch Cult” had really come to attack, and it looked like they had come prepared, as evidenced by the hideous worms.

“Dead, dead, this time it’s over.”

He muttered anxiously, regretting that he should have at least memorised Ye Lu’s mobile phone number, if only he had remembered it he would have been able to contact this superior man.

In his opinion, since Ye Lu knew about this matter, most of them could also have a way to solve this matter.

At this moment, Ye Lu did not do anything, he blended in the crowd and watched the scene quietly, if “Wudang” could solve this matter, he would not bother to take action.

After all, Wudang has a lot of heritage with martial arts.

Of course, there is no comparison between a secular sect like Wudang and the sectarian world, but the Black Witch Cult is, to put it bluntly, a secular sect, so it is still uncertain who will win.

At the top of the Golden Hall, the Enforcement Elder looked at the three members of the Black Witch Sect and said coldly.

“Don’t try to be clever, I will show you the power of Wudang today.”

With these words, he waved the longsword in his hand, and countless longsword shadows appeared out of thin air and shot towards the black-clothed man at the head of the Black Witch Cult.

It was the first time that Ye Lu had seen such a “spell”, and regardless of the attacking power, the magnificence of the move was really something.

However, his opponent was no slouch either, as the black man waved his hands and countless fire dragons appeared, blocking these crystalline flying sword shadows in the air.

And the two men standing at the side of the black man did not make a move.

Obviously, Wudang’s side did not have any advantage in terms of numbers.

However, when they saw the “Law Enforcement Elder” make his move, the trapped crowd became excited and some began to shout towards the roof of the Golden Hall.

“Go, Elder Law Enforcement! Take care of these evil devils!”

“Let them see how powerful Wudang is.”

“Wudang will always be the strongest.”


However, immediately afterwards, the head of a man who was shouting suddenly flew up, and a black scimitar with a harsh wind sound spun around in the air and reverted to the hand of a man in black.

Blood spurted out wildly like a fountain.





Where had ordinary people ever seen such a scene, the captured crowd immediately panicked and everyone began to surge in all directions.

However, those men in black did not seem to have the heart of a bodhisattva at all, as one man in black smiled hideously and struck out at the people who were surging towards him.

However, before his knife reached this man’s neck, his own head flew up first.

It was because, Ye Li was unable to look away.


“Who did this?”

“Stand out for me!”


However, just as these people in black shouted, the others of the Wudang Sect made their move, it was the “Wudang Seven Absolute”, these seven people were like one person, even their footwork was the same, seven people, seven swords with seven rays of light had killed the people in black below the “Golden Hall”.

At the same time, a middle-aged Taoist priest said in a loud voice.

“Don’t do anything rash, leave this place to us.”

These words were actually what Ye Lu wanted to say.

Seeing the actions of the Wudang priests, Ye Lu’s impression of them had really changed.

Following this, the “Wudang Seven Absolutes” fought with these “Black Witch Cult” people.

The other two men in black who were watching from the top of the Golden Hall also jumped down and joined the fight.

On the roof of the Golden Hall, the defeat of the “Law Enforcement Elders” was gradually revealed, and everyone’s heart sank at the sight of this scene.

If the Wudang people were finished, then the next to die would be the incense-bearers and tourists.

At this time, under Ye Lu’s constant breathing, “Big Wind” also finally woke up.

“How come it’s already dark?”

After she woke up, “Big Wind” looked at Ye Lu and asked, somewhat puzzled.

Ye Luo then looked at her and said.

“You took too many pills, you almost died, luckily I am here, hurry up and check if everything is normal.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, “Big Wind” hurriedly began to check.

Among the Daoist priests, the Daoist priest who was in charge of the reception of the secret realm was recalling the phone number Ye Lu left before, and then started to try according to his impression.

“Sorry, I dialed the wrong number.”

“Sorry, wrong number dialed.”


After several attempts, he then finally dialed Ye Lu’s mobile phone.

“Warrior, I have found you, but you have to save us, I know I am wrong, I have eyes to see, I have no eyes to see, you will be kind enough to forgive me.”

Ye Lu then said indifferently.

“Good, don’t worry, I am also at the golden roof.”

At this time, the “Law Enforcement Elder” was already red in the face, a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly, and his eyes also turned blood red at the same time, as if he was crazy.

“It looks like the ‘evil fire’ has invaded him after all!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu shook his head helplessly.

As “Evil Cultivators”, the flames they used would not be ordinary flames either.

This man in black was the “Evil Fire Elder”, a famous and powerful member of the Black Witch Cult.

His “Evil Flame” had been cultivated by driving mad and killing hundreds of people, and then he had cultivated it through various evil means, using it not only for physical and magical damage, but more importantly, for spiritual damage.

Originally, Ye Lu thought that the “Law Enforcement Elder” would be able to hold on for a while, but he was unable to withstand the attack of the “Evil Fire”.

At this moment, the “Evil Fire Elder” suddenly said in a loud voice.

“Kill everyone except the Daoist!”