Super School Student Chapter 347-348

Chapter 347

Everyone turned their heads to look at the doorway. Their first impression was that someone from the Black Witch Cult had come in for something, but they realised that the man who had come in did not look like a Black Witch Cult practitioner.

However, no one thought he was a good man either, because this place was heavily guarded, and anyone who could enter or leave this cell must be very close to the Black Witch Cult.

“What do you want to do to us again?”

Jiang Wu Ya looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“We will not give you what our ancestors have left us.”

Ye Lu smiled and took out the “key” and said.

“Ai! What a pity, what a pity, I already have the key in my hand.”

Seeing the key in Ye Lu’s hand, everyone’s face changed, and then, Jiang Wu Ya looked at Ye Lu and said.

“What did you …… guys do to Yan’er?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Jiang Yan is fine, besides you guys don’t need to be so nervous, I was invited by her to save you guys, now that things have been resolved, I am on my way to pick up Jiang Yan.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, everyone looked at him with an incredulous look.

It was only after a long time that Jiang Wu Ya looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Are you alone?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Of course not, there are also my friends, come out and talk everyone, do you like staying in prison?”

This prison was pandemonium and full of strange smell, which made Ye Lu feel very uncomfortable, mainly because everyone had already taken the poison of the “Black Witch Cult” and now lost their cultivation, so those who were here were just some ordinary people, and ordinary people were inevitably eating, drinking and Sh*tting.

After saying that, Ye Lu walked out.

The shock in Jiang Wuya’s heart was only slightly less when he heard Ye Lu say that he still had friends, otherwise it would have been a bit too much to take care of the “Black Witch Cult” congregation that was guarding this place with just one person.

However, after they came out, they did not see Ye Lu’s friends, only a huge monster bird, and other than that, there was nothing but white bones on the ground.

“What the …… hell is going on here?”

The crowd could see that the Black Witch Cult people really seemed to be dead, because next to each of the white bones were the Black Witch Cult clothes and weapons left behind, but they didn’t know how Ye Lu had done it.

Ye Lu looked at the crowd and pointed to “Big Wind” and said.

“That’s my friend, Big Wind.”

Then, he waved and said.

“And some other friends of mine, the Bat Family.”

With Ye Lu’s words, countless “ghost bats” flew over from all directions, and the crowd was once again amazed at these fierce-looking guys.

Ye Luo then looked at the crowd and said.

“Well, there are actually some friends, but your cultivation has been ruined, so you should not be able to see them, but don’t worry, I can restore your cultivation soon.”

Hearing Ye Luo say that he restored everyone’s cultivation, Jiang Wu Ya then looked at Ye Luo and said.

“You shouldn’t be joking, our ‘Divine Farmers’ Valley’ is known for refining pills, so I know very well that the kind of medicine from the ‘Black Witch Cult’ has no solution.”

Ye Lu shook his head indifferently and said.

“That’s because you guys are just too ignorant, isn’t it just a little trick of the ‘Black Witch Cult’, don’t worry, I’ll soon fix it and let you guys get back to your old self.”

After saying that, Ye Lu thought about it again and said.

“I, no, it should be to bring your cultivation to a higher level, however, I can’t talk to you guys any more next, I have to hurry up and get ‘Third Miss’ back, I guess the second group from the ‘Black Witch Cult’ will be arriving soon. ”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked towards the outside of the secret realm.

As he walked, Ye Luo said.

“You guys tell everyone not to just leave the secret realm, at the moment, the people from the ‘Black Witch Cult’ don’t know that something has happened here because everyone outside has also died and they haven’t had the time to inform anyone yet, but I think they should be suspicious soon since they can’t contact the people on this side. ”

“So, you guys better find the phone they left behind and then find a way to hold out until I come back, the rest is up to you guys, find a way to stall a little longer.”

After saying that, Ye Lu gave a brief explanation and then quickly left the “Shen Nong Valley”.

When he arrived outside the valley, Ye Lu first disposed of the corpses before he jumped onto the back of “Big Wind”, and then, one person and one beast flew rapidly towards the distance.

It took him about two hours to get here, but when he returned, it still took him more than an hour to get there, despite the fact that he was speeding along.

As expected, just as Ye Lu thought, from afar, he saw a group of black-clothed people start to gather tens of kilometres ahead of Jiang Yan’s group, and it looked like they were going to ambush Jiang Yan and intercept them there.

Ye Lu circled around and then flew down to the top of the station wagon Jiang Yan was in.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

Ye Lu knocked on the roof sunroof of the caravan, which then opened, and Ye Lu and the transformed “Big Wind” entered the caravan together.

Seeing the naked “Big Wind”, Jiang Yan said with some surprise.

“What do you …… want to do?”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

“She won’t do anything to you, don’t worry, she doesn’t like women.”

As a result, “Big Wind” said with a smile.

“That’s not necessarily true, Third Miss is so tender and looks so delicious.”

She even stuck her tongue out and licked her lips.

Jiang Yan took a step backwards in fear, but still looked at Ye Lu and asked with some concern.

“Yiye Zhiqiu, is there something wrong with my family? Did you take care of it?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course, but, it’s only temporary, I’ve saved your family, and the ‘Shennong Valley’ has been retaken, next, I’m going to take you away, you have a quilt or something here, right, wrap yourself up, then I’ll fly back to the ‘Shennong Valley’ with you ‘, I guess trouble will come soon.”

Although Jiang Yan was also a “Sovereign” level practitioner, Ye Lu was not very sure that Jiang Yan could withstand the terrifying air currents in the air.

With that, Ye Lu quickly wrapped Jiang Yan up and set off without informing the others.

After calculating the time, when the caravan was about to meet the interceptors, Ye Lu contacted the “Six Star Demon” and told them that the “Black Witch Cult” was intercepting them, and told them to run away.

After that, Ye Luo flew on in the direction of the “Divine Farming Valley”.

Fortunately, when he came back, there was no trouble in the Divine Farming Valley, everything seemed to be very calm, Jiang Wu Ya had sent some people to guard the outside of the Divine Farming Valley, posing as people from the Black Witch Sect.

When they saw Ye Lu and Jiang Yan walking over, those people immediately greeted them.

“Third Miss, are you alright?”

The people looked at Jiang Yan and asked with concern.

Jiang Yan nodded and said.

“I’m fine, is the rest of the family okay, is everything really okay?”

As a result, the guy nodded and shook his head again and said.

“How can I put it? Let’s just say that there are no major problems for now, but I don’t know what will happen next, because the ‘Black Witch Cult’ side just said that you suddenly disappeared and they are looking for you everywhere, so I don’t think we should be able to last too long like this.”

“And, more importantly, we’ve all lost all our cultivation, so if there’s any trouble, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it, and that’s what’s most troublesome.”

At this time, Ye Lu walked over and said with a smile.

“Let’s talk about these things later, we have more important things to do, I’m afraid it’s a big project. Let me ask you first, are you sure that the ‘Black Witch Cult’ hasn’t noticed the situation here yet?”

The man from the “Shen Nong Gu” didn’t know what Ye Lu wanted to do, however, he still thought seriously and said.

“There should be no problem, they are contacted through the ‘blood puppet’, the ‘blood puppet’ voice is the same, so they won’t suspect anything for a while, and right now their main focus is on finding Third Miss. ”

Ye Lu nodded, then said.

“Alright, find a copy of the formation map outside your valley and give it to me, I want to repair your defensive formation.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the people in the surroundings including the Third Miss were taken aback and said.

“What did you say, you can restore the ‘Divine Peasant Grand Formation’.”


Chapter 348

Everyone looked at Ye Lu as if he was talking about a fantasy, because this “Shennong Great Formation” had been there since they were born, and it had always been in a broken state, no one could fix it, and no one had ever thought of fixing it.

Ye Lu looked at the men and said.

“Don’t waste time, apart from this ‘Shen Nong Grand Formation’, what else do you think can stop the ‘Black Witch Cult’? You all know very well, don’t you, that the Black Witch Cult is more than just this little strength.”

When Ye Lu said this, everyone nodded, because the Black Witch Cult was indeed very powerful, and was one of the four great evil sects in Miaojiang.

The first category is “ghost cultivators”, which mainly produce, summon and enslave ghost-like spirits; the second category is “corpse cultivators”, including corpse chasers and evil cultivators who use zombies and puppets; the third category is “compulsion cultivators” who use worms; and the fourth category is all kinds of evil cultivators who have fled to Miaojiang.

Of course, these four types of people are not distinctly separate, and there are many organisations that have all kinds of people, thinking that the entire Miaojiang cultivator population is too complex.

It is also because the water is so deep that many people do not want to have anything to do with the evil cultivators in Miaojiang.

The “Black Witch Cult” is a very powerful organization among these organizations, and one of the two “War Gods” that “Ye Liangchen” mentioned earlier is also from the “Black Witch Cult”.

“The people of the Divine Farming Valley were very clear about this, so they all nodded and then took Ye Lu and Jiang Yan into the secret realm together.

Soon, all the information about the “Divine Farmers’ Great Formation” was brought out, but it was actually incomplete information, because the “Divine Farmers’ Valley” did not have a complete formation diagram either, if they had, they would have started to find a way to recover it.

Of course, Ye Lu didn’t need a complete formation diagram, because the gla*ses would automatically add the missing parts, what he needed to do now was to understand the current situation of the formation, and then calculate the time and difficulty needed to repair the formation, as well as the possibilities, if it was really difficult to repair, then he felt it was better to escape with the people of the “Divine Farmers Valley” first.

After careful comparison, Ye Lu found that the formation was very complex and had many parts, each of which fulfilled a different function, including the part for gathering the Qi of heaven and earth, the part for catalyzing plants, and of course the part for defence and attack.

Now all Ye Luo had to do was to find out the defensive part, and then find a way to restore this part.

Luckily, with the help of the gla*ses, Ye Luo had probably figured it out, but there was still one problem, that was, it was too dark outside, so I was afraid it was a bit troublesome to see and deal with this formation at a glance.

“Whatever, let’s take a gamble.”

Eventually, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“In a moment, have someone bring torches up the mountain, we have to repair the formation overnight, the time left for us should not be much, we have to race against time to do so.”

At this time, Jiang Wu Ya suddenly looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Things might not be as bad as you think either, because I heard from the people of the ‘Black Witch Cult’ that their operation this time is not only about us, they also have to deal with the ‘Southern School of Martial Arts’ Wudang. ”

Hearing Jiang Wu Ya’s words, Ye Lu then asked in a somewhat strange manner.

“They want to deal with the ‘Wudang’, why?”

Jiang Wu Ya’s words made Ye Lu feel a bit strange, because it made sense for the Black Witch Cult to deal with Shennong Valley, after all, Shennong Valley was a medicine refining family, so there must be a lot of oil to be made, but the Wudang were all martial arts practitioners, so why would they deal with the Wudang?

However, there was no need for Jiang Wu Ya to lie to himself.

So, Ye Luo asked Jiang Wu Ya to help him arrange the torches while he looked at him and asked.

“Master Jiang Gu, do you know exactly what the ‘Black Witch Cult’s’ purpose is in dealing with the ‘Shen Nong Valley’?”

Jiang Wu Ya said after thinking about it.

“They said it was to prepare for one thing, so they needed to improve their strength.”

Ye Lu asked curiously.

“Do you know what it is?”

As a result, Jiang Wu Ya said a result that was very surprising to Ye Lu, and he looked at Ye Lu and said two words.

“Becoming immortal!”

This time, Ye Luo was really a bit confused.

“Preparing for ‘becoming immortal’, what does that mean?”

However, Jiang Wu Ya and the others didn’t know what it meant either, and they all shook their heads before one of them thought for a moment and said.

“Maybe it has something to do with the ‘Immortal Pill’, after all, didn’t the legend say that it was possible to ascend terrestrially after eating the ‘Immortal Pill’ and become a god straight away.”

Followed by someone else.

“You are too superstitious, we are a family of alchemists, when have you ever seen an ‘immortal elixir’, even our ancestor ‘Shennong’s’ probably had never seen one, and our family’s heritage did not mention The ‘Immortal Pill’ thing ah.”

“Right, ‘immortal pills’ are too nebulous.”

“Well, maybe it’s another way to become immortal.”

“What other way?”

“How should I know.”


Following that, the crowd talked about it, but there wasn’t any reliable conclusion.

For his part, Ye Lu waved his hand and said.

“The ‘Immortal Pill’ thing might be there, I’ve heard of it once before, but it’s not the time to dwell on that, let’s get through the hard times first.”

Ye Lu suddenly remembered the Zhang family’s “Zhang Tian”, that was also the first time he heard about the “Immortal Pill” rumour, and it was true that the “Xuan Tian Clan” had picked up Zhang Tian, in addition to what the “Xuan Tian Clan” had done in the capital city using the “Sky Covering Gang” before, Ye Lu also remembered it vividly.

He felt that there might be some kind of connection between these things.

Ye Yan’s pendant should also be related to this matter, because Ye Lu suddenly remembered that Ye Yan’s pendant was the key to the “Immortal Mansion of Lok Ha”, and since it was an “Immortal Mansion”, there might be an “Immortal Pill”.

Moreover, the handwriting left by her grandmother said.

“The nine stars are connected, the nine heavens are united, the immortal palace is opened, the meeting is broad.”

These sixteen words Ye Lu had always kept in mind, and there were also the words “Immortal Palace” in it, all of which were connected together, making Ye Lu feel that this incident should not be isolated.

“It looks like there is a need to look into this matter seriously.”

Originally, Ye Lu had come here to solve the problem of Ye Yan being hunted down, but now it seemed that things would have to escalate.

“Alright, let’s go, let’s go and fix the ‘Divine Farmers’ Great Formation’.”

When Ye Lu saw that the torches and lighting tools were ready, he asked the Ghost Bat to take them out with him, as all the people of the Shennong Valley had become ordinary people and it was extremely inconvenient to dispatch them.

In this way, Ye Lu took the Ghost Bat with him to begin the restoration work of the Shennong Grand Formation.

He rode on the back of Gale and asked the Ghost Bats to carry torches to light up the valley’s Great Formation, and then he activated the Wisdom Brush to start the repair of the weapon patterns.

“After careful consideration, Ye Lu decided to restore only a part of the defence function of the formation, so that it would be able to defend against some of the “Ninth Circle of Golden Dan” cultivators.

On the Black Witch Sect’s side, they had already sensed that something was wrong.

“Why did the interception fail? Could it be that someone has leaked the news.”

“One of the elders of the Black Witch Cult stroked the skeleton cane in his hand and looked at the people below him, muttering to himself.

However, he felt that it was unlikely that the information had been revealed, and that the only people who knew about the operation were those who were involved in it.

As a result, the “Shen Nong Gu” side still said that everything was fine.

“No, we can’t let anything go wrong. Muyong, you go to Shennong Valley and check it out. In addition, go and gather some people from Wudang. ”

Hearing his words, the people below immediately started to move, and it didn’t take long for a man in black to report back.

“There is something unusual on that side of the ‘Shen Nong Valley’, there are many torches lit up outside the valley, I don’t know what they are doing, judging from the number of torches, it is definitely not our people, as we are not that many in number.”