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Super School Student Chapter 379-380

Chapter 379

Those people from the “Evil God Sect” and the “Ghost Sect” who were still reluctant before were completely convinced this time, and they all looked at Ye Lu in awe.

“What kind of flame is this, it actually killed the ‘Chi Emissary’ with one blow.”

“Yeah, it’s really impressive.”

“But, I’ve never seen this kind of pure white flame before!”


In fact, what people don’t know is that what they saw was not the true form of the “Origin Fire”, even the underground fire lake was not the true form of the “Origin Fire”, because the flames in the earthly realm are still “mortal fire”, while this “Origin Fire” is a heaven-destroying thing, so it’s not a big deal for Ye Lu to fuse three “spirit fires” to destroy the “Chi You Emissary” with one blow.

The fusion of three flames is not as simple as “two plus three”.

“Alright, don’t get emotional, let’s go!”

Ye Lu looked at the crowd and said.

The battle at the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain had probably caused a lot of commotion, he didn’t want any more changes, he had to hurry to rescue Gu Shiqi and the others.

This time there was no obstacle, under the guidance of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, we arrived at a valley, in which there was a sizeable secret realm, and this was the headquarters of the “Compulsion Race”.

However, just as they reached the entrance of the valley, a member of the Evil God Sect came out and looked at the Evil God Sect’s sect leader and said with a respectful salute.

“Lord Patriarch, you have returned.”

Ji Yunpeng then looked at him and asked.

“How is the situation of the hostages?”

As a result, the man said with a bitter face.

“Your Holiness, the hostages are basically fine, but one was taken away by the ‘Lord Special Envoy’.”

Hearing that one had been taken away, Ye Lu was anxious, and he quickly interjected and asked.

“Took one away, who was it?”

Unexpectedly, this guy actually gave Ye Lu a glance and said in an unsavoury manner.

“Who are you, you dare to talk to me like that, do you know what the consequences are for interrupting our conversation?”

Ye Luo didn’t bother to talk nonsense to him and said directly to Ji Yunpeng.

“Go and teach him how to talk.”

Ji Yunpeng had always been known for his cruelty, so without hesitation, he walked over and sent this guy flying with a punch, then said coldly.

“This is my master, tell me quickly, who is the one who took away?”

The fellow hurriedly got down on the ground and said.

“Master and boss, the one taken away is a girl called Gu Shiqi.”

When he heard that the “Chi Envoy” had actually taken Gushiqi away, Ye Lu’s brow furrowed, and he regretted that he should have taken a closer look at Gushiqi’s profile before.

Ever since the trip to Japan, Ye Lu had not met with Gushiki, he had asked her out, but Gushiki did not know what she was up to, she was busy all the time.

“It’s really troublesome, did he say what he took Gushiki for?”

Ye Luo looked at this guy and asked.

This time the guy didn’t dare to be trustworthy, he said seriously.

“Report boss, we don’t dare to ask either, that envoy didn’t say either.”

Ye Luo nodded, then turned his head to look up at Ji Yunpeng and a few of them and asked.

“Do you guys know where the ‘Chi You Clan’ resides?”

As a result, all of them shook their heads, and then Ji Yunpeng said.

“This, we don’t even know, because every time it’s the ‘envoys’ who come directly to us and convey all kinds of news, as for what secret realm they are in, we don’t know.”

This made Ye Luo get very depressed.

If one didn’t know the coordinates, trying to find the entrance to a secret realm would simply be impossible.

“Let’s hope that nothing happens to Gushiki.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, then after thinking about it he said to everyone.

“Do you both have formations where your headquarters are?”

“The place where the “Compulsion Clan” was located was moved here because the “No Compulsion Poisoness” liked it, so of course there was no such thing as the “Great Valley Protection Formation” of Shennong Valley.

As a result, Ji Yunpeng shook his head and said.

“We’ve only been established for a short time, we don’t have such a thing yet.”

However, the “compulsionless poisoness” said, “Our “compulsion tribe” did have one in the previous place, but it was abandoned, just like the “divine farming valley”.

The master of the “Ghost Sect” said.

“Our Ghost Sect’s appears to be complete, however, only part of the ‘Illusion Formation’ can be used.”

The words of these two guys made Ye Lu a little happy, so he looked at the three slaves and said.

“Next, I will help you guys repair the formation of the clan land, when the time comes, you guys try to keep all the elites in the clan land, at least you can save your lives in front of the great powers.”

To be honest, that “Chi You envoy” just now made Ye Lu feel a bit creepy, if that B*****d didn’t think too highly of himself and was too arrogant, Ye Lu couldn’t have succeeded in one blow, as long as that giant could dodge his fatal blow, Ye Lu would be the one to be beaten next.

So, Ye Lu knew very well that the other party was definitely not a master to be messed with.

Following that, Ye Luo went into the secret realm first and found the captured hostages.

It was Nie Yibiao’s first time experiencing such a thing, and they felt scared and excited at the same time, in short, they had very mixed feelings.

Ye Lu did not reveal his identity, even though the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” and a few others already knew the details, but the fewer people knew about this matter, the better.

He let everyone else go, leaving only Long Fei Xue behind.

“Ye Lu, what kind of cultivation level are you now, even these people listen to you so much, you are too much of a bully.”

Seeing how Ji Yunpeng and the others all obeyed Ye Lu, Long Feixue looked at Ye Lu with an incredulous face and asked.

Ye Luo looked at her and smiled and said.

“It’s also a matter of chance that they listen to me, what about you now, what is your cultivation level?”

Hearing Ye Luo ask, Long Fei Xue said with a smile.

“I’m also improving very quickly oh, I’m now a ‘Second Level Sovereign’, however, it seems that the gap between me and you has increased instead of decreasing.”

To be honest, despite the various pills prepared by Ye Lu, Long Feixue’s improvement still made Ye Lu feel a little surprised.

He knew that the head of the Long Family, Long Ao, was only a “Second Level Grandmaster”, which in many families was already at the level of a family head, and only the great families could have “Grand Grandmasters”.

Ye Lu nodded and then thought about it and said.

“There is a place that should be of great help to your advancement, however, it is isolated from the world, so I have to ask your opinion, do you want to go? However, it shouldn’t be you alone, I guess there will be other people cultivating with you when the time comes.”

Ye Luo said.

The place he was talking about was of course the fire lake of the Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire, the “Fire of Vitality” was very helpful for cultivation, moreover, the Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire was wood attributed, and the “Divine Beast Green Dragon” was also wood attributed, so for Long Feixue the Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire was more suitable.

Long Fei Xue agreed without even thinking about it, she was already a cultivation fanatic and would not miss such an opportunity.

Next, Ye Lu began the work of repairing the formation.

The easiest one to repair first was the “Ghost Gate” formation, which was called the “Spirits, Demons and Monsters Formation”, a ghost formation pa*sed down from the legendary “Chi You” and the “Emperor” during their battle.

The place where the “Ghost Gate” is located is also full of gusty winds, and is indeed an extremely dark place.

After that, there is the formation of the “compulsion tribe”, which is called the “Li Evil Formation”. According to legend, the formation was made by the “Li Evil”, a great sorcerer of the “Jiu Li tribe”, who is also the ancestor of the “compulsion tribe”.

Therefore, these two formations are actually very subtle, and Ye Lu learned a lot while repairing the formations, but unfortunately, he was not able to find out the news of Gu Shiqi even though he offered a big reward in the “Underworld App”.

After that, it was the formation of the “Evil God Cult”. Their secret realm is in a stone mountain, which is very suitable for making formations.

“It’s okay if you don’t have one, I’ll help you draw a formation.”

Of course, this was not the only place he wanted to create a formation, he also wanted to build a formation in the underground palace where the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame was located, so that Long Fei Xue and the girls could use the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame to cultivate there, after all, although they had strong bloodlines, they were a bit late in starting.


Chapter 380

Seeing that Ye Lu could even draw formations out of thin air, the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, Ji Yunpeng, the “Ghost Sect” Sect Master and the others were all surprised.

“Although they were Ye Lu’s servants, the “master-servant contract” did not affect them much, and their daily routines did not change much, so when they saw that Ye Lu was actually so strong in formations, he knew too much.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Art is too much? By the way, do you guys know if there are any hidden families that are good at smithing and formations?”

As a result, Ji Yunpeng said.

“Actually, the ‘Chi You clan’ is good at refining weapons, according to legend, Chi You was great at ‘refining gold into weapons, cutting leather into armour, and starting to make the five weapons’, so they are very good at refining weapons, however, they have not been in the secular world for too long, and I don’t know how things are going now.”

“In addition, there are also many legends who are good at using formations, for example, the great god of Southern Chu, ‘Eastern Emperor Taiyi’, is an expert in formations, and once refined the ‘Zhoutian Star Dou Grand Formation’, which is said to be a terrifying and destructive grand formation, and the legend of ‘Fuxi’ was also an expert in formations, and it is said that the ‘Eight Trigrams Formation’ was created by Fuxi.”

Hearing Ji Yunpeng’s introduction, Ye Lu immediately felt a little bit drummed up in his heart, regardless of the others, the fact that the “Chi You Clan” was good at smithing was indeed a bit troublesome.

“I don’t know what level this formation of mine is, I hope they won’t be easy to break.”

However, in the end, Ye Lu still felt a bit unsure, so after drawing the formation for the “Ghost Clan”, he thought of another way, which was to move part of the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” to the “Shen Nong Valley”, because in Ye Lu’s opinion, if the “Chi You Clan” really attacked, most of them would not attack the forces of the “Miao Frontier”, but would definitely attack the important people around him.

Therefore, Ye Lu felt that it was better to put the people around him in a safer place.

So, instead of creating a formation on the side of the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame, Ye Luo began to communicate with the two “fire spirits” inside.

“You human, what do you want from us? Don’t think we really don’t dare to burn you to death.”

One of the fire spirits said to Ye Luo.

In fact, Ye Luo knew very well that it was just talking, if it wanted to do something, it would have done it long ago. In fact, for the Fire Spirits, although “taking over the body” was the best result, it was also a good result to fuse with a human like Ye Luo, at least it was better than disappearing in the end.

Therefore, they did not have any great hostility towards Ye Lu.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“I’m looking for you guys to discuss one thing, I see you guys are quite bored here, why don’t I change the place for you, to a lively place, and take the flames with you.”

Seeing that the “fire spirit” was pondering, Ye Lu continued.

“Don’t worry, there will be benefits for you, I will find a way to help you find a suitable body to take over, so that you can live the life you desire.”

These words had touched the Fire Spirits.

They did not dare to leave the Lake of Fire and were trapped here, and it was too difficult to find a suitable candidate to take their bodies.

As they grow, they become stronger and stronger, and the stronger they are, the harder it will be to find someone to take their bodies from, and I’m afraid they will kill them just before they get close to their bodies.

Of course, the communication between Ye Lu and it is also the communication of ideas, which is related to Ye Lu’s fusion with the Fire Spirit, otherwise ordinary people cannot communicate with them.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the two fire spirits were overjoyed.

However, one of them said.

“I have a request, can you put the two of us in different places, I’ve had enough of this guy, I want to separate from him.”

Hearing this one’s words, the other one didn’t show any weakness and said.

“You want to leave me, I want to leave you, get as far away from me as you can.”

As a result, the two “fire spirits” argued first.

Ye Lu felt that the two of them were like a happy couple, so he looked at them and said with a smile.

“You guys are quite interesting, if we really separate you, will you feel lonely? I advise you guys to think about it carefully.”

As a result one of them said.

“No need to think about it, the two of us have been arguing like this for I don’t know how many years, we got tired of it long ago, besides, if we miss each other, won’t you just get us together again.”

Ye Lu thought about it, then nodded.

Anyway, it was not up to Ye Lu to decide what to do when the time came.

So, Ye Lu and the two Fire Spirits made a deal, and after that, Ye Lu released the Great Wind and took one of the Fire Spirits with him and flew in the direction of the Shen Nong Valley.

The flames were so huge that they formed a huge ball of fire in the air, with a diameter of hundreds of metres.

He didn’t expect to take away such a large area, which could have constituted another small “fire lake”.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually brought such a large “Fire Lake” to the “Divine Farming Valley”, the Valley Master Jiang Wu Ya was also shocked by this gesture.

“Is this the ‘Fire of Vitality’?”

He looked at the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” in amazement and said.

“With this lake of fire, our ‘Divine Farmers’ Valley’ is going to be prosperous this time, and it is estimated that all the plants will be able to grow several times more efficiently than before.”

This was true, because the fire lake could turn more than 2,400 square kilometres of Xishuangbanna into a dense tropical rainforest, and it was the only well-preserved continuous large tropical forest in the world.

The impact on the “Shen Nong Valley” is simply too great, given the size of its secret realm.

Ye Lu smiled and continued.

“Don’t worry, there’s one more thing I need your help with.”

As he said that, Ye Lu let Long Fei Xue, who was following behind him, come over and said.

“I’ll give you guys the ‘Flame of Vitality’, you guys have to help me take care of Miss Long, moreover, don’t be stingy with what you have in the valley, give Miss Long what she should eat, don’t do the same as feeding my ‘Tongtian Vine’, look at the meat you It hurts as if it’s eating your flesh.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Jiang Wu Ya immediately smiled sarcastically in embarra*sment, he was indeed very meat sore, he himself was very clear about it, but the benefit was really too big, which he hadn’t expected at all.

“Hehehe, don’t worry, I’ll take care of your girlfriend.”

Seeing Long Fei Xue’s clear and beautiful appearance, Jiang Wu Ya immediately misunderstood, Ye Lu saw Long Fei Xue’s red face and did not explain, he thought about it and did not explain either, after all, a blind explanation might make Long Fei Xue very humiliated.

So, Ye Luo waved his hand and said.

“Alright, just take care of it, serve it well with good food and drink, ‘Fire Spirit’ let’s go in.”

Saying this, Ye Luo took the Fire Spirit and went into the secret realm of the Shen Nong Valley.

After setting up the Fire Spirit and giving a few more instructions, Ye Lu returned to the Fire Lake and said to the other Fire Spirit.

“Brother Fire Spirit, I’m going to take you to a faraway place, but I’ll take you away now, wait for a few days, I’ll come to pick you up, a few days is nothing to you.”

“The Fire Spirit was of course very unhappy, but there was nothing else he could do, so he finally agreed.

Ye Lu was going to take it to the secret realm of the Hundred Flowers Sect, which was too helpful to him, and according to Jasmine, the Hundred Flowers Sect was full of flowers and plants, so this Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame would definitely be very helpful to them.

Of course, Ye Lu also wanted to put Liu Mei and Qin Siyu into the “Hundred Flowers Sect” as well, now that the matter involved the “Chi You Clan”, although they didn’t know their background yet, they had to guard against it.

However, just as Ye Luo was thinking this, Lin Ru Yue’s phone call came.

“Master ah, where are you, the ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’ is about to start, come back quickly and get ready, our Mo Lian Clan is depending on you.”

Lin Ruyue said with some urgency over the phone.