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Super School Student Chapter 291-292

Chapter 291

This time, he used “Flying Needles”, these “Flying Needles” and the martial arts skills of flying needles were all prepared by Ye Lu for this trip to Japan.




With two strikes, the two guards at the entrance both fell to the ground.

In the interior of the Hattori ninja headquarters, the current Hattori Hanzo was arranging the family’s personnel, because too many ninjas had died in China this time, and needed to replenish some of them, but of course, the maximum number of people who could enter China could only be at the “Little Master” level, and even such practitioners were strictly limited, and it was impossible to transport them in large quantities in a short time, so Hattori Hanzo had to make a detailed plan.

At that moment, a servant came running in in a panic.

“Lord Hanzo, it’s not good, someone has killed in.”

Seeing this fellow’s panicked appearance, Hattori Hanzo then said with some displeasure.

“Look at you, you don’t look like a ninja, what’s the matter, it’s worth making such a fuss.”

This subordinate hurriedly said.

“Someone has just killed someone through the main gate, and dozens of people have already died at the hands of the other party, who is extremely strong in combat, and should be a ‘Grand Master’.”

This subordinate said this because he had just seen Ye Lu use the “Fire Bomb Technique”, which only a “Grand Master” practitioner or above could use “astral energy” to leave his body.

The reason why Ye Lu used the “Fire Bomb Technique” was that both the “Ghostly Inferno” and the “Red Lotus Flame” in his body had now become very powerful, and it was no longer the same as when he had first used the “Fire Bomb Technique”, which would be exhausted after just one use.

Hearing this servant’s words, Hattori Hanzo was really moved, for he and Hattori Tamaki were the only two people in the Hattori clan who were now “Grand Masters”.

And Hattori Tamaki was at the moment guarding the Tokyo branch, where the most Hattori ninja were.

“It’s actually a ‘Grand Master’, any idea where that man comes from? Which power is it from.”

There were many sects of cultivators in Japan and the relationship between the various powers was extremely complicated, so all kinds of revenge seeking happened from time to time.

However, the subordinate said.

“It looks strange enough that I can’t sense which school it is, and the strangest thing is that the flame he uses is actually a coloured red flame.”

When he had finished, Hattori Hanzo stood up and picked up his katana, the “Haru Kiri”, a famous sword handed down from his family, with a greenish blade, like a spring rain.

When he reached the courtyard, he saw Ye Lu, who was standing among the ninjas as if he was walking at ease.

Ye Lu had just killed two “third-ranked masters” by a miraculous feat, which made the ninjas surrounding him feel a bit unsure.

“Who are you? Why did you come to our Hattori family to cause trouble?”

Hattori Hanzo looked at Ye Lu and said with a sullen expression.

Ye Luo then looked at Hattori Hanzo and said.

“It seems that you are the one who can say what the Hattori family can say, then I have to tell you one thing, I don’t kill women and children, let all the women and children in your family leave, otherwise I can’t guarantee their lives later.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Hattori Hanzo said coldly.

“Don’t worry, there are no women and children here, the only ones here are ninjas, who are you anyway?”

Hearing that there were no women or children here, Ye Luo then looked at Hattori Hanzo and said with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, because tonight, all that are here are destined to have no tomorrow, so there is no point in knowing or not knowing.”

At Ye Lu’s words, Hattori Hanzo snorted coldly, and following that he turned the bracelet on his wrist.

A monster as huge as an ox appeared beside Hattori Hanzo, with a purple glow, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and two long tails, none other than “Cat Again”.

“Huh! Are there two of them?”

When he saw this cat, Ye Lu was a bit surprised and said out of the blue.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Hattori Hanzo was also a bit surprised, and he looked at Ye Luo and asked with a frown.

“You’ve seen the cat again?”

Ye Luo said with a nod.

“Yes, I have caught one before, but it was smaller than this one.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Hattori Hanzo’s heart inexplicably tightened, as far as he knew, there were only two cats in total, the one in his hand and the one that was given to the family elite Hattori Fumimasa, the one that the guy in front of him, who had his face covered with stockings, had seen should be the one that Hattori Fumimasa had.

“Maybe what Fumimasa said is true.”

Hattori Hanzo felt that he might have misunderstood Hattori Fumimasa before, and that what he was saying might be true.

“Well, that’s enough of the nonsense, since all here are ninjas now, I’ll be polite.”

The Hattori family was not the “Seven Star Society” of Korea, there were many experts in the family, at least not short of “Level 4” and “Level 5” clan masters, so immediately someone wielded a katana to stop Ye Lu.

Hattori Hanzo did not make a move, but watched quietly, and then he realised that Ye Lu’s fighting ability was not as strong as the servant had just said.

Ye Lu’s footwork was indeed fast and strange, and his defence was also very strong, and he had a high level of protective magic weapon on his body, but he could tell that Ye Lu was definitely not yet at the level of “Grand Master”, which was either someone whose cultivation was almost at the peak of the Grand Master level and who could “release his astral energy” through ordinary magic weapons.

Or they have a very high level of cultivation and a “magic weapon” of a similarly high level that matches their attributes, otherwise it would be very difficult for them to do so.

For a clan or an organisation, the clan will never give a high grade “magic weapon” to someone whose cultivation level is not high enough, because it is difficult to say whether such a person can keep such a magic weapon.

Rather than give good things to these people, it was better to give them to people who could use them more effectively, so basically there were no “Grand Masters” below the level of “Sixth Patriarch”.

However, Hattori Hanzo found that Ye Lu was still struggling to fight a rank four Grandmaster. If it wasn’t for the powerful flames on his body, the high level of his martial arts skills and the terrifying weapons in his hands, he would have been killed many times by now.

By now, Ye Luo’s body was already covered in multiple colors, but his eyes were glowing looking extremely excited.

Yes, Ye Lu was indeed excited, because he was using this extreme pressure to catalyze the spiritual energy in his body, this time he had taken 50 medium grade spirit stones from the Hundred Flowers Clan, and of course, he had also promised the Hundred Flowers Clan that he would help them make a pill that could change the current situation of their clan as soon as possible, that is, the Foundation Establishment Pill that would allow people to enter the Foundation Establishment Realm.


After that, Ye Lu, who was drenched in blood, laughed furiously, and his combat power soared, as he knocked a “fourth level clan master” to the ground with one punch.

It was just now that the eighth strand of aura had finally formed.

“Yes! Again!”

Ye Lu happily attacked again, but Hattori Hanzo had already made his move.

“Back off, Catamaru, kill him.”

As the head of the Hattori family, Hattori Hanzo was of course very good at pretending, he felt that Ye Lu should have no more cards, so it would be easy to let his “original spirit beast” kill Ye Lu.

“I originally thought you had some powerful backhand, but is this the only breakthrough you have? If you want to fight against our Hattori family, you are still far from being able to do so.”

Hattori Hanzo looked at Ye Lu and said indifferently.

This “cat again” was the mother of the “cat again” that Ye Lu had seen before. Since there was no other “cat again” that could be matched with her, the previous “cat again” was a child born between her and another cat-shaped demon beast.

Therefore, this “Cat Again” was much stronger than the previous one, and its cultivation level alone was already at the level of “Third Order Sixth Grade”, which was enough to fight against a “Seventh Grade Master”.

Seeing that the tall “Cat Again” had started to move, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Well, the warm-up is over, so I’ll kill all of you next, leaving no one behind!”

After saying that, the tall “Saketon Boy” suddenly appeared next to Ye Lu.

The moment he saw the “Sake Swallow Boy”, Hattori Hanzo’s pupils dilated in surprise.


Chapter 292

It is impossible for Hattori Hanzo not to know one of the three great demons of Japan, the “Sake Swallow Boy”, which is a household name and known to all women and children, but not many people have actually seen them, because they are too rare to see.

Today, however, Hattori Hanzo had seen the “Sake Swallow Boy”, not in the hands of a Japanese man, but in the hands of a man with his face covered in stockings.

“Who the hell are you?”

Hattori Hanzo could not help but ask again subconsciously.

But of course, this was not the end of the story. Immediately afterwards, countless “Sovereign Level” evil spirits suddenly appeared around Ye Lu, thousands of them.

But this was not the end of it.

After the evil spirits appeared, Ye Lu raised his hand again.

Countless grim-faced “ghost bats” appeared, each of which was also a terrifying “Sovereign” level being, and more importantly, Hattori Hanzo had never seen a demonic beast like a “ghost bat” before.

Everyone’s heart sank to the bottom when they saw these guys appear. There were only a few Sensei-level shinobi in the entire Hattori clan, and there was no chance of winning.


Ye Lu gave the order without hesitation, and then he looked at the “drunken boy” and said.

“Keep that cat alive, I’ll use it.”

The “Nine Lives Cat Demon’s” bloodline divine ability was so special that Ye Lu had fallen in love with it after using it once.

“After Ye Lu finished speaking, it drew its long sword and charged at the cat again.


The two masters collided with each other, and the difference between them was obvious.

The difference between the two was obvious when the cat was knocked out of the room with a slash from the “Wine Swallow Boy”.

It was only the fault of the “Yin Yang Riao” that had raised the “Sake Swallow Boy” so well, and the fact that he was already a famous and terrifying ghost made him far more powerful than this “Cat Again”.

When he saw this, Hattori Hanzo sighed in despair.

He knew that he had already lost the battle, and that either side could kill them, whether it was the dense evil spirits or the terrifying “ghost bats”, let alone both of them.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you get away with it.”

Hattori Hanzo said and then recited some kind of incantation, then his hands quickly formed a seal, followed by a loud cry.


The “cat” suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, followed by countless demon bats and evil spirits that flooded the entire Hattori clan.

“Oh! It’s a pity that this corpse is too big to be taken away!”

Ye Luo walked up to the corpse of the “cat again” and said with some emotion, there was no way, so he could only find some containers to collect as much blood of this demon beast as possible, the blood would definitely be useful in the future.

“Wine swallow, have your men find out if there is an elixir room here, the kind of thing that feeds ‘demon beasts’.”

While looking for a container that could hold blood, Ye Lu said to the “Wine Swallow Boy”.

The “Wine Swallow Boy” was already a “Third Order Sixth Grade” ghost, so it already possessed a strong spiritual intelligence, except for not being able to speak, it did not delay communication at all.

Just now during the battle, Ye Lu saw many Hattori ninja using their “original spirit beasts” or demonic beasts.

The only thing is, the “ghost bats” are rather special and some of them are too picky, so they may not be able to use all these things.

Anyway, let’s take away all the benefits we can get first.

There was too much blood and other things to take away, and the two large storage bracelets had a lot of things to hold, so later on, many of the demon beast’s medicines were discarded by Ye Lu.

“It would be nice to have a big storage magic weapon.”

Ye Luo lamented a little.

Seeing that so many things had been wasted, Ye Luo was a little distressed. After following, the “Ghost Bat” had eaten everyone into a pile of white bones, Ye Luo took these guys and flew away.

At the beginning, everyone saw the ghostly atmosphere and the “ghost bats” flying around like dark clouds, so they didn’t dare to approach.

Only when they saw that the entire Hattori clan was not moving did they dare to go in.

“What’s going on? Is everyone from the Hattori clan dead?”

“It looks like it, but what caused this, why are there all bones?”

“Yes, it’s horrible, killing without a second thought!”

“The Hattori family are all ninjas, right, what’s this thing so powerful?”

“Let’s notify the authorities, this is so evil.”


Soon, the neighbours and people in the neighbourhood spread the word about the incident, and the police and officers from the relevant departments dealing with similar incidents arrived at the scene.

However, there wasn’t much valid evidence left at the scene, the biggest evidence being a field of white bones.

“This shouldn’t be caused by man, I’m afraid it’s some kind of individual group of demonic beasts.”

“I wonder if it was someone seeking revenge, or a revenge from a demonic beast?”

“Huh! There’s a kid on this side who didn’t die, let’s ask about it.”


This child didn’t know whose family he belonged to or if he belonged to the abdomen family, Ye Lu just saw him, but of course, Ye Lu didn’t move him.

At this time, this child undoubtedly became the focus of attention, and everyone began to gather around him to ask questions.

“Little friend, did you just see what happened here?”

A policeman asked.

“A …… masked uncle, he …… he also had birds, ate everyone and then …… walked away ……”

The kid started stumbling over the story, and although it wasn’t a very good narrative, everyone got the idea that a masked man had come to the Hattori house and then bloodied the place, and that the real culprit was a large flock of strange birds that the man had brought with him.

“Mostly other ninja clans seeking revenge, I guess.”

A policeman said as he looked around.

“Other than ninjas, or those masters who practice the Shinto way, ordinary people certainly couldn’t do this, and by rough count, there must be hundreds of bodies here too, this must be the biggest tragedy in a hundred years.”

“Yes, it must be those people who did it, no one else but them has such a big hand.”

“Get the story out there, contact all the media, this is out of our hands.”

“Yes, I’ll get on it!”


The story started to spread as soon as it was reported on the internet and on television.


The Yin Yang Squad.

The “judge” Abe Liuyun was sitting in his seat depressed, thinking about the events of the day, and in front of him was Abe Jingyu and the middle-aged man who had talked to Ye Luo before.

“Are you sure, that person you brought in is a Ming Jin practitioner?”

Abe Yasuyu said with a very positive nod.

“Yes, I know our rules, and I have been doing this for so many years, how could I be wrong, I am sure that he is just a Ming Jin cultivator.”

In fact, Abe Liuyun did not doubt this either, as it would not do him any good to falsify in this matter.

“However, the one you found disappeared along with the important hostage, and took away the most valuable thing we have in the ‘Yin Yang Liao’.”

Abe Liuyun looked at Abe Jingyu and said coldly.

Those medicines that were taken away by Ye Luo were the things that caused Abe Liuyun the most flesh pain.

In fact, Abe Yasuyu also had a bitterness that he could not say, he did everything according to the process, but no one expected it to end up like this.

However, at this moment, someone suddenly came in and reported.

“My lord, it’s not good, there’s just news that the Hattori family has been bloodied by a masked man.”

Hearing this news, Abe Ryuun was shocked, for the Hattori family was a ninja force that belonged to their “Yin Yang Riao”.

“Tell me, what is going on?”

He asked with a cold look on his face.

“The man had stockings on his face and everyone in the Hattori family was turned into white bones, the details are not clear yet ……”

The subordinate roughly described it.

At this moment, Ye Luo was resting at the foot of a mountain far from Kyoto City, the things he got from the “Yin Yang Riao” and the Hattori family were all laid out in front of him, and he wanted to turn them into strength as soon as possible.

But what he didn’t know was that soon the country would be going crazy with the news too.