Super School Student Chapter 295-296

Chapter 295

The arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” did not stop after it cut Miyamoto YoSh*tomo’s “Bokuji Kokusai”, but since Miyamoto YoSh*tomo was still a “7th level Sensei”, the slash did not kill Miyamoto YoSh*tomo, but only sliced his arm and splashed blood.

After that, Miyamoto Yoshihide flew backwards.

Ye Lu then looked at him and smiled and said.

“How about it, I just said it, this sword of your ancestors will be destroyed in your hands.”

Everyone didn’t say anything, because Miyamoto Musashi was too famous in Japan and was truly respected as the “Saint of Swords”, so this “Boji Kokusen” was also a famous sword, but it was unimaginable that such a sword had been cut off.

“What the hell is that thing in his hand?”

The crowd was surprised to see the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand.

“This thing is too scary!”

“Yes, I didn’t see any ‘astral qi’ appearing, but he just cut through the ‘Boqi Guo’an Gang’ with his sword, this is too incredible.”

“It’s not the slash that surprised me, it’s that red shield just now, what is that thing, how did he get it out.”


In fact, even the judge of the “Yin Yang Riao”, Abe Liuyun, was also very puzzled by this point.

“This should be a ‘spell’, is this person a ‘Saint level’ powerhouse? ‘ No relation to it, what an odd fellow.”

Those who saw this scene in China certainly had a completely different attitude.

“Awesome, my ‘Stocking Masked Man’!”

“It’s really so awesome, it’s beyond imagination!”

“Don’t get too happy, can’t you see that Lord ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is already surrounded by so many experts?”

“Yeah, there are so many others.”


As the internet and the people around him went crazy over this, Ye Lu spoke up.

He looked at Miyamoto Yoshihide and smiled and said.

“You just said something like if I don’t die under three moves you will bypa*s me and so on, now I will say the same to you, all the men of your Miyamoto family will die.”

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, Miyamoto Yoshihide laughed.

“With just you? Don’t think that you can do anything with that broken sword, even ten of you can’t touch our Miyamoto family.”

As Miyamoto Yoshihide spoke, the other Miyamoto family members also showed expressions of disbelief and disdain.

It was a bit of a stretch for one person to try to exterminate a family even if they were powerful.

However, immediately afterwards, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course I don’t have the ability to do that alone, but my brothers can do it.”

With those words, Ye Luo then waved his hand and said.

“Come out, it’s time to dine.”

In fact, since there was plenty of food in the Ghost Mound, the Ghost Bats had also bred a number of little bats, however, those little bats had not come and were still growing in the Ghost Mound, if they had all come then the scene would have been even more spectacular.


Seeing such a large number of demonic beasts, Miyamoto Yoshihide also drew a breath of cold air.

“Go on, except for the women and children, leave no one else behind.”

Ye Lu waved his hand and countless “ghost bats” rushed over, the guy who was recording the video was so scared that he dropped his equipment on the ground.

Seeing this scene Ye Lu smiled, he looked at Miyamoto Yoshifumi who was gritting his teeth and holding the broken knife, ready to fight for his life, and said with a smile.

“There is no need to look so tense, don’t worry, you can’t fight for my life even if you die, because your opponent is not me, but it.”

Then, the “Sake Swallow Boy” and the countless evil spirits appeared at the same time.

Now the “Sake Swallow Boy” himself was already at the level of a “Seventh Grade Master”, not to mention the fact that he had been fed by the “Yin Yang Liao” to become so strong.

When he saw the “Sake Swallow Boy” and the countless evil spirits, Miyamoto Yoshihide was really desperate.

He originally wanted to take a chance and see if there was any chance to kill Ye Luo, because no matter how powerful those “ghost bats” were, as long as Ye Luo was killed, everything would be solved.

However, he found out that he was wrong, he had no chance in front of the other side.

“It looks like I’m going to die at the hands of my least favourite demon and devil.”

Miyamoto Yoshihide said with a sigh.

As he did so, he kept swinging his long sword.

Numerous lights lit up, and the dancing saber aura completely enveloped Miyamoto Yoshifumi, just like when Miyamoto Yoshifumi had attacked Ye Lu before.





Miyamoto Yoshihide and the “Sake Swallow Boy” had the same level of cultivation, and at this moment, the sword in Miyamoto Yoshihide’s hand was gone, while the “Sake Swallow Boy” was just at his best condition.

Therefore, Miyamoto Yoshihide was not long in being killed without incident.

There was nothing left for Ye Lu to do with the Miyamoto family, it was a family of pure force and there was nothing of value in the family, so Ye Lu quickly took care of the situation and left with the Ghost Bat and the Sake Swallow Boy.

Soon after Ye Luo left, the people from the Yin Yang Squad arrived.

Then they saw the bones all over the ground, and the Miyamoto family had been destroyed.

“Another step too late.”

Abe Ryuho, who had rushed over, sighed as he looked at the white bones.

“I’m afraid the whole country is going to panic now.”

In fact, Abe was right, the panic had already started when the “Bokuji Kokusai” was cut off, and when those terrifying “ghost bats” appeared, many people started to get scared.

It was obvious that if Ye Lu was really out for revenge, who would be able to withstand it?

On the other hand, China’s water forces began to create public opinion that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” was targeting the Japanese ma*sacre in China’s capital city, and that his target was the Japanese capital city of Tokyo.

There are many videos of the ma*sacre in the capital city of China on the internet, so they have seen the scenes of the “evil spirits” killing people, and these evil spirits have different personalities, most of them have been trained to be extremely brutal by the “Society of the Extreme Way”, so the videos are very gory.

More people are blaming the people who caused the trouble in China, because if they hadn’t taken the initiative to provoke them, how could they have provoked such a “God of Killers”?

The “God of Killers” was another nickname given to the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” on the internet, but with thousands of people slaughtered in two nights, Ye Lu deserved the title of “God of Killers”.

They could not admit that they were responsible for the incident, because if China caught them in the act and really dispatched experts from the “clan”, it would lead to a terrible war, and the “Yin Yang Liao” could not afford to do so.

They stated that they were obliged and confident to deal with the panic caused by the Masked Man in Silk Stockings, and they told all the people in Tokyo, Kyoto, to sleep at home and that they would take care of the matter.

However, many people were not convinced, as the Hattori and Miyamoto families were right under the noses of the Yakuza, and if they could not protect them, how could they protect others?

However, while the internet and public opinion were buzzing, Ye Lu didn’t stop there, as he made a long journey through the night towards Koga City, far from Kyoto.

In Koga is one of the two most famous ninja schools in Japan, the Koga Ninja group, which is extremely influential in Japan and was one of the main forces behind the previous ma*sacre.

In the centre of Koga is a mountain 664 metres above sea level called Mount Iidao, and at the top of it is the dojo where the Koga ninja live.

At this moment, Ye Lu, the God of Kill, is standing at the entrance of the Koga Ninjutsu Dojo.


Chapter 296

“The Koga ninja are well known in Japan and have been known to be as powerful as Sasuke Sarutobi, the first of the Ten Warriors of Sanada.

The Koga ninja are a rare group of ninja who decide on a matter by democratic vote, and at the moment, these 53 families are gathered in the council hall for a meeting.

This is the first time in many years that all 53 clans have gathered together.

Although the fifty-three clans are on an equal footing, there are still priorities, with the strongest, the Sarutobi clan, and the Kirigakure clan taking the lead.

It was Sarutobi Rikuten, the head of the Sarutobi family, who presided over this meeting.

He waved his hand to the crowd and said.

“We have all gathered here today to address one main issue, and that is that we ‘Koga ninja’ may be facing a test, that ‘God of Killers’ from China may be locking onto us tomorrow, whether we war or peace, let’s all decide.”

The “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had destroyed the Hattori family and killed the Miyamoto family, the events of the past two days had become so big that the “Koga Ninja Ryu”, who were originally ninja, must have known about it.

Even though the Hattori and Miyamoto families were much weaker than the 53 Koga clans, they were still very strong ninja groups, and to have their clans exterminated was a shocking thing to hear.

So, after Sarutobi Rikuten finished speaking, everyone was silent.

Following that, one of the family heads thought for a moment and said.

“I think the other side is only one person, even if he is strong, how strong can he be, so I advocate fighting him to the end, and also to grow the prestige of our Koga ninja.”

“Yes, let’s show them what we are capable of.”

“That’s right, we Koga ninja are not intimidated.”

Hearing everyone’s speeches another clan master waved his hand and said.

“I don’t think it’s that simple, to wipe out the Miyamoto family in such a short time, I feel that those weird bats on the video are definitely not simple, I’m afraid they are extremely powerful in battle, we’d better think long and hard.”

“What do you mean we should take the long view, do you mean we should run away?”

“Not run away, I mean, should we pull back the team that stayed in Tokyo, that way I feel a little more certain.”

As a result someone immediately raised a negative opinion saying.

“No, what’s the need, we’re not a small power like the Hattori and Miyamoto families, the Hattori family has been getting weaker and weaker since they broke away from the Iga, while the Miyamoto family, clinging to the shade of their ancestor, the ‘Sword Saint’, has refused to learn Ninjutsu properly, only pursuing martial arts one-sidedly, how can their two families compare with us? How can they compare, our ‘medicine’ is the best in the world.”


This man was right, and Ye Lu had come for this.

“The Koga ninja were the best at using all kinds of drugs, including those to enhance their cultivation, control their actions, anesthesia, change their physical appearance, all kinds of things.

Ye Lu wanted to come here to see if there was anything he could use, even if he didn’t have the finished product, he could still have the raw material, as he could make his own pills anyway, but of course, more importantly, he wanted to raise the cultivation level of the “drunken boy” or those “ghost bats” again.

“The Yin Yang Liao would definitely not let him go on killing like this, and sooner or later he would have to fight with them.

Ye Luo looked at the sky and then chose to go straight in.

He quickly released the “Ghost Bats”, “Drinking Tuner” and countless other “evil spirits”, and then let these guys go in quietly from the air and the surroundings, so as to reduce some casualties, and Ye Lu did not want to fight these guys to the death.

He didn’t want to fight these guys to death, but he couldn’t stay idle either. What he needed most now was to fight, but of course, against a force like the Koga ninja, he felt it was better not to take too many risks.

“The good thing is that both storage rings are basically empty, so if there are any good things this time, I can take a little more with me.”

Ye Luo looked at the door opened by the “Wine Swallow Boy”, then slowly walked in.

The “Ghost Bat” and the “Wine Swallow Boy” were very efficient, and when Ye Lu walked in, he saw that there were corpses everywhere, the ninjas who were guarding outside had basically been hit.

This is no wonder, although the “ghost bats” are not large, but they are real “Sovereign” level demonic beasts, with their numbers several, even a dozen, dozens of them attacking a person, even if their cultivation level is higher than them, it is useless, not to mention that although the “Koga ninja” are many, but there can not be too many “Sovereign” level practitioners, suddenly attacked, of course, they are caught off guard.

After thinking about it, Ye Lu decided to go and find what he needed first, as the battle looked like it would take a while.

With the help of his gla*ses, it was easy to find out what these buildings did, so Ye Luo quickly located the pharmacy.

He quickly walked over to it, then used his “Sunset Arrow” arrow to cut a hole in the door and went inside.

Sure enough, the warehouse was huge, and there were simply too many things inside.

“Holy Sh*t! No way, how many years does it take to accumulate this much stuff!”

Ye Lu was also shocked by the various medicinal herbs collected in this large warehouse, it was only a pity that he didn’t have such a large storage magic weapon or magic treasure ah, otherwise he would have been rich if he took it all away.

“There’s something to do now, let’s find the ones I can use first.”

Ye Luo muttered, and then headed deeper into the warehouse, because how big a warehouse is, the things inside must be cla*sified, Ye Luo had to start looking for the most important places first, and then in so on, because the space of the storage bracelet was really too limited.

And outside, there were endless screams and the sound of fighting.

At this moment, Sarutobi Rikuten and the “Koga Fifty-three Clan” were completely shocked by the scene before them, because, before anyone could come to a conclusion, a bloodied ninja rushed in from outside.

“No …… it’s not good, there are monsters and ghosts ……”

He fell to the ground before he could finish his sentence, followed by the sight of a hideous-looking “ghost bat” lying close to the back of his head.

“Jie Jie Jie ……”

Seeing that the people saw him, the leader of this “ghost bat” looked at them and smiled strangely.

The smile was so terrifying that it sent shivers down the spine of the people, and then the leader of the “ghost bat” flew out of the door.

The people in the room looked at each other for a second, then they drew their weapons and rushed out.

Then, they were stunned by the scene outside.

Outside, the ghosts led by the “Ghost Bats” and the “Drunken Boy” numbered in the tens of thousands, especially the “Ghost Bats”, which were not only large and fast, but most importantly They are an air force! In battle, they can move in and out freely, and they can gather and disperse as they wish. A squad of dozens of Ghost Bats would defeat even a high ranking Grandmaster.

“It seems that we have underestimated our opponents!”

If they had known that the other side was so terrifying, they would have fled earlier, for although they all admired the spirit of not giving in to defeat, there was no point in holding on to a game of certain death, and now it was over.

“Let’s go, all of you, charge the ‘Drinking Tuna’ and try to kill it.”

Sarutobi Rikuten knew the situation very well, they couldn’t find the leader of the “Ghost Bats”, but it was obvious that the leader of those ghosts was the “Sake Swallow Boy”, as long as the “Sake Swallow Boy” was destroyed, at least these ghosts wouldn’t go to the next house to kill.

The masters of these ninja families were all battle-hardened masters, and when they heard Sarutobi Rikuten’s words, they rushed forward together.

A vicious battle broke out in an instant.

The “Sake-tuned boy” was no fool, so of course he would not go forward by himself, but countless evil spirits went up, and the “ghost bats” also took advantage of the opportunity to rush up, as the others were largely cleared out.

The houses were mostly wooden, so when one caught fire, all the other houses caught fire too, and soon the sky was lit up by the flames.

Sarutobi Rikuten looked up and saw a handsome man sitting in the middle of the fire, looking down at them from the top of the main tower, the highest in the dojo.

At the same time, news of the burning of the Koga Dojo in Iidao Mountain began to spread.