Super School Student Chapter 303-304

Chapter 303

Everyone from China shouted when they saw the appearance of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”.

“Let’s go for ‘The Masked Man in Silk Stockings’!”

“Let’s go for ‘The Masked Man in Silk Stockings’!”


For his part, Ye Lu waved at the people chanting below.

He didn’t expect so many people to come to watch the match, and of course, he didn’t expect so many people from China to come, seeing as many of them looked winded and dusty and obviously hadn’t rested well.

On the other side of the platform were a group of important spectators, most of them from the Yin Yang Riao, others from shrines and other organisations, and most strikingly, a few martial artists dressed in black, sent by the Emperor of Japan, as the officials also attached great importance to this duel.

When he saw Ye Lu arrive, the host in charge of this tournament came over and said.

“As there are too many people following this tournament, we are allowing media reporters to cover the matter this time, so when the two of you fight in a moment, try to use this high platform and this temple as the main body and not involve too many people in it.”

As he spoke, Ye Luo then saw that, indeed, there were cameras everywhere filming the situation here, and many aerial planes flying in the air, presumably because they were worried about finding a good view and angle, Ye Luo also saw many familiar media from China among these filmmakers.

Ye Luo and Abe Liu Feng both nodded their heads.

The host then you nodded and then announced.

“Good, then I declare that the duel begins!”

Hearing this person announce “the duel begins”, Abe Liufeng then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I am curious, what makes you so confident that you dare to challenge me, I have been sitting in the ‘Yin Yang Liao’ for decades and have never lost.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“That’s because you haven’t met me, otherwise you would have lost long ago.”

Following that, Ye Luo then said with a straight face.

“There is a saying that you should have heard of, it is called ‘God’s might is like a prison’, sooner or later you have to pay back for what you have done to our country of China, I am going to settle everything you have done to our country of China today with interest.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, all the Chinese people on the stage shouted “Yes!” The voices were so loud and clear that there seemed to be more Chinese people on the stage than Japanese people.

In fact, not only the Chinese people on stage, but also all the big public screens in the capital, including the monitors on the vehicles, were broadcasting the same thing, that is, the duel to the death at the “Qing Shui Temple”.

In Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nie Yibiao and the others were watching the TV screens, it was a weekend, but no one was out having fun, they were all sitting neatly in the cla*sroom.

“Although I was a bit put off by ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ before, it felt so immodest to wear a stocking all day, but I’m going to give him credit today.”

Nie Yibiao said as he watched the two people who were facing each other on the screen while eating peanuts.

“These brats, they’re so D*mn annoying, they didn’t invite him or mess with them, but they actually came to the capital to spill their guts.”

“That’s right, beat the hell out of him.”

“Take revenge for the sisters!”


Some of them still had tears on their faces, because in the last incident, a total of sixteen people died in the ma*sacre at the two campuses of Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine. In order to pay tribute to the spirits of the dead, in the days after Ye Lu killed in “Japan”, the students of the school took the initiative to set up simple hearings in each department of the school.

At this time, someone had pulled up a huge banner under the stage where Ye Lu and his team were dueling, and on the banner were the four big words Ye Lu was familiar with: “Blood for blood”.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu took a deep breath, then looked at Abe Liufeng and said.

“Cut the crap, let’s get started!”

Abe Liufeng nodded, then took a few steps back and said.

“I admire your courage, but it’s not that I underestimate you, I’m afraid you won’t even have the chance to get close to me.”

As he said that, several human dolls that looked like gold and not wood suddenly appeared beside Abe Liu Feng.

When they saw the dolls appear, the people on the stage started to talk.

“Didn’t they say they couldn’t use ‘demonic beasts’ or ‘ghosts and monsters’ or anything like that? What is this thing?”

Immediately, someone said.

“It’s not about demonic beasts and ghosts, it’s a ‘puppet technique’, which is also one of the 72 Yin Yang techniques.”

“Sh*t! Letting others not be allowed to use ‘ghosts’ and ‘demonic beasts’ while he uses ‘puppets’, don’t be so despicable and shameless!”

“That’s right, that’s too shameless!”

“It’s simply shameless!”


However, while the stage was discussing, Abe Liufeng had already bitten his finger and dripped blood on the four puppets, then quickly formed a seal, and the four puppets immediately darted their eyes, then rushed towards Ye Lu.

It was the first time that Ye Lu saw this kind of “puppet technique”, and to be honest, his first feeling was that the other party was cheating, this thing felt no different from releasing a few “robots”!

However, he immediately saw the difference. He saw that behind the four puppets were four threads connected to Abe Liuyun’s fingers, and on the threads there was a white aura attached to them, which should be Abe Liuyun’s astral energy.

Abe Ryuun’s purpose of using the puppet technique was to see Ye Lu’s reality in this way. After all, although Ye Lu had already destroyed the four ninja families and caused a fuss in Tokyo, none of them had ever seen Ye Lu’s real strikes, or rather those who had seen Ye Lu’s real strikes had all died.

When he saw the four puppets rushing towards him, Ye Luo did not move. Only when the puppets were about to come close did Ye Luo make a sudden move, which was the “Saint Level” martial art “Rakshasa Ghost Step”. To be honest, a “Saint Level” martial art was a legend even in the “Sect World”.

Even if one was awarded the title of “Hundred Victory Shura”, one would only be given an “Earth Grade Middle Grade” martial skill, so one could see how rare high-grade martial skills were.

“Ye Lu’s figure was as fast as lightning, but at the same time, it was somewhat flimsy, dodging the puppet’s attack and going around behind it in three or two moves.

He dodged the puppet’s attack and went around the back of the puppet in three or two strokes, then, with one swift move, he cut the ropes behind the four puppets.

Abe Liufeng was a “Level 9 Grandmaster”, but he could not directly release his “astral energy”, so the ropes were his medium to control the puppets, and now that the medium was cut, all four puppets fell to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Abe Liufeng’s brow furrowed, because he had just tried to test Ye Lu’s fighting ability, but apart from knowing that Ye Lu’s reach was as fast as lightning, he only got one rumour, that is, the weapon in this “Silk Stocking Masked Man’s” hand was really sharp!

This “puppet wire” is the most important prop to control the puppet, of course, it must be made of the strongest material, this “puppet wire” has been tried by Abe Ryuho before, not only the “Yin Yang Ryu” weapon can’t cut it, even the “demon sword Muramasa”, the most powerful weapon in Japan, can’t cut this wire.

“What the hell is this thing? It doesn’t even see any light and it can cut the puppet strings directly.

Abe Liufeng looked at the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand and couldn’t help but frown, he had never seen anything so sharp before.

“Oh, the puppet art of the ‘Yin Yang Liao’ is nothing more than that.”

Ye Luo looked at the puppets under his feet, and then kicked one of them under the high platform.

This scene made Abe Liufeng feel very humiliated as he looked at Ye Luo and said coldly.

“Humph! Since you want to die so badly, then I’ll let you see the real ‘Yin Yang Technique’.”

With those words, Abe Liufeng swung the fan in his hand quickly, and the sharp streams of light shot towards Ye Lu like a storm, fast and fierce.





Only after Abe Liufeng’s stance was launched did Ye Lu finally feel the power of a “Level 9 Grandmaster”. The speed of the outgoing “Gang Qi” was so fast that even though Ye Lu had the “Rakshasa Ghost Step” in his body, it was still difficult for him to dodge the flying “Gang Qi”.

The force of the astral energy was so great that Ye Lu was immediately blown away. He fell far back onto the high platform.

Abe Liufeng then showed a disdainful expression and waved his fan leisurely.

“Humph! Not worth a single blow!”


Chapter 303

The crowd was shocked to see that Ye Lu was sent flying with a single blow, everyone didn’t expect the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” to be killed in one blow.

“No way, is this the end?”

“I don’t think so, how could it be over like that?”

“But there’s quite a big gap between the two!”

“It’s not because that old boy didn’t allow the use of ‘bats’, otherwise a big swarm went up and bit him to death, I’ve seen ‘blood ant swarms’ crossing the border, that scene, a cow, after pa*sing it was left a pile of white bones, old scary. ”

“You’re right, this one declared that he said he would fight alone, but he ended up using a puppet, this one is a scumbag.”


While everyone was talking, Ye Lu had jumped up with a flip.

He looked at Abe Liufeng and said with a smile.

“Not a bad move, but unfortunately, the power is too poor, it only tore a bit of my clothes.”

Sure enough, it was only then that everyone saw that there was indeed no blood on Ye Lu’s body, and there didn’t seem to be any wounds either, and only then did everyone’s hanging hearts fall to their stomachs once again.

Abe Liufeng also frowned.

It was true that the “astral qi release” of a master-level practitioner relied on a “magic weapon”, so very often, it was weaker than the attack of the “magic weapon” itself, but the advantages were flexibility, large range, and fast attack speed.

However, it was obvious that Ye Lu was wearing a defensive “magic weapon” that was at least as good as the fan he was holding, so he was able to ignore his own attacks.

However, Abe Liufeng only smiled lightly and then swung the fan again.

This time, he only waved it twice, one left and one right, as if drawing an “X” in the air, and a huge “X” shaped wind blade slashed towards Ye Lu like lightning.

The speed of the outwardly released astral energy was too fast for Ye Lu’s current cultivation level to completely dodge it, so he turned sideways at the moment, but was still sent flying again.

Even though he was protected by his armour and his “Hybrid Vajra Body”, Ye Lu was still struck by the blow and blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

“Level 9 Grandmaster” is really as strong as this!

The strongest person he had ever fought before was the Miyamoto family’s Miyamoto Yoshifumi, but that time he only fought two strokes, and later it was the “Wine Swallow Boy” who took care of the rest.

Not only was the attack speed of a “Level 9 Grandmaster” fast, it was also powerful, and even if it was an external astral energy, it was still terrifying.

Ye Lu wiped his mouth after he stood up, but while he was wiping his mouth, he put a “Explosive Yuan Dan” into his mouth, it seemed that he would not be able to handle his opponent without the drug.

After taking the “Exploding Yuan Dan”, Ye Lu looked at Abe Liu Feng and smiled.

“Not bad, you’re not bad at all, so is it my turn to attack next?”

Abe Liufeng then smiled dashingly before hooking his hand towards Ye Lu, meaning, you can attack all you want, I will accompany you to the end.

Seeing the way Abe Liufeng was pretending, Ye Lu smiled.

He liked to hit his opponent’s face when he was playing hard to get, it was definitely the most enjoyable moment, so he slowly walked towards Abe Liufeng.

Before, Ye Lu’s speed Abe Liu Feng had already seen it in his eyes, so he also knew very well what distance was safe for Ye Lu to walk to.

Therefore, he quietly watched Ye Luo without making any movements.

Sure enough, when he was close to that safe distance, Ye Lu suddenly moved, still using the “Rakshasa Ghost Step”, his speed was incredibly fast.

However, all this was expected by Abe Liufeng, and he made his move in a calm manner.

But then, his expression changed because, on the way to attack, Ye Lu’s speed suddenly increased and soared to an unbelievable speed, reaching him in an instant, while the terrifying dagger went straight to his heart without mercy.


He only had time to stagger a little as the “Sunset Arrow” jabbed into his arm, followed by a slash of Ye’s hand and a kick to Abe’s stomach from his left leg.

Abe Liufeng backed up like a spring, but Ye Lu’s foot still touched his stomach.


Abe Liufeng slammed into the wall behind him, and the wall lit up with complex “weapon patterns”.

In fact, Ye Lu’s kick did not really hit Abe Liufeng, but from the looks of it, the kick was very real, as if he had been kicked into the wall by Ye Lu, but in fact, it was because he was so shocked that he backed up too fast that he hit the wall.

The audience didn’t know what was going on here, all they saw was that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” said he was going to fight back, and then he went up and knocked Abe Liufeng out and gave him a slash.

So, all the Chinese watching the duel below started to shout out.

“Yes, go for it, stocking masked warrior.”

“Beat him, beat me to death.”

“Beat this shameless one.”


Since Ye Lu had already taken the “Explosive Yuan Dan”, he certainly didn’t want to waste any time. He charged towards Abe Liufeng again like a mad tiger, and at the same time, he launched his martial art “Heart Piercing Stab”.

However, this time, Abe Liufeng was prepared for it and he dodged it with a “brush!” He dodged Ye Lu’s crazy strike with a flash.


Ye Lu’s dagger pierced directly into the wall.


Ye Luo slammed his foot into the wall and flipped over again to land on the high platform, but as he flipped over, he had already swallowed his second “Exploding Yuan Pill”.


Ye Lu didn’t stop but frantically rushed forward.


However, Ye Luo was greeted by a huge claw made of “astral energy”, which was also one of Abe Liu Feng’s famous stunts, the “Wind Wolf Claw”.

This attack was made with the help of the pair of gloves on his hands.

The huge Claws of the Wind Wolf flying in the air blocked Ye Lu’s way as if it was solid, but Ye Lu had already taken the last Pill of Explosive Energy.

The “Exploding Yuan Pill” was an upgraded version of the “Heaven Stealing Pill”, and could only be taken in three pieces as well.

Even if Ye Luo frantically used “Medium Grade Spirit Stones” to replenish his spiritual power, it probably wouldn’t last long, so Ye Luo thought he might as well use all three at once.


After using the three “Exploding Yuan Pills”, Ye Lu raised his hand and blew away the “Wind Wolf Claw” and then charged towards Abe Liu Feng, at this point the advantage of the “Saint Level” martial skill came out.

“The instructions on the gla*ses said that if it could be used to its full potential, a Sovereign level practitioner could be able to achieve “Gang Qi Outreach”, what concept is this?

At this moment, Ye Luo was using the “Saint Level” body technique “Luo Sha Ghost Step”, so his speed had already reached an extreme, and he reached Abe Liu Feng’s side in an instant.


Seeing this scene, Abe Liufeng’s heart was filled with shock, because Ye Lu’s three consecutive enhancements made him a little overwhelmed for a moment, he was too surprised.

“Well, in that case, I can only use my backhand.”

In shock, Abe Liufeng dodged quickly while taking the “Forbidden Pill”, however, his action of taking the “Forbidden Pill” still allowed Ye Lu to catch a flaw.


Ye Luo took the opportunity to give another kick, and this time it really hit Abe Liu Feng’s body, sending him flying and landing far away on the other side of the high platform.


“Awesome my brother!”



The unsuspecting crowd all shouted frantically, because the series of attacks that had just been like a bolt of lightning made it too dazzling to think.

All everyone saw was Abe Ryuho being kicked out again.

The Japanese spectators, the shrine people, the practitioners and the ninjas who were following the incident were all shocked by the successive attacks, they felt that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” was getting braver and braver, and that there was no end to the depths!

Abe Liufeng, who had been kicked off, stood up again, and looked at Ye Lu with an unfriendly expression.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to force me to use my cards, just wait for your death!”

Ye Luo then looked at him and said with a smile.

“Sh*t! You think you’re the only one with a reserve card! I haven’t used my reserve card yet.”