Super School Student Chapter 305-306

Chapter 305

With these words, Ye Luo stopped talking and rushed forward again.

However, immediately afterwards, he felt the effect of Abe Liufeng’s use of the “Forbidden Pill”, his speed and strength had increased in all aspects, and Ye Lu’s speed was no longer able to keep up with him.


Once again, Abe Liufeng’s wind blade struck Ye Lu’s body and sliced through his clothes, sending him to the ground.

The “Golden Armour Cloth” had been hidden in the Iga Ninja’s headquarters because they were worried that the “Yin Yang Riao” would take it away if they knew about it, so the onlookers, including Abe Liu Feng, didn’t know what Ye Lu was wearing.

Seeing this scene, the Chinese people on the stage were once again distraught.

“Will the Masked Silk Stocking Man be alright?”

“It should be fine, but that Abe Liufeng is too despicable, he’s suddenly so strong, he must be high on drugs.”

“That’s right, that must be it, I guess he’s taken the ‘Army Food Pill’.”

“That’s not right, isn’t ‘Army Ration Pill’ ineffective against ‘Patriarch Level’.”

“Then it’s either ‘army food pills’ or ‘dog food pills’, but this guy must have eaten something.”


The reason why the crowd did not suspect Ye Lu but Abe Liu Feng was because Ye Lu had just boosted three times, and everyone’s common sense was that things like “army ration pills” could only be used once, so since Ye Lu had boosted three times, he should not be high on pills but had used some kind of powerful martial art.

As a result, the curses against Abe Liufeng immediately rose from the stage.

Abe Liufeng frowned, but, as an expert, he certainly didn’t care to explain this matter to these spectators, and from the looks of it, the explanation wouldn’t make sense, so he looked at Ye Lu and hooked his hand.

Ye Lu flew up from the ground, then rushed up again, while the dagger in his hand stabbed violently at the other party.


Abe Liufeng snorted coldly and then, with his hands forming a seal, a huge palm slapped towards Ye Lu, just like the legendary “Buddha’s Palm”.

The dagger in Ye Luo’s hand suddenly left his hand and shot out like lightning at this moment.

This was so sudden that Abe Liufeng was caught off guard, and he quickly dodged sideways, but the arrow of the sunset arrow still pierced his body mercilessly, and then “brushed! It plunged into the wall with a line.

All of Ye Lu’s attacks were on this flying out dagger, so he was instantly sent flying by the giant palm. “Boom!” s fell onto the high platform with a bang.

Abe Liufeng looked down somewhat depressed as he saw that he had a transparent hole on his right chest. Although he wouldn’t die, he felt very humiliated to be beaten like this by his opponent in front of the whole nation.

However, his heart was also filled with horror at the same time, because he found out that the martial art that Ye Lu had just used to throw the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” should also be a rather advanced martial art.

He was a man of knowledge, and he could tell that the footwork Ye Luo used, “Luo Sha Ghost Step”, should be above the “Heavenly Rank”, and was probably a “Saint Rank” martial skill that could only be found in legends, and that stab just now was also at least a “Heavenly Rank” martial skill.

“Where in the world did this kid get such a powerful martial skill.”

To be honest, the more he fought with Ye Lu, the more astonished Abe Liu Feng felt, he couldn’t see where Ye Lu’s limits were, moreover, everything on his body was too unbelievable.

However, he felt that Ye Lu had thrown out the terrifying weapon in his hand, so he should be at the “end of his rope”, and it was probably his last move.

“Good! Let’s play hard to get, finish him off and end the fight.”

With this in mind, Abe Liufeng looked at Ye Lu and made his decision.

The audience was already lit up by the quick and somewhat tragic fight between the two, everyone started to shout loudly, and many of them thought that Abe Liufeng should have suffered a serious injury.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

“Masked Man, kill him!”


The crowd began to shout, however, Ye Luo was having a hard time knowing that he knew very well that it was not the other party but himself that was in trouble now.

Up to now, Ye Luo was left with his last move, which was also the strongest stance, that was the fused flame, which he had stored for three days, to the limit, after the fusion of the two gloves, the power must be terrifying, but, the question was, would the opponent give himself this chance to hit him?

At this moment, Abe Liufeng was a little bit faster than Ye Lu because he was on drugs. If this blow did not hit Abe Liufeng, then he would be completely finished.

However, as things had come to this point, there was no way back for Ye Lu.

The flames in the two gloves began to fuse rapidly. This time, the amount of flames was very large and they were not fused inside his body, so there was no way to launch an instant attack.

When he saw Ye Lu suddenly clasp his hands together, Abe Liu Feng smiled.

“Now you’re starting to beg the gods and worship them? It’s useless, the gods and Buddhas won’t bless you if you hold onto them temporarily like this, so just die to it.”

With those words, Abe Liufeng charged straight towards Ye Luo.

He had already discovered that the armor Ye Lu was wearing was quite advanced, so if he only attacked from a long distance, he was afraid that he would not be able to kill Ye Lu in a short time, and the “Forbidden Pill” he used was of the same nature as Ye Lu’s “Explosive Yuan Dan”, and he did not know when it would expire.

He was worried that it would be troublesome to keep fighting at such a long distance, which was one of the reasons why he had to throw the “Sunset Arrow” out, because he was also worried that this terrifying weapon would scare his opponent.

Now that the deadly weapon was no longer in his hand, the opponent was ready to fight in close quarters.

Ye Luo saw that the fan in Abe Liu Feng’s hand suddenly had long sharp blades sticking out from each fan bone, which made the open fan look somewhat hideous, and following that, the fan sliced towards Ye Luo’s throat.

The most direct way to kill Ye Lu was to attack his neck and head, which were defenceless and vital, but of course, Ye Lu would not let him attack near his head, so he quickly blocked it with his folded hands.

However, while Ye Lu was blocking, Abe Liu Feng revealed a cruel smile, because his original target was not Ye Lu’s throat but his heart, as long as Ye Lu’s heart veins were broken, Ye Lu would definitely die.

So, the fan in his hand closed and poked downwards, and at the tip of the fan there was a long fan aura, he was ready to kill Ye Lu with this blow.

However, just as his fan was about to poke Ye Luo, Ye Luo also revealed an equally cruel smile, and then, Ye Luo’s palms that had been closed together separated, and a huge purple ball of fire suddenly appeared and blasted at Abe Liufeng’s chest.


Abe Liufeng felt as if his fan was obstructed by something, but it did poke Ye Lu’s heart solidly, and he himself was also blasted by the purple flame and flew backwards.

He was struck by the purple flame and flew backwards. Even with the protection of the Flame Shield, he was still injured by this fatal blow.

Abe hit the wall behind him, and the upper part of his body where he had been struck by the blast was tingling with purple flames.

But, unfortunately, Abe didn’t die, because after the wide “kari” was burnt to ashes, Ye Lu saw that this guy had some kind of strange plants wrapped around his body, which were now burning and making “creaking! The plants were making strange sounds.

“Sh*t! What’s that, that’s cheating!”

“Didn’t they say you couldn’t use anything else?”

“No, they said you can’t use demonic beasts or ghosts, but they didn’t say you can’t use plants, did they?”

“Shameless, I’ve been travelling through the jianghu for dozens of years, but I’ve never seen anyone so brazen!”


However, amidst the curses of the crowd, Abe Liufeng had already rejoined and slowly walked towards Ye Lu.


Chapter 306

To be honest, he was really hurt at the moment, as the summoned plants could not really block the fused flames, both the Red Lotus Flame and the Ghostly Flame of the Underworld are fires from hell and are not that easy to deal with.

As he walked, the strange summoned plant had fallen off, revealing the armour he was wearing inside, but the armour didn’t do very well in defending against the “Burning Heaven’s Wrath”, as both flames were “spirit fire” and the armour Abe Liufeng was wearing was only a “magic weapon”.

“You’re really strong.”

The unkempt Abe Liufeng looked at Ye Lu and said with some emotion.

“Your performance was beyond my expectation, but, unfortunately, you are going to die, the ‘gods’ that we yin and yang masters control are not only animals, plants are also within the scope of our control, but, regret this matter, wait until you go to hell.”

With those words, Abe Liufeng raised his hand.

He could already see that Ye Lu was running out of ammunition and had no more decent attacks left.

His armour was also of the “Heavenly Grade”, so as long as Ye Lu couldn’t unleash the terrifying flames that he had just unleashed, there was nothing on Ye Lu that could hurt him now.

Seeing this scene, all the Chinese people on the stage cursed loudly.

“Vile, shameless and nasty!”

“You cheating B*****d, it’s too sinister!”

“That’s right, does this stomp even need a biryani!”

“Go to hell, go to hell!”


And Qin Siyu who was watching the scene in front of the screen had closed her eyes not daring to look anymore, tears flowing down from both her cheeks like streams, she decided that if Ye Lu died, she wouldn’t live either.

Long Feixue had similarly closed her eyes.

Ye Yan and Lin Ruyue, on the other hand, stared at the screen with wide eyes and clenched fists, as if they wanted to burrow into the screen and run straight to Japan.

The people of the four great clans, on the other hand, began to pray silently, now they could only hope for a miracle, otherwise Ye Lu would definitely die for sure.

The entire capital was immersed in a mood of despair.

At this time, Ye Lu spoke up.

“You cheat and you say it so grandly, I’ve never seen anyone so brazen and shameless! Do you know that in school, cheating is punishable.”

Abe Liufeng then laughed and said.

“Then punish me! Go to hell with this nonsense.”

Following that, the white light then lit up from his hand, and he was already ready to give Ye Lu a fatal blow.

However, it was at this moment that the real surprise happened, an extremely short dagger shot from behind him and poked through his throat, flying out from the front.


Abe Liufeng stood there with an incredulous look on his face as he watched this scene.

He couldn’t imagine how Ye Lu could do that. This kind of ability to take in things through the air was not at all something that a “Grandmaster” could use, because “Grandmaster” practitioners were not yet able to truly release their “astral energy”, so of course they had no way to control the “astral energy” that was released, so they could only shoot out their astral energy as if they were shooting.

Ye Lu looked at him and smiled, saying.

“I told you, cheating is not a good boy.”

In fact, the move that Ye Lu used was the simplest of the “spells” and the one that everyone used the most, which was the “flying sword”.

By using the external “astral energy” to control the flying magic weapon or magic treasure.

Ye Lu’s aura could not be fully released, but when the seventh strand of aura appeared, Ye Lu found that he could attach it to his body like a “strong person of the Transformation Energy”, and at this moment, his eighth strand of aura had also become a great success, which allowed him to use “spells” reluctantly.

However, he could only unleash one blow after storing up his energy for so long, and the speed of this blow was so slow that if Abe Liufeng hadn’t noticed it after the frenzy of the battle, his move would not have worked at all.

Of course, for this strike, Ye Lv had planned from the moment he threw the “Sunset Arrow”, if his fire could not break Abe Liufeng’s defence, he would use the “Sunset Arrow” to deal a fatal blow to him when he was not prepared.

In fact, Ye Lu was not sure if he could succeed, but, in any case, he did.

Abe Liufeng’s body fell with a thud! At this moment, only Ye Luo was still standing on the high platform, although there was blood on the corners of his mouth.

“Wow! Winning, winning ……”

“A win!”

“We won, the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ won!”


After a moment of silence, the entire “Sound Feather Mountain” was abuzz with excitement, all the people from China couldn’t help but shout and some jumped up and down, many of them had arrived a day or two ago, they had been waiting for this moment, and now it had finally arrived.

When she heard the shouts, Qin Shiyu also opened her eyes quickly, and when she saw on the screen that Ye Lu was standing alone on the platform, handsome as hell, she suddenly broke into tears, but the tears still flowed like a stream to her chest.

The others were pretty much the same, all literally breathing a sigh of relief.

“Sh*t! Today I’m treating the whole cla*s to a rubdown.”

Nie Yibiao said with great bravado, and the others of course responded very much to his approach.

Fireworks were set off in many parts of the capital, as the battle was really too painful and too much of a relief for everyone.

Ye Luo turned his head to look at the “Yin Yang Liao” and said.

“If you dare to invade our country, you have to pay the price, keep your promise!”

“When they heard Ye Luo’s words, all the Yin Yang masters drew their katanas from their belts.

“Lord Haruaki, our juniors have brought shame to the Abe family and the Yin Yang Squad, so please accept our blood!”

The leader of the group waved his sword and killed himself after he finished speaking.

Blood splattered everywhere, followed by the others, who all similarly cut themselves on the spot, blood soon converged into a small river on the ground.

What Ye Lu didn’t know was that the blood was flowing from the back of the platform down to a secret room on the ground floor of the Qing Shui Temple, where “Abe Haruaki” was lying naked in silence, and a stream of blood was flowing down from several pa*sages on the platform into the pool where “Abe Haruaki” was lying.

As the blood flowed in, Abe’s eyelids twitched.

Next to the pool of blood, the two remaining leaders of the Yin Yang Squad, the Second Officer and the Master, were performing some kind of ritual, with their faces in the air.

After seeing that all the Yin Yang Liao people had killed themselves, Ye Lu turned his head to look down at the high platform and said in a loud voice.

“From now on, those who dare to bother me in China will learn from this!”

After he finished speaking, he slapped his palm on Abe Liufeng’s body with his last bit of strength, and white flames immediately rose up and burnt Abe Liufeng’s body to ashes.

The entire Chinese crowd shouted wildly.

At this moment, a guy with an exaggeratedly shaped long sword on his back suddenly walked towards Ye Lu.

Ye Luo looked at this guy with some alarm, and the area around the high platform was quiet for a while.

“What, shameless enough to engage in a wheel fight?”

Someone couldn’t help but mutter.

Following that, this person walked up to a place not far in front of Ye Luo then said in a loud voice.

“I, the new generation of Japanese Sword Saints, Ogata Soldier Guard, formally challenge the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ ……”

However, before he could finish his words, Ye Luo said indifferently.

“Sh*t! Who are you to say that you challenge Laozi, I’m not interested in you cats and dogs, Laozi is a man of status, is he someone who wants to challenge?”

After saying that, Ye Lu was ready to turn around and leave.

The Japanese “Sword Saint” Ogata Soldier Guard stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face, as he did not expect such a result, but, come to think of it, he was a lone wolf, so why should he fight you?

However, the Japanese spectators on stage were not so calm, because Ye Lu did not know who this “Sword Saint” Ogata Soldier Wei was, but they knew that this guy was a Japanese legend.

At this moment, one of the black-clad men watching the scene, one of those who belonged to the Emperor, suddenly stood up and said.

“Mr. ‘Stocking Masked Man’, the challenge of the ‘Sword Saint’ Ogata Soldier Guard is certainly not the challenge of some cat or dog, he is making the challenge on behalf of our Great Japanese Empire, and, if you can accept the challenge, we naturally will have generous conditions.”

Hearing him finish, Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Then it might as well be said!”