Super School Student Chapter 311-312

Chapter 311

“Brother Tiger Chiseltooth! Push the tower to finish the strong attack, kill him for me!”

Ye Lu frantically pushed the Medium Spirit Stones in his hand, because now the battle had really begun.

Ogata Jubei, as the originator of the “Three Blade Ryu” school, of course had more than just the “Douichi Monogatari” blade. The reason he was injured by Ye Lu just now was not that he was too careless, but that he was too surprised.

He could not have imagined that it was the “Dao Yi Writing” that had shattered, and to be honest, anyone else would have been shocked.

At this moment, in the face of the huge “tiger chiseled teeth”, his other blade finally came out, a short blade, about half the length of the “Dao Yi Writing”, also glowing, should be a sharp weapon.

However, most people didn’t know the name of this blade, as not many people had let Ogata’s soldier guard use it.





The flying swords were like a curved moon shooting towards the “Tiger Chiseltooth”, but the “Tiger Chiseltooth” didn’t even dodge.

It swung its wolf tooth stick with a strong wind and smashed at Ogata Jubei.


Ogata Jubei didn’t dare to face it head-on, so he dodged quickly and the ground was smashed into a huge divine crater, sending stone chips flying, showing how terrifying the blow was.

At the same time, the Tower of Clear Sky collapsed.


The 600-metre giant fell to the ground with a shocking thud, along with the confidence of many Japanese people.

“The “Clear Sky Tower” was one of the most iconic buildings in Japan, and the fact that the two men had fought at the “Clear Sky Tower” was a symbol of the battle at the top.

The shock in the audience’s heart was unbearable.

Also shocked were the spectators in China, especially those in the capital, who couldn’t help but shout out loud when they saw the “Sky Tower” come down.

Everyone was looking forward to a crushing victory.

The tiger did not disappoint, as it swung its giant wolfsbane once again after the blow.

This time, however, it was different. This time, a white glow, similar to that of Ogata Jubei’s sword, lit up the rod and it swung down again.

Ogata Jubei of course could only dodge again, and at the same time he was approaching in the direction of Ye Lu, because he knew very well that this tens of metres tall giant monster was not that easy to kill, but as long as he killed Ye Lu, everything would be fine.

However, this time, when the wolf tooth stick hit the ground, countless spikes of white “astral energy” shot out like hedgehogs, centred on the point of contact.

But that was not the point. The point was that the Tiger’s attack was fast and continuous, and as he was dealing with the spikes, the Tiger’s wolfsbane came down again like a titan.

The blow sent a gale of wind around him, the power of the Tiger’s teeth was too strong.

At that moment, Ogata Jubei’s third blade finally appeared, and he opened his mouth, and a flying blade, smaller than the arrow of the Sunset Arrow, shot out of his mouth.

This small blade had a terrifying aura and gave the impression that it was more than just a “magic weapon”, it appeared abruptly, but with great precision, aiming at the throat of the “Tiger Chiseled Tooth”.

“The tiger was too big, so it was inevitable that it would move relatively slowly, so he felt that this slash was a sure thing.

However, he was wrong, as the wrist guard on the Tiger’s left arm suddenly deformed rapidly to form a round shield, which instantly blocked the knife.


Although the knife was extremely sharp and penetrated the shield, its speed had already become very slow.

At this instant, the tiger’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot and his speed increased by a large margin, obviously using some kind of “divine ability”.


Ogata Jubei was smashed to pieces by the terrifying blow, while the knife flew far away from the tiger’s ear.

Everyone let out a gasp as they saw Ogata Jubei being blown to bits.

Then the “Tiger’s Tooth” disappeared and the smoke fell, leaving the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” standing there alone, looking lonely and forlorn.

The battle was over so quickly, and it only took three blows to kill the Sword Saint.

In fact, no one knew that with the strength of his body and the demonic beast itself, “Tiger Chiseled Tooth” was no weaker than a “Golden Dan One Turn” powerhouse.

In the capital city of China, after a moment of silence, everyone cheered happily, this is a good battle, even if you have become a “Saint level”, so what, you are still easily beaten by our “silk stocking masked warrior”.

Looking at the gradually chaotic crowd, Ye Lu slowly flew up and looked at the crowd below and said.

“I’ve won, keep your promise!”

Regarding the three items, Ye Luo had already chosen the “magic weapon” and “magic treasure”, he already had the “magic weapon” for attack, and the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” was quite strong, he also had the dan furnace, and the pen for drawing the “weapon pattern” was also quite advanced, so there was no need to replace it with a new one.

As for the defensive magic weapon, my “Golden Armour Coat” is also of “Heavenly Grade” and is quite advanced.

So the defensive magic weapon was not needed either.

So, in the “magic weapon” category, Ye Lu chose a storage magic weapon, a “Saint Grade” storage ring, which was not as small as the one Ye Lu had made.

The name of this ring was “Sumeru Ring”, which was also a good thing from the Haotian Continent.

As for the “magic treasure”, to be honest, many “magic treasures” were good things, because the magic of “magic treasures” was not comparable to “magic weapons”, so this magic treasure really made Ye Lu pick out a lot of things.

However, in the end, he chose a “magic treasure” that could not be identified by grade, called “One Leaf Bodhi”, a jade pendant, which was actually also a spatial magic treasure, but it could not store anything inside, but only plants, much like a piece of self-reserve that could be carried on his body.

It is said that the greatest benefit of the One Leaf Bodhi is that it can absorb the Qi of heaven and earth, allowing the plants inside to grow very quickly, and no matter what species of plants are planted, they will live.

Ye Luo was very short of all kinds of medicinal herbs for his alchemy, so he thought that although it could not immediately increase his combat power, it should be of great help to him.

As for that divine beast’s egg, there was no choice, as it was the only one in the entire country of Japan, and any information about the egg was blank.

Ye Lu felt that it should be because they were simply unable to hatch it, and that was why they had given it to themselves.

Because hatching a divine beast’s egg was not a simple matter.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, a few men in black immediately walked over, and the one in the lead was the guy who was responsible for stepping in to speak during the Sword Saint’s appointment that day.

He said in a loud voice.

“We are big ……”

He suddenly remembered that he had agreed with Ye Lu that if he won, all Japanese officials would no longer be able to say “Great Japanese Empire”, so he quickly changed his tone and said.

“We, the Yamato people, will not go back on our word.”

With that a man in black came forward with something in his hand.

Ye Lu slowly fell down and put away the “Sumeru Ring”, “One Leaf Bodhi” and the nameless beast’s egg first.

“Well, thanks for the gift from your country, I’ll wait for you to fulfil the rest of your promises.”

After saying that, Ye Luo was ready to fly away.

However, just at this time, a sudden powerful pressure appeared, and following that, Ye Luo saw people rushing over from the air as well as from the ground in several directions.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo also understood, no wonder these Japanese were so generous, it turned out that they did not intend to let themselves leave alive to begin with.


Chapter 312

The moment these people appeared, Ye Lu had already taken a quick look at their information, and these guys were actually all super powerhouses who had crossed the “Golden Dan Realm”.

It seemed that the other side was ready to abandon their pride in the Yamato nation, sending five Jindan experts at once, this was definitely to ensure that nothing could go wrong.

However, Ye Lu didn’t want to sit idly by and wait for death, he landed quickly and rushed in one direction at the same time.

There, the Shadow of Death people were with Lin Danni.

Lin Danni had not left because she wanted to go back with Ye Lu, and the Shadow of Death had not disobeyed her, so he brought her here.

When she saw Ye Lu rushing over like the wind, she was a bit dumbfounded.

“I need your blood!”

Ye Luo said as he didn’t wait for Lin Danni to speak before he darted out and cut Lin Danni’s arm, then took out a plate to let all the blood flow onto it.

At the same time, he took out three bottles in one go and slit his artery at the same time.

Immediately that plate was soaked with blood.

At the same time, however, the plate lit up with a red glow.


Following that, Ye Lu dragged Lin Danni and rushed back into the formation where he had just summoned the “Tiger Chiseled Tooth” and activated it at the same time.

This was not just a “Blood Formation”, Ye Lu also drew a defensive formation when he drew it, because he was worried that he would be disturbed by the other party when he summoned it. This defensive formation was a “Spirit Formation” based on “Medium Grade Spirit Stones”, and Ye Lu had originally planned to take all the “Spirit Stones” when he left, as “Medium Grade Spirit Stones” were quite important to him.

Now it seemed that he could only use them first.

A huge aura shield appeared around Ye Lu, and at the same time, thirty-six parts of the formation lit up at the same time.

However, even so, this formation should not last long.


The first person in black had already arrived.

They were all dressed in black with their faces covered, showing only their two eyes, so it was impossible to tell who they were, and this guy didn’t even say anything, he just came and did it.





A succession of attacks fell on the defense shield.

And Ye Luo had already quickly stopped Lin Danni’s blood, then cut his other wrist, blood falling like a fountain on the board that was quickly pre-drawn with the formation.

Ye Luo was of course using a summoning technique.

However, he was using the second type of summoning technique, which was to use a large amount of the summoner’s blood and a small amount of the summoned beast’s blood, and this time Ye Lu used the hidden bloodline of the four divine beasts, namely the “Green Dragon”, “Vermilion Bird”, “White Tiger” and “Xuan Wu” at the same time.

The “Four Spirits Summoning” was no longer an ordinary “summoning technique”, so Ye Lu’s chances of failure were very high, after all, his cultivation level was still too low, but now that he had reached this point, only this move could really work.

Seeing this sudden scene, the people of Death’s Shadow were also dumbfounded, as they had not expected such a scene to occur.

Likewise, the hearts of the Chinese viewers were once again clenched.

The crowd was already a bit overwhelmed by Ye Lu’s trip to Japan, with all sorts of counter-kills and surprises, making people happy at one point and heartbroken at another.

“That five people should all be ‘Saint’ level experts, it looks like they don’t want to lose face this time, aren’t they afraid that the clan community will go to full war with them?”

Someone looked at the screen and muttered.

However, this was all a matter for the higher-ups, and it was beyond the control of the ordinary secular world.

Anyway, even if the “clan community” intervenes, it will be a long time from now. If the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” can’t survive this disaster, it won’t matter what happens afterwards.

“Don’t …… stop bleeding, you’re bleeding too much ……”

Seeing that Ye Lu all started to shake, Lin Danni then asked with some concern.

Ye Luo also felt that his eyes were starting to blur a little and his body was gradually getting cold.

“Almost there, if I rectify again I guess I’ll hang under, and the formation is also going to fail soon.”

Ye Luo looked at the faltering formation, then raised his right hand and started the “Four Spirit Summoning” technique, while looking at the five guys who were eyeing him and said.

“A ‘Saint’ level powerhouse, I’ll kill them all!”

These words were spoken in an unusually domineering manner, followed by a terrifying divine beast appearing in the sky above Ye Lu’s head, a golden dragon with its beard and hair spread out, and its dark golden eyes were filled with endless majesty.

“Name: Yellow Dragon Projection, Source: Haotian Continent, Level: 3rd Order 2nd Grade, Description: a summoned projection from the Haotian Continent, as the main body has no way to be summoned into this realm, so ……”

As expected, it was similar to what Ye Lu had thought, the reason he didn’t dare to use the “Four Spirit Summoning” at first was because he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to summon anything.

All the things summoned before were from various “secret realms”, and Ye Lu did not think there would be a divine beast like the “Yellow Dragon” in the secret realm.

“The “Yellow Dragon” was the middle “earth attribute” divine beast among the five divine beasts, and it was also the first of the four divine beasts, which was definitely quite a formidable existence.

Now, it seems that this is indeed the case. Although the summoning was successful, the one summoned was not the real Yellow Dragon.

When he saw the yellow projection appear, Ye Lu quickly formed a seal and said.

“Yellow Dragon projection, you let yourself go!”

Summoning the Yellow Dragon projection was already almost draining Ye Luo, and there was no way he could sustain this terrifying fellow to stay in this world.

Releasing the summoned thing was definitely a very troublesome matter that would bring about a series of problems, but, right now, Ye Luo could not care so much anymore, if he maintained it for another second he would probably die himself.


The yellow dragon let out a loud roar, which shot straight up to the clouds, and then rushed towards one of the black-clothed “Saint Level” powerhouses, who was directly bitten to death without even having a chance to escape.

The other four guys saw this and turned and ran.

Huang Long glanced at Ye Lu and Lin Danni who were in the formation, then snorted coldly and rushed towards the next target.

The black-clad “Saint Level” experts were completely frightened by the “Yellow Dragon”, they had no desire to fight and only ran for their lives, but Huang Long was so strong that he caught up with one of them again and tore him to pieces.

The sudden appearance of the “yellow dragon” caused everyone to panic.

However, the “dragon” is the symbol of China, so many people watching the video were unnerved.

“A dragon, it’s actually a dragon, it’s not the ‘masked man’ who turned into a dragon, is it?”

“No, wasn’t he there, I saw it.”

“Then he’s either a dragon or the owner of a dragon, that dragon must be his pet.”

“Taking a dragon as a pet, that’s too much of a stretch.”

“What’s to exaggerate, he’s the ‘Stocking Masked Man’!”



After the two men were torn apart, the “yellow dragon” went berserk and let out a roar when he saw the crowd coming and going, and then he spewed a horrible “dragon flame” at the crowd.

After the fire, a huge crowd of people were burnt to nothingness by the dragon flame, and hundreds of people were lost in an instant.

Everyone was terrified because they thought they were just spectators, but who would have thought that even these spectators would be involved.


“Run away!”



As the crowd fled, the Yellow Dragon swung its claws again and pushed a building to the ground, while the Dragon Flame spewed out again, setting another building on fire.

“Not only was the area around the Skytree in chaos, but the sight of the dragon in the air once again threw Tokyo into a state of panic.

To be honest, you can’t help but panic, it’s a dragon.

This time, the panic was even greater than the panic caused by the last “drunken boy” and “ghost bat”, because not many people really saw the crisis that time, but this time it was different.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Lu said to Lin Danni, and the people from Death’s Shadow had already come to meet them.

However, just as everyone was about to leave, a figure dressed as a Yin Yang master suddenly appeared from the air and flew towards the Yellow Dragon like lightning.