Super School Student Chapter 315-316

Chapter 315

In the “Underworld App”, because of Ye Lu’s special identity, his permissions are also very special, he can use the vest permission, of course, he can also actively show his real identity, but others can not check his identity, this is in the “Underworld App”, he is the only one, others need to have real name authentication process.

So, this time, Ye Lu used the main account to contact the “Gothic Bloods” who could identify himself.

Like the Underworld, every account in the Underworld App had to be affiliated with the Seven Organizations, except for Ye Lu’s, so it was easy to find the Gothic Bloods and confirm that it was the Bloodshot Shura himself.

“The Gothic Bloods’ headquarters.

At the moment, most of the Gothic Blood’s top and elite are not here, and the one sitting at the headquarters is a “Blood Prince”, but this name has nothing to do with the royal family, and it doesn’t have to be a male to get this name, for example, this Prince is now a female.

The Prince of the Bloods is extremely powerful and is at the top of the Bloods pyramid, so this Prince Saguna is no exception, she is currently browsing the internet news and the story of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” sweeping Japan is certainly dominating the headlines.

“How could such a strong demon appear?”

Prince Shaguna muttered to himself as he looked at the screen.

“It couldn’t have been done on purpose by an expert sent by the Chinese ‘clan community’, anyway, that guy is wearing stockings and people don’t know who he really is.”

However, she soon dismissed this idea.

If it was really something like the “clan community” or the Japanese “Shinto society” that had entered another country, it would undoubtedly cause an uproar if it was found out, and according to various reports, the “stockinged masked man” had undergone security checks when he pa*sed through Korea, which meant that he would have complied with air transport security regulations.

“This guy is an absolute monster.”

In the end, Prince Shaguna came to a conclusion.

At this time, someone suddenly reported and said.

“Lord Prince, just now, ‘Yumo Shura’ contacted us and said that he asked us to release his friend, a woman called Liu Mei, or else he might use his ‘Shura’ privileges on us. ”

This was the bargaining chip that Ye Luo had negotiated with.

From the looks of it, the “Hundred Victory Shura” was still only a “God Realm” practitioner who could hardly even defeat the five golden flowers of the “Bloodthirsty Rose” when he completed his “Hundred Victories”, such a practitioner was not qualified to negotiate with a big organization like the “Gothic Blood Clan”.

The only thing Ye Lu could bargain with them was the promise from the Lord of the Underground, which the Gothic Bloods didn’t know had already been fulfilled.

“Is there really such a thing? I didn’t know that.”

Prince Shaguna asked, somewhat puzzled.

The two “dukes” of the Bloods below immediately said respectfully.

“We will investigate this matter, but how can we reply to that ‘Yum-Yum Shura’ now?”

Prince Shaguna said indifferently to this question.

“Don’t bother with him for now, if it’s someone unimportant, it’s fine to sell him a favour, if it’s someone very crucial, just refuse him.”

Hearing that Prince Shaguna had actually said that, one of the dukes said with some concern.

“Would it be a problem to do so, that rumour ……”

Prince Shaguna then said with a smile.

“You had to be the rumour too right, it’s just a rumour don’t mind him, the ‘Lord of Darkness’ has never officially said anything about it so just pretend it’s not there.”

That duke nodded, however, his heart was actually full of worry.

Ye Luo certainly didn’t put all his hopes on this kind of bargaining, he was simultaneously looking for a way to quickly replenish his Qi and, in the evening, the ninth strand of aura had already coalesced.

Gradually Ye Lu had discovered the strength of this nameless gong method of his.

The more he fought, the more obvious the effect would be. Ye Lu felt that he should give it a name, “Fighting God Skill” or “Fighting God Skill”.

Anyway, no matter what it was called, Ye Lu had gotten a taste of this unnamed technique.

When he started, he thought that this technique should not be that simple, because after the activation of the “gla*ses”, apart from the complimentary “medical ability”, this technique was the only thing that came with it, which meant that this nameless technique was the real foundation of his strength.

“It looks like there can only be one way to recover blood quickly first.”

After thinking about it, Ye Lu felt that there was only one way, and that was to exchange the ingredients he needed from the “Underworld App” to make pills.

At this time, he regretted losing all the medicinal materials he had gotten from the “Koga ninja” side, but at that time, the storage bracelet space was really limited and there was nothing he could do about it, in fact, it was a pity to think about those materials from the “Iga ninja” for making weapons, the only thing he was glad about now was that he had a lot of “beast blood”.

After he had recovered his qi and blood, he would prepare to process these “beast blood”, sort and purify them, and then fuse them, so that the bloodline power of the processed “beast blood” would become stronger, and it would definitely be more convenient to summon them.

When he could not use other spells flexibly, the “summoning technique” was currently Ye Lu’s strongest move apart from the “Burning Heaven’s Fury”.

“Let’s exchange these two bracelets.”

Ye Lu looked at the two imperial green jade bracelets on his hands and said.

Now that he had the Sumeru Ring, there was no need for these two storage bracelets for the time being, and the Sumeru Ring was smaller and made of a stronger material.

Ye Lu had tried to exchange them once before and knew that the secrecy of the Underworld App was still very good, and that the source of such “magic weapons” and “pills” would not be asked.

After thinking about it, Ye Luo contacted the “Underworld App” and went to exchange it.

The exchange place was not very far from where Ye Lu was, so he quickly arrived there and took out two emerald bracelets and said.

“I want to exchange for two storage ‘magic weapons’, help me appraise them.”

Ye Luo put the bracelets on the table after he finished speaking, of course, his face was masked, he didn’t want to expose his identity in this foreign country.

Moreover, the identity of the vest he was using was also the identity of this side of Rome, to avoid any complications.

When he heard that it was a “storage bracelet”, the man in charge’s interest was immediately aroused. “Storage artifacts” are precious, and they haven’t appeared for many years.

After that, this guy poured his “true qi” into the “jade bracelet”, and then said with a satisfied smile.

“It’s really a nice bracelet, I’ve never seen this before, I’ll let the boss help you calculate how much ‘Dark Coins’ it’ll cost!”

Ye Lu knew very little about these things and did not doubt it, so he quietly waited outside.

The guy at the front desk, on the other hand, flew inside and then told the person in charge inside the general situation.

The man in charge picked up the bracelet and looked at it and said.

“It looks like something from the East, it’s really something good.”

The receptionist then said as her eyes darted around.

“I just observed, that guy has a masked face and a strange accent, I don’t feel it’s one of us here, should I ……”

He said making a motion of cutting his neck.

The man in charge smiled and nodded and said.

“Of course you do, go ahead and arrange it, I trust you.”

After saying that, he waved his hand and that receptionist immediately reappeared and then gave Ye Lu a price that he felt was also more reasonable, followed by helping Ye Lu exchange all the things he needed for Ye Lu.

Ye Lu did not expect things to go so smoothly, with these things in his hand, he would definitely be able to recover soon after refining a good pill.

However, when he reached a secluded path, a few fair-faced, slender people blocked his way.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu probably understood that he must have been targeted, but, anyway, he was too lazy to talk nonsense with these guys now that the stuff was in his hands, so Ye Lu looked at the five people opposite him and said.

“You’ve robbed the wrong people, if you don’t want to die, then get lost!”


Chapter 316

He said this because he wanted to scare the other side, but it was obvious that the other side was not scared, after all, these guys were also “innate experts”, “innate experts” in the secular world is already considered quite a bully, after all, higher is the “patriarchal level”.

Therefore, it was justifiable for these guys to be arrogant.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the guy at the head of the group arrogantly showed the sharp teeth in his mouth and said.

“Hey, hey, wanting us to die, I’d like to taste what your blood tastes like.”

As expected, these guys were all from the Blood Clan, but this was not unexpected from Ye Lu, after all, this was the territory of the “Blood Clan”.

After that, this guy laughed and rushed towards Ye Lu, not putting Ye Lu in his eyes at all.


Ye Luo raised his hand seemingly casually and punched him in the chest, sending him flying far away.

Seeing this guy flying away like a kite, the crowd was astonished, as this was an “innate expert” who had been knocked away like that.

Ye Lu said indifferently.

“Nothing is wrong, I’ll go first.”

After saying that, he continued to walk straight ahead.

However, just when he thought that the other party would know what to do and back off, it turned out that one of them actually thought before opening his mouth and rushing over.


Without stopping in his tracks, Ye Lu continued to casually swing a punch.


I didn’t expect this guy to be even more unbeatable than the one just now, this one punch had spat out blood, Ye Lu shook his head helplessly, and then walked straight ahead towards the place where there were less and less people.

After walking a little longer, Ye Lu finally found a river where there was a wooded area that could be used for alchemy.

Ye Lu entered the woods, found a corner that was not easy to find and began to process the various materials.

However, he had just finished processing the various materials before he could formally start refining when the guys he had just beaten came back again.

Not only did they come back, they also brought several helpers with them.

These guys were obviously much stronger than them, two of them were at the “Sovereign” level, and several others were also at the “Combined God Realm”.

When he saw these people appear, Ye Lu said with a sigh.

“I don’t want to kill innocent people, so you guys should leave here quickly.

However, Ye Luo felt that these guys would definitely not listen to his advice.

Sure enough, the “Patriarch” guy in the crowd looked at Ye Lu and said with a cold smile.

“I didn’t expect that you were still arrogant, do you know what happens when you hit a blood clan member, you can only pay for it with blood.”

Seeing that they had actually found this place, Ye Luo understood why the other guy had just taken the initiative to attack himself, probably relying on the blood sprayed on his body to track him here.

However, Ye Lu did not bother to talk to them, he began to put the various processed herbs into the “Burning Heaven Furnace”, and at the same time, he turned on his mobile phone to check, but the “Gothic Blood” side still did not reply, it seems that it did not want to cooperate.

“Fine, since you guys have such an attitude, then I can only deal with this matter in my own way.”

At this instant, Ye Lu had already made up his mind.

At this time, when the “Grandmaster” vampire saw that Ye Luo dared to ignore him, he charged towards Ye Luo.

However, Ye Lu’s light blow knocked him to the ground. Seeing Ye Lu’s blow, everyone drew in a breath of cold air and turned around, ready to run away.

Ye Luo, however, said indifferently.

“It’s too late!”

Following that, he waved his hands violently and silver needles flew out from his hands like a rain of flowers in the sky, each one accurately piercing the acupuncture points of the opponent.

Almost simultaneously, everyone fell to the ground, Ye Lu clapped his hands and walked next to the guy closest to him, then looked at him and said indifferently.

“Let me ask you a question, just once, do you know where the little girl Jessica captured from the East is being held?”

As a result the guy shook his head.


Ye Lu kicked this guy out of consciousness, following which, he walked over to the second guy, this guy’s acupuncture points were pricked his body was completely unable to move, so he didn’t know exactly what had happened, he thought the guy had just been made dead, however, he still trembled and said.

“I …… I don’t know!”

Of course, this guy was also knocked out by a kick from Ye Lu.

The third guy saw this and immediately said.

“It should be in the clan land of the Jessica family.”

Ye Luo then continued to ask.

“How do you know that? When was it, and how old was the little girl that was captured?”

As a result, this guy started to talk nonsense, and of course Ye Lu knocked him out again.

At this time, another “master” blood clan member suddenly said.

“I know the person you are talking about, a woman with the same eyes as Jessica, right, she is indeed in Jessica’s clan’s territory.”

Hearing this guy talk about Liu Mei’s eyes, Ye Lu felt that it should be more reliable, so he walked over and looked at this guy and asked.

“Tell me exactly what happened?”

This guy hurriedly said that a few days ago, he saw the Holy Maiden Jessica come back, and since his girlfriend was Jessica’s maid so he knew about this situation.

“How many people are there in Jessica and their clan land, what level, and where that woman is kept, do you know?”

The guy thought for a moment and said.

“We are the weakest of the thirteen clans of the Blood Clan, there is only one Prince, three Dukes and many more Marquises and Counts in the clan, as for where the woman is kept, most of them should be in the ‘Blood Cave ‘ in it, but I’m not really sure.”

Then, Ye Lu asked about the location of the clan land, before knocking everyone out.

“It looks like we’ll just have to find a way to sneak in and save them.”

This time, the main focus of the operation was to save Liu Mei, so the plan to break in hard was put off, but it was necessary to recover the blood energy before that.

It took more than an hour for Ye Lu to finally replenish the lost blood qi back.

After replenishing his blood qi, Ye Lu turned his attention to those Blood Clan members who were still fainted, because he suddenly thought of something, these Blood Clan members could transform, that is, they could turn into a state with sharp teeth and claws and blood-red gla*ses, could this be a kind of “bloodline magic”?

If so, it might be a good ability for him to use, at least it wouldn’t have the terrible weakness of the “Exploding Yuan Dan”.

So he took some of the blood from a guy’s body and started to try it out. His bloodline did have the potential to do this, but since Ye Lu was not a vampire and the vampire bloodline content in this guy’s blood was too low, Ye Lu could not use it at all at the moment.

“As expected of a blood race, what good blood!”

Ye Lu licked his lips and said, he found that he was no longer at all repulsed by drinking blood after having drunk too much of it.

“Alright, let’s go save the people.”

Ye Lu packed up his things and headed for the clan’s land of the Jimi Spirits.

This was a rather old looking manor, and according to what the blood clan member had just said, there was a small secret realm in this manor, and that small secret realm was the real clan land of the Jimi Demon Clan, and Liu Mei was locked up there.

As a matter of fact, Ye Luo followed the guy’s advice and soon found the door. Since the night was the time when the blood clan was active, Ye Luo had no choice but to knock all the people he met and hide them, before he pushed the door open and quietly went in.

However, just as he walked in, he heard an alarm-like sound coming from inside.

“Sh*t! This N*gga got found out!”

When he heard this sound, Ye Lu understood that it was probably because he was not a member of the “Jimi Spirits Clan” that he had just entered and was detected.

“Sh*t! Then let’s do it openly, who’s afraid of who?”

Ye Luo was currently using the costume of “Blood Shadow Shura”, because the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” was too famous recently, and he had overthrown the “Clear Sky Tower” and killed three “Saint Level” experts, including the Sword Saint, which was a horrible record, so using this identity was undoubtedly causing trouble for himself.





The first thing you can do is to knock out all the guys who are coming towards the door.

At the same time, at the headquarters of the Gothic Bloods, a vampire duke was reporting to the vampire prince.

“It’s true about the woman from the East, it’s Jessica, the Holy Maiden of the Thirteen Clans, who was captured. It is not yet clear why this person was captured.”

Hearing the report, Prince Shaguna then thought for a moment and said.

“In that case, you should take someone to see for yourself and find out what is going on.”