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Super School Student Chapter 319-320

Chapter 319

This gorgeous Egyptian woman was from Egypt, nicknamed “Scorpion” Suzanne, the sixth ranked expert in the “Killer Ranking”.

If he was still sure about dealing with Koji Ishida, he was not sure about dealing with the sixth-ranked “Scorpion” Suzanne, because she was a real “black sorcerer”, with all kinds of terrifying black sorcery that made people shudder at the thought of it.

But then the face of Suzanne “the Scorpion” changed, because something even more terrifying had appeared, a Miao woman from China.

The woman was a beautiful-looking woman, with beautiful rings and silverware, and on her body was coiled a poisonous snake with a strange pattern, the most striking thing was that the head of the snake was actually a dragon, with two horns and long tentacles.

The woman was followed by several vicious looking poisonous insects.

“Miao Zixuan, the fifth-ranked a*sa*sin on the “Killer Ranking”, is also the most efficient and has made zero mistakes so far.

On the side of the Colosseum, a small window on a four-storey platform, an una*suming-looking man sat indifferently, looking at the triumphal arch of Constantine not far away and smoking a cigarette.

This was a white man, a man of height, looks and temperament, the kind of man whose presence would never be found in a crowd.

This man seemed to have no interest in the “Killer Sky List” experts who were arriving one by one below.

“Oh, as a killer who has dominated the ‘Heavenly Ranking’ for so many years, ‘Son of Death’, are you showing disdain for us?”

At this time, a bearded middle-aged man suddenly appeared behind him and said.

The man called “Son of Death” smiled calmly as he took a drag from his cigarette and said.

“This is my last mission in the ‘Heavenly Ranking’, next I’m going to compete with the monsters in the ‘Holy Ranking’, you, the second oldest in a thousand years, will soon be number one.”

Hearing the words of the “Son of Death”, the middle-aged and unkempt looking man smiled and said.

“It’s a pity, I’m also going to enter the ‘Holy List’ to play around with it, it’s said that the number one in the last ‘Heavenly List’ killed one of the ‘Holy List’ for the sake of ranking. The first place in the last ‘Heavenly Ranking’ was said to have killed one of the ‘Saint Ranking’ players in order to rank.”

The “Son of Death” said without raising his head.

“Ranking, it’s just a floating cloud, I’ve been poisoned too much, only ‘killing’ can make me feel alive, maybe one day I’ll kill myself.”

Hearing him finish, the downcast middle-aged man then smiled and said.

“You, still so literate, oh, that guy is here too, this is great, the normal killer, the literate killer, and the douchebag killer are all here.”

Following the gaze of the middle-aged man, a guy dressed like a clown in a poker game walked in on a unicycle like an acrobat.

This guy is nicknamed “Joker”, the third ranked super killer in the “Killer Ranking”.

He was also known as the “douchebag killer” in the mouth of the middle-aged man.

However, no one dared to take this guy lightly, whether it was him, the middle-aged man or the Son of Death, they had all killed real “Saint” level masters.

“Everyone who sees my show has to pay!”

“As he rode his unicycle, he pulled out some apples and started throwing them into the air, just like an acrobat, and he threw more and more.

This huge apple circle looked really spectacular, and then everyone saw the apple skins falling down like rain.

“See, I told you it was a ‘douchebag killer’.”

Of course, all these people present, regardless of their personalities, were truly top-notch “killers”, that is, the kind of people who take money from others and kill them for others, except for one person, of course.

That is, the guy who is ranked fourth on the “Killer Sky List”, the one who is late in arriving at this moment, and the one who is the invitee of this killer party, the expert of the “Blood Clan”, known as the “Human Slaughterer”, the scary Jefferson who is also the seventh on the “Blood List” in addition to the “Killer Sky List”.

After everyone had arrived, this horrific killer Jefferson, who had already killed more than 30,000 people, appeared on stage.

What was surprising was that Jefferson was not a crazy-looking murderer like everyone thought, but rather a handsome middle-aged man who looked just a little bit bigger than ordinary Bloods, except that his two eyes were of a different colour.

These different pupils looked quite demonic.

“Hello everyone, thanks for coming to support me.”

Jefferson said with a smile as he looked at the crowd.

However, before he could continue, the “wild beast” said in a loud voice.

“Tell me who you want to kill first, you’ve called all the top 20 people on the ‘Killer Heaven List’, you’re making too big a show.”

To be honest, this was something that many people wanted to ask, even the terrifying “Son of Death” was also curious about this matter, since this “Killer Heavenly Ranking”, “Holy Ranking” and “Earthly Ranking” had never seen this kind of joint battle between several people since they appeared.

“That’s right, ‘human slaughter’, if it’s some kind of group battle or siege or something, I’m out, that kind of thing is meaningless, you go find mercenaries to take care of it.”

“The Joker took out an apple again, he stretched out his hand, the “astral energy” on the tip of his fingers turned into a blade and looked at the “human slaughterer” as he quickly peeled the apple.

The “human slaughterer” smiled and said.

“Of course it won’t be the kind of thing you are talking about, there is only one person to kill, this person is very famous, but you should not have seen him, he is the second ‘Hundred Victory Shura’ in the ‘Underworld’, known as ‘Shura’ of the ‘Blood Shadow’.”

These twenty men were all quite professional “killers”, of course many of them were from the “Underworld”, and many of them were using the “Underworld App”, so when they heard that the person they wanted to kill was “Yum Yum Shura”, one of them asked.

“I remember that ‘Yum Yum Shura’ had a hard time fighting ‘Pulse Raising Realm’ before, do we need to do it? ”

“Yeah, aren’t you making a bit too much of a fuss.”

Even the scruffy middle-aged uncle said with a sigh.

“‘O human slaughterer’, do you know what kind of people are here? You’re not calling us people over here for a joke, are you.”

He was standing on the four-storey window, which was several dozen metres away, when he spoke, and his voice was not loud, but it reached everyone’s ears very clearly.

As a result, the “human slaughterer” smiled and said.

“Everyone be quiet, I’m not sure about the details of this matter, so perhaps it’s a bit of a fuss, but the benefits are real, and the man will be here in a moment, so we’ll see if it’s a joke or not.”

In fact, the “Human Butcher” himself felt that this was a bit of a joke, but since it was an arrangement from the top of the “Blood Clan”, he could only listen to the arrangement from above.

On the other side of the city, Ye Lu was still refining his blood and using the Medium Grade Spiritual Stones to consolidate his cultivation, but in his normal state, the ninth strand of spiritual qi was raising somewhat slowly.

At this time, a message suddenly came from his mobile phone, a private message from the “Underworld App” with a video recording of Liu Mei being tied up in the Roman “Colosseum”.

Ye Lu and Liu Mei were very close, so he could be sure that the woman being tied up was Liu Mei.

“Come to the Colosseum in Rome and put an end to all this.”

That was the phrase that was sent along with the photo.


Rome’s ‘Colosseum’.

Just as the killers were getting bored of waiting, a masked figure slowly walked in through one of the entrances.

“He’s here!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Ye Lu.


Chapter 320

However, no one recognized Ye Luo’s “Blood Shadow” look. After all, Ye Luo’s rank was too low when he took the “Hundred Victory Shura”, and it was not enough for these people to pay attention to it.

Of course, these people were all real killers who had been through a lot of battles, so apart from the “two-bit killer”, the others didn’t show any special expressions.

“Joker” looked at Ye Lu and said with a crooked head.

“There’s nothing special about him, he looks very ordinary, he still hasn’t broken through to the ‘Innate Realm’, he doesn’t have any ‘Qi’ at all.”

He looked back and forth at Ye Lu for half a day, then shook his head and said.

“I have no interest in this guy, so whoever of you wants to get on him can do so.”

After saying that, he rode his unicycle and went straight to the side to eat an apple.

Ye Lu frowned at this group of oddballs, and then walked to the centre of the “Colosseum”.

This “Colosseum” had obviously been remodelled again, unlike the pictures Ye Lu had seen before, the earthen walls in the centre were gone, and it was a round, open, monolithic colosseum.

Looking at the Colosseum from the centre, Ye Lu felt as if he was in the presence of Spartacus in a gladiatorial contest, and he could not help but feel his blood boiling when he thought about it.

The Colosseum, which had survived for more than 2,000 years, had an aura of murder everywhere.

“Where is that woman?”

Ye Lu stood in the centre of the Colosseum and looked around at these guys and asked coldly.

These guys dared to use Liu Mei as bait, and Ye Lu had already moved to kill.

However, no one answered this question, most of them not only because they simply didn’t know, but also because they didn’t care, or they didn’t feel any need to answer this question, a dead person was just a dead person, what was there to explain.

At this point, the middle-aged, scruffy and downcast looking older man suddenly said.

“Why don’t we just let Buck try.”

Barker was the weakest of these men, ranked 20th on the “Hitman’s List”, nicknamed “Blade”, an Indian soldier who had defected from the army.

He was not very tall, but he had a cold, military look on his face, and he was a clean-cut, decisive man.

When he heard Uncle Dirt Beard’s words, he didn’t push back, nor did he draw his sword, but jumped off the bleachers and walked straight towards Ye Lu in the arena.

Looking at this guy’s stance was that he did not want to say anything to Ye Luo but to kill him directly.

Seeing this scene, some people actually began to feel a little reluctant, after all, this time the “blood clan” gave something really exciting.

The women in particular, the Egyptian Black Witch Sage Susanna, had already clenched her hands, but she didn’t dare to disobey the scruffy uncle, who was a thousand year old, but that was only in relation to the Sons of Death, and it was still easy to kill them.

Miao Zixuan from Miaojiang was of the same opinion. She felt that the Indian had taken such a good opportunity and was not happy about it.

As for the fact that this “Hundred Victory Shura” was from China, she didn’t care at all. In her opinion, who the “Hundred Victory Shura” was and which country he came from had nothing to do with her.

In this way, amidst everyone’s attention, “Blade” had already approached Ye Luo, and then he struck out quickly, and his method of killing was simple and straightforward, that is, “click! He snapped Ye’s neck in one blow.

However, just as he reached out, Ye Lu suddenly opened his mouth.


Terrifying blue flames suddenly erupted from Ye Lu’s mouth, and the blue dragon of fire struck Blade’s head without any surprise.

He didn’t even have time to make a sound before his head was burnt to a crisp and his corpse “flopped!” The body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The twentieth on the “Killer List”, “Blade”, was dead!

From the beginning to the end, “Blade” didn’t say a word, and neither did Ye Lu, the battle was too happy, it was over before it started.

Everyone was frozen in place.

A look of incomprehension appeared in everyone’s eyes.

“‘Saint-level’ powerhouse!”

These words resounded in the heads of the majority of people, because only a “Saint Level” powerhouse could deliver such a strike, directly emitting flames without the use of any “magic weapon”.

Of course, there was also the possibility that Ye Lu was born with a special bloodline, just like the Blood Clan.

People of the “Blood Race” could use a red “astral qi” with the blood attribute.

However, whatever the reason, this sudden strike shocked everyone.

Even the “Son of Darkness”, who had been looking at the sky in boredom from the beginning, looked down at Ye Lu.


Ye Luo indifferently glanced at the corpse at his feet and said indifferently.

This was a relatively simple fire attribute “spell” that Ye Lu had learned after he had gathered his ninth strand of aura and gradually gained some strength.

“Nine” was the extreme of the number, so when the ninth strand of spiritual energy appeared, Ye Lu felt a sense that the spiritual energy had been completed, and he felt that a breakthrough in his major realm was about to happen.

Of course, he was still unable to use his aura to send out a complete “spell”, but he could use various “fire attribute” spells in conjunction with it, and this was one of them.

To put it bluntly, this was also the lowest level of the “Lower Mortal Grade” “spell”, the most introductory and simplest “spell”, but a “spell” was a “spell”, and it was one level higher than a “martial skill”.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the “Wild Beast” finally couldn’t hold back, he drew his huge machete and jumped off the stand and then strode towards Ye Lu.

With each step, the ground made a loud sound, as if it was a pile driver.





At the same time, the body of the “wild beast” began to become thicker and thicker, and the skin also changed from its previous ordinary colour to a metallic colour, as if it would make a sound when it was struck.

It was obvious that this should be a powerful horizontal training martial art, and looking at the clothes on this guy’s body, it was also an armour of the “top grade of the earth”, and the sword in his hand was also a sharp weapon of the “top grade of the earth”, the most exaggerated thing was the shape of this sword, it was as long as an ordinary man, holding it in the “wild beast’s” hand, it was as if a mountain could be split open.

“Little doll, today I will show you what strength is.”

With these words, he slashed down with a fierce slash, and the strong wind on the slash made one’s face hurt, which showed how strong this strike was.

However, Ye Lu’s silhouette was also extremely fast, as the “Rakshasa Ghost Step” was activated, and he stepped on the back of the blade with one foot before his whole body flew up and blasted at the “Wild Beast”.


The “Wild Beast” was also extremely quick in his reaction, as his other hand flew out to clash with Ye Lu.

Everyone thought that Ye Lu would be blown away, but in reality, it was the other way round, and the “Wild Beast” was knocked backwards.

What everyone didn’t know was that Ye Lu was not using the “Heavenly Rank” martial skill “Blended Vajra Body”, but the “Saint Rank” martial skill “Prajna Blended Vajra Body”.

Since the ninth strand of aura had formed and gradually gained strength, Ye Lu’s control of martial skills had become easier and easier, and “Saint Grade” martial skills were less difficult to learn than “Spells”.

“The martial arts skills of the “Wild Beast” were obviously not bad, but they were not even close to the “Saint Level” martial arts skills, as the prizes given by the “Hundred Victory Shura” showed that “martial arts skills” were not a common item on Earth.

Ye Luo was indeed very weak in the area of “external astral energy”, but he was absolutely no slouch when it came to fighting with strength.