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Super School Student Chapter 321-322

Chapter 321

Successive attacks hit the body of the “Wild Beast” like a storm.

This was also a “Heavenly Grade” martial art, named “Stacked Wave Fist”, with punch after punch stacked on top of each other in an endless stream, just like a giant wolf on a wild wave.

I don’t know if it was because of the “unborn” or the “nameless gongfu”, but Ye Lu found that it was easy for him to learn any “martial skill”, in fact, it was also easy for him to learn “spells”, only that he couldn’t completely “leave his body with his aura”, so the use of spells was a little bit incompetent, not that he couldn’t master it.





With the sound of successive attacks, the mountain-like body of the “Wild Beast” actually collapsed, and then lay there spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood and never moving again.

The 16th on the “Killer Heavenly Ranking”, “Wild Beast” died.

Ye Lu casually rubbed his gloves and said.


Now the crowd was really upset, if the previous “Flame Dragon Bomb” strike was a trick and a surprise, then this time it was a real one, a hard one, and it killed the “Wild Beast”, and the difference between Ye Lu’s size and that of the “Wild Beast” was not even half a star.

Everyone looked at Ye Lu in a different way.

“The Son of Death was no longer sitting on the window, he jumped down and stood with the scruffy middle-aged man looking at Ye Lu in the arena.

He found that this nameless technique was made for fighting, and the feeling of completeness was getting stronger and stronger.

After a moment of silence, a guy who had wrapped himself up tightly stood up silently and jumped off the bleachers and went not far in front of Ye Lu.

This guy’s name was “Thorn”, ranked twelfth on the a*sa*sin’s list, an a*sa*sination expert known for his concealed weapons, and it was said that no one had ever seen his real face.

It is said that no one has ever seen his real face. Moreover, this man is just like his outer queen, he is covered with thorns and has concealed weapons everywhere.

Some people say that this guy’s concealed weapons can already match the “flying sword”, but of course this is a bit exaggerated, “flying sword” is a kind of spell, powerful “flying sword” is said to be able to take a person’s head at a hundred steps, really like a myth.

However, this “stab” seems to have a special technique and a unique concealed weapon from his heritage, which is extremely penetrating and clever.

Ye Luo’s powerful fighting style, his strange and erratic footwork, and his ability to spit fire made “Thorn” extremely fearful, and he controlled his attack from a very long distance.

All kinds of concealed weapons shot towards Ye Lu like a storm.

This time, Ye Lu chose to stay away from the attack. For a “Grand Master”, it was easy to let out his “astral energy”, but it was extremely difficult to retrieve it, and that kind of “flying sword”-like air ingestion was only possible at a very close distance.

So, as Ye Luo flew away, all those concealed weapons fell to the ground.

The “concealed weapons” were expendable, just like bullets from a gun, they would get smaller and smaller, and they had to be at a certain distance to be powerful, and it would be easy to dodge them if they were far away.

So, the wrapped “thorn” began to fly after him, and his stance was also quite good, and the two of them ran wildly in the “Colosseum”, chasing and fleeing.

Ye Luo’s distance control was so good that all kinds of hidden weapons fell just short.

After a long time, he finally stopped.

Both Uncle Dirt and the Son of Darkness frowned.

“What do you think?”

Uncle Dirt asked as he looked at the Colosseum.

“The Son of Darkness didn’t answer, but thought for a moment before saying.

“The escape route can be arranged, it looks chaotic, but in fact there is some kind of pattern, and the footwork is quite complicated, at present, I can’t see any special meaning.”

Seeing that Ye Luo had actually stopped, the guy who was attacking also stopped.

Ye Luo was looking at the other guy and said with a smile.

“Thank you for clearing out the bottom of this ‘Colosseum’, so that you don’t have to worry about making a lot of dust, so it’s my turn to attack.”

The Colosseum had been remodelled again, and the centre of the Colosseum had been turned into a flat stone with a very wide view.

In fact, it would be more appropriate to call it a bomb rather than a “hidden weapon”.

It was a treasure that he had obtained from the Iga ninja and had not discarded, and it was something that the Iga ninja had saved for themselves, but unfortunately, they did not expect to see something as flying as the Poor Man’s, and at the same time, so thick and fleshy that it was terrifying.





This is not an ordinary bomb, perhaps even worse than an ordinary bomb in terms of physical attack, not even a stone can be blown up, but it is aimed at cultivators, it is like a “martial art” that can be thrown out.

Therefore, the “thorn” was immediately enveloped by the flying “astral qi” and his thick clothes were torn into pieces to reveal his inner appearance.

As a result, everyone saw that it was a thin-looking man wearing a special armour, which was like a treasure chest full of hidden weapons, full of hidden pockets and mechanisms.

The reason why he used such a suit instead of a “storage weapon” was that ordinary “storage weapons” could not be identified, so there was a process to use them, which was quick but deadly for releasing concealed weapons.

“The Iga ninja’s firearms were no mean feat, and although they didn’t kill him, they did cause him some anxiety, and then Ye Lu’s concealed weapons arrived.

One hundred and eight tiny flying needles flew towards this guy.

However, in this guy’s opinion, Ye Lu’s technique was still very crude, so he disdainfully turned sideways and tried to dodge, but then he realized that he was wrong, those flying needles could actually turn in the air, just like a “flying sword”.


He had just uttered one word when the flying needles penetrated the vital points of his head, and the corpse fell down with a “thud!” The body fell down with a loud thud.

The twelfth on the “Killer Sky List”, “Stabbed” to death.

In a short span of ten minutes, three of the top twenty experts on the “Killer Ranking” had died.

Ye Lu ignored those silver needles, because he could only launch this strike at the moment, he could not retrieve those silver needles yet.

He looked at the bleachers and stretched his back and said.

“Can we have something challenging.”

This time the woman from Miaojiang, Miao Zixuan, stood up.

Seeing him stand up, the crowd’s eyes lit up because she was a top five ranked expert and it looked like the fight had quickly escalated to the ultimate battle.

The giants were finally about to make their move.

When he saw the “Hundred Poisoness” fight, “Joker” stopped eating the apple and put a bite of the apple on his finger, spinning it around while looking at the “Colosseum”.

By this time, Miao Zixuan had reached the centre of the arena.

“Although you are an Oriental, I will not show you any mercy.”

Miao Zixuan looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Ye Luo looked at her and said.

“I’ve learned the style of your evil cultivators and the ‘Companions’ long ago, no need to explain anymore, come on!”

Ye Luo had a vivid memory of the style of work of that “old woman of compulsion” and her disciples on the “Heavenly Horse Mountain”, so he did not have any good feelings towards these “evil cultivators”.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Miao Zixuan did not say anything, but quickly raised her two white arms.

Countless poisonous insects appeared all over the sky.

When they saw so many poisonous insects, and that there were thousands of “third-ranked demonic beasts” at the clan level, all of them, except for the “Big Three” and “Human Slaughterer” Jefferson, drew in a breath of cold air.

They finally knew the difference between the top five ranked experts and themselves. Facing thousands of “Grandmaster” level poisonous insects, even if Miao Zixuan, the “Grand Grandmaster”, did not take action, as long as she gave up these poisonous insects, I am afraid that even the “Big Three” would feel very difficult.


After releasing the poisonous insects, Miao Zixuan looked at Ye Luo and said indifferently.

And Ye Lu smiled and said.

“More people than people, right? What am I afraid of!”

Following that, Ye Luo also struck out, while everyone’s eyes widened.

“Is this ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ a monster?”

Someone said with emotion.


Chapter 322

Everyone saw the tall, bare-chested, cloaked evil spirit standing beside Ye Lu, and the thousands of evil spirits that appeared with him.

Originally, there were more than ten thousand evil spirits and ghosts in Ye Lu’s “Soul Tower”, but only a thousand of them remained after the battle in Tokyo, but they were all the elites left over from the great wave.

Each one of them exudes a terrifying aura.

Seeing so many “evil spirits”, Miao Zixuan’s face immediately changed, the number of these spirits was indeed less than that of her own poisonous insects, but the problem was that “ghosts” were a very special kind of thing, not strictly speaking considered as life, so the poison of the poisonous insects was ineffective against these evil spirits.

If “poison” is ineffective, we can only fight with “astral energy”, because either “innate true qi” or “astral energy” can cause damage to “ghosts”, but the strongest point of the “compulsion tribe” or these insects and demon beasts is “poison” rather than the actual fight for life, using demon beasts or beasts to fight for life is what the “Beast Alliance” does.

The people around him were amazed at how Ye Lu was able to use so many “evil ghosts”.

As long as a demon beast has not “transformed”, even a “great demon” does not have spiritual intelligence, and without spiritual intelligence, it can be easily serviced, but a “ghost” is different.

They didn’t know that Ye Lu had only used the “Wine Swallow Boy”, while the other “ghosts” were all used by the “Wine Swallow Boy”, the king of all ghosts.

However, as the fifth-ranked expert in the “Killer Heavenly Ranking”, Miao Zixuan was not the only one who could do this.


After a howl, the creature flew up and its body began to expand, turning into a huge demonic beast that resembled a dragon.

Of course, Ye Lu had already seen what this thing was, this thing was called “Poisonous Jiao”, a variant of the dragon bloodline, although it only possessed part of the dragon bloodline, the dragon race was an extremely terrifying divine beast, so this kind of demonic beast was also an extremely terrifying existence among the demonic beasts.

What was even more terrifying was that this demonic beast was already a “Third Order Ninth Grade”, which was the peak of a “Third Order Demonic Beast”. Although it was unable to cross a level to become a “Fourth Order Great Demon”, it still possessed the combat power of a “Quasi-Sage”, not to mention that this fellow was also a demonic beast that excelled in poison.

“Oh, ‘Blood Shadow Shura’, right? To be honest, I really admire you, but you are the one who will die in the end.”

Miao Zixuan looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled lightly and said.

“Is that so? I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.”

With those words, he raised his right hand and a blood vial appeared in Ye Lu’s hand. He crushed the vial with a bang, cut his arm and pressed his palm to the ground with a wave of his hand.

The blood inside his body gushed into the ground like a stream, and a small “blood formation” suddenly appeared, followed by Ye Lu raising his hand, and a dragon shaped demonic beast appeared in the red light.

“Name: Horned Dragon, Rank: 3rd Order 9th Grade, Source: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Description: A type of dragon, possesses dragon bloodline, thick skin and flesh, good at attacking, ……”

At the same time as this guy appeared, Ye Lu’s right hand once again had blood coalescing, then he quickly raised his hand and threw a seal onto the “Horned Dragon”.

This is another “martial skill” that Ye Lu found in the vast sea of “martial skills”, the name is “Serving Spirit Skill”, a martial skill that can serve demonic beasts.

It was similar to the “Spirit Control Technique” that Ye Lu had used to control the “Wine Swallow Boy”, but one was for spirits like “ghosts”, while the other was for demonic beasts.

Ye Lu felt that the “Beast Alliance” martial art should be in the same vein as this one.

However, Ye Lu’s cultivation level was too low, and this “Horned Dragon” was not in its weakened stage, so it was almost impossible to control it completely, but of course, Ye Lu knew this very well.

After summoning it and using his “Spirit Serving Technique” to give an attack command, Ye Lu let the creature go free.

However, Ye Lu’s purpose had already been achieved, as the Horned Dragon charged towards Miao Zixuan, and of course Miao Zixuan’s Poison Jiao disagreed.

This recovery would not be too fast, but Ye Lu felt that the battle would give him the time to recover.

Sure enough, after the Horned Dragon was enraged, it did not need Ye Lu’s help to start a terrifying battle with the Poisonous Jiao, while the Wine Swallow Boy led the ghosts and the poisonous insects into battle.

Ye Lu watched Miao Zixuan quietly.

In fact, Miao Zixuan was also a bit overwhelmed because her main focus was on cultivating the poisonous insects and how to drive them, and it was not that easy to cultivate and drive so many “Sovereign” level demonic beasts.

Seeing the strange strength that Ye Luo had just displayed, she was also unsure of herself.

To be honest, Ye Lu also had no confidence in his heart, every time he had fought before, there was an element of trickery, and the only time he didn’t was the physical combat which had nothing to do with “Grand Master”.

Ye Lu knew very well that even though his ninth aura had grown considerably and he possessed “Saint Level” martial arts skills, there was still a considerable gap between him and a “Level 9 Grand Master”.

With his superb martial arts skills and flames, he might be able to fight an “Eighth Level Grandmaster”, but he was not sure if he wanted to deal with a “Ninth Level Grandmaster”.

However, Miao Zixuan’s hesitation gave Ye Lu time to recover his blood energy.

Then, Miao Zixuan took a deep breath and drew out a scimitar and charged towards Ye Lu, and as she did so, she quickly swung her sword, and a sword aura was like a small curved moon slashing towards Ye Lu.

To be honest, this kind of move was not available to Ye Lu, for this kind of fast external attack, even the “Rakshasa Ghost Step” was difficult to dodge completely, after all, the number of curved moons was too large, but, fortunately, Ye Lu’s “Prajna Hybrid Vajra Body” plus the “Heavenly Rank” armor on his body could resist this kind of attack hard.

After that, Ye Lu took out a bottle of blood and poured it into his mouth. This time, Ye Lu used the blood of the “Divine Beast White Tiger”, and a huge white tiger shadow appeared above Ye Lu’s head.

Although it could only be used once, the “White Tiger Shadow” combined with the “Wind Moving Technique” and the “Rakshasa Ghost Step” combined with the fact that Miao Zixuan was charging towards Ye Lu, so Ye Lu was caught off guard and struck Miao Zixuan’s body with a swift blow, which was his strongest attack, “Burning Heaven’s Wrath”.


This blow hit Miao Zixuan’s chest, and without any surprise the powerful fusion fire energy penetrated her protective clothing, and then seriously injured her heart and veins, while Ye Lu was unforgiving and quickly slapped Miao Zixuan’s head again, killing her completely on the spot.

“Miao Zixuan, fifth on the “Killer Heaven List”, died.

After Miao Zixuan’s death, countless “poisonous insects” scattered and fled, disappearing in a flash.

Only the “Horned Dragon” was left behind, looking at Ye Lu in confusion, because he felt the aura of the dragon bloodline from Ye Lu’s body.

After killing Miao Zixuan, Ye Lu looked at the remaining people and said.

“It’s too meaningless to kill them one by one, so you guys come together.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the crowd frowned as everyone felt that Ye Luo was too arrogant, simply a little too arrogant, the three giants hadn’t even made a move yet and he actually said for everyone to come together, this clearly didn’t put the three giants in his eyes.

As a result, the first one to go berserk was the “douchebag killer” called “Joker”.

The apple he had been holding at the tip of his finger suddenly broke into dozens of pieces and fell to the ground.

As a result, to Ye Lu’s surprise, the “horned dragon” thought for a moment and actually hissed and charged towards the “clown”.

However, something even more surprising happened.

Above the Joker’s head, a huge goddess figure appeared, with a pair of huge wings and a scepter in her hand.

At the same time as the shadow appeared, the Joker also attacked, and the long blade slashed at the Horned Dragon’s body like a train, splashing blood.