Super School Student Chapter 327-328

Chapter 327

“There really is a backhand!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo could not help but feel, this person is really determined to let himself die, actually there is a backhand waiting for him.

In fact, Ye Lu had misjudged this point, this was not a backhand that had been arranged in advance, but someone who had come temporarily. Because of the live broadcast just now, the “blood” people who were following the development of the disorder here had of course seen it, so they had temporarily sent the good bloods around here.

However, there was no one as powerful as the Prince around, and the Prince was not fit for such an occasion.

“Although Jefferson was a member of the Blood Clan, he did not represent the Blood Clan, so there was no problem for Jefferson to appear, but if the Prince appeared, it might give the Lord of the Underground a reason to appear.

Of course, the more immediate reason is that at the moment the Princes are busy with something they feel is more important, so no one wants to get involved in this matter, but it won’t be long before they regret their choice.

“It’s really a case of gaining ground!”

Ye Lu was really confused, if the people who came were weaker, it was fine, the “Wine Swallow Boy” and the “Ghost Bat” should be able to deal with them, but this was the territory of the “Blood Race”, as long as the other party sent some “Dukes” of the Blood Race, he should be in trouble.

And Ye Luo saw that the people who came were really at the level of “Dukes”.

“But I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed, I’m going to fly away!”

As long as it wasn’t one of those “Saints” who could fly, his escape was still reliable after all.

This was also his last resort, and he wore the not-quite-perfect flying armour all the time.

However, when he was ready to fly away, he was depressed to find that he couldn’t fly.

“It should be that the ‘Pattern of Laws’ has been destroyed.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

There were probably two types of situations where one could not fly, one was that one’s aura was depleted and could not support one’s flight, and the second was that the “weapon pattern” for flight had been destroyed, and then one could not fly either.

Ye Lu had been saving his spiritual energy for this back-up, so he felt that he must have enough spiritual energy, and that was if the armour had been destroyed.

Because flying required the energy of heaven and earth, and also the formation of wind pressure, so the flying armour had to be worn on the outside, which was probably caused by the blow from the “clown” just now.

Ye Lu had fought against the Joker’s blade, and now he thought that the blade should not be any ordinary thing, but it was understandable when he thought about it, because the Joker was the third expert in the “Killer Heaven List”, and he also had the bloodline of “Nemesis”, so he should be related to some big figures in Europe.

“D*mn it, what’s going to happen now?”

This time Ye Lu was really confused, his planned backhand was suddenly gone, and the other party’s backhand had already arrived, which was a bit dumb.

“This time it’s really dead!”

Without the need for others to say so, Ye Lu first muttered to himself.

Because in his opinion, including himself, there was no one who could save him.

The Blood Dukes who rushed over also thought the same thing, and were already sure of victory.

However, at this moment, the wind suddenly picked up and a huge figure descended from the sky, bringing with it a gust of wind that blew all those who were rushing forward backwards.

“Sh*t! Help is coming.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, then quickly grabbed the “Torture Axe” and quickly turned around.

Sure enough, it was the giant bird demonic beast “Big Wind” that had come.

“Come up!”

The giant bird actually looked at Ye Lu and spat out human words, which took Ye Lu by surprise, however, he no longer had time to hesitate and dwell on these things, he quickly jumped onto the back of “Big Wind”, and then, the demonic beast “Big Wind” took off with its wings.

All these people were really dumbfounded, because no one could deal with a “Saint Level” flying demon beast, the advantage of “Big Wind” in the air was too obvious.

“That demonic beast actually went and came back, it’s really too cunning!”

Someone said with emotion.

Following this, everyone else lamented as well, as no one expected the Great Wind to come back.

To be honest, this was also very unexpected from Ye Lu.

“Big Wind, why did you save me?”

Riding on the back of the demonic beast “Big Wind”, Ye Luo also asked with some confusion.

“The reason for saving you, of course it’s because I see that you are handsome, I like handsome men the most.”

Hearing “Big Wind’s” words, Ye Luo blurted out.

“You’re a female?”

As a result, “Big Wind” was not willing to do so, and it said in an unpleasant tone.

“Talking like that to girls will get you no girlfriend, you know? You’re just a loser who can’t please women, am I right?”

Hearing “Big Wind’s” words, Ye Lu was a bit depressed, he quickly said.

“What are you talking about? There are many women who like me.”

“Big Wind” said with disdain.

“Cut! You’re lying to me again, so why are you still a little virgin?”

Ye Lu said glumly.

“Sh*t! You know all this?”

“Gale had already flown a long way out, so he wasn’t flapping his wings and was gliding, saying as he flew.

“I can’t tell if a person is ‘mating’ or not by their scent.”

For his part, Leaffall said with a relieved look at the Roman downtown area beneath his feet.

“Okay, your nose is good, but tell me the truth, why did you save me, and why are you able to talk?”

“Only then did Gale say.

“I can talk because I am a ‘great demon’ in ‘form’, and right now I am in my ‘demon body’, if I change into human form, you will know I’m a big beauty.”

“However, the reason why I will save you is because of that arrow in your hand, my ancestor’s heritage tells me that our ‘Great Wind’ clan owes a favour to the ‘Hou Yi Superior Immortal’, so if we meet and So if we meet someone who is related to the ‘Hou Yi Immortal’, we should try to help.”

Hearing the words of “Big Wind”, Ye Lu was a bit confused, and he asked in confusion.

“Wasn’t it Hou Yi who shot and killed your ancestor, ‘Big Wind’?”

“Big Wind” said.

“I think so, it is said that he was ‘shot and killed at the Qingqiu River’, I am not very clear about the exact circumstances, but in any case, this is what the inheritance tells us.”

Seeing that even “Big Wind” did not know, Ye Lu could only sigh and say.

“Alright, thanks a lot, I’m already in the ‘weak stage’ now, let’s find a safe place to rest for a while.”

“Big Wind” agreed.


With that, he drew an arc in the air and flew towards the “Apennine Mountains”, the largest mountain range in Italy.

When Ye Lu and “Big Wind” left to make adjustments, the cultivators of the entire underground world, and even the entire secular world, were already in a frenzy.

“The “Killer List” was divided into the “Earth List”, the “Heavenly List” and the “Saint List”, because the killers on the “Saint List” were all “Saints” so it was very difficult for people to see them, and very few people knew about them.

Therefore, the most discussed is the “Heavenly Ranking”, which is in the middle of the list, and is also the most well-known.

This time, the top 20 on the “Heavenly Ranking” had all died overnight, which was unbelievable.

“What the hell is a ‘Blood Shadow Shura’? Did he eat the ‘Immortal Pill’ and immediately become an immortal? This is too terrifying.”

The commotion that Ye Luo had created could be described as “terrifying”.

“Death’s Shadow headquarters.

“The leader of the Shadow of Death, the mysterious figure known as the Shadow, gave an order for the first time.

“At any cost, by all means, we must bring ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ to the Shadow of Death, we are the only organisation that knows his details, we must make use of this. ”

This order was quickly transmitted from the upper cadres all the way down to the lowest level.

The other major organisations, with the exception of the mysterious Judgement of the Underworld, were all looking into the matter of the Yum Yum Shura.

The headquarters of the Dark Pharaohs in Egypt.

“Did Susanna really die at the hands of Shura?”

Someone said in disbelief.

“Susanna was a very talented “Holy Maiden” of the Egyptian “Dark Pharaohs”, and it was a kind of training for her to become an a*sa*sin, but who would have thought that she would have fallen.

“Yes, I’m afraid that ‘Shura’ will soon be at the top of the ‘secular world’.”


Chapter 328

Everyone was shocked and puzzled by the strong rise of “Shura”, because this man had risen so suddenly.

It was as if he was a cub one day, but suddenly became a terrifying beast the next.

What everyone could not accept was not that Shura was powerful, but that Shura was too powerful too quickly.

The Seven Organizations of the Underworld, the Dark Kingdom and the Source of Evil, which are similar to the Underworld, were also talking about the name “Shura the Blood Shadow”.

At this moment, Ye Luo was communicating with one of the leaders of the “ghost bats”, who were very intelligent.

What was funny to Ye Lu was that they had learnt this sign language by kidnapping a teacher from a school for the deaf and mute, but of course the teacher was kindly sent away and the “ghost bats” gave him a pile of “gold, silver and jewellery” and other things that everyone thought were valuable.

However, unfortunately, the “ghost bats” got the stuff through complicated channels, many of which were not legal channels, so the teacher of the deaf school is currently in jail.

At this moment, the leader of the “ghost bats” was gesturing with Ye Lu.

In fact, before Ye Luo went to the Colosseum, he had already released the Ghost Bats first, and he thought it was the most appropriate way to let the Ghost Bats go there first to see what was going on.

Those guys didn’t know that Ye Lu had a Ghost Bat in his hand, so before he appeared, he let the Ghost Bat check out the situation first and improvise a way to rescue Liu Mei in advance, so that it might work without anyone knowing.

“It’s done!”

When he saw the gesture from the Ghost Bat, Ye Lu smiled.

I didn’t expect that these guys were really powerful, while he was fighting for his life, these “ghost bats” actually saved Liu Mei.

However, the leader of the “ghost bats” continued to gesture.

When Ye Lu saw it continue to gesture, his brow furrowed.

“What, the one you saved was not Liu Mei, then who did you save?”

This time Ye Lu was really a bit confused, he trusted his eyesight very much, at least in looking at Liu Mei this he felt that he would never lose his eyesight.

“What? The one you rescued is a ‘doll’.”

Seeing the “Ghost Bat” leader’s continued gestures Ye Lu was getting more and more confused.

“Well, did you bring the doll here?”

As a result, the ghost bat said that it would be here in a moment.

At this time, “Big Wind”, who had been standing next to him, spoke up.

“What’s this thing you’ve got? It’s too ugly and has an eerie aura. To be honest, I have serious doubts about your aesthetics and taste.”

Hearing Gale’s words, the leader of the “ghost bats” immediately turned his head and glared at him.

“Gale, on the other hand, gave it an indifferent blank look.

Naturally, Ye Lu had to favour his own people, so he looked at “Big Wind” and changed the subject.

“Big Wind, should I call you sister, or aunt, or old aunt, or something, I guess you’re not too young, can you show your form, so that we can talk more easily, talking to a bird, I really feel very awkward.”

As a result, the “big wind” said discontentedly.

“As for revealing your form, I think it’s not very convenient now, so I won’t reveal my form.”

Ye Lu then said indifferently.

“What’s so inconvenient about it, there’s no one else here, are you so ugly that you don’t dare to meet people?”

As a result, his words P*ssed off “Big Wind” and she stood there and said.

“How dare you say it’s ugly, I’m a recognized beauty, you want to see it, right, then fine, let’s see it, it’s cheaper for you guy.”

At the same time, the mouthful of water he was drinking also “poof!” At the same time, the mouthful of water he was drinking spurted out.

He finally figured out why this “big wind” said it was inconvenient, it turned out that she was not wearing any clothes, just standing there quietly without a single inch.

Big eyes, high nose, simply a perfect beauty, no, there is an advantage over the perfect beauty, that is, the skin is really white and white, especially the breasts and white and round ……

Seeing Ye Lu somewhat dumbfounded look, the woman then smiled and said.

“What, fancy sister?”

Ye Luo hurriedly collected himself and said.

“Sh*t! Saying gross, I’m a decent guy ……”

As a result, before Ye Lu could finish his sentence, “Big Wind” said with a smile as he touched his fullness.

“Don’t be a hero, if you say you like me, I’ll help you end your virginity, what do you think?”

The “big breeze” hand that was constantly moving said without thinking.

“Good, quite good ……”

As a result, “Big Wind” turned back into a giant bird and said with a smile.

“Dream on, little sister I’m still a yellow girl.”

When she finished speaking, Ye Lu skimmed her lips and said.

“Che! Who cares, by the way, can you tell me about the situation in the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’?”

Ye Luo had heard about the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ more than once before, and the demonic beasts he summoned basically came from the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’, so Ye Luo was very interested in the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’.

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, “Big Wind” said in a serious manner.

“How can I put it, the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ is unfathomable, the ‘Great Demons’ are only the most marginal demonic beasts there, and how big the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ really is, I don’t even know. How big it is, I don’t even know, because in the depths of the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ there is an extremely terrifying existence that may well destroy the heavens and the earth.”

“Moreover, there is more than one entrance and exit of the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’.”

Hearing what “Big Wind” said about “destroying the heavens and destroying the earth”, Ye Lu said with some disbelief.

“Don’t exaggerate so much! Is it really that scary?”

As a result, “Big Wind” said.

“No, maybe it’s even more terrifying than I said, so I have to thank you for summoning me out of there, because there’s no way for me to come out normally except for your kind of summoning technique. a way to come out.”

“Also, what I’m saying is that I feel that your understanding might be a bit wrong, do you think that since all the ‘secret realms’ are on Earth, therefore, Earth is the biggest?”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Isn’t it?”

“Big Wind” shook his head and said.

“No, in fact, the Earth is just a connection point, there are many mysterious realms bigger than the Earth, and the most terrifying mysterious realms are those that are not opened, no one can know what will be there.”

Hearing her words, Ye Luo then nodded.

He believed this, because the unknown was always the most frightening, and Ye Lu had learned this from his own encounter.

Most people would never have seen the Bloods in their lives.

The “doll” that the leader of the “ghost bats” had mentioned had not yet been delivered, and Ye Luo was in a period of weakness, so Ye Luo was bored and studied the pendant around his neck, the “One Leaf Bodhi”.

The only plant in the spiritual field of the “One Leaf Bodhi” seemed to be close to maturity, as the pendant had started to fluctuate differently, and the only plant had grown quite long, much like a long snake with thorns.

Ye Luo felt that only such a single plant had been planted in such a large spiritual field, so he thought that this plant must be very unusual.

After another while, the “ghost bats” finally flew over with a human-shaped doll in their mouths.

The doll was quite beautiful, very much like the Barbie dolls we often see, with golden hair, big eyes, lips and nose, all the details were lifelike.

However, when the “ghost bats” said that this was what they had saved, Ye Lu was still a bit confused, so he quickly began to check the details of this doll.

As a result, Ye Lu found that this “magic treasure” was really unbelievable.