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Super School Student Chapter 351-352

Chapter 351

And just as Ye Lu was secretly having a good time, Jiang Wu Ya said with a smile.

“This is just part of our ‘Divine Farming Valley’, in our treasure trove there are various treasures that have been accumulated over the years, as well as things left behind by our ancestors.”

Following this, he then said with some embarra*sment.

“It is a shame that we are holding onto our ancestors’ mountain of treasures empty, but we have no way to fully utilise them, as most of our ancestors’ potion recipes have disappeared in the process of being pa*sed down, which is why our ‘Shennong Clan’ clan has been declining more and more, and in the end, our ancestors then chose to ‘hide in obscurity’, which was also so that our clan could pa*s on.”

Ye Lu nodded, then looked at Jiang Wu Ya and said.

“Don’t worry, regarding your clan’s lost techniques, martial skills, dan recipes and the like, I can help you guys replenish them, not only that, I will also repair the ‘Spirit Gathering Formation’ on your ‘Divine Farming Valley’ Great Valley Protection Formation, when the formation is After it is repaired, you can gather this heaven and earth energy as well as the power of the laws, so that all your plants here can grow better, even the plants that are hard to grow can grow easily.”

“As for restoring your bodies, of course you will need to take care of the materials and I will refine the pills for you, as I still have a lot of things to do and my time is limited.”

After saying that, Ye Lu walked towards the direction of the “treasure store” while saying.

“Whoever has the most contact with the outside world here, send him out to inquire about the situation and find out what the evil cultivators of the ‘Miaojiang’ are doing, what they are looking for and what secrets they have.”

Although the “Divine Farmers’ Valley” had gone into hiding, they were in the depths of the “Miao Frontier” and must know more about these Miao Frontier forces than they did.

Immediately, Jiang Wu Ya arranged for someone to go out and inquire about the situation, while Ye Lu walked into the Treasure Vault.

Once inside, he was amazed by the contents of the treasure trove. There was really everything, and many of the items were in extremely rich quantities, so it was worthy of being a real treasure trove.

However, many things still required him to look into the functions carefully before he could do so, and he felt that there was another large batch of pills that he could only watch before to refine.

“It looks like there’s no need to earn ‘Darkness Points’ to buy various herbs.”

Looking at the huge treasure trove, Ye Lu muttered with some emotion.

He originally wanted to use the Darkness Points to buy herbs, but now it seemed that this part of the expenses could be saved. Thinking about the Darkness Points, Ye Lu suddenly thought that he should have a lot of points in his account.

The points from the dozens of “demons” from before should have all gone to his account.

There was no “internet” in the “Secret World”, so Ye Lu turned on the “Offline Search” function of his gla*ses and started to look up the points in his account.

As a result, he found that even with all these Darkness Points, he was still only a Six Star Demon, because the difference between each star level in the Underworld was huge, so it was no wonder that the Six Star Demon was so proud of himself, because the points of all the other Demons combined were only a little more than his own.

Of course, even if he didn’t need to buy alchemy materials, these “dark points” would not be useless, Ye Lu would definitely need all kinds of materials if he wanted to refine spatial magic weapons, in addition, posting quests and buying news would also cost a lot of points.

“Okay, let’s make a note to refine a very necessary elixir first.”

After thinking about it, Ye Lu asked Jiang Wu Ya for a medicinal herb called the “Immortal Herb of Beans Descending”, and then found several other medicinal herbs to make an antidote to poison that was several levels higher than the “Antidote Pill”, called the “Antidote to Poison Pill”, which could protect against most of the toxins of the “Saint Level” demonic beasts, including the “Corpse Poison” and other toxins.

This time, he had to deal with the evil cultivators of Miaojiang, so Ye Lu had to make some preparations. After that, Ye Lu found a garden and released the “Tongtian Vine” to let it eat gra*s.

He was also planning to take the growing “Tongtian Vine” with him to fight the great Yin Yang master “Abe Haruaki” in the future. He was eager to see how the Japanese would look after they had lifted a stone to smash their own feet.

When he saw that Ye Lu was actually going to make a potion, Jiang Wu Ya of course had to go and take a look. Not only him, but also several of the family’s good potion makers had run to Ye Lu’s garden to see how Ye Lu made a potion.

However, before they could watch Ye Lu’s alchemy, they were shocked by the “Tong Tian Vine” that Ye Lu had released. It looked like a plant, but it could eat the herbs in the garden like an animal, and this was the first time they had seen a plant that could move as flexibly as a snake with spirituality.

“What kind of plant is this? It’s amazing!”

Jiang Wu Ya asked as he looked at the “Tong Tian Vine”.

Ye Luo said as he took out the “Burning Heavenly Furnace”.

“This is a plant cultivated from the seeds of the immortal vine that was birthed by the heaven and earth at the beginning of chaos, its name is ‘Tong Tian Vine’, it grows by eating other plants, so it can only use your garden as pasture.”

When they heard Ye Lu say that this thing was actually something that was bred at the time of the “beginning of chaos”, they were once again astonished, but what was even more astonishing was that when they saw Ye Lu release the blue “Ghostly Flame of the Underworld”, it was the first time they had seen this kind of cold flame, and even the temperature around them plummeted, and a thick layer of frost condensed on the ground.

“This Mr. Ye is really no ordinary person!”

Seeing Ye Lu manipulating the “Ghostly Flame of the Underworld” to refine pills, Jiang Wu Ya was once again convinced that he had followed the right person this time.

After a while, the man who had just gone out to find out the news came back.

“I’ve made a clear enquiry, this operation is not a separate operation of the ‘Black Witch Cult’, it is a joint operation of the entire ‘Miaojiang’ evil cultivators, and it is indeed related to ‘Becoming Immortal’. It’s not just the ‘evil cultivators’ who are involved in this matter, but also the ‘clan community’, in short, this matter seems to be very involved. ”

Ye Lu then asked after thinking about it.

“Does this matter involve a person called ‘Zhang Tian’?”

The man said without thinking.

“Yes, legend has it that the whole thing was caused by the one called ‘Zhang Tian’, and it seems to be related to his brother and another person, in short, ‘Zhang Tian’ inadvertently obtaining the ‘Immortal Pill ‘ was the origin of the whole thing.”

Hearing him finish, Ye Lu nodded silently.

It seemed that things were really similar to what he had imagined, the origin of this matter was Liao City, where he was, and then everything was because Zhang Tian had obtained the “Immortal Pill”, and I was afraid that the “Xuan Tian Sect” was going to deal with the “Four Ancient Martial Arts Families”, and also the Japanese were interfering with this, otherwise why would the Japanese change their mind and arrest the patriarchs and members of the Four Ancient Martial Arts Families?

In other words, this matter has spread to the whole country, even to Japan, starting from Liaocheng, and the clan community may even involve more people.

“I wonder what the truth of this matter is?”

Ye Lu became more and more curious about this matter.

And the man went on to say.

“According to reliable internal information, in a few days’ time, people from the ‘Black Witch Cult’ are preparing to attack ‘Wudang’, and it seems to be related to this incident as well.”

Knowing this news, Ye Lu made a quick decision, he was going to go to Wudang to have a look.

Last time, people from the “Southern School of Martial Arts” had come to the capital to open a martial arts school, and this time, the “Black Witch Cult” was involved in the Southern School of Martial Arts, so Ye Lu was also a bit curious.

However, before going to Wudang, there were still a lot of things to do, including helping Jiang Wu Ya and his leaders to make pills to restore their cultivation, as well as fortifying the Shen Nong Formation, as the Shen Nong Valley had become Ye Lu’s back garden, and he did not want any trouble here.

Of course, apart from that, there were still many things to prepare, especially his cultivation level, Ye Lu had always wanted to break through this bottleneck.

However, he found that as long as it wasn’t a decent battle, his usual meditation and cultivation would be far less effective.

“The people of the Black Witch Cult had long since stopped guarding the entrance to the valley, so at present, Ye Lu had no one to fight with, so he had no choice but to make various pills first, among which the pills made from the herb “Cave Underworld Gra*s” were simply a great tonic for the “Wine Swallow Boy”.

In this way, five days later, Ye Lu started to leave for Wudang, a bloody storm was about to begin.


Chapter 352

“Ye Lu, the ‘spell’ you taught me seems to be really hard to practice!”

Under Ye Lu’s feet, “Big Wind” said to Ye Lu as he flew.

Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“It’s probably because this is a human ‘spell’, and you’re a demonic beast, although you can take on a form, you’re really not a real human, so it’s a bit hard to practice.”

“Gale” thought for a moment, then nodded and said.

“What you said seems to have some truth to it, do you have a ‘spell’ that demons can practice?”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“This really isn’t available, because I’m human, therefore, all my inheritance is also human inheritance, I’m really sorry about that, but don’t worry, I’ll help you refine that ‘Dragon Ruminant’ when I have time, and raise your bloodline concentration and level, by then you’ll definitely awaken more bloodline divine abilities .”

Although “Big Wind” was not a “divine beast”, it had saved Ye Lu’s life, so Ye Lu did not want to treat him badly, and “Big Wind” had also helped Ye Lu a lot.

“Do you want me to help out when the big battle starts?”

“Big Wind” continued to ask.

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“It depends on the situation, let’s improvise, if ‘Wudang’ can handle this, we’ll just watch the event, we’re not in a hurry for this one anyway.”

Compared to the previous trip to Japan and Europe, this time, there was much more time to come to Miaojiang, at least we didn’t have to run around as much as before, so Ye Lu made more preparations.

After arriving at Wudang Mountain, the evil cultivators had not yet arrived, so Ye Lu let “Big Wind” take on a human form and the two of them went for a stroll up the mountain first.

“The Wudang Mountain is not only the birthplace of the Wudang Sect, but also a tourist holy place, so there were many tourists walking back and forth on the mountain path.

However, “Big Wind” was so eye-catching that it was hard for a woman of over 5’9″ to be as attractive as she was, and almost everyone she met was interested in “Big Wind”, which made “Big Wind” feel very proud.

“I told you, I’m beautiful.”

“Big Wind” looked at Ye Lu and said arrogantly.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Really? How about compared to Liu Mei?”

As a result, “Big Wind” said with a depressed look on his face.

“Sh*t! Can you let me compare with someone, Liu Mei, is she human, in your human words, she’s already ‘more beautiful than a heavenly fairy’, okay?”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Okay, but there are a few more beauties, when I’m free, I can introduce you to them and you can compare them.”

The two of them chatted as they went to the top of the mountain beam, the place they were going to this time was the “Top of Wudang” which was also known as the Golden Hall on the Golden Peak of Wudang.

The Golden Hall is also called the “Great Harmony Palace” and stands on top of the highest peak of Wudang Mountain, Tianzhu Peak, which is more than 1,600 metres from the foot of the mountain, where the peaks are supported and worshipped by all directions.

However, “Big Wind” was a bit dismissive of this Golden Peak and the Tianzhu Peak.

“In our ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’, any mountain would be ten times taller than this one.”

For his part, Ye Lu said with some disbelief.

“Sh*t, really, the highest peak in our world is only 8848 meters, the mountain you’re talking about is even taller than our highest peak? Is it too exaggerated.”

“Big Wind” then looked at Ye Lu and said with a look of ignorance.

“Do you know how big the ‘Divine Bird Roc’ in our ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ is? It’s as tall as a mountain when it spreads its wings, so how can it fit in a place that’s too small?”

Hearing “Big Wind’s” words, Ye Lu had a clearer understanding of the size of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

“I’m afraid that the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ is the largest secret realm on Earth.”

Ye Luo muttered with some emotion.

She had no say in this “big wind” because she had only been to the “Pill God Valley” secret realm apart from the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”.

When they reached the Golden Peak, the number of people had increased.

However, Ye Lu guessed that with the style of the Black Witch Cult, they would not come here in broad daylight to cause trouble, so it was better to look around during the day, help “Big Wind” make some pills, and then wait slowly.

He told him that he was also a practitioner and wanted to talk to their master about Daoism.

As a result, that Daoist priest did not believe Ye Lu’s words.

“Then what can I do for you to believe?”

Ye Luo looked at this young Daoist priest and asked.

As a result, this Daoist priest looked at Ye Lu and thought about it and said.

“Then show me; show me your hand, like performing a chest breaking boulder or something to prove that you have kung fu, otherwise you are just fooling people.”

Ye Lu thought about it, then raised his hand and slapped it towards a rock next to him.


Ye Luo’s hand left a clear slap mark on the stone.

“Wow! That’s too awesome!”

As expected, for laymen, it was still the outside kung fu that was the most attractive, this Daoist boy immediately believed Ye Lu’s words and then pointed towards the mountains and forests and said.

“Behind that mountain, there is a Daoist temple, it is said that the masters all purify there, however, we people are not allowed to go there.”

Ye Lu looked at the place he was pointing at, and then roughly judged that the place he was talking about was another small secret place, but with the power of Wudang, it was not surprising that there were several small secret places.

However, after this Daoist boy finished speaking, he looked at Ye Lu with his head tilted and said.

“I think I’ve seen you somewhere before, but I can’t remember for a while.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I am a person who tolerates being misunderstood the most, because I have a popular face and everyone looks familiar to me, I am used to it.”

Then Ye Luo waved towards the distance and said.

“Sister Wind, let’s go, we’re going to that side.”

As soon as “Big Wind” appeared, the little Daoist boy’s soul was hooked away.

He then forgot all about where he had seen Ye Luo. Ye Luo walked quickly into the trees and headed for a hill not far away.

Sure enough, after going around the hill, he felt some abnormal fluctuations in space, and indeed there was an entrance to the secret realm here, but there was no one guarding the entrance.

After thinking about it, Ye Lu asked “Big Wind” to stay outside and walked into the secret realm himself.

However, before Ye Lu could take a closer look, he heard someone say.

“It looks like a destined person has arrived, may I ask, Master, is there something you want to do here?”

Ye Lu looked at the person who spoke, he seemed to be a very kind person, his cultivation level was not high, he was only a cultivator of the “Innate Realm”.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Can I see your master or master, or in any case, the person in charge here?”

Hearing Ye Lu say that he wanted to see the person in charge, the Taoist priest smiled and said.

“This wouldn’t really be very convenient, as they are all very busy, and as you know, many of the masters are eager to meet our elders, so if they were to meet anyone, wouldn’t they be very busy.”

Ye Lu nodded, then said.

“I know the reasoning, however, this incident is very significant, unfortunately the survival of your ‘Wudang’ is at stake, I’m really not being alarmist.”

Ye Luo said in a very serious manner, he felt that he was already very serious anyway.

However, the other party laughed and said.

“This really doesn’t work, there are all kinds of people who say anything here, there are also people who have said they are our master’s illegitimate son, but they are all just some delusional people ……”

Seeing this guy’s attitude, Ye Lu lifted his hand ready to hit in, however, he gave up this idea on second thought, because he felt that even if he spoke to the chief here, that is, if everyone hid, he could still hide from the first day, but could not hide from the 15th.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Well then, let me leave you a phone number, once something happens, look for me first.”

As he said that, Ye Luo stretched out a finger and released “Red Lotus Karmic Flame” and wrote on the ground quickly in empty space.

He wrote “‘Black Witch Cult’ is about to attack”, then wrote his phone number, after which he looked at the guy in charge of the reception and smiled, then floated away.

“So it’s a master, but I think I’ve seen him somewhere before?”