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Super School Student Chapter 359-360

Chapter 359

“Huang He Yong, what are you doing?”

Elder Miao asked as she looked at the man with a frown.

However, the man didn’t answer her question, but continued to run wildly towards the front and soon disappeared from the view of the crowd.

“What the hell is going on?”

Elder Miao muttered in some confusion as he looked at the dark woods ahead.

The land of the Miao frontier was very rich in vegetation, and the trees here were also thickly branched, so they blocked the view of the crowd, and everyone had no idea what was up ahead.

However, immediately afterwards another person turned unusual.

“I’ll kill you, you want to seduce my sister Juan, don’t you? I’ve already seen that you’re up to no good, so go to hell.”

A black-clothed “Compulsion” suddenly slashed at a guy next to him, then attacked desperately while mumbling incoherently.

The man next to him was obviously of a higher cultivation level than him, but he was caught off guard and was left with a long slash on his body.

“Restrain him.”

Elder Miao quickly gave the order, while frowning.

She had fully understood that someone was attacking them, only, what she didn’t understand somewhat was how the other party had managed to do this, she didn’t see any poisonous mist, nor did she smell anything special, and not everyone had symptoms either.

“Everyone stay put, be careful and look around for anything unusual.”

Elder Miao gave a quick order, it was obviously very dangerous to go any further.

However, he did not know that it was equally dangerous to stay here, as they were already within the range of the mirage, which was still spreading.

The longer they stay in the mirage, the more they will be affected by it.

This “mirage” is not a toxin, so it is difficult to detect. It is more like a subtle illusion that gradually eats away at a person’s spirit, attacking the weak-minded.

So it was not long before someone else began to appear abnormal.

This time it was a woman who went mad, and she looked in one direction and muttered.

“It’s no use, everything is meaningless, he doesn’t like me anymore, maybe he never liked me, what’s the point of living like this? I might as well die and be done with it ……”

Following this, she drew a short knife and plunged it into her heart.

The stab was so deep that it reached the hilt, and the body fell to the ground with a “thud! The body fell to the ground with a thud.

Despite the fact that the people around him were all battle-hardened, and could even be described as experts in killing people, they still drew a breath of cold air at this scene.

For the unknown is always the most frightening.

Now it was because everyone did not know what they were afraid of that these people were so worried.

However, what worried Elder Miao even more was that it would not do for them to be stuck here like this, the “Black Witch Cult” had not been able to contact them for a long time, which meant that at least the outer fortress had been completely destroyed, so perhaps that Night Louro was really not being alarmist.

“Take the few people who are in trouble away and let’s move on.”

Eventually, Elder Miao said after some thought.

“The Black Witch Cult could not be left alone, and not only that, they had to act quickly, otherwise it might be too late.

But, to their dismay, they hadn’t gone far before someone went mad again.

“I’m afraid we’ve entered some kind of ‘illusion’ or ‘poisonous miasma’, and the ‘illusion’ or ‘poisonous miasma’ user should be quite powerful, so I suggest taking a different path and going around from the other side.”

The others nodded as well, they too were a little confused by the situation before them.

However, these people did not have to go far before they met another group of people with depressed faces. These people were from the Cult of the Evil God, an organisation formed by various “evil cultivators” from other regions who had come to Miaojiang.

Moreover, it is also the one that has the greatest influence on Miaojiang, because there are many super fugitives from the Central Plains or other places in this organisation.

Although these people were very evil, they were really strong enough to make people doubt their lives.

“You guys are not under attack too, are you?”

Elder Miao asked with a frown as he looked at the crowd of the “Evil God Sect”.

When he heard Elder Miao’s words, the Evil God Sect elder nodded and said.

“So, you have encountered the same situation, this is really evil! I’ve never seen such an attack before, what is it?”

The main entrance and exit of the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”, which was also the safest entrance and exit, was in the hands of the “Beast Alliance”.

Therefore, the other entrances and exits were very secretive and dangerous, and even if someone knew about them, they would not be made public, because for many organisations, the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts” meant both danger and opportunity at the same time.

Therefore, apart from the Beast Alliance, not many people have ever entered the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”, and most people have never seen a demonic beast like the “Great Wind”, “Nine Infants” or “Mirage”.

Therefore, it was normal for these people not to know about the Mirage.

To be honest, Ye Lu did not expect the shell-like creatures he had summoned to be so powerful, and the effect was a bit surprising.

When Gale and Snake had killed all the people from the Black Witch Cult, none of the rescuers had shown their heads.

“It seems that these ‘mirages’ are good treasures and should not be lost so easily.”

As he was preparing to evacuate, Ye Lu thought about it and planned to put all those ‘mirages’ into the ‘Spirit Beast Bracelet’.

“Xiu Snake, are you going to stay in the Worldly Realm or return to the Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts? If you want to go back, then nod your head and I will send you back.”

As a result, “Xiu Snake” shook his head quickly.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’m leaving then, I’ll see you later.”

After saying that, Ye Luo let the “ghost bats” retrieve the “mirage”, and he and the “gale” flew into the sky and disappeared into the darkness.

After Ye Lu left, the strange situation of the rescue teams disappeared, and it didn’t take long for all three sides to reach the fortress where the Black Witch Cult’s headquarters was located.

Of course, the entrance to the secret realm was not dependent on anything, so even if the surrounding area had been destroyed, it was still possible to enter the secret realm.

Everyone took out their weapons as if they were enemies, and then cautiously entered the Black Witch Cult’s secret realm.

Once inside, the smell of blood was overwhelming. Of the gods who had entered, only the “Cultivated Snake” had swallowed and would not leave any traces.

The “ghost bats” also ate very badly, with blood and flesh flying everywhere, and the “evil spirits” even liked to tear people into pieces, so this “secret realm” was full of blood, white bones and scattered “cultivated snakes” that had not eaten clean meat.

“How ruthless! More ruthless than even us ‘evil cultivators’, not a single living soul was left behind.”

A few people said with some emotion.

However, immediately afterwards, they saw a huge head carved out of stone abruptly stand up from behind a house.

“What a big snake!”

Some people looked at the snake in surprise, while the snake licked its tongue, because there were several people in there, and it felt that the taste was very delicious.

In the air, Ye Lu received a message from the “Underworld App”.

He had just seen that the Black Witch Cult’s leader was not at the headquarters of the Black Witch Cult, so he felt that something was wrong and quickly started looking for information about the Black Witch Cult’s leader and the Wudang Sect Leader.

“The Black Witch Cult’s master had a battle with the Wudang Sect and was badly injured by the Shaolin Sect’s hand. ”

“The ‘Black Witch Cult’ Sect Master has just hijacked a plane and is flying from Wudang Mountain Airport to Miaojiang.”

“At this moment the plane is flying at ‘longitude XX east, latitude XX north’ to Miaojiang at a speed of nine hundred kilometres per hour ……”


When he saw these messages, Ye Lu smiled.

“Hey, hey, looks like it’s time to hit the aeroplane for once!”


Chapter 360

Ye Lu had guessed before that the leaders of both sides were not there, but he did not expect that the leaders of the two sides had actually gone to PK alone.

However, since the leader of the Black Witch Cult was injured, it was a good opportunity to kill him. It might be difficult for others, but he had a powerful helper in “Big Wind”, so it should not be difficult to fight a plane.

So, Ye Luo quickly asked for the number of the plane, and then used the “auxiliary ability” of the gla*ses to locate the plane.

As the time spent using the gla*ses increased, Ye Lu felt that the gla*ses’ “auxiliary ability” was too good for everything.

He then began to locate himself, find the distance between himself and the other plane, and start to figure out where to snipe.

The speed of the “Big Wind” could easily exceed that of a large airliner before, and after the “Dragon Ruminant” enhancement, its speed had been increased again.

“Let’s go, but besides the ‘Black Witch Cult’ leader, there’s also the captain, his a*sistant, and two flight attendants in the plane, so I have to get them out first.”

As Ye Luo hurried towards the direction of the hijacked plane, he began to make a quick calculation.

At this moment, Night Lou Luo of the Black Witch Cult was sitting on the plane, making anxious phone calls.

“How can this be? Is there no news from the people you just sent out?”

Night Louro asked, a little worried.

The other party also said in a somewhat depressed voice.

“Yes, there was talk of meeting some on the road before? They have now entered the ‘secret realm’, but then there was no more news.”

“We sent someone to see it again, and they said that the ‘Black Witch Cottage’ had turned into ashes, so I guess your ‘Black Witch Cult’ people are also in a bad way.”

When he heard this, Yelou Luo frowned.

However, he did not think that the Black Witch Cult would really die out, because no matter what happened, as long as he was still there, the Black Witch Cult would not be finished.

“Who is this ‘Mr. Luo’ guy? Is he a demon sent down from heaven?”

Night Louro reached out and tore the seat in front of him into pieces.

“This B*****d, if I ever see him, I will break him into pieces.”

Angry, he slapped a table again, but his movements stopped instantly as he saw a long green vine reaching into the plane.

This plane was at a height of tens of thousands of metres, so how could there be a vine?

“Sh*t! What the f*ck is all this?”

He dashed to the window and saw a middle-aged man with a moustache standing on a huge white bird, and in his hand was a long vine, the other end of which was sticking out of the plane.

When he saw Yelou Luo looking at him from the window of the plane, Ye Luo waved a friendly hand at him.

Then, Ye Lu waved his right hand.

“A red fireball was thrown on top of the fuel tank on the side of the plane.”


The fuel tank exploded right then and there, and the plane, which was balancing things, plunged headlong towards the ground.


Ye Luo snapped his fingers and smiled.

“It’s a great feeling to hit a plane!”

Even though the leader of the Black Witch Cult had been injured, Ye Luo didn’t think that he would be able to kill him by falling.

Falling from a height might be able to kill a Grandmaster, but it would be difficult to kill a Grandmaster, and even more difficult for a Saint.


The falling plane exploded on the ground, flames tumbling and smoke billowing up.

Ye Li and Gale landed not far from the wreckage of the plane.

“I don’t think you’re dead, come on, one last fight.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the wreckage and smiled.

From the other side of the wreckage, a dark figure slowly walked over, the “Black Witch Cult” leader, Night Lou Luo, was already out of anger, he felt that he had never been in such a bad position in his life.

All his plans had been ruined by this kid. He had failed to control the Shennong Valley, he had failed to attack the Wudang Mountain, he had failed to save his nest, and this kid had even knocked himself out of the plane.

“Is this guy sent by God to play with me?”

Night Lou Luo’s eyes were wide with anger as he walked away and looked at Ye Luo viciously, as if he wanted to drink Ye Luo’s blood and eat his flesh.

“Boss, that old man seems to be playing with his life.”

“Big Wind” was also startled by Night Lou Luo’s stance.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Good, I’m also ready to play with my life, so let’s play together.”

As he said that, Ye Luo parted his arms, the red “Red Lotus Karma Fire” on one arm surged, and the blue “Ghostly Flame of the Underworld” on the other arm was also raging, following which Ye Luo wrapped the “Heavenly Vine” around his body, holding the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” and rushed towards Night Lou Luo.

“Meat fight? That’s good, I’m angry.”

When he saw that Ye Luo was actually going to fight with himself, Night Lou Luo clenched his fist, he felt that only this kind of fight could really make him feel relieved.


The two men disliked each other with a straight punch.

Ye Luo flipped several times in the air before Kan stood firm, while on the contrary, Night Lou Luo actually only swayed slightly, not even backing up.

“A ‘Void Dan Realm’ powerhouse is really strong!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo also felt a little emotional.

“The first three revolutions were the “Pseudo-Dan Realm”, the middle three revolutions were the “Void Dan Realm”, and the last three revolutions were the “Real Dan Realm”, and each small realm was very difficult to surpa*s because it was not just a quantitative increase, but a qualitative breakthrough.

At the “Pseudo-Dan Realm”, Yuan Power was still in a “liquid” state, while at the “Void Dan Realm”, Yuan Power had changed from a “liquid” state to a “solid” state, but it had not solidified, but in terms of the power it could exert, it could not be compared to the “Pseudo-Dan Realm”.

“Come again!”

Ye Lu quickly swallowed three “Exploding Yuan Dan”, and then his eyes glowed as he charged forward again.





This time, the two of them exchanged several punches, and although Ye Lu was defeated and flying up and down, there was already a great improvement from just now.

“High on drugs? I’m telling you, it’s useless, today I’ll make life worse than death and make you understand what happens when you go against our ‘Black Witch Cult’.”

As Night Louro spoke, one of his arms suddenly became several times longer and thicker, and its entire body turned black, and it was covered in black mist.


A fierce punch slammed Ye Luo into the ground underneath in one go, leaving a deep, human-shaped crater in the ground.

“Are you dead yet, if not get your a*s out here!”

Night Louro shouted.

Ye Luo quickly burrowed out of the ground and said.

“Hey hey, it’s not that easy to die, come again!”

With those words, Ye Luo’s hands fiercely closed and following that, the two flames began to fuse together and purple flames began to tumble up on his arms.

Seeing this purple fusion flame, Nightfall also frowned.

Because he could also feel that this thing seemed to be a bit unusual, following which, Ye Loulou separated his hands, and at this moment, both of his hands turned into purple flames churning.

“Come again!”

He shouted and charged fiercely towards Night Louro.


Night Louro disdainfully brushed aside his mouth, however, immediately afterwards a change occurred that took him by surprise as Ye Luo suddenly opened his mouth on his way over, and terrifying purple flames spewed out from his mouth just like a fire-breather, instantly enveloping the upper half of Night Louro’s body and head.

“Holy sh*t!”

Night Lou Luo cursed in depression, followed by a swift swing of his palm, the huge black palm sent Ye Luo flying a long way before Kan Kan could stand still.


Night Lou Luo let out a cry that did not sound like a human voice, and then began to extinguish the flames on his body.

The fused flames were so strong that it was definitely adding to his injuries.

“I will kill you!”

Night Lou Luo said fiercely towards Ye Luo.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Oh, thanks to you, I have exactly the same intention.”