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Super School Student Chapter 363-364

Chapter 363

Ye Lu found that the man called “Yun Fei Yang” was actually quite handsome, but he had a long scar on his face that ran from his forehead to his ear, which looked a bit shocking and made him look evil.

Ye Luo concentrated on observing the mounts of these two men.

As a result, Ye Lu found that Ling Hu Qian Sil’s “Flying Dragon” was indeed a fire-attribute demonic beast, but not a Chinese demonic beast, but a “Flying Dragon” from the Western world, which was why it only had two legs.

The bloodline was so high that it hadn’t transformed even after reaching the “fourth rank and third grade” level.

The demonic beast ridden by the one opposite, Yun Feiyang, was a true demonic beast belonging to the Miaojiang generation in the south of China.

However, it was not a pure-bred demonic beast, but a terrifying demonic beast made from a cross between the bloodlines of two “ancient ferocious beasts”, one of which was named “Bane Dou”, a terrifying beast with the form of a dog that could breathe fire, and the other was a bat-shaped ferocious beast called “ancient ferocious bat”.

This demonic beast, called the “Bat-winged Scourge”, was also a “fourth-order, third-grade” demonic beast, and the two people standing on it had the same cultivation level as the “Black Witch Sect” sect leader.

In fact, there is often a significant difference between practitioners of the same realm, because apart from their cultivation, there is a huge difference between them in terms of “spells”, “magic treasures”, “bloodline divine ability”, “native spirit beasts” and so on, and all kinds of factors are enough to make a huge difference in the combat power between them.

Seeing that the two protagonists of this duel were out, and that both of them were handsome and had very rakish looks, the audience started to get excited.

“Ling Hu Qian Silence!”

“Ling Hu Qian Silence!”


Of course, since “Ling Hu Qian Silence” is often exposed in the media and is a representative of the decent school, the popularity of “Ling Hu Qian Silence” is obviously much higher.

Yun Fei Yang, on the other hand, is a bit lonely due to his indifferent personality and the fact that not many people know about him.

Ye Lu stood on the island’s “main square” and watched the scene in the sky. Since it was a full moon, the visibility was very high, plus Ye Lu’s eyes were much better than those of ordinary people, so he could see everything very clearly.

“Yun Fei Yang, you killed your master and forgot your roots, I didn’t think you would dare to come and answer the battle.”

Ling Hu Qian Silence looked at the opposite Yun Fei Yang and said in a loud voice.

His voice was unusually loud, and his words were clearly heard by everyone on the entire island, no matter where they were.

Yun Fei Yang then said indifferently.

“It’s because you people are nagging, that’s why I feel unhappy with you so-called ‘righteous people’. Besides, why do I need to explain to you, a weak person, who I want to kill.”

Indeed, according to the “God of War Ranking”, “Yun Feiyang” was ranked seventh, while “Ling Hu Qian Silence” was ranked eighth, so “Yun Feiyang” was ranked one level higher.

Of course, the two had never fought before, so it was unknown as to who was stronger and who was weaker.

Hearing Yun Feiyang’s words, Linghu Qian silence once again said in a loud voice.

“Since ancient times, evil does not triumph over right, don’t get carried away just because of a momentary victory, today I will judge you on behalf of the heavenly dao and justice ……”

As a result, just halfway through the words of Ling Hu Qian Silence, he was interrupted by Yun Fei Yang.

He said indifferently.

“You can’t represent the heavenly dao or justice, you are just a person who seeks fame, I will let you understand today that only blood can create strong people.”

After saying that, he no longer gave time for Ling Hu Qian Silence’s nonsense, and together with the “Bat-winged Scourge”, he charged towards Ling Hu Qian Silence, while rushing forward, he drew out a weapon, a broken sword, and after drawing out the broken sword, Yun Fei Yang swung it violently, and the terrifying sword light went straight to Ling Hu Qian Silence.

“Good coming!”

The white light was like lightning as it met the sword light of his opponent.


The two strands of sword light collided with each other, and as a result, the sword light of Ling Hu Qian Silence was directly smashed through, while the sword light of the other party had already slashed at Ling Hu Qian Silence with a beautiful arc.


The flying dragon beneath the feet of Ling Hu Qian Silence fiercely protruded a ball of flame to smash this sword light.

However, with just this one blow, the two men had already been judged, and it was obvious that Yun Feiyang, the one using the broken sword, was stronger.

This made the entire island’s audience who wanted to see Linghu Qian silence defeat the evil cultivator feel a little disappointed.

Of course, no one applauded Yun Feiyang either, and after the blow, an awkward silence fell over the entire island.


Ling Hu Qian Silence snorted coldly, then looked at Yun Fei Yang and said.

“It is rare to come across an opponent who is worthy of making me, Ling Hu Qian Silence, actually fight, I will show you my power today.”

With those words, from the fiery red longsword in Ling Hu Qian Sil’s hand then lit up with an equally red flame, which was very bright and looked very imposing.

“Good! Give him some colour.”

“Go Lord Thousand Silence!”

“We love you forever, Lord Thousand Silence!”


Seeing this scene, the crowd on the island began to cheer once again.

It had to be said that Linghu Qian silence was really good at pretending, obviously he was behind, but after this pretending, it was as if he was giving way to his opponent.

Ye Luo couldn’t help but jump up and give him a thumbs up for this pretence.

When he saw the red flames that lit up the sky, Yun Fei Yang smiled lightly and followed, his short sword also lit up with flames.

However, this flame was not red, but green, similar to Ye Lu’s “Ghostly Inferno”.

When he saw this flame, Ye Lu was also astonished, because he found that this flame also came from hell, and it was somehow related to his own “Red Lotus Karma Flame”, this green flame was called “Green Lotus Karma Flame”.

“The Red Lotus Karma Flame came from the Red Lotus Hell, while the Green Lotus Karma Flame came from the Green Lotus Hell. As for the flame of Ling Hu Qian Silence, it was a “Beast Flame”, which came from the Bi Fang.

Therefore, when he saw the flame in his opponent’s hand, Linghu Qianliang was a little scared.

Yun Fei Yang, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Let me tell you clearly, your fire is no good, moreover, the ‘Fire Dragon’ is obviously not a match for my demonic beast, you are not worthy of being my opponent yet.”

With those words, Yun Feiyang would move the broken sword in his hand.

Numerous green lotus flowers appeared in the air, each of which was made up of green “Green Lotus Flame” and looked demonic.

Then, these flames rushed towards Linghu Qian silence.

At the same time, the “Bat-winged Scourge” under Yun Fei Yang’s feet also let out a terrifying beastly roar, and then, its body suddenly became incomparably huge and rushed towards the fire dragon of Ling Hu Qianyi.

The Fire Dragon was also a temperamental demonic beast, and it did not show any weakness either.



The two demonic beasts opened their mouths and spewed out flames almost simultaneously.

However, the battle started quickly and ended quickly as well. Linghu Qianlin was unable to block the blue lotus flowers flying in the sky, as each of them exploded like a firework.

His “Fire Dragon” was even worse, as it was torn into pieces and burnt to ashes by the “Bat-winged Scourge” in a flash.

“I am not interested in killing dogs like you, so I will give you a chance to kneel down and beg for mercy, and I will spare your life.”

Yun Feiyang did not kill Ling Hu Qian silence, but looked at Ling Hu Qian silence who was lying on the roof of Nanzhao Palace, covered in wounds, and said indifferently.

Everyone in the audience was silent, not knowing what kind of choice Linghu Qianliang would make, and after a few moments, everyone began to whisper.

“Lord Linghu will definitely not beg for mercy.”

“That’s right, it’s better to kill than to humiliate.”

“Yes, heads can be cut off and blood can be shed, is Lord Linghu a person who is greedy for life and death.”


However, just as everyone was discussing, Ling Hu Qian Silence actually slowly climbed up and knelt down.

“I beg the warrior to spare my life ……”

However, before he could finish his words, a blue flame light blade cut off his neck.

Yun Feiyang said coldly.

“The trash has no value in living.”

Then, he turned his head to look down at the “Southern Imperial Palace” and said in a loud voice.

“Mr. Luo, come out, I know you are in the crowd, I am also here for you, show yourself, tonight, let’s have a good fight!”


Chapter 364

When they heard Yun Feiyang’s voice, everyone on the entire island began to talk, as no one expected things to unfold like this.

“Who is Mr. Luo?”

“You don’t even know about Mr. Luo, it’s the one who fought the great battle against the Golden Dome of Wudang!”

“Oh yes, I remember, and with a handsome white bird, right?”

“Yes, that’s him, I think he was the one who wiped out the ‘Black Witch Cult’ as well.”

“Is he really here?”

“I don’t know!”


Just as everyone was talking, Ye Lu stood up and said in a loud voice.

“Okay, I’m here!”

As Ye Luo spoke, he also used a spell, so everyone heard his voice, and everyone’s eyes “brushed!” The eyes of the crowd were focused on Ye Lu’s body.

The crowd felt themselves being pushed away by an invisible force, and a clear space was created around him.

Those responsible for the lighting then turned their lights onto Ye Luo’s body.

Seeing that Ye Luo had really appeared, Yun Fei Yang then stood in the air and looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Where is that big bird of yours? Why don’t you let it out and see which one of us has the bigger bird?”

Ye Luo then looked at Yun Fei Yang and said indifferently.

“I advise you better not to compare the size of your bird with me, I have never lost in the aspect of comparing birds, I am going to show you what a big bird is.”

With those words, Ye Luo then reached out and slammed his hand towards the ground.

Blood gushed into the ground from Ye Lu’s hand, and he had already drawn a “Blood Formation”, and instantly, a terrifying red glow lit up.


A terrifying beast roar rang out, followed by another, and another ……

“How many demonic beasts has this summoned!”

“I don’t know! It feels so terrifying.”

“Out …… out …… came ……”


After that, a terrifying demonic beast with nine heads appeared, because of the nine heads, the shape of this demonic beast was really too big, moreover, each head was exceptionally hideous.

It was the terrifying demonic beast “Nine Infants”.

When he saw the nine-headed demonic beast “Nine Infants” appear, Yun Feiyang was also taken aback.

However, Ye Lu did not dare to stand on the head of the “Nine Infants”, this thing was not Ye Lu’s contracted demon beast, if he P*ssed it off, he would probably lose his life.

After this “Nine Infants” appeared, just like the last one, it also took a look at the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand and obediently put away its sharp teeth and fierce look.

Ye Luo slowly flew up and pointed at Yun Fei Yang, saying.

“Nine Infants, the man is mine, the dog is yours, go!”

After saying that, Ye Luo then flew towards Yun Fei Yang.

Yun Fei Yang was even more surprised that Ye Lu could fly, because even a “Saint” stronger than him could not fly in the air like Ye Lu.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the Nine Infants did not hesitate and rushed towards the “Bat-winged Scourge”.

The entire vicinity of the “Southern Imperial Palace”, including the entire island, was illuminated by this terrifying flame.

Seeing this scene, Yun Feiyang jumped down from the “Bat-winged Scourge”.

Seeing that Yun Fei Yang had jumped onto the roof of the Southern Imperial Palace, Ye Lu looked at him and asked.

“Yun Fei Yang, I have one thing to ask you, why are you targeting that woman named Ye Yan?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Yun Fei Yang looked at Ye Luo and smiled.

“Oh, so you are here for her, what a surprise, but that woman and what she has on her, we want it all, as usual, why do we need to explain to you for what we do in the ‘Evil God Sect’.”

Hearing Yun Feiyang’s reply, Ye Luo then nodded and said.

“Good, I understand, it looks like there is no choice but to uproot your ‘Evil God Sect’.”

With those words, Ye Luo stretched out his arms.

“Red Lotus Karmic Flame” and “Underworld Ghost Flame” appeared in Ye Luo’s hands at the same time.

The moment he saw the “Red Lotus Karma Flame”, Yun Feiyang was once again astonished, as he found that this little bearded man opposite him had brought him waves of surprise after waves.

He had the “Green Lotus Karma Flame” in his hand, so of course he knew that the level of the “Red Lotus Karma Flame” in Ye Lu’s hand was definitely not lower than his own, but more importantly, in Ye Lu’s other hand was a strange blue flame that was no worse than the “Red Lotus Karma Flame”, emitting a cold, bone-chilling aura.

Seeing Ye Luo unleash both flames at the same time, the audience began to shout wildly.

“Come on Mr. Luo, finish him off!”

“Kill, kill that evil cultivator!”

“Justice will prevail!”


Hearing, these guys’ shouts, Ye Luo then turned his head and said coldly.

“Everyone, get your a*ses to the edge of the ship and the island, or else you will suffer the consequences, go!”

With those words, his hands waved, and two fire dragons circled around the heads of the crowd and returned to Ye Lu’s fists once again.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to be quite kind, in fact, those people are just some ants, there’s no need to feel sorry for their deaths.”

Seeing that Ye Lu actually spoke out to remind these spectators, Yun Fei Yang then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Ye Lu did not say anything, but looked at Yun Fei Yang and said.

“You guys want to become immortals?”

Yun Feiyang did not feel surprised as he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“From what I heard from the ‘Divine Farmers’ Valley’, right, the answer is, yes, in front of eternal life, everything is just pa*sing through and ants.”

With those words, Yun Feiyang then raised his hand again.

This time it was no longer a lotus flower, but flying lotus petals that soared towards Ye Luo like countless bullets.

Ye Luo didn’t dodge either, because once he dodged, these flames were bound to burn those behind him who hadn’t completely evacuated the eating crowd into flying ashes.

Three vines appeared quickly and wrapped around Ye Luo’s body.

What surprised Yun Feiyang was that his “Green Lotus Flame” could not completely burn off the vines, but only made some wounds, but those wounds quickly healed again.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu also felt very satisfied.

During this period of time, the “Heavenly Vine” had been eating and drinking at the “Divine Farming Valley”, causing the valley master, Jiang Wu Ya, to cry because he was too distressed. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Lu had saved the lives of all of them, and that Ye Lu had promised to cultivate various medicinal herbs that were already extinct in their valley, he really couldn’t let the “Heavenly Vine” eat anymore.

It was thanks to this kind of frenzied eating that the “Tongtian Vine” grew wildly in a short period of time. Ye Lu had tested it, and even Jiang Wu Ya could not hurt the “Tongtian Vine” even if he slashed it with all his might, and his own “Red Lotus Karma Flame” and “Underworld Ghost Inferno” were not very effective against it.

The strength and resilience of this thing is top-notch, and of course, its recovery ability is also excellent.

After blocking the “Green Lotus Flame”, Ye Lu looked at Yun Fei Yang and said.

“I don’t care if you are a positive cultivator or an evil cultivator or a decorator, I just want to ask you one thing, can you stop pestering Ye Yan, I am not interested in whether you become immortals or ghosts.”

As a result, Yun Feiyang shook his head once again and said.


After saying that, he quickly raised his hand and a green lotus flower flew towards Ye Yan, this lotus flower was bigger than all the lotus flowers he had released before, it was those flying lotus flowers that just blew up “Ling Hu Qian Silence” and seriously injured him, so Yun Fei Yang was still very confident in his lotus flower attack.

However, Ye Luo still did not dodge, he fiercely folded his hands together and a purple round shield appeared in front of him.


The green lotus flower and the purple shield collided with an earth-shattering explosion, and the building of the “Southern Zhao Palace” was immediately blown halfway up, and the houses collapsed, sending sand and rocks flying ……

When they saw this scene, those people who were evacuating began to run wildly towards the island, because if they didn’t run, they would really have to play for their lives.


Seeing that the purple flame shield that Ye Lu had made could actually block his own flame attack, Yun Fei Yang was also taken aback, he was very clear about the power of the “Green Lotus Karmic Flame”, he looked at the slowly disappearing flame shield in a daze and forgot to attack for a moment.

However, what he didn’t know was that the only reason why Ye Lu could block his attack was because he was using flames, if it was an attack of “innate astral energy”, Ye Lu wouldn’t be able to block it so easily.

“Alright, everyone’s gone, we can have a good fight now.”

Seeing that everyone had withdrawn, Ye Lu looked at Yun Fei Yang and said with a smile.