Super School Student Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37

If what Ye Lu said was true, the matter of changing their grades would be exposed, and looking at that headmaster’s stance, there would be no good consequences once he knew the truth.

Soon, the machines were all put in place, and Principal Liu, the head teacher, and a few other school leaders all went to the front of the laptop, and the images soon appeared, and they were indeed very clear.

Moreover, from the video, it could be seen that Ye Lu had deliberately placed the paper within the field of view of the monitor, and also raised the test paper and answer card several times to give a close-up shot, it was obvious that he had planned everything long ago.

Seeing this scene, the head teacher already understood in his heart that everyone had fallen for it, although he didn’t know what the reason was, but this student seemed to have thought of a good countermeasure beforehand.

“See, this is only the paper I submitted, while you guys take another look at the final paper that was awarded.”

Ye Lu took out one of the final papers, and it was the maths paper.

“Look guys, this 7 was changed to a 9, this 8 turned out to actually be a 3, and this re-written answer card, that’s why I scored very low on the maths test.”

This time the ironclad evidence was so strong that the teachers who saw the video, except for Liu Junlin and the head teacher, the few people involved, everyone else kept nodding their heads.

“Good, compare the video and the answers and tally up Ye Lu’s real score first.”

Liu Qingshan looked at the video and said seriously.

At this time, another woman came over and said.

“I am the shop manager of KFC on Peace Road, I was in the shop that morning, so I know how the fight started, this very capable little brother did clash with the other side to protect our staff, hearing that he was wrongly accused, I have just made a special temporary banner for this student.”

As she said that, she took out a big red banner with five big words written on it.

“A true hero for saving beauty.”

Seeing this banner, the head teacher suddenly felt his face burning, which was a naked slap in the face.

Liu Qingshan then looked at him and said.

“Director Zhao, what else do you have to say?”

The head teacher lowered his head and said nothing.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Director Zhao has nothing to say, but I have something to say, I know that Director Zhao doesn’t actually know anything about these matters.”

Hearing that Ye Lu seemed to be trying to clear his name, Director Zhao hurriedly nodded his head quickly, while Ye Lu continued.

“The reason why Director Zhao is doing this is because he took money from others, about this, Principal Liu, you can look at his WeChat chat records, he hasn’t deleted them, even the screenshots of the other party’s transfers are there.”

This time Director Zhao really panicked, however, it was not that easy for him to hide, after all, Liu Qingshan was a cultivator, his combat power was far from what he, an ordinary person, could fight against.


Liu Qingshan grabbed Director Zhao’s wrist, then used his finger to unlock his phone, and as expected, just as Ye Lu had said, the chat log clearly stated everything.

“Ah Director Zhao! You keep saying that you help me catch school discipline, in vain I trust you so much, is this how you catch school discipline?”

Director Zhao really had nothing to say about Liu Qingshan’s duties, so he had to be silent.

Liu Qingshan then said coldly.

“Well, from now on, you have been expelled.”

“And teacher Li who altered the grades, teacher Qian, and teacher Nie who revised the essay grades, you are also expelled, go pack up your things and leave the school later, you are not welcome in this school.”

Seeing that the new headmaster had fired four people in one go because of Ye Lu, the students below boiled up once again.

“Holy f*ck! This Ye Lu 666 ah, playing a good reversal.”

“Reversal my a*s, it’s not like they harmed people first.”

“I have a feeling that this is the end of Zheng Min Yi in Cla*s 1.”

“Yeah, I almost forgot about that, that’s a god reversal!”


Hearing everyone’s words, Zheng Min Yi’s heart was already beating on the highway, originally she was planning how she was going to spend that 500,000 yuan she had in hand, even the list of things to buy had already been made, she didn’t expect that the answer Ye Lu said to her was this meaning, which made her completely unable to accept it.

The same dream was also shattered by Ren Xueying, half a million dollars was gone, with the character of Brother Long, he would definitely find a way to get money out of himself, maybe he would really let himself go to sell, thinking about this, her legs started to shiver.

The efficiency of tallying the marks was fast, as Ye Lu wrote all the basic standard answers, while Liu Qingshan was dealing with the three teachers, the teachers had already recalculated Ye Lu’s results.

“Principal Liu, Ye Lu’s total score is out, fifteen points deducted from Language, five points deducted from English, and a total of twenty points deducted from the other two subjects, the total score is seven hundred and ten, the first in the grade.”

Hearing this person’s words, Liu Qingshan then laughed and said.

“Haha, is that right, this is the grade that fits Master Ye’s status.”

After saying that, he then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Master Ye, you wait for me to finish the conference first, then we will talk in the office, I still have important things to ask you for help.”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“The matter of the token, right, well said, well said.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s unpredictable words about the troubles in his heart, the gloom that had been in Liu Qingshan’s heart was cleared away, and he said with surprise.

“Yes, yes, Master Ye please.”

Immediately, someone moved a chair and put it on the podium, however, Ye Lu did not sit, sitting here with the whole school looking at him, he felt as awkward as playing a monkey, so he waved his hand and walked off the podium.

During Ye Luo’s walk back to the cla*s line, there were sighs of emotion everywhere.

Everyone didn’t expect this to happen, and they certainly didn’t expect it to end like this.

“Senior Cla*s 1, you’re finished.”

At this time, someone in the cla*s shouted out.

The scene before when Senior Cla*s 1 blocked the door and said that Senior Cla*s 8 was a rubbish cla*s was on everyone’s mind, but now that the plot had been reversed, of course the people of Cla*s 8 had to raise their eyebrows.

“Don’t forget what you said this morning, cla*s president Zheng!”

Some people started shouting across the air.

On the first cla*s side, the atmosphere was noticeably gloomy, and this was one of the few times in the history of the first cla*s that they had been humiliated.

At this time, Principal Liu Qingshan gestured for everyone to be quiet on the podium, and then started his speech, but he temporarily changed the theme of his speech and praised Ye Lu so fiercely that Ye Lu just turned into a model good student with excellent character and learning that even Ye Lu himself was a little embarra*sed to hear it.

“Where is this guy’s modesty?”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, but as a result, at this time, Teacher Li suddenly walked over.

He looked at Ye Luo and said coldly.

“Ye Lu, don’t be arrogant, I can teach and get away with it just the same if I leave here, what can you do to me?”

Seeing Teacher Li’s mouth, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Li, the play is actually not over yet, there will be a good show to watch later, and it’s quite exciting.”

Teacher Li was a bit confused at Ye Lu’s words, however, he still didn’t show weakness and gave a cold snort before walking away, while Liu Jun Lin who was on the podium also made a gesture of contempt towards Ye Lu.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said secretly.

“Don’t worry, there will be a chance for you to perform later as well.”

Liu Qingshan’s speech did not take up too much time, as he had the matter of the ticket token for the “Dharma Meeting” on his mind, so he quickly announced that the whole school a*sembly was dismissed.

After that, he personally ran down to invite Ye Lu to his office.

He smiled and followed Liu Qingshan towards his office, while everyone else went back to their cla*srooms.

“Master Ye Luo, can you really get the token of the ‘Dharma Society’?”

In his office, Liu Qingshan still asked in some disbelief, he knew how difficult this thing was, otherwise he wouldn’t have been upset for so long.

Ye Lu did not talk nonsense, but smiled and took out a token.

Liu Qingshan was a discerning man, so of course he knew the authenticity of this item, and his eyes instantly widened, while Ye Lu used his mind to operate the “auxiliary function” in his gla*ses while smiling and saying.

“Principal Liu, I can give this to you, but you have to promise me a little condition.”

In the cla*sroom, Qin Siyu had already turned on the cla*s TV, which was available from 6:30 to 7:00 every day, but of course the content was the “News 30”, which had been recorded long ago, the school’s intention was to let everyone know more about national and international events during this time.

However, when the TV was switched on, everyone saw that today the TV was not showing “News 30”, it was showing a hotel with a big bed, and the person in the bed was the cla*s teacher, Mr. Li.

“What’s going on here? It looks like it’s going to be good! Don’t turn it off.”

Someone shouted in a good voice.


Chapter 38

And the same scene was being played out in parallel in cla*srooms in other grades throughout the school.

“This is the legendary open room, right? You can see it really clearly from this angle.”

“What is Mr Li doing here?”

“It seems like he’s waiting for someone to come.”


Following that, the picture began to move, only to see Mr. Li pick up the phone and say.

“Are you reliable or not, how come people haven’t arrived yet, are they young fledglings? I’m paying a lot of money for it.”

Then, seemingly having received an affirmative answer from the other party, he hung up the phone and whistled in the room while spinning in circles.

Soon, there was a knock on the door, followed by a small, somewhat skinny girl who walked in, looking much younger than Ye Lu and the others.

“How old are you? What grade are you in?”

Teacher Li looked at the other girl with glowing eyes and asked.

The little girl lowered her head and said in a small voice.

“I’m thirteen and I’m in the first grade, are you really going to pay a lot of money?”

Teacher Li then smiled and said.

“Of course, you go take a shower.”


The next episode that happened needs no introduction for everyone to guess.

The two people who were most shocked at this moment were two people, one was Teacher Li and the other was Ren Xueying.

“Ren Xueying, this B*tch, actually betrayed me, didn’t she say it had all been deleted? She even swore and a*sured me, this is the end for me.”

Teacher Li also knew something about the law, so he knew that doing such a thing to such a young child, he would have to go to jail for four or five years anyhow.

Ren Xueying was also in the same state of shock, because she was originally planning to use this video to blackmail Teacher Li into giving her a sum of money to get rid of that Brother Long.

Zheng Minyi’s money was out of the question, and these videos had been the last straw for her, and now it seemed that this last straw had disappeared with the current.

At this time, she suddenly remembered what Ye Lu had said to herself in cla*s earlier.

“Are you sure you won’t regret doing this?”

At that time, she gritted her teeth and said she wouldn’t regret it, but now Ren Xue Ying really regretted it, and completely, she found that she was now in trouble on all sides, and there was no longer any way out at the end of her rope.

In the office, Ye Lu smiled and said to Principal Liu.

“Actually, my condition is also very simple, that is, to give the teachers in this school a fair deal, to clean up all those A**holes, so that the teachers who are really decent, kind and capable can play their role, such as Teacher Liu Xin.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Liu Qingshan said with a heartfelt smile.

“This is natural, I came here to rectify the school’s discipline, also thanks to your divination last time, I escaped a disaster, I didn’t expect that someone would actually try to set me up and catch me in the act, luckily I listened to you and didn’t go to that room.”

“As for Teacher Liu Xin, don’t worry, I will take extra care of her.”

Following that, Liu Qingshan looked towards Ye Lu and asked.

“That, Grandmaster Ye, what exactly is Grandmaster Yun’s origin, actually even you, his disciple, can easily get the token of the ‘Dharma Society’, can you introduce it for me one day?”

It seemed that Liu Qingshan was giving the credit to Qin Shiyu’s grandmother, but, in reality, Ye Lu was not very familiar with Qin Shiyu’s grandmother, although he had met her before and had never spoken to her, however, judging from the traces of the shop, Ye Lu felt that this old lady should also be a senior person.

So, he smiled and said.

“This is good to say, but my master, her old man, likes everything to be as it is, and you will naturally meet each other when the destiny comes.”

Liu Qingshan nodded, now he was in awe of Ye Lu and also Qin Siyu’s grandmother, he did understand the rarity of puja tickets, but in someone’s hands, they could just take one out with their hands.

Following that, Liu Qingshan then thought about it and said.

“Looking at Grandmaster Ye’s age it should be the first time you have attended a puja too, did your venerable master give you any treasures? At the puja, many things are exchanged in the form of ‘barter for barter’, except for those merchants who are chartered to attend the puja of course.”

To be honest, this was something that Ye Lu hadn’t really thought about.

So, he thought about it and looked at Liu Qingshan and said.

“Principal Liu, what kind of treasures do you think are the most valuable?”

Liu Qingshan smiled and said.

“What do you think people are most afraid of?”

Ye Lu thought about it and said.


Liu Qingshan nodded and then continued.

“You’re right, in fact, everyone is afraid of death, of course, you guys are young and young and frivolous, so you won’t care about that, but for those of us who are past middle age, this is very important.”

“So, the most valuable thing is something that can increase longevity, such as some ancient immortal pills and the like, and these are also the most sought-after things at the puja.”

“Secondly, there are things that can increase cultivation, in fact, the increase in cultivation and longevity are also related, powerful cultivators have no problem living for one or two hundred years, only, their world doesn’t intersect much with the mundane world, so many people don’t understand it.”

Ye Lu didn’t expect that there were really such things as elixirs in this world, it was just a pity that ah, he didn’t know where to go to exchange these things.

At this moment, the picture on the TV of the whole school cla*s changed again, and this time the person who appeared was teacher Liu Junlin.

And judging from the angle of the video, this time he had filmed it himself.

“Don’t move, that’s it, spread your legs a bit, okay, I’ll tell you again, if you dare not listen to me, I’ll upload all these videos to the internet ……”

In the video, Liu Junlin said arrogantly.

“Isn’t that the trainee teacher from before? What’s the name again?”

“It’s called He Qiuya, I like her a lot.”

“No wonder she left so quickly, so it was Mr. Liu’s doing!”

“This teacher Liu and teacher Li are really half a catty, one and the same.”


And at this moment, teacher Liu Junlin still didn’t know all this, he was still calculating how to make Liu Mei can give in, in his opinion, as long as Liu Mei has a weakness, he will have a chance to strike.

In the headmaster’s office, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

“Master Ye, wait a moment, let me see what it is about.”

Liu Qingshan greeted Ye Lu politely before walking towards the door, however, Ye Lu had already probably guessed what it was about, as he was the one who found and sent out the video, so he said with a smile.

“Principal Liu, I’m not in a hurry, just take care of the things you need to take care of first.”

Liu Qingshan nodded and followed, then opened the door to the room, and a teacher said anxiously.

“Principal Liu, not good, something happened, in the various cla*ses of the television is now broadcasting some unsightly video, although the female …… women there have been mosaic, but, involving two of our teachers, one of them has an administrative position in the school. ”

He said the mosaic is of course Ye Lu use “auxiliary function” to add to, there is no need to let the privacy of those murdered women and girls also exposed.

“There is such a thing?”

Liu Qingshan froze for a moment, but he asked immediately afterwards.

“Which two teachers are they?”

That teacher quickly replied.

“It’s senior teacher Li, and teacher Liu Junlin.”

Hearing his answer, Liu Qingshan immediately several understood, and he quickly said.

“Go, quickly put the two of them under control, then call the police and wait for the police to deal with them.”

As a result, the other teacher said.

“We have acted long ago.”

Hearing their conversation, Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Then Principal Liu, you’re busy, I’ll leave first, besides, I see that the gongfu you cultivate seems to be not too complete, so it has caused damage to your meridians, I suggest you ma*sage yourself in three times a day at the Baihui, Fengchi acupuncture point and also the Neiguan acupuncture point for ten minutes each time, otherwise your blocked meridians will get worse and worse.”

After saying that, Ye Lu turned around and left the headmaster’s office straight away.

Liu Qingshan, on the other hand, was already frozen on the spot, he himself knew about the damaged meridians, which had been bothering him for a long time, and had asked several masters, but none of them could solve it.

“This kid is too godly, not only is he a divination expert, he is also proficient in the art of medicine, and not just ordinary medicine, but medicine that can treat cultivators. The only people who can treat practitioners are the rare ones!”

“No, we must talk to Elder Shen about this matter.”

After saying that, Liu Qingshan dialed the other party’s phone number.

“Elder Shen, that dinner party you mentioned, I want to invite one more person, don’t worry, it’s definitely a super VIP.”

Ye Luo did not know Liu Qingshan’s feelings, after the conversation he had just had with Liu Qingshan, he was currently contemplating one thing, and that was to find a way to activate one more ability of his gla*ses, which was the ability to make pills.

Of course, before that, the hilarity of Teacher Li and Liu Junlin still had to be seen first.