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Super School Student Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39

Sure enough, without going far, Ye Luo saw Mr. Li and Mr. Liu Junlin who had been twisted and escorted to the office building.

“Teacher Li, what did you say to me just now?”

Ye Luo looked at Teacher Li and said with a smile.

“It’s you, you’re the one who got those videos on TV?”

Teacher Li looked at Ye Lu and suddenly had a mixture of emotions in his heart, anger, regret, remorse, despair, all at the same time.

He regretted that he should not have listened to Liu Junlin and Ren Xueying, if he had not offended Ye Lu, perhaps his scandal would not have been exposed.

Ye Lu smiled as if he knew what he was thinking and said.

“Are you regretting that you shouldn’t target me? Actually, you’re wrong, what you should regret is that you shouldn’t do those things that are unseemly, the so-called ‘good and evil will be rewarded in the end, it’s just that the time has not yet come to retaliate’, I hope you can repent in the future, to be honest, you’re actually still a good maths teacher.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked up to Liu Junlin again and said.

“Liu Junlin, I guess you’ll be spending most of your life in prison behind you, don’t worry, teacher Liu Xin will take care of herself, I’ll take care of Liu Mei on her side, goodbye.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked in the direction of the school building without looking back.

However, before he could return to his cla*s, he saw that people from Cla*s 8 were blocking the entrance of Cla*s 1.

“Where’s Zheng Min Yi? Come out and run laps!”

“Just how can you keep your word?”

“Weren’t you so arrogant before?”

“Get out!”


Sure enough, the people from Cla*s 8 went to look for trouble, and Ye Lu heard cries coming from the room, and it looked like Zheng Min Yi had broken down.

He thought for a moment, then walked to the door of Cla*s 1.

When they saw Ye Luo coming, everyone flashed a way to let Ye Luo walk in.

Zheng Minyi’s face instantly showed a desperate expression when she saw Ye Lu, in her opinion, she had treated Ye Lu so badly, Ye Lu must have come to get back.

As a result, Ye Luo looked at her and said with a sigh.

“Zheng Min Yi, you and Qin Si Yu grew up together, so you should know very well how she is, she won’t really want to hurt you, so I won’t let you really go running in circles, that would make her sad too, I just want you to understand one thing, don’t be too jealous as a human being.”

After saying that, Ye Lu then looked at the people in cla*s eight and said.

“Zheng Min Yi, give an apology to the Cla*s 8’s and this matter will be over.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Zheng Min Yi was like being pardoned, she hurriedly wiped her tears and gave a deep bow to the people of Cla*s 8 at the entrance and said.

“I’m sorry, Cla*s 8 students, I was too snobbish before, please forgive me.”

When she finished, Ye Lu waved her hand and said.

“Everyone, let’s go.”

The ones from Cla*s 8 had all taken a favour from Ye Luo, so of course they had to give him that face, and everyone dispersed back to their own cla*ses in one go.

When he returned to his cla*s, Ye Luo obviously felt that everyone’s gaze towards him had changed, everyone looked at him as if he was a stranger, indeed, there were so many incredible things that Ye Luo had done recently, especially the way that new Principal Liu treated him, it was like feckless sucking up to him!

Now that Teacher Li, who had gone against Ye Lu, had ended up like this, the crowd began to speculate about Ye Lu’s true identity.

“Do you think Ye Lu could be the illegitimate son of some big official?”

“I think it’s not just a big official, the last time he offered five million dollars, there must be big money besides big officials, otherwise how could he have such money.”

“Who knows what exactly Ye Lu’s family does?”

At this time, a boy said after thinking about it.

“Right, I remember, it seems his family is a pancake vendor.”

“A pancake stall, you’re kidding.”

“No, it’s true, I guess it’s the strongest pancake stall in history.”

Hearing these people’s messy chatter, Ye Lu found it quite amusing too, however, his mind had actually flown to those antique stalls at the moment, he had activated the ability to strengthen because he fought with someone last time, this time, according to Ye Lu’s logic, most of himself could activate the function of alchemy if he found something related to alchemy, such as an elixir or something like that, of course, provided that the gla*ses had this function.

So, after thinking about it, he sent a message to Gu Shiqi, asking her to go together to the night market for another good stroll, and of course, Gu Shiqi was eager to have such an opportunity.

At this moment, in Principal Liu’s office, Liu Qingshan was looking at a teacher and asked.

“Is all of Ye Lu’s situation here?”

This teacher nodded and said.

“Yes, Ye Lu’s family history isn’t complicated, no, it can be said to be extremely simple, he only has one relative, his grandmother, and his family had been making a living from pancake stalls before.”

Liu Qingshan, on the other hand, said to himself as he tapped on the table while looking at the information.

“Just now they said that that Grandmaster Yun doesn’t know anything about medicine, moreover, I haven’t heard of anyone here who can be so skilled to this extent, what exactly is this Ye Lu’s origin?”

Liu Qingshan had just tried Ye Lu’s treatment, so he was sure that what Ye Lu said was right, and it was also thought that this was the reason why he was so curious about Ye Lu.


The largest “ancient cloud pavilion” shop in the city, on the third floor of the shop there is a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face is looking at the people around him and asked.

“The most important thing is to find out who has been in contact with the lady recently, have you all found out?”

The other man said respectfully.

“Yes, they all checked out, the young lady didn’t do anything special, the ones she contacted were all the students around her, however, recently she got very close to a boy named Ye Lu.”

When he heard that his daughter was getting close to a boy, the middle-aged man frowned and asked.

“Have you found out the details of this Ye Luo?”

The man nodded again and said.

“Checked, very clean, only one grandmother in the family, who has pa*sed away, and previously made a living from pancake stalls.”

Hearing this answer, the man’s brow furrowed even tighter as he said coldly.

“This girl Shiqi doesn’t get along with the Zhang family’s grandson, looking for some pancake stall, it’s really getting worse and worse, by the way, has that Master Ye been found? What exactly is his origin, if we have him, our Gu family might be saved.”

This time the man shook his head and said.

“Nothing has been found about Master Ye, there doesn’t seem to be such a connoisseur of antique appraisal, at least not in our circle, nor in the circle in the capital that I know.”

“I think that he is either a hidden expert or a fake, there is no such person as Master Ye.”

In response to this man’s judgment, Gu Shiqi’s father also nodded his head.

Following that, the man suddenly said.

“The male student who was with Miss Shiqi is also surnamed Ye, and it seems that the strange events also started when he appeared, do you think it could be him ……”

Before he could finish his words, Gu Yanqiu, Gu Shiqi’s father, shook his head and said.

“How is it possible, just from the mother’s womb to begin to identify treasures, that cla*smate of Shiqi’s can’t be at this level, it is better to continue to investigate, this person is crucial.”

The other man nodded and walked out.

Gu Yanqiu then banged on the table and said.

“I can’t believe I found a pancake vendor, what the hell is this child Shiqi thinking? It’s time to find a chance to educate her properly.”

In the senior cla*s, Zhang Yang was also working intensively to find out Ye Lu’s family history.

“Is it that simple? Not a single human connection?”

Zhang Yang said somewhat incredulously into his phone.

“Yes, it’s true that Ye Lu’s family was a pancake vendor before.”

“A pancake vendor can be so rich? Check again for me, by the way, doesn’t he have a sister, check all her information for me as well.”

Of course, apart from these people, there was someone else who was checking Ye Lu’s details, and that was Feng Biao, Brother Long’s boss.

Brother Long had been hanging out in the area where he lived for many years, so that no one in that area had ever dared to actively mess with Brother Long, and now that a kid so strong had suddenly appeared to beat Brother Long up, Feng Biao felt that it was some kind of power that was targeting their gang.

“I hope it’s not a cultivator, if a cultivator is involved, it’ll be a problem, Lao San has gone into seclusion, my two strokes are probably not enough!”

Feng Biao muttered to himself from where their gang was.

Although cultivators were transcendent beings, but that meant powerful cultivators, ordinary cultivators, due to their limited abilities, still had to mingle in the world, like Principal Liu Qingshan, so Feng Biao’s was worried that there would be such people involved.

Soon, Feng Biao’s little brother came running in.

“Well? Does that kid have a background, who is his master? Which school or sect does he belong to?”

Feng Biao asked with some concern.

As a result, his little brother said.

“That kid, no master, no background, shouldn’t be a cultivator, he’s been living with his grandmother, who was a pancake vendor and has now pa*sed away.”

“I guess it’s possible that he’s just simply very good at fighting.”

Feng Biao thought for a moment then shook his head again and said.

“If he was very capable of fighting, why did he start getting beaten up so badly by Brother Long? It doesn’t make sense!”

Brother Long had told Feng Biao all about his bonding with Ye Lu, so Feng Biao knew that it was Brother Long who had beaten Ye Lu first at the beginning.

“Have you checked it out, did you really not have any contact with any weird people in the past few days?”

The little brother nodded and said.

“I don’t think so, by the way, there’s a new pretty sister at his house, and he’s also been to a very shabby shop at his cla*smate’s house, but, boss, I have an idea, I don’t know if it’s right?”

Hearing that this little brother had an idea, Feng Biao immediately asked.

“Tell me about it, maybe it’s a good idea?”

This was one thing that Feng Biao, the boss, was better at, being able to listen to other people’s opinions, I guess this was the reason why he had been able to be the boss even though he wasn’t the most powerful.

Encouraged by Feng Biao, this guy then said.

“Boss, do you think that this kid called Ye Lu could have suddenly obtained an Immortal Pill and that’s why he’s suddenly so powerful, do you still remember? A few days ago, the young master of the Zhang family, just because he ate an unknown pill, actually became a powerful cultivator all of a sudden.”

After this guy’s reminder, Feng Biao suddenly remembered that there was indeed such a thing.

Combined with Ye Lu suddenly becoming stronger and suddenly rich, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this should be the truth, Ye Lu must have gotten an immortal elixir, and more than one, so he ate one and then sold one, so that the matter of thinking about everyone would be solved.

“Hehehe! You’re so smart, this brain is no one else, this five thousand is considered a reward for you, by the way, keep an eye on Ye Lu’s family for me.”

Feng Biao graciously took a wad of banknotes from the drawer and threw it at his little brother, then he began to calculate how to get the remaining Immortal Pills in Ye Lu’s hand, now Ye Lu’s combat power was not a cover, he did not dare to make a rash move.

However, at this moment, Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi were already on their way to find the Dan Furnace.


Chapter 40

“Ye Lu, let’s go and have something to eat first, we haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

Walking on the road, Gu Shiqi said as she rubbed her somewhat growling stomach.

Ye Luo also had just the same intention, and it just so happened that there was a shop next to it that was decorated with a lot of character, so the two of them dug in.

However, what Ye Lu did not know was that Gushiqi had arranged for several of her family’s bodyguards to lurk around, as she was worried that that Zhang Yang might be a foreign evil at school.

In school, due to various restrictions, only a fight between students could take place, but outside school it was a different story. With Zhang Yang’s wealth, and his character, he would probably hire some kung fu masters to deal with Ye Lu.

Therefore, ever since that rooftop fight, Gu Shiqi was looking for someone to secretly protect Ye Lu.

At this moment, those few bodyguards were lurking around liaising with each other.

“Which tendon do you think Missy has gotten wrong, asking us to protect her cla*smate.”

“What misplaced tendons, I think that guy is Missy’s boyfriend.”

“No, look at them, they’re not that close!”

“Who cares, we’ll protect whoever she tells us to protect.”


On the other side, Zhang Yang was indeed watching Ye Lu and the two of them, just like what Gushiki was thinking, Zhang Yang really couldn’t swallow the anger, however, he was not a fool, he also thought that Gushiki might find someone to defend herself.

“How many people are there on the other side?”

Zhang Yang asked to a man with a scar on his face beside him.

This man had a calm face, a man who could lay down a ruthless hand at a glance, and he said indifferently.

“According to their report, there are at least five of them.”

Hearing this number, Zhang Yang also cursed in a depressed manner.

“Sh*t! I can’t believe they are taking that kid so seriously.”

However, the Scarface next to him said indifferently.

“Young master, do you want to make a move? As long as the other party doesn’t have a Dark Strength powerhouse, I think I should be able to deal with it.”

As a result, Zhang Yang shook his head and said.

“It’s better not to make any rash moves yet, brother has suddenly gotten the opportunity to eat an immortal pill recently, and is said to have become a dark jin powerhouse, but he is now in seclusion to cultivate, so if we really can’t, we can just let him come and clean up Ye Lu when the time comes.”

“If we startle the snake now and make their defenses tighter, it’s not good instead, you know, the Gu family is not small either.”

When Zhang Yang finished speaking, Scarface nodded silently.

At this moment, in the “Ancient Cloud Pavilion”, Gu Yanqiu, the father of Gu Shiqi, was listening to the report from the people below.

“What? You said that Shiqi had transferred several bodyguards away.”

Gu Yanqiu said with an extremely unhappy face.

The person reporting hurriedly nodded and said.

“Yes, Miss said it seems that she asked them to help secretly protect her cla*smates, it’s been a few days, I sent someone to check, it seems to be the one called Ye Lu.”

This time, Gu Yanqiu was not at all calm, he “snapped!” He said with a slap on the table.

“What kind of bullSh*t cla*smate is that? You want my daughter to find someone to protect him? Go, call all the bodyguards back, tell them not to communicate with Shiqi, say it’s my order, poor boy, you’d better go home and make pancakes.”

Gu Yanqiu’s purpose of not letting the bodyguards get through to Gu Shiqi was obvious, that was to catch Ye Lu off guard and let him be taught a good lesson.

Following that, Gu Yanqiu then sighed and said.

“This child is all spoiled by her grandfather and her third uncle, she is getting more and more my way.”

Gu Shiqi didn’t know that the bodyguards she had found to secretly protect Ye Lu had all gone without a sound, she was still eating with Ye Lu at ease at the moment, the food at this restaurant was a bit expensive but really delicious.

For his part, Ye Lu looked around as he ate, he noticed that the people who came here to eat all looked very respectable, judging from their clothes and temperament, they were either rich or noble, of course, if he wasn’t rich anymore, with his previous financial resources, he wouldn’t dare to come to this place to eat, this one meal would have eaten up his monthly living expenses.

“Elder Shen, Elder Shen, what’s wrong with you?”

At this time, someone suddenly shouted anxiously.

Following that, Ye Luo saw an old man collapsed on the table, while the two middle-aged men beside him were anxiously calling out at his side.

“Call quickly and see if Master Hua is here, tell him to hurry over or he’ll be in trouble.”

One of them said eagerly, while the other immediately took out his mobile phone and started dialing up.

This scene made Ye Lu feel a bit odd, when someone was sick, shouldn’t he call 120 or something, or take some quick-acting heart pills? Why do they need to call some Master Hua.

“What, Grandmaster Hua has gone out of town, oops! That’s too bad, Elder Shen’s old problem is coming back, what should we do?”

The one who called also got anxious.

“Master Hua is not here, what about Su Lao? Can we only wait for death?”

The other man was also scratching his ears in anxiety, but there was nothing he could do.

“Let me try, maybe I can save him and cure him.”

At this time, Ye Lu stood up and walked over.

He had just looked at this man’s condition through his gla*ses and had found a way to save him, and with the amount of spiritual energy in his body now, saving this man was not a problem.

Hearing someone say that they could just Shen Lao, the two middle-aged men both became wildly happy.

However, when they saw that the person who spoke was a young man, their faces both changed again.

“Kid, don’t joke with us, how old are you, how could you possibly save Elder Shen?”

One of the middle-aged men said skeptically.

The other one also showed the same less-than-believing look and said.

“Yes, even Master Hua can only control the condition, you actually said that you can cure it, I don’t believe it either.”

Hearing the words of the two of them, Ye Lu laughed in exasperation instead and said.

“I say what’s wrong with you two, are you waiting for him to die or are you letting me try?”

The two men looked at each other and then said in unison.

“You try!”

Leaving it alone, Shen Lao was bound to die, this man might seem unreliable, but what if he could really be cured, anyway, it was better than waiting for death.

Ye Lu ignored the two of them, he helped the old man up and then took off the upper half of his clothes, as a result, with the clothes off he realised that this old man’s body looked extremely lean and strong, it felt just as full of strength as a young man, it was estimated that most were practitioners when they were young.

As he did so, Ye Lu began to press on the acupuncture points, and at the same time, spiritual qi was continuously inputted into the other man’s body, beginning to repair the injuries and remove stagnation, while the two middle-aged men watched quietly from the side.

Not far outside the shop, Zhang Yang was looking at the door of the shop.

“You said, those bodyguards are really all gone.”

He said with some incredulity.

Scarface nodded and said.

“Yes, I don’t know what the reason is, but it’s true that there is no one left.”

Zhang Yang said as he clenched his fist.

“Great, this should be God’s arrangement, we will find a chance to do it later, move fast, no need to move anywhere else, just scrap his third leg and make him a eunuch for the rest of his life, then I will go and insult him every day to make him understand what happens when he goes against me.”

When Scarface heard Zhang Yang’s words, he couldn’t help but feel secretly in his heart, he also didn’t expect that Zhang Yang was actually more ruthless and poisonous than even himself at his young age, this plan was too dark.

However, he still nodded his head and said.

“This is good to say, after all, these few of us are considered experts in this area.”

This was something he didn’t say blindly, there was no essential difference between cultivators and ordinary people, except that cultivators opened up more meridians than ordinary people, making their body qualities stronger.

This Scarface, he would soon be able to open up the Ren Vein, one of the eight Qi meridians. The Ren Vein is the main blood energy, and he had almost completed the Ren Vein, which meant that among those who fought with their flesh and blood, he was already standing at the top, and it was no wonder that he had the courage to do so.

In the shop, Ye Lu had finished saving his life, and Elder Shen slowly opened his gla*ses.

“I’m not dead!”

He was surprised to find that he was actually still alive.

“Could it be that Master Hua saved me?”

He muttered to himself as he looked around.

“It wasn’t Grandmaster Hua who saved you, it was Grandmaster Ye who saved you.”

Gu Shiqi said with a smile beside her, to be honest, she had just been really surprised by Ye Lu, she hadn’t thought at all that Ye Lu’s medical skills were actually so powerful as well.

“Grandmaster Ye, which Grandmaster Ye?”

Elder Shen still looked around somewhat bewildered.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, turned towards Gu Shiqi and said.

“Let’s go, we still have business to attend to.”

After saying that he turned around and left.

However, while Elder Shen did not know what was going on, the two middle-aged men beside him knew exactly what was going on. They hurried over to thank Ye Lu and asked for Ye Lu’s contact information, but Ye Lu only said casually, “It’s just a handful”, and then walked out of the shop with Gu Shiqi.

Outside the shop, Scarface was already following closely with his men.