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Super School Student Chapter 371-372

Chapter 371

After that, Ye Lu knocked him out with a quick blow, then released the purple “Flame Prison” he had prepared to trap the weakest of the three “Fire Spirits”.

And the Vine of Heaven wrapped itself around the weakened Griffin.

“Let’s go, my little one.”

Ye Luo controlled the Flame Prison and quickly left the range of the Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire’s fire lake, then went to a location he had prepared beforehand.

He first contracted the Flame Prison and put the Fire Spirit into the Burning Heaven Furnace, then began to study the demonic beast Griffin. “Then he began to study the demonic beast Griffin.

However, after studying it, he found that a master-servant contract had already been established between this “Griffin” and Karaxis.

“It looks like all we need to do is control Karaxis.”

Seeing this, Ye Lu also breathed a sigh of relief, and then turned his attention to Karaxis’ body.

When he had seen the “Blood Golem” outside the Shen Nong Valley, Ye Lu had started to research about making golems, and as a result, Ye Lu found out that there were two systems for making golems, one system belonged to the “Weaponry One system belongs to the category of “refinement”, which can make robot-like “puppet robots”.

The other was to make “humanoid puppets” through people.

In addition, there are two modes of operation for the puppets, one is “remote control”, similar to a puppet on a string, and the other is “master control”.

“For example, in the case of the current Cara*sis, according to the normal process, even if Ye Lu could make him into a puppet, he would not be able to claim ownership.

However, since Ye Lu had decided to turn him into a puppet, he naturally had his own plan.

If the bloodline was purer and higher, he could make them submit to him, and Ye Lu had the means to purify and fuse the bloodline.

Therefore, Ye Lu’s plan was to first eliminate the bloodline of Eve from his body, then start to purify the bloodline of Ares, the Greek “God of War”, and then follow the method of making a “Blood Golem” to make Cara*sis was made into a “blood puppet” in the same way as the “blood puppets”.

Of course, there was still one more thing to do, and that was to fuse the “fire spirit” of the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” into his body, which was the ultimate goal of Ye Lu’s action this time.

However, both of these things would take a lot of time.

Especially the fusion of the “fire spirit”, although the “fire spirit” was already very weak at the moment and was isolated in the “Burning Heaven Furnace”, it still needed to continue to fuse with it like a boiling eagle. He slowly consumed its spirit and then began to slowly fuse it.

So, Ye Luo began to concentrate on these two things underground.

While Ye Luo was hibernating underground, the people of the “compulsion tribe” had already used various methods to find out the details of “Mr. Luo”, and at the same time, they had locked up all those who could be caught in connection with “Mr. Luo”. All of them were locked up.

“I never thought that this Mr. Luo would be a student from a small city.”

The “Ten Thousand Poisons Compulsion Girl” looked at the information collected by her men with some emotion.

The information showed that this “Mr. Luo”, whose real name was Ye Luo, was currently a student at the Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and as for his age, he was shockingly young, only 18 years old, and without any background.

“How did he manage to be so young and so strong?”

The “Ten Thousand Poisons Compulsion Girl” started pacing back and forth while thinking, but then, he remembered a rumor, a rumor about the cause of this matter.

The rumour was that a person called “Zhang Tian” had inadvertently obtained the “Immortal Pill”, which then started the butterfly effect.

The rumour was that the person called “Zhang Tian” was from “Liao City”, the same city as the one called Ye Lu.

Thinking of this, he called the man in charge of the operation over to him.

“How many people are involved in this operation? Give me the list. Also, don’t say a word about this discovery, and don’t say a word about this information.

The person in charge nodded quickly, and the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady” gave a few more instructions before waving her hand and sending this guy away.

After that, she began to make her own calculations.

“This Ye Lu must have eaten the ‘Immortal Pill’ and that’s why he’s changed like this.”

“This guy is really a big treasure, I have to find a way to get him alone before I can do so, so let’s hide this news first and then find the whereabouts of that ‘Mr. Luo’.”

“No poison, no one in this operation should be left behind.”

The “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady” was originally a ruthless and murderous person, so she secretly executed everyone involved in this operation after she got the list of names.

However, she also understood that even so, this matter could not be concealed for long, after all, the plan was made by all of us, and soon, the Evil God Cult and the Ghost Sect would come to ask about their progress.

“It seems that I have to act as soon as possible.”

Having made up her mind, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Maid of Compulsion” quickly and secretly gathered her inner circle of the “Compulsion Clan”.

“All the elites of our ‘Compulsion Clan’ are here, next, we have to carry out a secret operation.

The “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” knew very well that whether this operation succeeded or failed, the “Evil God Sect” and the “Ghost Sect” would probably find out about it, so she had to catch Ye Luo in this strike. So they had to catch Ye Luo in one blow.

Although these elites of the “Compulsion Clan” did not know what the clan leader was going to do, they all nodded in unity.

Next, under the arrangement of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, all the elites of the “Compulsion Race” began to drive their men and various “compulsions” in the The “Xishuangbanna” rainforest was searched.

Because of the huge number of “parasites”, the search was fast.

He was scrambling for time, so he didn’t have time to chat with everyone, and as a result, he didn’t notice it at all.

“Well, the strongest puppet has finally succeeded.”

The first thing Ye Lv had done was to take control of Kara*sis, because he was worried that if he didn’t take control of this guy sooner, something might change.

Kara*sis had the bloodline of the Greek Twelve Gods, and was holding a high-level “magic weapon” of the “Earth Grade”, plus the “Griffin “He was trained as an elite.

“Alright, keep a good watch for me, I’m going to fuse the third flame.”

Ye Luo found that that fire spirit was also boiled almost to death, it was also time to fuse, there were two flames in his own body, compared to not too much danger.

However, as it turned out, he was wrong. When the Fire Spirit fused with him, the surrounding temperature suddenly rose by an unknown amount, and even the stalactites made a “pop!” sound. Even the stalactites made a bursting sound.

Fortunately, with the cold flame of the “Ghostly Inferno” suppressing it, otherwise Ye Lu would have been killed.

“Sh*t! This thing is too dangerous!”

Only then did Ye Lu really realize the danger of fusing the “Spiritual Flame”, but of course, this was also related to his low cultivation level and the fact that he did not have the right bloodline for the flame, such as the Fire Pepper of the Fire Family, their family could breed “Spiritual Flame”. If they had this bloodline, the fusion would not be a problem at all.

Then, the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames”, “Ghostly Inferno” and “Red Lotus Flame” began to toss and turn inside his body, while he was cold for a while and hot for a while, glowing red, blue and green. This made Ye Lu feel like he had turned into a neon light ……

At this time, the people of the “compulsion tribe” had already found this underground labyrinth through the information obtained from the “chimera ants” and discovered Ye Luo’s trail.

“Everyone in position, we will strike with a thunderbolt, but we must leave them alive, do you understand?”

This time, the clan leader, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions”, personally led the team, and she looked at her beloved belly and said seriously.


Chapter 372

When they heard the words of the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions”, they all nodded and prepared themselves.

Although the “compulsion tribe” was a very frightening and harmful tribe in the eyes of the public, in fact, there were many ways to cure people in the “compulsion tribe”, so everyone was not too worried about killing Ye Luo by accident.

After that, everyone split up and poured through the many entrances and exits towards the place where Ye Luo was.

It didn’t take long for everyone to gather to a place not far from where Ye Luo was.

“Why is there still a light that keeps changing colour, is it because they are bored and are setting off fireworks?”

Seeing the constantly changing light from Ye Luo’s place, everyone was a bit puzzled, but the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions” didn’t care about that, she quickly gave the order to attack.

Of course, they did not know that the reason why Ye Lu had chosen such a place was to allow the terrifying “Cara*sis” to have room to play, otherwise the place was too small and the “Ares Spear” would collapse around it with two swings, then there would be no point.


The first ones to go as “companions” were definitely the “companions”.

These “parasites” can also be used to test the other side’s defense and attack, anyway, Ye Lu seems to be a turtle in a jar.

Seeing the countless “parasites” coming from all directions, including the roof of the underground palace, Karaxis attacked with the spear in his hand.

There was nothing fancy about it.

The “Spear of Ares” simply drew a circle in the air, and the terrifying white light arced in all directions like a train.

Everything in its path was sliced in half, and the huge shockwave sent all the insects flying back.

“That’s the alien!”

Seeing this scene, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady” was also taken aback, after all, this strike was really too strong and clean, it was obvious that at least the other party’s cultivation level was not worse than her own.

“Didn’t that foreigner come to kill ‘Mr. Luo’?”

“What the hell is going on here?”

“There seems to be something wrong!”


The crowd was stunned by the blow they had just received, and then, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady” waved her hand.

This is a blood-red snake that looks like an earthworm, and just after it appeared, it opened its mouth and spat out a red venom.

Seeing this strange snake appear, Caraxis did not make a move, but the “Griffin” standing beside him did. This creature was also a “fourth rank and fifth grade” strong demonic beast, so its momentum was quite terrifying.

With a seemingly casual wave of its wings, two huge blades of light quickly sliced the snake in two, while the venom spewed out by the snake was also blown away by the wind pressure.

The venom fell onto the limestone cave floor with a “hiss! A thick white smoke was emitted, and it was clear that the toxin was quite frightening.

“How can a demonic beast be so strong, killing the ‘earthworm snake’ with such an easy blow?

The crowd looked at “Griffin” with some surprise.

Both Cara*sis and Griffin had displayed extremely terrifying strength.

“But, if they are so powerful, why did they turn into puppets?”

The “Ten Thousand Poison Compulsion Girl” could also see that this Karaxis had now turned into a “Blood Puppet”, and its master was Ye Lu, who was sitting on his knees with various flames emanating from his body alternately.

However, just as she was muttering in confusion, all the flames on Ye Lu’s body suddenly disappeared, and Ye Lu, who was sitting there, opened his eyes and said with a smile.

“Why would you become my puppet, of course it’s because I’m stronger!”

After saying that, Ye Luo then turned around to look at the crowd and continued.

“It looks like all of you ‘Compulsion Clan’ elites are here, so it saves me from having to go looking for you again, goodbye.”

After saying that, Ye Lu suddenly rushed towards the side wildly.

At the same time, the “Ares Spear” in Karaxis’ hand swung violently in the same direction, and the terrifying light blades shot towards the entrance and exit.

“Use poison!”

The “Ten Thousand Poisonous Maiden” shouted and rushed towards Ye Lu, while at the same time, a golden toad appeared at the same time.

“Hold them back.”

At the same time, the golden toad also appeared at the same time. “Hold them back.” Ye Luo also shouted, followed by the cover of Karaxis, and rushed into the cave.

At this time, poisonous fogs of various colours rose up. Terrifying venom was spat out at Ye Lu, and at the same time, external “innate astral energy”, flames, compulsions, all kinds of attacks were directed at Ye Lu.

The people of the “compulsion tribe” were not stupid, they certainly understood that it did not matter whether the foreigner with the gun was killed or not, the trouble was Ye Lu, as long as Ye Lu was dead, the one who played with the gun could be ignored.

So, when Karasis launched his attack, everyone chose to avoid his attack while flying back, and then attacked Ye Luo when he rushed over.

The strategy that Ye Luo adopted was also very simple: he wrapped the “Tong Tian Vine” around him and let you all slash at will, then charged forward without slowing down at all.

Due to the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame, Ye Lu’s “Tongtian Vine” had already grown four vines, which was equivalent to a human “Jindan Fourth Turn” level cultivator.

Because the “Tongtian Vine” was a plant life, and its own defensive strength, although it was not offensive, it was not as tough and strong as a “Jindan Fourth Turn”.

Therefore, although Ye Lu was beaten up, he did not suffer too serious injuries.

At the same time, his destination had also arrived, the fire lake full of “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames”, and just when the “Compulsion Clan” people were a bit disappointed and thought that they would let Ye Lu run away this time, Ye Lu stood with his back against the fire lake.

“What? Don’t you want to run?”

When one of the elites of the “Compulsion Clan” saw that Ye Luo had actually stopped, he looked at Ye Luo in a strange manner.

Ye Luo had clearly escaped just now, and he didn’t seem to have any signs of poisoning, so if he didn’t hurry up and take advantage of the opportunity to slip away, why did he stay here?

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“I’ve run enough, I think it’s your turn to run next! However, it’s up to you guys to decide whether you can escape or not.”

At this time, Caraxis and Griffin also broke through the heavy siege and returned to Ye Lu’s side. Ye Lu was a bit glad that he had made a large number of “poison avoidance pills” in the “Divine Farmers’ Valley” before saving up for a rainy day, otherwise it would be really difficult to deal with this endless “compulsion poison”.

“What’s going on?”

The “Ten Thousand Poisons Compulsion Lady” was also a bit confused when she saw this scene, because she thought similarly to everyone else, that Ye Lu had used Karaxis and Griffin to resist the strongest fighters on her side, and then took the opportunity to escape.

The other side should have never intended to leave in the first place.

Yes, it was true that Ye Lv did not intend to escape in the first place, because he had the “fire lake” of the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames”, and at this moment, because the “fire spirit” had been fused with him, he could also control these fires, so he could not find any reason to leave.

Seeing that everyone had appeared, Ye Lu looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

“Since you’ve come, then don’t even leave!”

With those words, Ye Luo raised his hands and a huge dragon of flame rose from the fire lake and charged wildly towards the crowd with its teeth and claws open.

“What a powerful fire dragon!”

Someone looked at this huge dragon in surprise and said.

What surprised them was not only the size of the dragon, but also the terrifying aura unique to the “Nine Heavens Xuan Huo”.

“As one of the Ten Great Origin Fires, the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame’s attacking power was no laughing matter.

However, it didn’t end there, as another green flame dragon flew up, followed by another, and another, and another, and another ……

Looking at the flaming dragons that kept flying up, everyone was stunned.

“This is too strong!”

Some people couldn’t help but lament in horror.