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Super School Student Chapter 373-374

Chapter 373

Each one of these flaming dragons was incomparably powerful, so many appeared at once, what kind of monster was the other side!

However, this was not the end of it.

While unleashing the Flaming Dragons, Ye Lu also silently unleashed another spell, which was the super large “Flame Prison”.

In fact, there was no limit to the size and scale of many fire-attribute spells, but due to the user’s cultivation level, there was a limit to the amount of flame that could be created, which led to the difference in the power of the flame.

For example, the easiest to use fire attribute spell, “Flame Blast”, is based on the principle of releasing all the flames in your body in one go.

There are quite a few “spells” that are like this, before Ye Lu used the special “weapon pattern” of the glove to store the flame, the purpose is also because of this.

Now, with the “Fire Spirit” being fused, the fire in the fire lake could be manipulated by Ye Lu, so he had gathered the flames of a fire lake, and in terms of using “spells”, Ye Lu was no weakling, so he could launch attacks without any disadvantage.


With a loud shout, countless flames lit up from around the cave, encasing everyone in a wall of flames.


Seeing this scene, the people of the Companions all frowned, but without orders, they did not dare to escape so easily before.

And once again, Ye Lu said.


Countless “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames” began to spin and coalesce in front of him to form a huge round shield that spun rapidly, and then, Ye Lu said once again.


Dense flaming spears flew out from the lake of fire and hovered above Ye Lu’s head, numbering in the hundreds.

Looking at Ye Lu’s series of amazing spells, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady”‘s brow furrowed as she looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I really didn’t expect you to be able to take in that foreigner and have such a backhand, I underestimated you.

“The hostage was the greatest strength of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”.

Because, she had originally thought that even if she had captured Ye Lu, she was afraid that Ye Lu would not be very cooperative with them, so she would still have to use the hostage as blackmail.

As a matter of fact, when he heard the words of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, Ye Lu was also stunned, and he quickly asked

“My people, who are you referring to?”

Seeing Ye Lu’s expression, the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” smiled and said.

“There are many, Dokku Ao, Dokku Qianshak, Nie Yibiao, Jin Kun, Mu Zize, An Le, Long Feixue, Mo Xiaomi, Ye Qiu Die, Gu Shiqi, Shen Luyan ……”

The “compulsionless poisoness” said a long list of names at once.

Ye Lu listened quietly, he already understood that his identity had been exposed, so everyone related to himself had been arrested, only Ye Yan, Liu Mei and Qin Siyu had someone to protect them, so they couldn’t do anything about it.

So, Ye Lu began to operate quickly in his gla*ses, and at the same time, he looked at the “compulsionless poisoness” and said.

“Say it, what do you want?”

As a result, the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I don’t really want to do anything, you’ve obtained a lot of ‘Immortal Pills’ right, and I guess you’ve also obtained a lot of immortal means, I just want you to be my husband, and together we can rule the Miao Frontier, the Southern Frontier, the Chinese Kingdom and even the whole world, how about that?”

Hearing the words of the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness”, Ye Lu understood that she must have mistakenly thought that she had eaten the “Immortal Pill” and that was why she had grown up so quickly.

He didn’t say anything, but continued to use the “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses to search for Nie Yibiao and the others as fast as he could.

Seeing that Ye Lu was silent, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady” took a step forward, then touched her chest and said with a smile.

“Husband, don’t worry, all those tricks that those little hooves on the internet can play, I can play them all, I can definitely make that you want to die, night and day, wonderful ……”

As she spoke, she used the charm technique at the same time.

However, she was greeted by countless green spears of fire.

“No need for that, you and all your people go to hell!”

As she spoke, another batch of spears appeared, and the scene was instantly chaotic, as the “Flame Prison” turned into a sea of fire, with countless fire spears burning all kinds of “parasites” to the ground.

“You …… don’t care if those people are dead or alive?”

The “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” looked at this scene with surprise, she was a bit confused, from the information she received, Ye Lu should not be a heartless and unrighteous person.

Ye Lu said indifferently.

“Of course I have to take care of it, I naturally have my own way, this is not something you need to worry about.”

Just now, Ye Lu had used the “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses to trace the movement of everyone’s mobile phones over time, and he found out that what this “ten thousand poison compulsion woman” said should be true, because, all the mobile phones had gathered in one place and then started to move, stopping twice in the middle and then gathering in one place.

The other party should not know about Ye Lu’s ability, so Ye Lu felt that the location of the “hostage” should be one of the last three locations.

He had to make a quick decision and rescue the hostage before the other party noticed.

Seeing this scene, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady” understood that all her chances had failed completely, this “Mr. Luo” did not play by the rules at all, she began to regret.

She had originally been the hunter, but what she didn’t expect was that the prey she was hunting was the real hunter.

However, just when she was desperate, Ye Lu spoke.

“I’ll give you a chance, establish a ‘master-servant contract’ with me and become my servant, otherwise you will only die.”

When she heard Ye Lu’s words, the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” pondered.

It was obvious that even if she tried her best, there was no way to escape from here, because in this hellish place Ye Lu had unlimited fire, and it was also the terrifying “Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire” that had been burning for an unknown number of years.

Although she did not know what the so-called “master-servant contract” was, she would not die compared to herself.

So, she quickly nodded her head.

Ye Luo quickly cleaned up the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”‘s beloved belly, and then began to choke out the spell quickly.

The first reason was that the “master-servant contract” required the other party’s full consent, and he felt that with his pride, he would not do so, and would mostly choose to kill himself after regaining consciousness.

The second reason was that at that time, Ye had just made a breakthrough and was not yet able to use the Master-Servant Contract.

Now that he had created his third “spirit liquid”, he could use many “spells” including the “master-servant contract”, and this was the reason why he had managed to escape.

The “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” was the leader of the “Compulsion Clan”, both she and her compulsions were extremely powerful, it would be too bad to kill Ye Lu directly.

“Let go of any defenses, and listen to my arrangements.”

Ye Luo looked into the eyes of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” and said.

“It’s a pity that you can only have three servants.”

Ye Luo muttered somewhat depressingly while establishing a soul contract with the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness”.

With no resistance from the “Ten Thousand Demons”, the contract was completed in no time.

The “master-servant contract” is just like the literal meaning, the servant cannot disobey or betray the master until the contract is broken, while the master can control the life and death of the servant, other than that there are no special restrictions.

“Alright, let’s go, Poison Lady, go save the people and then uproot the ‘Miaojiang Evil Cultivator’!”

Ye Lu said with glowing eyes amidst the flames.

However, at this time, the “Compulsionless Poisoness” said something that surprised Ye Lu.


Chapter 374

“Master, I must remind you that we are not the real masterminds in this incident.”

Hearing the words of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, Ye Lu’s brow furrowed as he looked at the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” and waited for her next words, but as a result, the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” said.

“The cause of this incident is related to the ‘Hidden Family’, the one who asked me to take action is the ‘Chi You Clan’, also known as the legendary ‘Jiu Li Clan’, we Actually, we are all considered their descendants, and it was the ‘Jiu Li Clan’ that asked us to investigate about the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, and you actually got involved because of this, right?”

When Ye Lu and Yun Fei Yang fought against each other, they had mentioned about Ye Yan, so the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” knew about these things.

Ye Lu nodded, then gestured to the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” to speak as she walked.

The “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” then continued.

“The ‘Jiu Li Clan’ said that as long as we increase our strength and get the ‘Key to the Immortal Mansion’, we can enter the Immortal Mansion, and then it might not be difficult to become an immortal, while we, the ‘Evil God Sect ‘ and the ‘Ghost Sect’ are actually descendants of the ‘Jiu Li Clan’, so we do not dare to disobey them.”

Hearing the words of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“According to you, the ‘Chi You Clan’ should be very powerful, right?”

The “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” nodded and said.

“Yes, they have the bloodline heritage of the ancient mighty ‘Chi You’, and they also have the bloodline of terrifying divine beasts and ferocious beasts, such as the legendary ‘Feng Bo’, which is also the ferocious beast ‘Fei Lian ‘, ‘Rain Master’ also known as the fierce beast ‘Shang Yang’, while there is also the ‘Kua Fu clan’ following them, which is indeed immensely powerful. ”

Ye Lu then said.

“If they are so powerful, why did they personally take action?”

The “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions Lady” said.

“You are too young, and you have experienced less, so you should not know that there are actually too many terrifying forces in this world, other than that, the ancestor ‘Chi You’ is already very strong, right? He had a master called Yizhen Daoist, and his kung fu was taught by Yizhen Daoist, who belonged to the clan world.”

Hearing the words of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, Ye Lu had a different view of the “clan world”, it seemed that he had underestimated the “clan world”.

And the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” continued.

“In fact, even if we don’t count the clan world, there are still many hidden clans that are very frightening, such as the ‘Yellow Emperor Clan’, they are even stronger than the ‘Chi You Clan’, and of course there are also the stronger Pan Gu Clan and Nuwa Clan. ”

“However, apart from these, there are even more fearful legendary clans, such as Kunlun, Penglai and Southern Chu, I’m afraid that all these forces are eyeing the ‘Immortal Mansion’, so no one dares to make a rash move.”

Ye Lu did not expect this matter to be so widely involved, and following that, he remembered the four sentences left by his grandmother.

“The nine stars are connected, the nine heavens are united, the immortal mansion is opened, and the meeting is a covenant.”

So, after thinking about it, he asked the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”.

“Do you know what the ‘Nine Stars in a Row’ is all about?”

As a result, the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Maiden” thought for a moment and said.

“I have never heard of the ‘Nine Stars in a Row’, but I have heard of the ‘Nine Stars’, and in the Qi Men Dun Jia there is mention of the ‘Nine Stars and Eight Gates’. Is this the ‘nine stars’?”

When the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” finished speaking, Ye Lu’s heart moved because he had once looked up the “Nine Stars in a Row”, which was an astronomical phenomenon where the nine planets of the solar system were connected into a line.

Perhaps this “nine stars” was the same as the nine stars mentioned by the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Girls”, so he asked the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Girls” to continue.

The “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” then said.

“The nine stars refer to the ‘four auspicious stars’ Tianxin, Tianren, Tianfei and Tianfu; the ‘second auspicious star’ Tianchong; the ‘three inauspicious stars’ Tianpeng, Tianrui and Tianzhu. Tian Rui, and Tian Zhu, and the ‘Middle Peace Star’ Tian Ying.”

“You may not have heard of many of them, but if I say the three stars ‘Seven Killers’, ‘Broken Army’ and ‘Greedy Wolf’, you may have heard of them, they are each one of the nine stars”

“And for each of these stars, there is a ‘person of astrological destiny’ in the world, which is commonly referred to as a ‘star-host coming down to earth’.”

Hearing the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” finish speaking, Ye Luo snapped his fingers and said.

“Yes, that’s it!”

Ye Lu suddenly understood why the “Chi You Clan” not only wanted the “Immortal Mansion Key” in Ye Yan’s hand, but also wanted Ye Yan as a person, it should be because only the key was not enough to open the “Immortal Mansion”, but also the “Star Destiny Person”, only, right now, Ye Lu was still unable to know which star Ye Yan corresponded to.

This was one of the reasons why his grandmother had left the “Immortal Mansion Key” to his sister, Ye Yan.

Ye Lu deduced from this that most of the “Immortal Mansion Keys” were not just one, but there should be nine of them, corresponding to the “Nine Stars”.

As for why the Xuantian Clan treats Zhang Tian as a treasure, most of them are because Zhang Tian is also a chosen “Star Destiny Man”.

The other one must be related to the “Four Ancient Martial Arts Clans”, which is why there was the incident with the “Heaven Sheltering Gang”.

However, Ye Luo did not know where the remaining six keys were.

After the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” said so, Ye Lu suddenly had a clear feeling, that is, as long as he found the nine “keys to the Immortal Mansion”, he should be able to see his grandmother again when he opened the Immortal Mansion.

“It looks like I need to unlock the secrets of the ‘Four Ancient Martial Families’ as soon as possible.”

Ye Luo muttered as he followed the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” and left “Xishuangbanna” towards the “Jade Dragon Snow Mountain” where the “hostages” were being held.

“Master, don’t worry, very few people know where the hostages are hidden, only the believer I just brought there knows, now they are all dead, we can just go there and release them.”

After a few days of treatment “Gale’s” injuries were no longer a big deal, but Ye Lu didn’t feel like letting her move again, and instead summoned a relatively low-profile flying demon beast, and it didn’t take long for the two of them to reach the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the sacred mountain of the Naxi people, the main peak is more than 5,500 meters above sea level, the mountain is surrounded by clouds and mists, snow, glaciers, meadows, primitive forests and all kinds of landscapes, entering the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Ye Lu was also fascinated by the scenery of the snow mountain, this can be said to be a paradise.

However, before he could reach the place where the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” had mentioned, Ye Lu saw a few people standing at the top of the snowy mountain not far away.

The guy at the head of the group had a bull’s head pattern on his forehead, and he was none other than Ji Yunpeng, the leader of the “Evil God Sect”.

Next to him was the leader of the Ghost Sect, and the elites of two other sects were also there.

“It’s my people, I never thought someone would betray me.”

“Hearing the words of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, Ye Lu suddenly remembered that he had indeed seen that woman wearing the clothes of the compulsion tribe before.

“Her parasite is ‘Earthworm’, I didn’t notice just now that she had burrowed into the ground and escaped, I didn’t do a good job.”

The “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” said apologetically.

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“I don’t blame you for this, the situation was too chaotic and I didn’t see anyone leave.”

At that time, there were a lot of people, there were parasites everywhere, and flames were flying, so Ye Lu didn’t really count how many people from the “compulsion tribe” were here.

“Oh, what, Lord Clan Chief, are you here to find someone?”

When he saw Ye Lu and the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” flying over on a big bird, Ji Yunpeng looked at the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” and said with a smile.

“Don’t be confused, I guess they don’t know the result of the previous battle yet, calm down first, keep the same state you were in before.”

Ye Luo knew very well that all the people in the Flame Prison were dead except for the “Ten Thousand Poisoness”, and the flames had isolated the view from outside, so Ye Luo felt that the guy outside hadn’t figured out the situation inside.