Super School Student Chapter 377-378

Chapter 377

All those who were attacking Ye Lu began to have a big headache, because the current Ye Lu was too difficult to deal with. First of all, the most painful thing was that the defense was almost flawless, those weird vines, not only were they protected in all directions, but they also moved and could block all kinds of attacks with great flexibility.

The second is that the dagger is simply indestructible, no matter what level of “magic treasure”, even “Xuan-rank” defense shield will go through in one blow, there is absolutely nothing that can block, because of this loss of good hands have several.

Then there is this even more bizarre, endless black qi, the same external qi, after their own “innate astral qi” and the opponent’s black energy against each other, is basically a blow immediately destroyed, not only strong penetrating power, killing power is also large, but fortunately, the opponent’s black qi volume is not very large.

Seeing them stop fighting, Ye Lu then looked at the other two battle scenes.

“However, due to the top of the snowy mountain, it was a bit inconvenient for her to use her compulsions. In addition, Ji Yunpeng had prepared for this and did not know what she had eaten, so the poisonous attacks that the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” was best at were not as effective as they should be.

On the other side, Karasis, the God of War, was evenly matched with the master of the Demon Gate, whose “War God bloodline” seemed to have some restraining effect on evil spirits.

“It’s about time to end the battle.”

Ye Luo saw the crowd on top of the snowy mountain and muttered.

And at that moment, one of the guys on the opposite side looked at Ye Luo and said.

“You better not make any rash moves, or those friends of yours will be dead.”

With those words, this guy took out his mobile phone.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, said indifferently.

“Whatever you want!”

As he spoke, a large amount of blood spread out with Ye Luo as the centre and formed a weird blood formation with an intricate pattern around Ye Luo.

The moment they saw the blood appear, the crowd felt that the situation was not good, because the scene in the previous video where Ye Lu summoned the “Nine Infants” was still fresh in their minds, so the crowd attacked frantically, but a circle of black light blades from Ye Lu’s body sent out a quick strike, while the “Heavenly Vine” expanded violently, forming a tornado-like circular barrier that kept spinning.

In this delay, the summoning had already begun.

In the red glow, a huge figure, as tall as a ten-storey building, appeared, carrying a huge hammer on his shoulder.

The crowd was taken aback by the appearance of the jagged, fanged “Mammoth Chiseltooth”.

Like the “Tiger Chiseltooth” that Ye Lu had summoned earlier, the “Mammoth Chiseltooth” was a demonic beast with the “Chiseltooth” bloodline, and the “Mammoth Chiseltooth” was characterised by its huge size, strong strength and outstanding defence.

This “Mammoth Tooth” was different from the previous “Tiger Tooth”, as it was a “Fourth Order, Fourth Grade” powerful demonic beast.


After this creature appeared, it roared furiously and then charged towards the surrounding people.

This scene shook the people watching and recording the video to their core.

“Sh*t! Is this a giant? It’s so big!”

“Has a flood of gargoyles been summoned?”

“It’s not good, there’s going to be an avalanche on the mountain!”


As expected, when the hammer of the “Mammoth Chiseled Tooth” fell on the top of the mountain, the huge shockwave and vibration made the mountain slide, and the sightseeing guests were scared to death, but fortunately, it did not cause the whole mountain to slide, otherwise the sightseeing guests would be unlucky.

Ye Luo was at the top of the snowy mountain, so of course they didn’t have to worry about the avalanche, and at this moment Ye Luo had already started his second summoning.

“The blood of the Nine Infants had already been used up, the blood of the Great Wind had been used to save the Great Wind, and the blood of the Cultivated Snake had been used in the fight against the Black Witch Cult.

A boar-shaped demon beast like a building appeared, and just after it appeared, it roared wildly and rushed towards the crowd without waiting for Ye Lu’s command.


Seeing the brave look of this one, Ye Luo then muttered with a smile.

These two demonic beasts were both huge and thick-skinned, so as soon as they appeared, they wrapped themselves around the people who had been attacking Ye Lu.

Ye Lu then looked at the Ghost Sect’s Sect Master and said with a smile.

“It’s time for the battle to end!”

As he said that, he released “Red Lotus Karma Flame” and “Ghostly Inferno” with both hands, and then he rushed towards the “Ghost Gate” Sect Master with his hands together.

The reason he had chosen to fight was because he wanted to consolidate his cultivation.

As he rushed forward, he parted his hands, and a purple fire dragon dashed towards the Ghost Sect’s master with fangs and claws.

The reason why the “Red Lotus Flame” and “Ghostly Flame” were so powerful was because they were also one of the “Ten Great Origin Flames”, both of which were famous for burning the ghosts of hell, and therefore had a strong restraining effect on ghosts.

The Ghost Gate’s master quickly dodged to the side upon seeing the fused purple flames, but his movement allowed Karaxis to seize the opportunity and the Spear of Ares began to attack like a mountain overturning the sea, while Ye Lu quickly unleashed the Heavenly Vine and wrapped it around him.

The “Heavenly Vine” did not have much attacking power, nor was it strong enough to strangle a demonic beast or a person to death, but its characteristic was that it was “difficult to entangle”, and it was quite annoying to entangle a person like a dog’s skin when fighting.

However, Ye Lu did not want to kill him, because after tasting the sweetness of the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, Ye Lu had already decided to turn the “Evil God Sect” sect leader Ji Yunpeng and the unknown “Ghost Sect” sect leader into his servants, and there were still two more places available.

So, under the attacks of Karaxis, the Ghost Sect’s Sect Master became weaker and weaker, but he did not die, including his Thunder Ghost, which Ye Luo did not hurt.

“Ghost Gate Master, if you don’t want to die, then become my servant, otherwise you will only have one way out.”

Ye Luo said coldly as he looked at the “Ghost Sect” Sect Master.

The “evil cultivator” was originally a person who would do whatever he could, so he didn’t have as many rules and regulations as the decent people, so the “Ghost Sect” master agreed without hesitation.

Ye Luo quickly began to establish the “master-servant contract”.

Ji Yunpeng, who was at the side, realised that something was wrong and wanted to escape, but the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” was just a little bit less powerful than him, so it was not that easy to leave, and at the same time the “Heavenly Vine” had already started to entangle him.

When he saw that the master of the Ghost Sect was standing by Ye Lu’s side with the Thunder Ghost, Ji Yunpeng sighed and surrendered.

While establishing a contract with Ji Yunpeng, Ye Lu said in a loud voice to the others.

“Your master has surrendered, what’s the point of resisting? Stop resisting and I will spare your lives.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the crowd quickly gave up their resistance, but the “mammoth chiseled tooth” did not relent and grabbed a man and put him in his mouth “click! Click!” He ate it up.

“Big …… brother, didn’t you say you would spare our lives.”

Someone shivered and said.

Ye Luo hurriedly and quickly said to the “mammoth chiseled teeth”.

“Stop eating people, or I will send you back.”

In fact, Ye Luo had consumed so much that he no longer had the ability to send it back.

Ye Lu’s words made the “Mammoth Tooth” very unhappy, but he looked at the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand, then he roared and stopped talking.

The building-like wild boar, “Minister”, was staring into the distance with strange eyes.

From the other side of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a huge flying demon beast with leopard prints and antlers was flying over at lightning speed, and standing at the head of this beast was a huge man over two metres tall.

“Chi You messenger, it’s Chi You messenger coming!”

Seeing this scene, those “evil cultivators” all shouted with some excitement.

The “Chi You Clan”, the hidden family, had finally made their move.


Chapter 378

From the speed of the demonic beast he was riding, his cultivation level should be higher than Ji Yunpeng’s. As expected, Ye Lu also saw the so-called “Chi Emissary”.

As expected, Ye Luo saw that this messenger’s cultivation level was “Golden Dan Sixth Turn”, however, he had not yet reached the peak of “Golden Dan Sixth Turn”, but was at the early stage of “Golden Dan Sixth Turn”, but the “Void Dan” in his body was already very solid, which meant that this guy should also be a person of great pride.

Although they are all at the same small realm, the cultivation effects of different people are very different, for example, the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, “Ji Yunpeng” and the “Ghost Sect” Sect Master, although they are all at the middle of the “Fifth Turn of the Golden Elixir”, Ji Yunpeng’s “Void Dan” is obviously more solid than the other two.

The demonic beast at the feet of this “Chi Emissary” is also a “Fourth Order Sixth Grade” demonic beast, named “Eagle Fei Lian”, an eagle demonic beast with the bloodline of the fierce beast “Fei Lian”.

“It was a wind-attributed demonic beast, so it was extremely fast and reached the top of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in a flash.

However, Ye Luo had already completed the “master-servant contract”, and at this moment, the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, the “Evil God Cult” Sect Master, the “Ghost Sect Master”, the “God of War” Karaxis, and their respective “original spirit beasts” were all lined up behind Ye Luo.

The subservient “Evil God Cult” people and the “Ghost Sect” people were standing behind them quietly.

Seeing this scene, “Chi You’s messenger” was also a bit surprised.

He looked at the scene with a frown and asked.

“What, are you all going to betray the ‘Jiu Li Clan’ and Lord ‘Chi You’?”

Ye Luo then took a step forward to look at him and said.

“What messy ‘Jiu Li Clan’, I’ll tell you now, I’ll take in all of you messy and harmful forces, so as to save you from harming people everywhere, after that I’ll let them raise bugs, plant seeds, do some odd jobs and so on, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

When he heard Ye Lu say this, but the people behind Ye Lu did not have any special reaction, the “Chi Emissary” understood, he nodded and said.

“Well then, it seems that I have no choice but to kill you.”

As he said that, he jumped down from the Eagle Fei Lian, and in the process of jumping down, his body grew wildly, instantly turning into a giant man more than ten meters tall.

To be honest, this move really scared Ye Lu.

He had seen such large shadows or “projections” before, but he had never seen a real person who could instantly become so large.

“This doesn’t seem very scientific!”

Ye Lu muttered, but the “Mammoth Chiseltooth”, who had been restless on the side, had already charged directly towards the giant man.

“He swung his hammer and smashed at the “Chi Emissary”, the huge hammer with the wind sounded like a white whirlwind of snow and ice.

As a result, the giant man didn’t dodge at all, but stood there quietly and resisted the fierce and savage blow.



The giant hammer smashed into the top of the giant man’s head, and the snow and ice beneath his feet suddenly flew up in all directions and into the sky as if it had exploded, just like a white firework was released from the top of the snowy mountain, and all the tourists saw this scene, and a huge deep crater suddenly appeared at the top of the snowy mountain.

But, unfortunately, nothing happened to the giant man at all.


He reached out and grabbed the hammer, then looked at the “mammoth chiseled tooth” and said calmly.

“It’s my turn!”

After saying that, he slowly raised his hand, and the huge “Mammoth Tooth” was lifted up by the “Chi Emissary”, along with the huge hammer in her hand.

All the spectators who saw this scene, as well as the various powers, were astonished.

“What is this? Is that monster ‘Fei Lian’?”

“The Shadow of Death’s Liuyun muttered as he looked at the monster behind the “Chi Emissary”.

The Hidden Family acted in a low-profile manner, basically most people were not aware of their existence, and what they knew were all kinds of rumors and legends, so Liuyun also did not know the identity of the “Chi Emissary”, but he did feel that the “Eagle Fei Lian” was somewhat familiar.

However, what puzzled him and the other forces was that the giants of Miaojiang, who had just been at war, suddenly started to support him behind Ye Lu, knowing that the Companions, the Cult of Evil and the Ghost Sect were all giants.

In particular, the Companions and the Ghost Sect have deep roots in the Miao Frontier, with a history of at least a thousand years, and no one dares to mess with them on the surface.

However, now the three giants of the Miao Frontier were all standing quietly behind Ye Luo, as if they were Ye Luo’s servants, which made everyone feel incredible.

“Is that ‘Mr. Luo’ a ‘god’? Can make others believe and follow him?”

“I don’t know, in any case, I feel that this person is not that simple.”

“However, I feel that even if all of them are on it, they are no match for that eagle-riding monster guy, right? Look how strong this guy is.”


In the midst of the crowd’s lamentations, the “Chi messenger” had already beaten the huge “mammoth chiseled tooth” into a flying flesh and blood with a fancy punch, and the air was like a rain of blood, with scattered bones and corpses everywhere.

The blow was so powerful that everyone was shocked.

“How can this guy be so strong?”

“It’s totally strength type guy’s ah, is it a bronze head and iron bones, invulnerable to swords and spears.”

“This is the end of that bearded man, I guess one punch is going to smash him into a meat cake.”

“Who says it isn’t, the difference is too obvious.”


The power that Ye Lu showed before was not very strong and his combat power was not too great, what impressed everyone instead was the “Tong Tian Vine” on him, everyone envied Ye Lu for having such a good thing.

However, everyone was not very optimistic about Ye Lu’s own strength, after all, when Ye Lu fought against that group of people before, he did not perform very strongly, and was even beaten up by these people, and the audience felt that if it was not for the protection of the vine, Ye Lu would have been killed long ago.

And this time, looking at the strength and destructive power of that giant man, even if Ye Lu had the vines to defend him, he would still be hammered to death by his opponent’s fist, and the shock could probably shatter Ye Lu’s internal organs into pieces.

After breaking the “Mammoth Chiseled Tooth”, the “Chi Emissary” looked at Ye Lu and clapped his hands and said.

“I really admire you for making such a powerful thing, come back to the clan with me, tell us your secret, we can not kill you, even let you become a member of the clan.”

Seeing the “Chi Emissary’s” condescending attitude, Ye Lu smiled and shook his head.

“I don’t think that’s necessary, if you don’t want to die, then get lost!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the “Chi Emissary” immediately froze there, he was a bit confused.

Behind Ye Lu, the people from the Evil God Sect and the Ghost Sect also opened their mouths wide in confusion, they didn’t understand why Ye Lu dared to say that.

“Is this guy crazy?”

“I don’t know, anyway, whether he’s dead or alive, we should all be fine.”

“That’s true.”


In the midst of the whispers of the crowd, the “Chi messenger” laughed wildly and said.

“Hahahahahaha, it’s the first time I’ve seen you so selfless, well, then I’ll fulfill you and send you to hell, taking your secrets with you.”

With those words, he swung his fist, and the terrifyingly strong wind blew the ice and snow on the mountain top.

However, this time his fist stopped just halfway out, for the terrifying white flames had struck through his chest, and following from the wound, the white flames spread out, and the giant man’s chest became a ball of fire.

“This ……”

The giant man looked down at his chest in some disbelief, and then looked at Ye Luo again, before he collapsed like a wall.

The demonic beast “Eagle Fei Lian” quickly flew up in fear, it circled twice in the air and saw that the “Chi Emissary” was really dead, and only then did it raise its wings and fly away.

The whole of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was quiet.