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Super School Student Chapter 381-382

Chapter 381

Hearing Lin Ruyue’s words, Ye Luo understood that the so-called “Pill Refining Conference” in the secular world that Lin Ruyue had been talking about was about to start, so he thought for a moment and said.

“Lin Ruyue, if I am your master, is it in line with the rules to participate in this conference?”

Lin Ruyue was silent for a while, then said.

“This? It seems to be out of line, right, but it shouldn’t matter, although you have registered with the ‘Pill Alliance’, that ‘Pill Alliance’ identity tag of yours has not been registered, so whoever you say you are should be fine , unless someone pokes your identity.”

“However, there shouldn’t be many who know your identity, no, I’ll teach you the original ‘Transfiguration Technique’.”

Hearing that Lin Ruyue had an original “disguise art”, Ye Lu was a bit curious, because he suddenly thought of the time he first met Lin Ruyue, she turned into white eyes, and he was still a bit confused, how did she do this cosplay.

So, Ye Lu said.

“Sure, what day is the ‘Pill Refiner Conference’?”

As a result, Lin Ru Yue said.

“It’s going to be a week later.”

Ye Luo was depressed at once.

“Sh*t! It’s still a week away, what are you doing in such a hurry so early?”

As a result, Lin Ru Yue said.

“Master ah, you don’t know, the people at this ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’ are a big deal, because ten years have pa*sed since the last ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’, and this decade is the most stormy decade, many More importantly, of course, the prize this time was the best among all the previous ‘Pill Refiners’ Conferences’, giving a flame seed, one of the Ten Great Origin Flames, the ‘Violet Sky Flame’, which was said to be able to fuse successfully to ‘deduce the heavens and the earth’ and have the power of precognition.”

Hearing Lin Ruyue’s words, Ye Lu was indeed a bit moved, because he had experienced the matter of deduction before, and that “Ghost Gu Zi consecrated statue” of Granny Yun possessed such power, and he had also used it himself, so at least this point was realistic and credible.

The fact that Ye Lu had three of the Ten Great Origin Fires in his body, if he fused one more, he felt that his power would definitely increase greatly, which was definitely a great thing for him. Now that the Chi You Clan was watching him and had captured Gushi Qi, whose fate was unknown, Ye Lu was still very eager to improve his cultivation and combat power.

Lin Ruyue then said.

“Because the ‘Origin Flame’ is not something that can be fused by anyone, the organizers of this time have provided two other rewards, one is an ‘Immortal Pill’ and the other is a medicinal herb that is extremely helpful to cultivation ‘Yaochi Lingzhi’, both of which are heaven defying treasures.”

Hearing these words from Lin Ru Yue, Ye Luo was really not calm this time.

He had always heard of “immortal pills”, but he had never seen them before, nor had he heard of any power having “immortal pills”, and this “pill refiner conference” would actually have “immortal pills”.

“This can’t be a fake!”

Ye Lu blurted out.

Lin Ruyue said disdainfully.

“How can it be fake, because who is the organizer of this ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’, do you know?”

Hearing that Lin Ruyue was actually still selling the story, Ye Luo then hurriedly prodded up.

Only then did Lin Ru Yue say.

“Because the organizer of this ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’ is ‘Kunlun’, I might not believe it if I said that other places have ‘immortal pills’, but to say that ‘Kunlun’ has immortal pills, this, I definitely believe.”

Ye Lu had heard of “Kunlun” more than once, and he had also looked it up, “Kunlun” was a legendary “divine mountain” similar to the Greek “Mount Olympus”.

However, “Kunlun” had disappeared for many years, but I don’t know why it had actually reappeared this time.

Of course, he had only entered the “cultivation world” for a short period of time, so he was not very clear about many things.

However, the three items of the “Pill Refiner’s Conference” were really crazy.

Even the worst sounding item, the “Yao Chi Ling Zhi”, Ye Lu knew very well that it was not found in the inventory of the “Shen Nong Valley” for many years.

According to the legend, when the thousand-year-old snake demon Bai Suzhen stole the immortal gra*s for Xu Xian, the immortal gra*s was the “Yao Chi Lingzhi”.

He was in desperate need of such an unbelievable treasure, as all the things grown in Ye Lu’s One Leaf Bodhi had been eaten by the Tongtian Vine.

So, Ye Luo decisively agreed to Lin Ruyue’s suggestion of impersonation.

For one thing, he was no longer the weak Ye Luo he had been before. At that time, even the small families in the capital had to deal with him carefully.

The people who knew about the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” were his own people, and now Ye Lu had three colours of red, green and blue flames in his hands. According to the “Three Primary Colors” theory of light, he could make any colour of flame at will, so there was nothing to worry about.

Thinking of this, Ye Luo said to Lin Ru Yue.

“Good, then I’ll leave this matter to you, you can help me sign up, I still have something to do, I’ll go back as soon as possible.”

After saying that, Ye Luo quickly contacted Jasmine, saying that he was going to go to the branch of the Hundred Flowers Sect to deliver medicine to them, and that he also had to discuss something with their elders.

Like the Weapon Sect, every clan has more than one secret realm, and many clans are developing new ones, which are very important to the clan.

Other than that, the Beast Alliance has opened up the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” and has the main entrance to the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, and it is the edge entrance with no time limit for free access.

Of course, this is just an expression, because there have not been any “sect wars” for a long time, and even the constant friction between the Xuantian Sect and the Wuji Sect is basically a small fight, mostly a*sa*sinations, so no one knows how much of a difference in strength there is between the sects.

Moreover, only after joining the clan and becoming a member of the clan would one be able to know these things through certain channels.

When she heard this news, Jasmine was overjoyed.

She said that all the sisters from the capital branch of the Hundred Flowers Sect would definitely come to greet him.

“I’ve told everyone that you’re a handsome man, don’t let me slap you in the face!”

“Jasmine” said with a smile from across the room.

Leaffall, in turn, smiled and said.

“Good, but this is all trivial, what I want to tell you is that I can already refine the ‘Foundation Building Pill’, so I will bring you some private goods then, and try to let you break through to the ‘Golden Dan 9th Turn’ cultivation level as soon as possible. ”

This news certainly made “Jasmine” ecstatic, but Ye Lu continued.

“I’m looking for materials to make you a ‘Face Fixing Pill’, which will allow you to stay as young and beautiful as you were when you were at your youngest, and your youth will last forever.

To be honest, for Jasmine, this was the most surprising, because even if her master was so good at nurturing her face, she had still turned old, and some of the Elders looked old despite their amazing cultivation, which was the most fatal to a girl.

“Great, if the elders know this news they will definitely go crazy, she has to look at herself in the mirror countless times a day for fear of her face getting old.”

After greeting Jasmine, Ye Luo did not delay, he first used the Nine Leaves Blood Lotus to make a batch of Foundation Establishment Pills, and then made another batch of pills that could regulate qi and blood to make people as young as possible, and only after that did he let Big Wind, who had almost finished regulating, take him to the branch of the Hundred Flowers Sect.

From a distance, he saw “Jasmine” standing at the entrance of the sect’s branch with a dozen beautiful women.


Chapter 382

When he saw this gesture, Ye Lu smiled.

Behind him, Liu Mei then laughed and said.

“You said this was a daughter’s country, but you didn’t say it was full of beautiful women, you’re not being honest!”

The first thing Ye Lu did when he returned to the capital was to bring Ye Yan, Liu Mei, Qin Siyu and Jin Kun to the “Hundred Flowers Clan” for training, after all, this was the safest place.

Even the Chi You clan would not dare to take action against a clan like the Hundred Flowers Sect easily. Ye Lu did not know anything about Kunlun, so he did not dare to speculate, but he knew something about the Hundred Flowers Sect from Jasmine’s description.

In other words, the real strength of these women was absolutely unfathomable, and this was the scary thing about the “sect”.

Therefore, Ye Lu felt that the Chi You Clan should not be strong enough to shake the Hundred Flowers Sect.

In fact, through the introduction of the “gla*ses”, Ye Lu also understood that the path of monasticism was very long and unimaginable to mundane people, and that foundation building was only the foundation, and achieving the “Golden Dan Avenue” was only the beginning.

However, to Ye Lu’s surprise, Ye Yan was taken to the “Vermilion Bird Clan Land” by the Ye Family, saying that it was the most suitable place for Ye Yan to cultivate.

So, there was no need to worry about the two of them.

Then, Ye Lu contacted Long Fei Xue and asked him why he didn’t go to the Long family’s “clan land” to train.

As a result, Long Fei Xue said stubbornly.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with the Long Family anymore, even if they have anything, it has nothing to do with me.”

It seemed that Long Fei Xue had no more good feelings towards the Long Family.

After hearing Long Fei Xue finish, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Good, don’t worry, even if you don’t enter the clan territory of the Long Family, you can still become a ‘Saint’ very soon, and soon, you will become an existence that the entire clan will look up to.”

For Long Fei Xue’s growth, Ye Lu was full of confidence.

The one who was slightly troubled now was Qin Siyu, she wanted to finish the movie and then enter the secret realm to cultivate, after all, it was the heart and soul of a bunch of them.

This was understandable to Ye Lu, and he had already promised to give the “Shadow of Death” a bunch of benefits, so that they would make sure to protect Qin Siyu’s safety.

In addition, Ye Lu also got another piece of information from his sister Ye Yan.

That is, she is indeed one of the “Nine Stars”, and Ye Lu’s guess was also confirmed that the “Nine Stars in a Row” corresponded to the “Nine Stars” in the “Qi Men Dun Jia”.

The “Tian Ying Star” is only a moderate star, which means that luck is not bad, and women of the “Tian Ying Star” are usually beautiful and pretty, and the “Tian Ying Star” is fire, which coincides with Ye Yan’s attributes.

As the “Heavenly Ying Star” had come down to earth, Ye Lu felt that this should have been arranged by his grandmother a long time ago.

“I wonder where the remaining eight keys and eight others are.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, it seemed that these eight keys and eight people were the root of everything.

When “Jasmine” saw Liu Mei following behind Ye Lu, her face froze for a moment, because Liu Mei was really too beautiful, her appearance was outstanding and her exaggerated figure made her feminine.

After the awakening of her bloodline, Eve’s bloodline made Liu Mei look even more beautiful, especially her outstanding femininity, which made even women, not to mention men, fall for her.

Seeing that the other party was a woman, after landing on the ground, “Big Wind” changed into the appearance of a woman.

“Wow! A big demon in form!”

“What a beautiful person, this is the legendary international model!”

“Actually riding a big demon! It’s incredible!”

“What riding, how unpleasant, should say taking in a great demon.”


Ye Lu then smiled and said towards Jasmine and the crowd.

Jasmine, let me introduce you, this is Liu Mei, my girlfriend, this is ‘Big Wind’ sister, not a demon beast I took in, she is my friend.”

Ever since they had a relationship with Liu Mei, the two of them had established their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

And “Big Wind” said with a smile while putting on his clothes.

“He’s my boss, he’s the right one to hang out with, he’s a good boss.”

When they heard “Big Wind”, all the women were astonished. The words of Ye Lu and the two of them meant that “Big Wind” was not Ye Lu’s “Original Spirit Beast”, which could be one realm higher than its master, but not “Original Spirit Beast” and said that Ye Lu could cover it, which meant that Ye Lu already had the strength of a “Great Demon”.

There were several people present who had seen Ye Lu with Jasmine before, so they had all seen Ye Lu’s battle on the Heavenly Horse Mountain, at that time, Ye Lu was only at the level of Kan Kan and the Innate “Tire Breath Realm”.

The first thing that happened was that Jasmine had a slightly awkward expression as she reached out to greet Liu Mei and “Big Wind”, while Ye Lu took out a bag and handed it to Jasmine with a smile.

“Jasmine, here you go, private pills, efficacy and instructions, I’ve written them all down here.”

Ye Luo didn’t see it, but the attentive Liu Mei did, she took the bag from Ye Luo’s hand and put it in Jasmine’s hand, then hugged Jasmine and said.

“I’ve often heard Ye Lu talk about you, thanks for always helping Ye Lu so much, I’ll need you to take care of me more in the future.”

Seeing Liu Mei’s intimate look, Jasmine also grabbed Liu Mei’s hand, and then led Liu Mei into the secret realm of the “Hundred Flowers Sect”.

Ye Lu also had to follow them in.

After entering, Ye Lu saw that there was another group of people greeting him in the sect, led by a middle-aged beautiful woman.

When she saw Ye Luo enter, she smiled and said.

“Grandmaster Ye, I am ‘Seven Colours’, I would like to apologise first, as I am cultivating a technique, so I cannot leave the confines of the secret realm, so I am sorry to have missed the welcome, you don’t mind.”

As she spoke, her beautiful eyes were constantly looking up and down at Ye Lu, then her smile became more and more winning, obviously very satisfied with Ye Lu.

All the sisters in the White Tiger Clan were also staring at Ye Lu with big eyes.

If it was said that Ye Lu was only perfect in looks after he had just been “reborn”, then he had also changed in temperament after experiencing this big battle.

Hearing the other party’s words, Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“This is all trivial, I have brought you ‘Foundation Establishment Pills’, and the quantity is not small, the sisters can use the ‘Foundation Establishment Pills’ to directly enter the ‘Foundation Establishment Realm ‘, moreover, in the ‘Foundation Establishment Realm’ to break through the small realm of pills I have also prepared for you, when to the bottleneck, you can use ‘Gouji Dan’, do not worry about the side effects, you can use it without worry. ”

Ye Lu personally made the pills, because of the spiritual qi, so it will not affect the later cultivation because of the dependence of the medicine, on the contrary, this kind of “spiritual pills” effect can also play a role in changing the physique, it is indeed the spiritual pills to get twice the result with half the effort.

When she heard that Ye Lu had really brought a “Foundation Establishment Pill” and a “Foundation Strengthening Pill” that could be used throughout the “Foundation Establishment Realm”, the “Seven Coloured Pansy’s” eyes immediately lit up, because she was not young, but she was still short of the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir” realm, and she had longed to enter the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir” realm.

So, she looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Master Ye, I’m really sorry, I guess you’ll need to stay in our ‘Hundred Flowers Sect’ for two more days, because ‘Elder Water Fairy’ is helping you collect ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stones’ in the secret realm. ‘, and it is estimated that he will not be back until tomorrow at the earliest.”

As soon as Ye Lu heard the words “Super Extreme Luminous Stones”, he couldn’t help but get excited, now that he had crossed into the Foundation Establishment Realm, his need for “Medium Grade Spirit Stones” had also increased.

However, he didn’t know that Elder “Water Fairy” was actually in the sect’s branch and was planning a plot to make Ye Luo lose his virginity.