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Super School Student Chapter 383-384

Chapter 383

From the time Jasmine first brought back the pills, Elder Narcissus had already started to think about Ye Lu, but at first, Ye Lu didn’t do much, and the initial pills were useful to cultivators or clans in the secular world, but they weren’t very useful to clans like the Hundred Flowers Clan.

After all, there were hundreds of thousands of people in one branch of the Weaponry Sect, while the Hundred Flowers Sect was a little smaller in number because they were all women, but there were still many people at the Houtian Mirror and Innate Realm.

However, the “Foundation Establishment Realm” was different. Although the number of people was still huge, being able to establish a foundation at least meant that they had the qualifications to walk the “Golden Dan Path” and had truly entered the path of cultivation.

The value of Ye Lu was already immeasurable, as even the Pill Alliance did not have such a good thing.

In fact, it was not that the Pill Alliance did not have similar pills, but their pills could not achieve the effect of the pills provided by Ye Lu. The similar pills of the Pill Alliance could only improve the chance of building a foundation, and there would be side effects that would have a negative impact on the cultivation later.

More importantly, Ye Lu’s improvement was really too fast, it was only a short time ago that he was already able to make pills that could make people “build their foundations” and at the same time raise the “Foundation Establishment Realm” to “peak Foundation Establishment” without bottlenecks.

“This Ye Lu is a priceless treasure, but it seems that ‘Jasmine’ is still unable to capture the other party’s heart, so I have to think of a way.”

In fact, she had been hinting that Jasmine could seduce Ye Lu appropriately, but Jasmine’s personality could not do it, which made Elder Narcissus a bit disappointed.

“This child, Jasmine, is too innocent, so it will be useless. This Ye Lu knows how to make ‘antidote pills’, so using poison will definitely be detected by him. I’ll have to do it myself.”

“Elder Narcissus” said with a determined expression as she looked out at the flower garden.

“No matter what, we must tie this man to our ‘Hundred Flower Sect’ to death.”

Then, “Elder Narcissus” called over a woman who was responsible for receiving Ye Luo and said.

“In a moment, you should talk to that woman alone, probe her to find out how far she has gone with Ye Lu, and then ask her how she will arrange her accommodation for the night, and try to separate the two without Ye Lu suspecting anything, understand?”

This girl was quite smart, she immediately understood Elder Narcissus’ intention, she made an “OK” gesture and then drifted away.

After that, Elder Narcissus called for another beautiful woman, who, to be honest, did not surpa*s Liu Mei in terms of looks, but was definitely more seductive than Liu Mei in terms of seduction.

“Beauty Sakura, you were born with charming bones, and you have the bloodline of the ‘Su Maiden’, so you are most adept at the ‘art of the room’, tonight is the time for you to play your specialty, find a way to seduce that Ye Lu, if you succeed, let him fall to your crotch. If you succeed, let him fall to your crotch, if not, I will think of another way.”

“The legendary goddess who taught the ancestor of mankind, the Yellow Emperor, all kinds of “house arts”, had the most lethal effect on men, so “Beauty Sakura” smiled charmingly and left.

Of course, Ye Lu did not know this, he was currently with Liu Mei, Jasmine and a group of sisters in the secret realm of this capital branch of the “Hundred Flowers Sect”, enjoying the scenery everywhere.

Tao Yuanming had once written a story about the “Peach Blossom Garden”, but he was actually talking about a secret place, and this place could be called the “Garden of the Hundred Flowers”, which was much more beautiful than the “Peach Blossom Garden”.

Moreover, the temperature and environment here are particularly suitable for these flowers to grow.

However, although the mountains, the water and the people were beautiful, there was one thing that made Ye Lu feel a bit unacceptable, and that was that she often saw naked women playing in the water, without any concept of avoiding suspicion.

According to Jasmine’s explanation, it was because the “Hundred Flowers Clan” was full of women, so everyone had already gotten used to this kind of life.

Liu Mei, on the other hand, said with a smile.

“You’ve taken advantage of me, but you’re still pretending to be serious, no shame!”

To this, Ye Lu could only heave a giggle as a response.

Then, Ye Lu pointed to the pond at the centre of the “Hundred Flowers Sect” branch and said.

“The water in this pool can be released, right? After I talk to your elders in a couple of days, I will turn this place into a ‘fire pool’, then, all of you will be able to cultivate with half the effort.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, everyone immediately asked what kind of ‘fire pool’ could help everyone cultivate.

Only then did Ye Lu explain about the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame”.

Of course, someone immediately reported it to the “Water Fairy Elder”, which made the “Water Fairy Elder” excited once again. She had heard about the magic of Xishuangbanna, which was like an open secret realm.

Soon, at night, of course, Liu Mei would not say that she had S*x with Ye Lu, and with her character, she naturally would not say that she wanted to sleep with Ye Lu.

So, naturally, the two lived separately.

However, in order to prevent Ye Lu from getting suspicious, the two stayed in two rooms next to each other, and since Liu Mei’s cultivation level was weak, Elder Shui Xian was not worried that Liu Mei would find out at this point.

Ye Lu had been studying and drawing formations for a while, and to be honest, he was really tired, so he didn’t cultivate either, so he washed up and fell asleep.

Even though he was alert as usual, he was still awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of the door opening.

He pretended to go back to sleep, but squinted his eyes and looked outside. One thing was consistent about the secret realms near the earth, although they were in different places and each secret realm had a different environment, the sun and the moon rose and set at the same time as outside, and there was the same starry sky in the secret realms as outside.

At this moment, the moonlight was like water, and Ye Luo could see very clearly that the one who came in was a woman who looked charming to the bone, without any powder, but exuding an aura that gave off an unusual urge, and Ye Luo knew very well that it was definitely not poison or charm, because this woman herself was the deadly medicine.

Following, the woman went to the bedside and gently took off her hazy clothes like cicada wings, revealing her alabaster body, sweet red, dark, round, sunken …… alluring body completely exposed in front of Ye Lu’s eyes, and with her footsteps trembling, as if tugging at one’s heartstrings ……

Ye Luo felt the blood in his body boil up.

“Hey! You should hurry up and go, or I might not really be able to hold on!”

Ye Lu sighed and wiped his nosebleed and said to “Beauty Sakura”.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, “Beauty Sakura” froze for a moment, then said with a smile.

“Manly man, F**k a woman if you want to, why do you have to be so aggravated? Didn’t Li Bai say, ‘Life must be happy, don’t make the golden bottle empty to the moon’, why let such a beautiful moment go by ……”

The voice of “Beauty Sakura” was so charming to the bone that every word was tantalizing Ye Lu’s heart.


“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

As he said that, beside Ye Lu, a tall, grim guy with a long sword appeared, it was the “King of All Ghosts”, Sake-Ton Boy.

When she saw him, “Beauty Sakura” was also startled.

Women are afraid of ghosts in heaven, not to mention the fact that the “Sake Swallow Boy” is a real evil spirit that kills people like hell.

After that, “Beauty Sakura” bowed deeply to Ye Lu and said.

“I, ‘Beauty Sakura’, have always thought that no man is a good bird, but when I met Master Ye today, I realized that there are still real men in the world, thank you very much.”

As she left the courtyard, she gestured to the distant “Elder Narcissus”.

Ye Lu, who was in the room, rubbed his nose and said helplessly.

“D*mn it, when will this nosebleed problem ever go away?”

However, what he didn’t know was that Elder Narcissus’s plan to make him suffer from more than just nosebleeds was about to come.


Chapter 384

Seeing Beauty Sakura’s gesture, Elder Narcissus silently nodded with an expression of appreciation, as this was the first time she had ever met a man who could refuse Beauty Sakura’s embrace.

“What a special man.”

“Elder Narcissus” said with some emotion as she looked at the room where Ye Lu was.

At the same time, she also started to unleash her “bloodline divine ability” towards Ye Lu’s room. A goddess figure appeared out of thin air and floated towards Ye Lu’s room, then blew a breath at Ye Lu after entering the room.

“There is a poem called “Cloud and Rain on Wushan Mountain Breaks the Heart in Vain”, which refers to matters related to the Goddess of Wushan Mountain, so often “cloud and rain” is also used to describe male and female affairs.

Although Elder Shui Xian was an outer sect elder, her cultivation level was already at the Real Dan realm, so she was not something Ye Lu could deal with now.

However, Ye Lu was not an ordinary person, so how could he be fooled by this shadow?

He could also see how difficult this Goddess Void was, so he quickly sat up and started to choke with his hands, trying to control his emotions, but he found that it was simply too difficult.

She was a terrifying being who had killed 12 demonic dragons.

Just when Ye Lu felt that she was about to go crazy, “Jasmine” walked in.

When he saw Jasmine, Ye Lu felt his blood surge, like a hungry wolf seeing a lamb, a hungry tiger seeing fresh meat, a thirsty hooligan seeing a naked beauty, he was ready to rush up and strip Jasmine naked and press her to the bed and spread her long legs ……

But, instead of doing so, Ye Lu bit his finger, trying to use this little bit of clarity to deliver a fatal blow to the shadow.


Fiery white flames were released from Ye Lu’s hand and blasted towards that goddess void.


The shadow was immediately injured and began to turn vain.

However, the “Water Fairy Elder” who was not far away also felt it at first.

“How powerful!”

When she felt that her “Bloodline Avatar” had been scattered, the “Water Fairy Elder” was shocked, and she realised that she had underestimated Ye Lu.

However, she quickly strangled her knuckles, and the shadow that had just dissipated began to solidify once again.

Ye Lu knew that he was really finished this time, this guy behind the curtain was simply too strong, so strong that he felt a hint of despair.

“Spiritual attacks are really terrifying!”

This time, Ye Luo actually felt the terribleness of this attack that pointed directly at his soul.

But then, he noticed that Jasmine sighed softly, then went to the side of the wall, reached out and cut a big hole in the wall and walked in.

“What’s Jasmine doing?”

Ye Luo was a bit confused, then he saw Jasmine carrying Liu Mei over, she put Liu Mei into Ye Luo’s arms and said with her head down.

“I wish you all happiness!”

After saying that, Jasmine walked into the other side of the room and left.

To be honest, Ye Lu really didn’t expect “Jasmine” to do that.

“I wonder if she will be scolded by the master.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly, but immediately afterwards, his consciousness was rattled by the raging desire, because the red face of Liu Mei in his arms was too tempting, in fact, the last time he had not finished with Liu Mei, Ye Lu had never forgotten for a moment.

Liu Mei was a smart person, and she guessed what had probably happened the moment Jasmine carried her over and saw Ye Lu looking like this.

“What a simple and kind girl!”

Liu Mei sighed darkly, then hugged Ye Luo’s neck to meet her.

This time, Ye Luo’s emotions could no longer be controlled, he hugged Liu Mei, feeling her body hot and soft ……

The first thing you need to do is to get to know the words, “I’d like to be a lovebirds but not an immortal”.

If the last time was a “shallow taste”, then this time it was a “deep and shallow experience”, and Ye Lu’s eighteen years of life had finally truly entered another stage.

Hearing the movement in the room and the moans that she could not suppress, the “Water Fairy Elder” outside nodded in satisfaction and then slowly withdrew her divine power.

She knew very well that Ye Lu would be awake during the whole process, and this would be her bargaining chip with Ye Lu tomorrow.

“Hey, hey, all righteous little brat, you’re still a bit young to fight me.”

The “Elder Narcissus” was very satisfied with her layout, she smiled and left.

Ye Lu and Liu Mei tossed and turned for half the night. If he wasn’t worried that Liu Mei would not be able to bear the storm for the first time, Ye Lu really wanted to stay up all night, but in the end, the two of them slept together until dawn.


Ye Lu stretched out, he felt that it had been too long since he had slept so comfortably, especially when he saw Liu Mei who was lying in his arms as naked as a kitten.

Due to Ye Luo’s movement, Liu Mei also woke up immediately, and when she woke up, she darted to run away with her clothes in her arms.

“Mei’er, what’s wrong with you?”

Ye Lu was startled by Liu Mei’s movement.

“Could it be that you’re shy?”

Just as Ye Luo was a little puzzled, Liu Mei said quickly.

“If others see it, Jasmine will be in trouble.”

Only then did Ye Lu realise what Liu Mei was worried about, however, he clenched his fist and said with some anger.

“Jasmine is in trouble, I’d like to see who’s in trouble.”

With those words, he quickly dressed and moved the cupboard into position, temporarily blocking the large hole that Jasmine had cut.

After everything was done, Ye Lu walked out to the two sisters not far away and asked.

“Two sisters, have your elders returned?”

Sure enough, one of them said with a smile.

“Back, just now too, she said to go find her when you wake up.”

Ye Lu nodded, then let one of them lead the way and walked to the top floor of the small three-storey building where the “Water Fairy Elder” was located, from where he could see the crowd bustling around in the secret realm.

Ye Luo had simulated his cultivation level as “Jin Dan Fourth Turn”, so that the “Water Fairy Elder” would not take it seriously and would not find it too abrupt, after all, Jasmine and the girls knew their background, so what happened outside, this “Water Fairy Elder” must know that it was him.

“Master Ye, I’ve always heard Jasmine talking about you, but when I see you today, I’m really glad to see you, Master Ye is really martial and talented!”

“Elder Narcissus” looked just a little bit older than Jasmine’s master, “Seven Colours”, and was a very competent person with a very goddess-like appearance.

As she spoke, she extended her hand in a friendly manner.

Ye Lu also smiled, and then extended her hand, ready to shake hands with “Elder Narcissus”.

However, just as their hands were about to touch, a white flame suddenly appeared from Ye Lu’s hand and blasted towards the “Elder Narcissus”‘s chest.

To be honest, “Elder Narcissus” did not expect Ye Lu to do this, after all, she thought that the difference between the two of them was enough to make Ye Lu dare not make a move, and she was also confident that even if Ye Lu dared to make a move, she could still handle it easily.

However, after Ye Lu really made his move, she regretted her arrogance.

Because, she actually felt a hint of death.

“You ……”

“As she spoke, Elder Water Fairy violently operated her “Real Dan”, and the terrifying “Innate Astral Qi” surged out, trying to block Ye Lu’s flames, but these “Innate Astral Qi” were like ice meeting red-hot iron, although it could have some effect, it could not block Ye Lu’s blow.


Her entire body was sent flying by the blow, and white flames immediately spread out from her chest.

And her entire body flew straight out from the third floor.

“Wow! Who beat up the Elder?”

The sisters of the Hundred Flowers Sect outside exploded.