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Super School Student Chapter 385-386

Chapter 385

It had never happened before, and no one could beat the Elder, who was the Elder, in everyone’s mind, the Elder was invincible.

But now, the hard facts were right in front of him, after he had knocked the “Water Fairy Elder” away, Ye Luo had no mercy and his black aura fist blasted towards the “Water Fairy Elder”.

The “Water Fairy Elder” was surprised to find that this black outgoing Qi was not “Innate Astral Qi”, but was of a very high level, and at least it hurt.

At this moment, she was too busy dealing with the troublesome flames on her body to care about Ye Lu’s fist, so she was sent flying by the black fist right afterwards.

“Ye Luo, what’s going on?”

“That man, why did you hit our elder?”

“Stop it, don’t hit our Elder.”

“Ye Lu, stop it!”


Soon, all the people around the area drew their weapons and rushed over, Jasmine and her master “Seven Colours” also rushed over at the news, after all, this was the area where these disciples were concentrated.

Ye Lu quickly released Caraxis and Griffin, and then said coldly.

“Don’t come over, this is a feud between us, I don’t fight women.”

Seeing Cara*sis and Griffin, the crowd was taken aback, these two guys were both at the “Fifth Turn of Golden Dan” cultivation level, and they were also among the experts, not something they could fight against, even the “Seven Colours” were far from a match.

Even the Seven Colours were no match for them.


Another external black fist struck Elder Narcissus’ body.

“I just did it, this is for ‘Beauty Sakura’.”

Following that, Ye Lu swung his fist quickly again.





“These are for Molly.”

Then, another punch.

“This one is a random punch.”

Ye Lu knew very well that with the other party’s cultivation level, his attack would not be able to do much damage at all, and I was afraid that the flames would be eliminated by her in a moment, but he had to fight, and he wanted to let the “Water Fairy Elder” know his attitude.

As expected, the Elder Narcissus soon got the fire under control and then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“How dare you.”

Ye Lu said indifferently.

“I’ve always had a lot of guts.”

“The Water Fairy Elder gritted his teeth and said.

“Good boy, you think I don’t dare to kill you, don’t you?”

Ye Lu said with a cold smile.

“Threatening me, are you? Firstly, I didn’t attack with all my might just now because I didn’t want to kill you, and you saw the blow on the snowy mountain, secondly, I’m afraid that even you don’t have the ability to keep me, and thirdly, you watch ……”

The first time this flame appeared, all the flowers around the area turned their heads towards the flame in Ye Lu’s hand, and the strong aura of life could be felt from afar, giving people a boost.

Many people, including Elder Narcissus, could not help but look at the flame.

Seeing that everyone’s attention was directed towards him.

Only then did Ye Luo say.

“This is the ‘Nine Heavens Xuan Flame’, one of the ‘Ten Great Origin Flames’ and also the ‘Flame of Vitality’, its benefits can be felt by all of you, right? wanted to get a fireless fire pool with a ‘fire spirit’ in your place so that your entire secret realm could taste the benefits, but now it looks like I’m going to change my mind.”

Following that, Ye Lu took out another pill and said.

“This is the elixir ‘Gathering Elemental Pill’ that allows one to break through to the ‘Ninth Turn of Golden Dan’, I was originally going to provide it to you guys as well, but now it looks like there is no need for it.”

When she heard Ye Lu say that he was going to build a “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” fire pool here, the “Water Fairy Elder” was already surprised beyond words, and she already regretted it.

And Ye Lu then said.

“I’m afraid that in the near future, I can also refine pills that can truly condense the ‘Golden Dan Dao’, but unfortunately, these will not be available to you.”

Of course, Ye Lu should indeed be able to refine a ‘Gathering Pill’, but he hadn’t done so yet, as there were other medicines that needed to be put together apart from the ‘Earth Vein Purple Chi’.

The pill he had just taken out was not a “Yuan Gathering Pill”, it was just a trick to “Elder Shui Xian”, she didn’t know the pill anyway.

However, Ye Lu had not finished speaking.

He quickly reached out his hand again and several more pills appeared in his hand as he continued.

“This is an elixir that can make people a little younger, although it can’t rejuvenate you, but it can certainly make you look a lot younger, and I will next make a ‘face fixing elixir’, it can fix your looks and make you young forever, it’s just a pity that I will have to go to someone else as well. I think there must be someone who wants to work with me, right?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the “Water Fairy Elder” quickly bowed and said.

“Master Ye, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault, I apologize to you, please don’t change your mind!”

Ye Luo then clapped his hands and said.

“First thoughts, still high school, it’s fine if you want me not to change my mind, stop forcing ‘Beauty Sakura’ and the girls to do things they don’t want to do, also, be nice to Jasmine.”

After Ye Lu finished speaking, everyone looked at Beauty Sakura and Jasmine, however, the crowd did not know what was going on, although they could probably guess what happened to Beauty Sakura, but not to Jasmine.

“Elder Narcissus” immediately nodded quickly and said.

“Sure, sure, you’re right, Master Ye, I’ve just lost my mind, that’s why I did what I did, it’s all my fault.”

Seeing the high and mighty “Water Fairy Elder” so lowly, everyone present opened their mouths wide, this had never happened before.

Ye Lu smiled and said in a very pretentious manner.

“Well, in fact, I am not against you, but I feel that we should be less condescending and more sincere ……”

When he said this, Ye Lu was a little surprised himself, he said with his mouth open wide in some surprise.

“Sh*t! How did I say such a ‘lofty’ line, I’m even a little moved!”

As a result, this line ruined his whole image.

Of course, Ye Lu didn’t really want to break up with the Hundred Flowers Sect, he couldn’t let go of the “medium grade spirit stones”, which were the cornerstone of his cultivation, because it was too slow to replenish his spirit energy by himself, especially now that he had already “turned his spirit energy into liquid”.

When “Jasmine” saw that Ye Lu had actually beaten up the elders for her, she was moved to tears, and all her grievances and depression from yesterday were gone at once.

Ye Lu looked at the “Elder Narcissus” and said.

“Elder Water Fairy, you should dig a pool in the central square, about 400 to 500 meters square, and then it’s best to put a guardrail or something around it to avoid children and people who accidentally come near being burned, the ‘Nine Heavenly Mysterious Fire’ is too dangerous, and that ‘fire spirit ‘ is a bit naughty, I will leave for a little while to bring the ‘Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame’ over.”

“Elder Water Fairy” hurriedly nodded his head.

After that, Ye Lu found Liu Mei again and said.

“Mei’er, I’m going to leave for a day or two to fetch the ‘Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame’ and do some preparations, so you can stay here and cultivate.”

Liu Mei then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Go, better go for a few more days, I’m still sore, I can’t serve you.”

Hearing Liu Mei’s words, Ye Lu remembered last night’s soulful moment again and couldn’t help but drool, Liu Mei immediately blushed and slapped him and said.

“Let’s go, Jasmine and the girls are still waiting for me.”

So, Ye Lu said goodbye to Liu Mei and went back to Miaojiang. He first left the “Wine Swallow Boy” at the “Ghost Gate” and asked the master of the “Ghost Gate” to do his best to raise its cultivation level.

He then asked the Shennong Valley to help him prepare the ingredients for the “Gathering Pill”, as some of the ingredients were not available in the Shennong Valley either.

After that, she took the opportunity to make a large batch of Yin Yuan Pills for the Ghost Bats, and then let them take the Yin Yuan Pills with them and stay at the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames in the underground palace to cultivate.

Only after this was done did Ye Lu return to the Hundred Flowers Sect with a portion of the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames and the Fire Spirits.

Seeing such a huge “vitality fire”, the whole “Hundred Flowers Clan” even let go of all the flowers, and at this moment the “Hundred Flowers Clan” felt that heaven and earth had changed.

Of course, everyone thanked Ye Lu for his kindness.

Ye Lu also had the rare opportunity to accompany Liu Mei to spend a few days in the “Hundred Flowers Sect” enjoying the flowers and the beautiful women.

However, the Pill Refiner’s Conference soon began.


Chapter 386

This time, as the prize was provided by Kunlun, the venue was also in the middle of the Kunlun Mountain Range, on a mountain called Mount Shushi, which was close to the famous Hotan County, which was famous for producing the world-famous Hotan Jade, and the good Hotan Jade was a good material for making spatial magic weapons.

However, he was also worried that it would affect Liu Mei’s cultivation. After all, she had started too late and if she did not intensify her cultivation, I was afraid that the gap between her and himself would become bigger and bigger.

According to Elder Water Fairy, the Hundred Flowers Sect was one of the weaker sects in the Sovereign Realm, and Elder Water Fairy said that the mysterious Kunlun might be even stronger than the Sovereign Realm.

In short, as his cultivation level increased, Ye Lu felt more and more the unfathomable nature of the cultivation path.

The good thing was that apart from “Gu Shiqi”, who could not be contacted, everyone else had already started their cultivation, and they were all starting from a very high level, so it was expected that they would soon bear fruit.

“Sh*t! I said, “Little apprentice, can’t you wear normal clothes?”

Seeing Lin Ru Yue’s dyed orange hair, showing her arms, thin waist and thighs, wearing only a bra and small shorts, Ye Lu couldn’t help but spit out.

He was familiar with this character, it was the “Nami” from the “King of Thieves”, and Lin Ru Yue also COS’d it very well, but to appear so exposed at such a serious “medicine refiner” conference, Ye Lu felt that it was a bit too weird.

Next to Lin Ruyue, her junior uncle Miao Fengling turned her head as if she didn’t know this person at all.

An embarra*sed Miao Renlong and Zhu Qihuang stood by with a sarcastic smile.

Lin Ruyue, on the other hand, turned around in disbelief and said.

“Master, am I beautiful?”

Ye Luo had to nod because, it had to be said, Lin Ruyue’s secondary costume made him feel very stunning every time.

Lin Ruyue then smiled and said.

“Isn’t beauty enough, we’re pill refiners, it’s not like I’m delaying pill refining, does anyone have to care what I wear?”

Ye Luo knew he couldn’t say anything to her even if he talked sophistry, so he chose to shut up.

However, at this time, a few other people came down from the plane, and they looked at Lin Ru Yue with a disdainful face.

“Yell! Aren’t these the disciples of the ‘Mo Lian Lineage’, why are they still so bad? Forget about the incident ten years ago when you were deducted points for not dressing properly, what pig brains.”

It seemed that these people were also from the Pill Alliance.

Lin Ru Yue, of course, refused to show weakness and looked at these guys and said.

“Besides, I’m not the one participating in the competition this time, it’s our family’s great experts who are participating in the competition.

With those words, Lin Ru Yue looked towards Ye Luo.

The gazes of the crowd also turned to Ye Luo.

However, none of them had ever seen Ye Luo, nor had anyone heard of such a person as Ye Luo, and Master Mo Lian had not had a single male disciple before.

So, one guy said in a gloomy voice.

“What, Master Mo Lian is also lonely and has found such a young meat to play with, really more and more don’t a Bi Lian.”

After he finished speaking, he saw Ye Lu disappeared, followed by a “pop!” With a sound, his whole body was sent flying by Ye Lu.

However, this was not the end, Ye Luo reached him again, grabbed his leg, picked him up and said.

“Apologise, or I will knock all your teeth out.”

The guy was dumbfounded by the sudden scene, he froze and looked at Ye Luo, somewhat confused while Ye Luo’s hand lifted up again.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have insulted Master Mo Lian ……”

He said in a series of voices.

And at this time, several other people had already surrounded Ye Luo in the middle, looking as if they were ready to gang up on him.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, gave them a glance, then said coldly.

“Get lost!”

This cry contained a spiritual attack, which Ye Lu had thought of after being teased by Elder Shui Xian’s “Wushan Goddess”, he felt that it was necessary to cultivate spiritual spells, even though it was really too difficult.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, these people really started to roll on the ground.

This scene almost scared the guy in Ye Lu’s hand, he really didn’t think there would be such a scary guy in the Mo Lian lineage.

The other people at the airport were also shocked by this scene.

“He just said the Mo Lian clan, this guy is from the ‘Pill Alliance’, I didn’t know that, I thought he was from the ‘Yan clan’, so hot-tempered!”

“However, being able to fight doesn’t mean that alchemy is also great, we are alchemists, not fighters.”

“I feel that this guy might not even pa*s the trial.”

“I think so too.”


When they saw Ye Lu meet and fight, many other pill refiners then became somewhat disdainful, because in many people’s opinion, pill refiners were a very high cla*s profession, and those who did this were quite cultivated people, a reckless man like Ye Lu was not suitable for pill refining.

“Sh*t! What are you guys bleeping about, believe it or not, I’ll even beat you guys up too.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the guys and glared.

These guys hurriedly shut up, they really didn’t have much confidence than fighting.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ru Yue then smiled and jumped over and picked up a thumbs up and said.

“Yeah, great, I’ll give you a hundred points.”

She bounced and made a certain two parts of her body twitch exaggeratedly, and all the men’s eyeballs around her were glued to those two things, which immediately turned Ye Luo and the few of them into the centre of attention.

“Alright, well, let’s hurry up and go.”

Ye Luo did not want to be too high profile here, those “pill refiners” studied pill refining all day and probably did not like to go online or anything, so they were probably relatively uninformed, but there were a lot of people here, and Ye Luo was worried that something would happen.

Lin Ruyue of course obeyed Ye Lu’s words, she smiled, then rolled her eyes at the disciple of the “Pill Alliance” who had just said something unpleasant and turned to leave.

After Ye Lu and the others left, the disciple from the Pill Alliance looked at their backs and said.

“Sh*t, what is there to be proud of, I guess they don’t know yet, this time, for the reward, even our ‘Pill Alliance’ has quietly sent out experts.”

Indeed, the prizes offered by Kunlun this time were really tempting, especially the “Violet Sky Fire”, one of the “Ten Great Origin Fires”, which was something that an organization of “pill refiners” would probably want to obtain.

Of course, this was a “secular” “pill refiner’s conference”, so the “pill refiner’s” experts were definitely not allowed to participate.

It didn’t take long for Ye Lu and the others to arrive at the venue, which was located on the mountainside of the Makuhari Mountain and was off the beaten track.

The venue was actually a large meadow in the middle of the forest, but of course, there could not be an inn here, nor were there any shops selling anything, so everyone had to pay for all the accommodation and expenses themselves.

It is true that Kunlun is providing the prizes, but it is not Kunlun who is hosting the Pill Maker’s Conference, but the Ge family, a secular alchemy family.

“The Ge Family is an expert alchemist who lives in the secret realm of Luofu Mountain.

“Luofu Mountain is known as one of the ten mountains in the world, and is also called “the seventh largest cave in the world and the 34th blessed land” by the Daoists, and is particularly rich in alchemy.

This time, the people of Luofu Mountain spent a great deal of money to build a huge venue in the middle of the meadow, surrounded by stands like the Colosseum, which were large enough for everyone to watch the demon refining masters making pills.

Around the main venue, there were tents everywhere, with smoke rising from some places, and you could even smell the smell of roasted meat.

And pill refining families and organisations from all over the world had gathered together.

“Look, it’s the Fire Ancestor ‘Suiren Clan’, it’s really so powerful and domineering!”

Someone pointed to a few tall figures not far away that were emanating flames all over their bodies and said.