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Super School Student Chapter 393-394

Chapter 393

Xie Tinglin and the others looked at Ye Lu, then Xie Tinglin took out a fan that seemed to be very elegant and “brushed it!” He opened it and shook it, saying.

“You can scare others, but you are still a bit young to scare us, ‘Dan Tower’. I am the ‘Dan Tower”s supreme pride, Xie Tinglin who is known as ‘Dan Gongzi’ ……”

Not waiting for him to finish, Ye Lu immediately interrupted him and said.

“Shut up, hairy ‘Dan Gongzi’, hurry up and finish ‘Slingshot’, I warn you, I very much hate people playing with fans, two people played with fans in front of me before, now all the gra*s in the graveyard is growing old. ”

Ye Lu was of course referring to the two “yin and yang masters”, one was “Abe Yasuhiko” and the other was the great yin and yang master “Abe Liu Feng”, so he was furious when he saw the fan shaker.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the “proud daughter” of the “Medicine League” could not help but “pfft!” She burst out laughing.

Xie Tinglin was P*ssed off, as the treasure of the Dan Tower, and of course because of his grandfather as the “Supreme Elder”, no one dared to contradict him, in his mind, only he could act like a p*ssy, if others dared to act like a p*ssy, they would be struck by lightning.

Yesterday, Ye Lu made such a big commotion, of course Xie Ting Lin knew about it, but he didn’t care, because yesterday, Ren Tian, who was cleaned up by Ye Lu, said afterwards that in fact, Ye Lu’s real cultivation level was not high, only that his body meridians were extremely odd, and he was unaware of it for a while, which was why he suffered a loss.

Besides, he wasn’t alone this time, he had two “Void Dan Realm” experts with him, and several “Pseudo Dan Realm” experts of the “Golden Dan Third Turn” realm were following him.

“That, Mr. Ye, hurry up and leave, this matter has nothing to do with you, thank you for helping me.”

The “Pill Alliance’s” “Pride of Heaven” said as she looked at Ye Lu behind him.

She didn’t even introduce her name to Ye Lu, obviously she had already made up her mind that she would die.

Ye Lu turned his head to look at her and said with a smile.

“No need to worry about me, a few miscellaneous fish are just a few, I haven’t put them in my eyes.”

Seeing how confident Ye Lu was, the “Pride of Heaven” of the “Pill Alliance” felt inexplicably solid in her heart, probably because of Ye Lu’s previous action of hanging over a hundred people from a tree, which made her feel that Ye Lu was extremely strong.

After that, the two bodyguards behind Xie Tinglin made their move.

These two guys were also from the Dan Tower, so without exception, they were both good at flames, one was yellow “beast fire” and the other was your brown “beast fire”.

In fact, for high level practitioners who are familiar with the fire attribute and know how to control fire, it is not particularly difficult to fuse beast fire, but it is a question of what kind of beast fire to fuse.

After all, these flames are obtained from fire-attribute demon beasts, most of which are not particularly powerful.

However, using an additional flame, as long as it does not conflict with one’s own attributes, is an additional means of attacking and saving one’s life, so overall, it is still helpful to combat power.

However, using flames to fight Ye Luo would be looking for bad luck.

Each of the three flames on Ye Luo’s body was a king among flames when taken out, so the pink fusion flames reappeared and Ye Luo’s two fists swung out violently, and two terrifying fire dragons flew out, piercing through the flames released by those two guys with a single strike, before the two fire dragons surged forward.

The current Ye Lu was no longer the same person as he was before at the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, although he had been living a peaceful life in this period, but the Nameless Technique was after all extraordinary, even without the sudden advancement in battle, he could still improve his cultivation in normal times just like any other technique.

At this moment, Ye Lu’s third spirit liquid was already complete and he could break through to the fourth spirit liquid at any time, so after sending out two fire dragons, he quickly raised his hand and two spears of flame suddenly appeared and stabbed at the two guys.

Xie Tinglin was indeed a genius in alchemy, but he was not as good at fighting, plus his cultivation level was relatively weak, so he could not dodge Ye Lu’s terrifying steps.

Several other people also rushed over at the same time, but Ye Lu’s left hand swung fiercely and a semi-circular pink fire blade came out wildly in a fan shape.

Now Ye Luo was using low rank fire attribute spells with aplomb.

At the same time, Ye Luo had already grabbed Xie Tinglin.

Seeing that Ye Lu had wrapped himself around his own men and grabbed him in a few strokes, Xie Ting Lin immediately shivered.

Ye Luo then looked at him and said with a smile.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t do anything to you and it won’t affect a fair fight, but I advise you to be a woman in the future, you can’t use that thing of yours in the future anyway.”

After saying that, Ye Lu let him go after patting his shoulder.

He had just used his black aura to destroy Xie Tinglin, and Ye Lu had read his profile of this kid. This guy was too H**ny, and he would do anything to do so.

The “Hundred Flowers Sect” was actually founded to protect these women, and has always carried out this purpose.

“You …… you ……”

Xie Tinglin pointed at Ye Luo to say something, but Ye Luo looked at him and said coldly.

“You what you, don’t wait for me to change my mind, then I’ll make sure you don’t even get to be a woman.”

Thinking about Ye Lu’s style of action, Xie Ting Lin eventually chose to run away in the dust with his men.

“Thank you, but you might have gotten into big trouble.”

For his part, Ye Lu shook his head indifferently and said.

“It’s alright, living is supposed to be a troublesome thing, besides, I’m in a lot of trouble, I got used to it long ago.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the woman smiled somewhat apologetically and then said.

“My name is ‘Pill Shu’, I’m a ‘four-star’ pill refiner of the ‘Pill Alliance’, if the ‘Dan Tower ‘ dares to find trouble with you, just look for me and I will do my best to help you.”

As she said that, “Pill Shu” took out a business card and handed it to Ye Lu.

It was then that Ye Lu saw the badge on her chest, which really had four stars, while his own did not have any.

“Medicine Woman” didn’t feel strange about this, because she guessed that Ye Lu probably hadn’t taken the “Medicine League” star examination.

However, she was not surprised, but Ye Lu was.

He looked at “Pill Shu” and asked.

“Aren’t the ‘Pill League’ and the ‘Dan Tower’ restricted, how come ‘four-star pill refiners’ can still participate?”

Pill Shu then smiled and said.

“Because I’m special, I’m not over twenty-four years old yet, so I’m not subject to this rule.”

This time Ye Lu was really a little surprised.

A “four-star pill refiner” was a person who could refine pills that could be used by cultivators with “nine revolutions of the Golden Elixir”, and Pill Shu was not yet more than twenty-four years old, so no wonder she was called the “Proud Daughter of Heaven”.

Then, Pill Shu suddenly blushed and asked.

“Did you just see something?”

Of course, Ye Lu shook her head immediately and said.

“I’m a decent man, there was once a sultry woman who offered her arms to me, but I sternly refused, how could I possibly peek at you, just kidding!”

Seeing Ye Lu’s serious look, Medicine Shu then laughed and said.

“Being a thief, right, I didn’t say that you have to marry me if you look at me, thanks a lot, I’m leaving.”

After saying that, Pill Shu flew away from this place of right and wrong.

“Ai! Red-faced scourge, red-faced scourge ah ……”

Ye Lu also shook his head and walked back to the camp.

On the other side, Xie Tinglin pitifully discovered that he really was not lifting, but he understood that with the help of that ninny Pill Shu, he could not touch Ye Lu, and that Ye Lu himself was not to be messed with.

The next day, the “Pill Maker’s Conference” really began.

This time, after Ye Lu entered the venue again, he found that the venue was completely different from yesterday, all the “pill refining platforms” had been raised, and each pill refining platform had a camera device placed at the four corners, which seemed to be to prevent cheating.

Following this, the MC then announced.

“The first round of the competition will begin immediately, please ask all the alchemists participating in the ‘Alchemist Conference’ to take their places according to their numbers.”


Chapter 394

Ye Luo saw that this time there were no more pills on the pill refining platform, and all the “pill refining platforms” were arranged in a circle, the centre of which was an empty platform, while the second circle was nine platforms, and after that, the circle expanded one by one, and the outermost circle already had an unknown number of platforms, which looked really spectacular.

“A cultivator’s gesture is just huge!”

Seeing this formation, Ye Lu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as well.

To build such a spectacular and freely adjustable stage and grandstand in this mountain where people were rarely seen, only cultivators had such a gesture.

Because cultivators needed money, power and people, many secret realms had large populations, and many of them had their own technology, much like a small, independent world.

Ye Luo looked at where his number was located, and it was just as the man had said before, those of them who had pa*sed the test were at the edge of the whole area, and Ye Luo’s position was on the outermost circle.

Following that, Ye Luo saw a man waving his fan and flying up to one of the nine high platforms in the middle, it was none other than the depressed Xie Tinglin.

Not being able to screw a woman was a fatal blow to Xie Tinglin.

However, this was a beautiful entrance for him.

After that, the Pill Alliance’s pride and joy, Pill Shu, also flew up to one of the nine platforms with her delicate body.

Then came the flame-covered expert of the Suiren Clan, the great power of the Yan Clan, the consecrator of the capital’s Ren Clan, and the expert of the Ge Clan, Ge Yan ……

Soon, the nine central positions were in place.

The next is the other experts, the three star pill refiners of the “Pill Alliance”, the experts of the “Dan Tower”, one by one they all used what they thought was their most beautiful and dashing body style to fly to the pill refining platform.

After waiting for half a day, Ye Lu felt bored, so he “brushed!” He jumped onto his own pill refining platform and did so.

When they saw this scene, the crowd of onlookers immediately started to talk.

“Sh*t, don’t you know the rules?”

“What the hell do you know about the rules, didn’t you see what he did before.”

“Yeah, but I bet he won’t make it past the first round today.”

“I extremely agree with you.”


The news that Ye Lu had made the “Five Elements Pill” yesterday had long been spread by the people of the “Ge Family”, so everyone felt that Ye Lu was afraid that he would be a bit hung up today.

Seeing that Ye Lu had jumped up in advance, Lin Ruyue smiled and also jumped to the side of the platform.

Today was an official competition, so Ye Lu wore his “Pill Alliance” no-star identity tag, while Lin Ruyue’s was a “Two-star Pill Master” identity tag.

Due to the height, everyone saw Ye Lu’s identity tag when he got on stage.

Many people started to sneer at him, as the experts in the middle area were all experts who could make “fourth-rank pills”, so Ye Lu, who was a non-star, really looked a bit out of place.

Of course, Ye Luo didn’t bother to pay attention to them.

After that, he heard people start talking about the nine people in the middle area.

Those nine people were undoubtedly the favourites to win the championship this time.

“Why is there such a beautiful young woman in the centre area?”

Someone asked in disbelief.

Indeed, Pill Shu was too young, especially in front of those old consecrated pill refiners.

Some of these people had already lived for hundreds of years, and even if they were skilled at keeping their faces intact due to their cultivation, it was impossible for them to still look like young girls.

Hearing this man’s words, one man said with a smile.

“That’s because Goddess Pill Shu is powerful.”

“Every time the ‘Pill Refiner Conference’ has to compete is not just about who makes the superior pills, the conference focuses more on innovative ability, practical value, and breakthroughs in ideas and so on, so Goddess Pill Shu’s hope of winning the title is actually very high.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Lu suddenly felt that this “Pill Refiner’s Conference” had suddenly become high and mighty.

It took a little more time for everyone to arrive at the pill refining platform.

However, no one knew what the topic of the first round was, as the cabinet with the herbs was sealed.

After seeing everyone on the stage, the host then said in a loud voice.

“Now, please invite the ‘Dan King’ of the ‘Ge Family’, Master Alchemist Mr. Ge Feilong, to reveal the title of the first round of the competition.”

At his words, an old man with white eyebrows and white beard, who looked like a crane-haired boy, walked to the podium and thunderous applause erupted just as he appeared.

Ge Feilong then waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Our Ge family has the honour of presiding over this congress this time, but of course we still have to uphold the principles of fairness, justice and openness of previous congresses ……”

When he said this, Ye Lu looked at him and gave a long “Phew!” A sound.

Yesterday, Lin Ruyue had told him about the “Five Elements Pill”.

Seeing Ye Lu’s performance, Ge Fei Long frowned, but he did not stop but continued.

“So, for the first question, we have chosen an innovative open-ended topic, we have prepared six ingredients for each of you, you can use your imagination to refine the elixir, everyone’s herbs will be different, however, none of them are herbs that can be put together in an ordinary elixir recipe, so, everyone should use their talents, there is plenty of time, as long as you can refine it in the morning come out just fine, and eventually readjust everyone’s position in the next round according to the grade of the pills they have refined.”

“As this is an open-ended test, only those who are unable to refine any second-rank pills will be eliminated in this round.”

“I now announce that the competition will begin, so everyone can take a look at their herbs.”

To put it plainly, this round was for everyone to create their own dan recipes.

Of course, it wasn’t really about creating your own recipe, because real recipes were more perfect and had to be debugged countless times to achieve the best effect, but this time there were no hard and fast requirements for the effect, as long as the potion had an effect on the “Innate Realm”.

It didn’t sound too difficult, but after opening the drawer, Ye Lu found that the amount of herbs given was really small, and he was afraid that if he didn’t succeed once, it would be over.

He quickly looked at the others and sure enough, everyone else’s herbs were more than his own, and he also noticed another problem, everyone else’s herbs were the same, and again, only his own were different.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu couldn’t stand it any longer, so he slapped the cabinet and stood up.

“Sh*t! Why are my ingredients different from everyone else’s? Isn’t it fair and equitable?”

As a result, Ge Yunfei smiled slightly and said.

“I’m not sure about that, the questioner probably had his own considerations.”

As the “King of Dan”, he had to think about his identity, so he drifted away, while Ge Yun took his place and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“We have taken great pains to make this arrangement, yesterday Mr. Ye Lu’s amazing refining speed and quality of pills stunned the audience, if an expert like you were to do the same as the others, it would definitely bury a talent like you, which would be a great loss to the ‘pill-making community’, so we thought twice before making our first move to highlight Mr. Ye Lu’s genius in pill-making ……”

Seeing this guy talk about the pit as a god five or six, the audience sitting there also picked up a thumbs up, of course, everyone was clear about the rules, in fact, you can question about these topics, you can leave the room, but there is no way to change it.

Everyone thought that with Ye Lu’s character he would take the opportunity to make a big fuss this time.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Lu actually smiled and said.

“You B*****d finally got it right for once, a genius like me, of course I have to be different, you may look a little ugly, but your vision is not bad.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, many people just drank the water in their mouths and “poof!” They spat out.

“Sh*t! This guy is a second-rate writer, right?

“Yeah, those materials aren’t even close to each other, he can’t refine anything!”

“He’s dead!”


In the midst of the crowd’s chatter, almost everyone took out various kinds of furnaces and began to prepare them, and for a time a thousand pots came out in unison, a spectacular scene.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, began to survey the six thirteen unreliable materials in front of him.