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Super School Student Chapter 395-396

Chapter 395

At the same time, Ye Luo began to search in his gla*ses quickly, just like searching for recipes in the app, and the good thing was that the search was so strong that he could search for six ingredients at once.

Sure enough, there were pills that used all six ingredients at the same time, and of course, all the recipes related to the six ingredients appeared at the same time, in a big dense pile.

“This is going to be busy.”

Ye Luo muttered with a bit of a headache as he looked at this long column of dan recipes.

No one else made a move either.

Especially the nine people in the central area, they were even more cautious because unlike the others, they had a problem of saving face.

If it was the same material under the same material, the grade of the dan they refined was too low, and they were robbed of their core position by the others, then they would have to lose face.

Therefore, it is not enough to succeed, but to do the best.

The materials given were carefully selected by the Ge Family, so even the Pill Alliance or the Dan Tower did not have a formula that could be made using all six materials.

Therefore, it was up to everyone to decide what kind of effect they could produce.

This also made the onlookers more and more excited, because this was no longer as simple as controlling fire, controlling “innate astral energy” or manipulating the laws of heaven and earth, it was about one’s inspiration and spiritual energy.

However, soon, Ye Luo pitifully discovered that even among the vast sea of Dan recipes there were no pills that could be made from just these six items.

Either these six items had to be combined with many other things, or a few of them had to be combined with other things to make them, and anyway, there were no just the right ones that could be made.

“This ‘Dan King’ old man’s level is a bit high!”

This made Ye Lu admire the “Dan King” of the “Ge Family”, but the “Ge Family” did have a heritage, as legend had it that “Ge Hong”, the old ancestor of alchemy in the secular world, came from the “Ge Family”, known as “Baopu Zi”, so there was no problem with the Ge Family’s family origins.

Everyone also saw on the screen the six items given to Ye Lu, iron ore, dragon immortal flower, pure spirit water …… everyone started to think of how to create the elixir, but everyone found that just a few items could not be refined.

Following that, the crowd began to mourn for Ye Lu.

“This is what happens when you offend people!”

“Yeah, the organiser is like the black whistle of the stadium, is it something that can be offended?”

“Totally tried to act and didn’t want to sleep with the director, and ended up getting eliminated miserably!”

“You’re so right about Termo.”


Amidst the chatter of the crowd, some people had already started releasing flames to handle the materials, and it looked like someone had already thought of a way to refine them.

Because the other people’s materials were different from the ones in Ye Lu’s hand.

When Ye Luo was bored, he started to look at the other people’s materials.

“It’s really good, it’s actually a simple dan pill that can be refined with just two herbs, if it was their materials, it would be too easy for me to use.”

Ye Lu studied the dan recipes one by one.

“Ooh, there’s a high grade ‘Heavenly Grade’ pill that can be refined using six ingredients at the same time, this is cheaper for that girl ‘Lin Ru Yue’.”

When Ye Luo saw the recipe for the ‘Heavenly Grade’ pills, Ye Luo’s heart was moved, if he let Lin Ru Yue know about the recipe, at least Lin Ru Yue’s side of things would be easier.

Lin Ruyue was a genuine “two-star pill refiner”, so as long as she had the recipe and the detailed refining method, Lin Ruyue should be able to refine a “heavenly grade” pill.

In fact, Lin Ru’s level was not bad, but unfortunately, the teacher “Mo Lian” was too strange, and there was no particularly detailed guidance, especially when condensing pills, if there was a fine control method in fact, many pills, Lin Ru Yue could also refine.

So, Ye Lu began to look in the “Spells” to see if there were any “Spells” that could transmit sound.

In Ye Lu’s opinion, “Voice Transmission” should be a very simple thing, because he had seen similar kung fu when he read martial arts novels before.

Sure enough, there was such a “martial art” in the “martial arts” category without the use of “spells”.

This “martial art” was called “Voice Transmission Technique”.

At Ye Lu’s current level, it was very easy to learn these “martial arts”, so he quickly learned this “martial art”.

“Lin Ru Yue, calm down, this is Ye Lu, listen to me and do exactly as I say, if you do well, you may be able to sit on the nine high platforms in the centre of the circle.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Lin Ru Yue looked in Ye Luo’s direction and then looked at the nine high platforms in the centre, that was where the Heavenly Proud were, she didn’t even think about it.

Although she had relied on Ye Lu’s pills to raise her to the “Patriarch” level, the difference between her and the Heavenly Proud was not just one and a half stars compared to a master like Pill Shu.

However, Lin Ru Yue did not know the “Voice Transmission Technique”, and although she had many questions in her heart, she could only listen to Ye Lu’s words for the time being.

So, she immediately began to put the materials into the potion furnace and started to refine them.

Seeing that Ye Lu sat there as if he had completely given up, the crowd soon lost interest in him and turned their attention to the guys who had started to do it.

However, the nine men at the centre of the room were slow to make their moves.

The ingredients given to them were actually all very common, and some of them were also very commonly used, so they were all very familiar with them regarding their medicinal effects and so on.

Therefore, several people were still analysing and studying what proportion of the ingredients should be blended to achieve what kind of effect and level of potency, as there was still plenty of time before noon.

Some of them felt that their own level was such that they could study it again, while others felt that they could learn from the experience and make adjustments if they tried it once, as it seemed to have enough material for three to four refinements.

Of course, there are also some people who feel that there is no hope, so let’s refine it haphazardly.

However, no one noticed Lin Ru Yue, who had been silently handling the materials very carefully, and after an hour or so some people had already started to fail and left the venue.

“Sh*t! This competition is too impersonal, refining a pill properly will kill you!”

This guy was quite dissatisfied with the refinement, I guess he should be a guy who is very strong in refining medicines according to the recipe, but, unfortunately, he was quite far from being able to blend in.

The other people also started to fail in their refinement and left the room one after another.

Of course, there were some people who had succeeded in their first potion and were challenging the programme to start their second potion, knowing that this time the competition was not just about success, but also about the quality of the potion, and if they could really make a name for themselves, then this would be a great opportunity.

There are quite a few families and organisations out there that are looking for a donor.

If you are chosen by these families, you will be able to eat and drink beautifully in the future.

Of course, there is also the possibility that they will be chosen by some alchemy families and organisations and eventually become part of these big clans and forces, who dare to mess with them.

And those nine people at the core were starting to make their move at this moment.

For these experts, having already studied the plan and made it clear in their minds, the next step was to start putting the plan into action in earnest.

Before refining, Xie Tinglin took a glance at where Ye Luo was, and as he watched Ye Luo still sitting there looking at Lin Ruyue who was not far away, he narrowed his eyes sinisterly, his hatred for Ye Luo was already extremely deep.

The colour of the “beast fire” was related to the type of demon beast chosen, so there were basically all kinds of colours, and of course, there were also ready-made flames used.

“Alright, I have completely succeeded in refining it.”

At this point, the first person to finish raised his hand.

The person presiding then pressed a button and from a high platform at the centre rose an instrument, on which was a very tall transparent looking gla*s column with many scales.

“Okay, go up and put the potion into the testing area for the test.”

With the host’s words, two people from the Ge family jumped onto the high platform at the centre.


Chapter 396

These people were there to monitor and confirm the elixir, of course.

And the host continued.

“This test pill will test the quality of the elixir, if it is put in that the elixir is below the ‘second rank’ the device will alarm, if it meets the level of the second rank or above, the light pillar will light up, in the order of ‘mortal grade’, ‘Xuan Pin’, ‘Earth Pin’, ‘Heaven Pin’ and ‘Holy Pin’ in the order of still white light, green light, yellow light, red light and black light.”

“Light of the same colour is then judged by the height of the pillar of light that rises to determine the quality.”

Not to mention, this way of judging was very simple and easy to understand at a glance.

Soon, the first pill refiner put the pill he had made into one of the containers of the instrument.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, the pillar did not light up, but the warning sound “drip drip drip!” The warning sound rang out.

After half a day’s effort, he felt very depressed that the result was like this.

However, soon, other people came over one after another, as the number of materials was limited, and there was no point in staying after refining.

At this time, the person in charge shouted out loudly.

“No. 360, Wu Jianguo, Dan Cheng, 2nd rank Mortal, pa*s!”

The first person to pa*s the elixir was finally born, and seeing that he had successfully advanced, this guy let out a long sigh of relief.

Although it was the lowest grade of second-grade pills, no matter what, this round had been pa*sed, and pa*sing the round was one step closer to the final goal.

Moreover, it seemed that the “first round” should have brushed off many people.

There were already quite a few pill makers who had left because they hadn’t made any pills, and it was expected that there were quite a few who had made pills but hadn’t reached the “second rank”.

As it turned out, nearly half of the pills produced did not reach the “second rank”, so the warnings kept ringing out and more and more people left the room.

However, most of those who started to pa*s the test were marginal pill refiners, while the masters in the centre had basically not finished, and the success rate was higher the closer they got to the centre, so the warnings gradually became less frequent.

“No. 480, Chen Yuexing, Dan completed, second-rank Xuan-grade, pa*s!”

Finally, the green light of the pillar lit up, and the “Xuan-grade” elixir appeared.

This also meant that the level of the pills had crossed a big grade.

Seeing the appearance of a “Xuan-grade” pill, the onlookers nodded their heads, after all, for a pill refiner’s conference of this calibre, it would be undesirable if all the pills were of “Mortal Grade”.

Following this, “Xuan-grade” pills began to emerge, and the number of pill refiners on the fringes became fewer and fewer, with Ye Lu and Lin Ruyue, the two outermost circles, immediately standing out.

Ye Luo, in particular, did nothing but sit there in a dull manner, looking rather bizarre.

On the other hand, Lin Ruyue was unhurriedly handling the materials, which was what Ye Luo told her to do, so that she could simulate the refining process in her mind more while handling the materials, as well as the precautions, so that she would not be too busy when refining later, and of course, Ye Luo would also help remind her at the side.

Because the refinement this time is not really related to time, so, the progress of everyone is very fast, not much time half of the people have finished refining and left.

The entire periphery was left with Ye Lu and Lin Ruyue.

Xie Tinglin of course also saw this scene, and he looked at Ye Lu’s rea*surance and said with a cold smile.

“Sure enough, you are a straw man, you don’t even dare to make a move until now, and you are still dragging your feet and refusing to admit defeat, I will make your life worse than death sooner or later.”

Although Xie Tinglin knew the fact that he was not lifting, but, who was he? He was from the Dan Tower, so he didn’t think he would be like this for the rest of his life. In his opinion, when he returned to the Dan Tower and let his grandfather take a look, he would be able to get rid of the disease, but he would only have to endure it for a while.

However, Ye Lu, the scourge, he must take revenge.

When he heard Xie Tinglin’s words, Pill Shu said coldly.

“There’s still plenty of time, how do you know he won’t have a chance to turn the tables, besides, I advise you better not mess with him, our ‘Pill Alliance’ will not stand by and watch.”

Ye Lu saved her last night, so she naturally had to speak up for Ye Lu.

Xie Tinglin, on the other hand, said disdainfully.

“Flopping, the hell will believe your bullsh*t, if he can flop, I’ll eat soong live.”

Pill Shu, on the other hand, said disdainfully.

“What’s so disgusting about you eating shou live?”

Xie Tinglin, on the other hand, suddenly laughed and said.

“Hey, hey, how about this, if he can flip, I’ll promise never to hara*s you again, and I won’t let grandpa send someone to propose a marriage, how about that?”

When he finished, Pill Shu blurted out.


However, Xie Tinglin followed.

“Then if he loses, you will have to agree to a marriage proposal with me.”

Now Pill Shu hesitated, it seemed that at the moment, Ye Lu was facing a complete dead heat, from the screen Pill Shu had also seen the few herbs Ye Lu had, there was no chance at all.

She also felt that Ye Lu was bound to lose.

Seeing that Pill Shu hesitated, Xie Tinglin immediately began to count up, saying all sorts of disgusting words one after another, he knew that Pill Shu was a very high-minded person, attacking her in such a vicious manner, she would definitely not be able to bear it.

Sure enough, soon after, Pill Shu gritted her teeth and said.

“Fine, just bet, I’m still afraid of you, shut up.”

This time it was Xie Tinglin’s turn to laugh out loud, he thought in his heart, this silly girl, she was probably stupid from refining pills, she dared to agree to such a thing, I really don’t know how she was thinking.

In fact, Pill Shu was not entirely because of impulsiveness, she had been observing Ye Lu, she found that Ye Lu did not seem to be alarmed, all the time she was wearing a honeyed smile and looked very calm.

However, he did not know that in fact, Ye Lu had already given up hope a long time ago, only that he was in a better state of mind.

Hearing the conversation between the two men, the Yan Clan expert suddenly said.

“You two seem to be taking it easy, if this continues, the champion of this round will be our ‘Yan Clan’.”

As he said that, he opened the pill in front of him, and a rich medicinal fragrance came out, obviously of a very high grade.

However, the alchemist from the ‘Ge Clan’ next to him said with a smile.

“Yan Yu, it’s not certain who will die!”

After saying that, he also opened his furnace, and it was also a perfect potion.

At this time, on the high platform in the centre, the “Earth Grade” pills had also appeared, which made everyone start to look forward to it.

“There should be a ‘Heavenly Grade’ pill appearing.”

Someone looked at the central area and said.

Now, apart from the central and most core area where there was little movement, the entire outer and central area was left with three people, Ye Lu, Lin Ruyue and a woman with an expressionless face with a flower pattern.

Soon, Lin Ruyue’s first potion came out of the furnace, but she was not quite satisfied, so she immediately started to refine the second potion.

However, despite the fact that people kept coming up to the stage, the “Heavenly” pills never appeared.

Soon, there were only nine people left in the centre circle and Ye Lu and the three of them.

“If you guys don’t want to go up, then I’ll go first.”

An old man with white eyebrows and a white beard saw that no one was making a move, so he slowly flew towards the high platform in the centre.

“It’s the ‘Dan Yunzi’ of the Ren Family, I reckon he should have a ‘Heavenly Grade’ potion.”

“Yeah, he’s been famous for how many years, the ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’ champion has won it for two terms, right?”

“Who says otherwise, a truly great master, but it’s said that he’s returning home to retire.”


When they saw the white-browed and white-bearded “Dan Yunzi” on stage, everyone was talking about it.

After that, the Yan Clan and the Suiren Clan also flew up, and there was no surprise that the core area was full of success, with all of them being of the “Heavenly Grade” level.

Next, Pill Shu flew over, her red light shining brightly, and she was no match for the others.

However, there was thunderous applause, as Yushu was only a young girl, in her early twenties, and her achievement was simply unbelievable.

Then, Xie Tinglin also flew up.

Without any surprise, the red light lit up, stronger than Yakshu’s.

Everyone let out a gasp of surprise as Xie Tinglin was also a genius within the age of twenty-four.

“Too powerful these two.”

“Yes, the ultimate duo!”

“A handsome man and a beautiful woman, a natural pair!”


Seeing that the crowd was stunned, Xie Tinglin then turned his head to look at Pill Shu and said with a smile.

“Someone just said that certain people would marry me if they couldn’t pa*s this round, is that still true?”

Hearing Xie Tinglin’s words, Medicine Shu immediately bit her lips tightly.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, was quietly watching Xie Tinglin pretend not too far away.