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Super School Student 399-400

Chapter 399

When they saw that Ye Lu was only in the middle, the audience immediately started talking about it.

However, the discussion was over, as there was no point in talking about it.

Lin Ruyue, who was sitting in the middle of the nine round tables, was overjoyed, for no matter what, she was now among the top positions.

Seeing Lin Ruyue’s happy face, Pill Shu turned her head to look at her and smiled.

To be honest, Pill Shu suddenly envied Lin Ruyue, envied her for being able to be with an expert like Ye Lu every day, she felt that Lin Ruyue’s achievement was also related to Ye Lu.

Lin Ruyue knew of her, but she had never had the chance to meet her before, so she also turned her head and smiled at her.

Xie Tinglin was also in the nine seats, but his face looked extremely unhappy, as two of the nine people were from the Pill Alliance, and there was also that expert, Ye Lu, who had put them ahead of the Dan Tower.

Seeing that everyone was in place, the host once again said in a loud voice.

“The topic for the second round of the competition comes from the ‘Suiren Clan’, so we have Master Yi of the ‘Suiren Clan’ to reveal the topic for the second round.”

Hearing his words, Ye Lu realized that the questions for each round were from different powers, presumably for the fairness of the a*sembly.

When the host finished speaking, a red-bearded great power of the Suiren Clan walked up to the podium and then said in a loud voice.

“As we all know, the aim of our secular ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’ is not to find the one with the highest pill refining rank, but to find the one with the highest pill refining talent and usefulness, so our topic this time is to designate refinement by rank.”

“We will designate the refining of certain pills according to everyone’s cultivation level, and all of these pills will be ‘Heavenly Grade’ pills, and only those who have reached a level above ‘Earthly Grade’ in pills refining will be able to enter the next round. ”

“Of course, there will still be a ranking according to the grade of the pills everyone has made, and the time is until six o’clock in the afternoon.”

“In addition, I would like to emphasise that our ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’ is a very fair place, and no matter what rank of pill refiner, all have the possibility to emerge.”

In fact, there was some truth in what this expert from the Suiren Clan said. Although low ranked “pill refiners” had little chance of winning the championship, they would have a better chance of succeeding in the next edition or the one after that if they were seen by their own clan or a more powerful organisation.

What’s more, even if you don’t win, there are still very generous rewards for each round, but of course, these rewards are not paid for by the Ge family, but by the various forces involved in the tournament.

Hearing the words of the “Suiren Clan” experts, the alchemists on the stage all breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, this time was different from yesterday’s. This time, there were recipes and everything else, and the competition was all about the actual refining techniques, which are very important to an “alchemist”.

It is not as good as an alchemist who has the strength to make pills.

Therefore, as a “pill refiner conference”, it was impossible not to test everyone’s level of pill refining.

When she heard this topic, Lin Ruyue understood that she would have to stop at this round because her cultivation level was “Foundation Establishment”, so according to the rules, she had to refine “third-order” pills, but with her cultivation level, she was not the highest among the “Foundation Establishment” pill refiners.

Although the level of fire control is not entirely related to the level of cultivation, it is true that those with higher cultivation levels have better overall control of the flames and “qi”.

Then, the second round of the competition began.

Since about half of the people had been eliminated in the first round, the venue immediately seemed quite empty, and Ye Lu took out the potion recipes and materials he had kept in the drawer.

As a result, after searching, he found that the potion was not one that existed in the system of “gla*ses”.

“Looks like a brand new elixir recipe for me.”

Ye Luo muttered as he looked at this elixir.

In fact, all “dan recipes” had to follow medicinal principles, so it was not difficult to make some modifications to the recipe, and after so many years of experience, just like the Daoist, many powers had long since learned to integrate and innovate.

“This dan recipe can only be refined once, everyone else’s can be refined three times, it looks like the organisers are really still targeting me.”

From the big screen, Ye Lu could see other people’s dan recipes, and of course due to the all-around deathlessness, he could know about other people’s materials, and other people could also know about Ye Lu’s side.

Many people shook their heads when they saw Ye Luo’s situation.

Everyone could see that the organisers hadn’t given up on screwing Ye Lu, so it was estimated that Ye Lu would be unlucky again this time.

In fact, Ye Luo was also thinking this way.

He felt that these guys were definitely targeting himself, however, he hadn’t seen exactly how they were going to harm him yet, so, after thinking about it, Ye Luo finally decided to stay put and see what happened.

Since this time, they had the dan recipe and then followed it to refine it, so many of them got the dan and quickly started to refine it according to the recipe, however, something immediately went wrong.


One person’s “Dan Furnace” actually exploded in the middle of the refining process.

Of course, the furnace itself was very strong, so of course, the explosion did not destroy the furnace, but the flying medicine turned the man into a big black face.

“I followed the steps to make it! How could it have exploded?”

“What’s going on here?”


He muttered in some confusion.

However, just as he was muttering, there was another “bang”, another person’s potion furnace exploded, and it exploded beautifully, just like a firework.

“What kind of elixir is this? It’s not making ‘fireworks’, is it?”

“Gross fireworks, it must have been forcing a high quality elixir and then couldn’t control it and ‘blew up the furnace’.”


However, while everyone was talking, another person blew up the furnace, and soon, all kinds of “blown up” and failed refinement cases appeared one after another.

“There really is a problem.”

Looking at the situation around him, Ye Lu began to mutter in his heart.

It seemed that this test was not simply about making pills, everyone had been fooled by that “Suiren Clan” expert.

“Most of them have tampered with the recipe or the ingredients.”

Ye Lu began to think.

However, this was actually not difficult for Ye Lu, because Ye Lu had his “gla*ses”, and since they could correct things like “weapon patterns”, of course they could also adjust the dan recipe.

He did not start with his own recipe, but looked in the direction of Lin Ruyue.

Sure enough, Lin Ruyue was scratching her head, not knowing what to do, and she was still far from understanding the principles of medicine and alchemy.

“Don’t panic, I’ll tell you what to do.”

Ye Luo quickly transmitted his voice over.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Lin Ruyue immediately coldly woke up, however, she wanted to ask Ye Luo what was going on, however, she could only listen but could not communicate, so she had an anxious face.

As if Ye Luo had guessed what she was thinking, he smiled and said.

“It’s because of the ‘Fai Shi’, the rest of the recipe doesn’t have any mistakes but it has half a penny more Fai Shi, however, this little change makes a world of difference, it makes the elixir turn into a dynamite just as it fuses, so you only need a little less Fai Shi to succeed, as for what level you can practice the elixir, it depends on your level.”

There was only so much Ye Luo could help with.

After listening to Ye Lu, Lin Ruyue did not hesitate to refine it, as long as the crux was found, the rest was a matter of refining, and it was impossible to make a qualitative leap in this small amount of refining level, so Lin Ruyue handed it in after she finished it quickly.

“No. 9527, Lin Ruyue, ‘Fire Cloud Pill’ completed, quality ‘Third Order Xuan Pin’, pa*s!”

Lin Ruyue was the first to finish, and the result was announced immediately.

This also took everyone by surprise.

“It’s done so quickly, it looks like there’s a possibility that there’s nothing wrong with the dan recipe.”

“I guess so, I guess there was still a problem with how I operated just now.”

“Let’s try it again.”


Lin Ruyue’s actions caused many people who were just skeptical to immediately change their minds.


Chapter 400

But, of course, those who were eager to try failed immediately.

“Sh*t! It doesn’t look like that!”

“A wasted opportunity, what went wrong?”

“Is it a problem with the steps, with the fire, with the herbs?”


Soon, the crowd went back to the original point.

While Ye Luo took the opportunity to look at everyone’s dan recipes and herbs just now, then, he looked to where the podium was, the Ge family was really staring at him, seeing this scene, Ye Luo then looked at the Ge family and stood up with a smile.

Seeing Ye Luo’s action, Ge Yun suddenly felt as if something was not good.

As a result, Ye Luo smiled with him before turning his head to look at all the contestants in the venue and said.

“Everyone doesn’t need to be troubled, I already know all the problems with the pills you have refined, I’ll master the crux of your problems here.”

“First of all, the ‘second rank’ elixir part is that there is an extra herb when refining, and it is not an exploding herb, instead it is the ‘Qing Ling Cao’ which has certain prevented the medicinal properties from being too violent, just take this herb. ”

“Then, the ‘third-order’ pills are partly because of the extra half a penny of ‘Fai Shi’, just use the right amount.”

“After that, for the ‘Fourth Order’ elixir part, there is no problem adjusting the order of ‘Withered Bone’ and ‘Snow River Dahurian’ when melting the elixir. ”

The highest grade of elixir that anyone in the room could make was the ‘fourth-grade’ elixir, and Ye Lu had spoken about all the problems with everyone’s elixir like a family treasure, which meant that everyone could refine it without any worries.

Seeing this scene, the questioner from the “Suiren Clan” immediately stood up and stared at Ye Lu.

Ye Luo looked at him and smiled, saying.

“No need to be so excited, I have a nickname, you are the younger brother of ‘Comrade Lei Feng’, ‘Lei Di’, so helping people is something I should do.”

This statement made the “flint man’s” questioner angry enough.

“You …… you …… you …… you ……”

He said “you” three times but finally said nothing because he suddenly realized that he didn’t know what to say about Ye Lu.

In fact, what Ye Luo did was not against the rules, and if he was not worried about others overtaking him, with a friendly and helpful attitude, a favor was not out of the question.

So, he ended up sitting down again.

Ye Luo looked at this guy and laughed, and following that, everyone started to refine excitedly, because there was a generous reward for pa*sing this round.

“What should we do?”

Ge Feng, who was beside Ge Yun, asked with a bit of a headache.

“So many people have pa*sed, we haven’t prepared enough rewards!”

Originally, this round was intended to brush most people off, after all, there were only three chances, and trying to find problems in such a complicated dan recipe was extremely difficult.

Ge Yun was also very headstrong, in fact, originally everyone had prepared prizes with some leeway, but now that so many more people had claimed their prizes all of a sudden, he was really a bit caught off guard.

However, as the organiser, he could not let the situation get out of hand or leave it unattended, so he thought about it with some meat on his bones and said.

“Ask for instructions with the old man to use the inventory.”

Hearing this, Ge Feng immediately asked the old man, Ge Feilong, for instructions.

However, what no one knew was that somewhere in the Makuhari Mountains, two people were watching the meeting.

“There’s a bit of a problem. The person we’re looking for has been identified, right?”

The other man nodded with certainty.

“Yes, according to the tip, it’s pretty much confirmed, I’ll find a way to make sure about it tonight, there’s other trouble this time, I’ll ask for instructions from above and see what to do.”

After saying that, one of them flew away and disappeared.

And on this side of the venue, with Ye Lu making such a fuss, everyone started to refine pills quickly, all kinds of flames rose up, it looked so lively.

Soon, the guy who had failed before found out that what Ye Luo had said was right, using Ye Luo’s method, he really succeeded in refining it, although it was not ideal in terms of grade as it was his first time refining, but as long as he succeeded, he could proceed to the next round of the competition, and more importantly, the reward would be in hand.

In fact, most of them were not here for the championship, because everyone knew that there were many experts here, and none of them were weak, so it was too difficult to stand out, so most of them aimed to open their eyes and then see if they could get a prize, because the prizes they got after each round were very rich.

So, after this guy stood up he cupped his fist towards Ye Lu and said.

“Thank you, Mr. 9528, for the mention, in the future, if I need to use my Nie Wen, just ask, I will definitely go through fire and water.”

As soon as he finished speaking, another person also stood up and said.

“Thank you, Mr. Ye. If you need anything, please call our Zhu family, we will definitely do our best to help.”

Just like that, people kept standing up and thanking Ye Lu.

And when the others saw these people’s actions, they were too embarra*sed not to show it, or else it would seem like they were much more unethical, so every pill refiner who finished refining gave a thank you to Ye Lu.

Seeing this scene, Ge Yun revealed a bitter smile, now it seemed that their “Ge family” had hemorrhaged money to pay for the prizes, but it might not be possible to please them, but Ye Lu had already obtained everyone’s favour, no matter which one of them felt that they had taken advantage of Ye Lu, even the eight people sitting at the very core felt a bit upset.

After all, admit it or not, after Ye Lu saw through the mystery, they then started refining, even if the refining was done there was still a knot in their hearts, and it was just as well that Ye Lu was right.

Of these people, the only one who didn’t feel this way was Medicine Shu, who had always treated Ye Lu as her benefactor, So Yi, who looked at Xie Ting Lin and said with a smile.

“You’ve always considered yourself a heavenly pride, why do you also want to use the method provided by Ye Lu?”

At, Pill Shu’s words, Xie Tinglin was suddenly a little unsure of how he should answer.

If he said that he didn’t use Ye Lu’s method, then he was definitely going to lose, and he knew very well that Ye Lu was right, but he couldn’t just lose face like that.

So, he looked at Pill Shu and said.

“Hmph, I already knew what the problem was, only, I didn’t say anything, who is sick in the head like him, do you think I will be worse than him? Jokes!”

Obviously, Medicine Shu was not good at arguing and finding sophistry, she just laughed and did not say anything.

Instead, Xie Tinglin got a bit carried away and said.

“Tell everyone what the problem is, he is a fool ……”

At this time, Ye Lu but said with a smile.

“Xie Tinglin, you’re arrogant, so how about I give you a chance to see what the problem is with this for me, and we can apply for a swap of refinement with the person in charge?”

After saying that, Ye Lu then looked at Ge Yun and said with a smile.

“Mr. Ge Yun, what do you think? Agree that we swap?”

Of course Ge Yun did not agree, he was still expecting this question to be difficult for Ye Lu, so he shook his head and said.

“There is no such rule in the a*sembly.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“How about this, give Xie Tinglin a copy of the same material as me, we’ll refine it together and then see who can pa*s, is this okay?”

This time Ge Yun nodded and said.

“This will be fine as long as Mr. Xie Tinglin agrees.”

The Ge family’s target was Ye Lu, as for Xie Tinglin whether he could pa*s or not, of course it could be up to him, anyway, he couldn’t see anything through the big screen only.

It was Xie Tinglin’s turn to be depressed, he could know with his buttocks that the question given to Ye Lu by the Ge family must be super difficult, he had just taken a cursory look at Ye Lu’s question as well, and he didn’t have any confidence at all to handle it in one go.

If he lost the chance to compete for the championship because of this, he felt very unworthy.

So, he hesitated.

Looking at his hesitant look, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Hey, not that I’m talking about you, how can you be the champion if you’re such a wimp?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Xie Ting Lin’s face turned red for a while, but in the end, he really didn’t dare to agree to it just said coldly.

“You think I’m as brain-dead as you are, I’m not going to be as nonsensical as you.”

After saying that he stopped paying attention to Ye Luo and then started to continue refining his own pills.

Ye Luo then looked in his direction and said.

“Scared, aren’t you, but, for me, this thing is simply easy, you guys watch.”

The last few words were actually spoken to the Ge family and the Suiren clan.