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Super School Student Chapter 401-402

Chapter 401

“The Ge family was obviously targeting Ye Lu, and the Suiren clan had also become an accomplice this time.

The best way to hit them in the face was to make the pill and show them. In Ye Lu’s recipe, these guys had set three traps and only gave one ingredient.

So, Ye Luo said while refining.

“‘Ge Clan’, isn’t your temperament too small, to actually put three traps on this test of mine, unfortunately, the Suiren Clan, you presume to call yourselves experts, but your level is actually nothing more than that.”

“Your first trap was to put in an extra small dose of an herb, right?”

With these words, I took out one of the ingredients.

Seeing Ye Lu’s action, the “Suiren’s” questioner frowned.

Ye Lu continued to say as he refined it.

“The second trap is that the ‘sharp crystal ore’ is overwritten by a penny, right?”

With his words, the questioner of the “Suiren Clan” turned even worse.

Because he knew what Ye Lu was saying was right, but he couldn’t figure out how Ye Lu had figured out these things, because if there was only one mistake in a Dan recipe, it might be fine, but if there were three mistakes, then the difficulty in analyzing it was not as simple as multiplying it by three, and the questioner asked himself that he was not capable of analyzing the problems with this Dan recipe in a short time.

Not only that, he felt that even the “Dan King” of the “Ge Family” did not have this level, because the purpose of their question was to kill Ye Lu, and, in their opinion, they could definitely kill Ye Lu.

However, Ye Luo had already followed and said.

“The third trap is that the order of fusion is a problem, as long as the order of the ‘Spiked Crystal Ore’ and the ‘Fiery Stone’ is put in reverse, it will blow up, right?”

As he was talking, Ye Lu had already processed the pills and put them into the dan furnace.

As he began to fuse the ingredients, he continued.

“There’s another one, this dan recipe you guys gave me, the best quality can only refine a ‘Xuan grade’ dan, right? You guys are really dark!”

Seeing Ye Luo poke holes in all their traps as if he saw everything, and every time Ye Luo said something, the audience made noisy comments, which made the “Ge Family” and the “Suiren Clan”, the person who had asked the question this time, feel that their faces had no glory.

“It’s really dark, it’s not giving people a chance!”

“Yeah, how many times harder is this going to be? That ‘Xie Tinglin’ wasn’t right to bet against Ye Lu.”

“Right my a*s, he’s just a wimp, can’t you see Master Ye has seen it all through, that’s the difference.”

“You have a point, the difference between Grandmaster Ye and that Xie Tinglin is really not a star and a half!”


Hearing everyone’s words, Xie Tinglin’s face had turned from iron blue to somewhat black, he somewhat regretted that he had just gone to play that p*ssy, just honestly follow the method Ye Lu said to refine it and then turn in.

However, at the same time, his heart was filled with appalled emotions because Ye Lu’s performance was simply too terrifying, not just terrifying, it could be described as horrifying.

Regardless of Ye Lu’s level of refinement, Xie Ting Lin could only look up to this kind of eyesight, instantly seeing the problems with everyone’s dan recipe, and then seeing the problems with his own dan recipe, this kind of ability, no one could match.

However, at this very moment, the crowd of onlookers once again let out a cry of astonishment.

Then, the man from the “Ge family” who was in charge of the inspection on the central platform announced in a loud voice.

“No. 528, Mo Trang, Dan Cheng, 4th rank Heavenly Grade, pa*sed!”

Hearing this, Ye Lu couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the woman called “Mo Tranquil”, because, this was too scary.

The “Fourth Order” pills corresponded to the pills used by cultivators of the “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir”, and to be able to refine such pills into “Heavenly Grade” and to see the light, they were still at the peak of the “Heavenly Grade”, which meant that this “Mo Tranquil” should be the strongest among all the participants.

This meant that Mo Tran was the strongest of all the participants, because the highest grade of potion that the participants could make was a “fourth-grade” potion.

Everyone was in an uproar because the result was so amazing.

“This person is already invincible!”

“It feels like it, who else can surpa*s this level.”

“Yes, there’s nothing to pick from, no matter the level, quality, and speed.”

“But maybe that Ye Lu can surpa*s him, don’t you see that Ye Lu is also very demonic.”

“It’s unlikely, maybe the level is about the same, but the level difference is too much ah, that Ye Lu is only ‘Sovereign level’ and others are a big level difference, how can we compare?”


When he heard the people’s discussion, the Ren Family’s consecrator, the white-browed and white-bearded “Dan Yunzi”, sighed first.

He felt that he had lived to be a dog’s age. Although that Mo Trang was wrapped up tightly, from his figure and appearance, he should only be about twenty years old, but his level of pill refining was far beyond his own. Despite Ye Lu’s reminder, he felt that due to his complete unfamiliarity with this kind of out-of-the-way pills, he could only barely refine to “Heavenly Grade”.

“Could it be that the championship this time will go to someone from the ‘Devil’s Path’?”

“Dan Yunzi” could not help but mutter.

He then heard the same sigh from the expert of the Suiren Clan beside him, because the Suiren Clan, the Yan Clan, the Pill Alliance and the Dan Tower were all renowned sects, or at least they thought so, while the Heavenly Demon Palace was an even more terrifying “demon path” than the “evil cultivators”.

It is said to be the arch rival of the “War of Extinction”, and that it had caused a bloodbath hundreds of years ago, but it has been lying dormant for years, just like Kunlun.

However, in everyone’s opinion, these benefits should not be allowed to go to the hands of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” under any circumstances.

There were many legends about the “Heavenly Devil Palace” and the “Heavenly Devil”, and each of them was terrifying, but, to be honest, the “Medicine Refiner’s Conference” did not stipulate that people from the “Heavenly Devil Palace” could not participate.

In fact, hundreds of years, close to a thousand years, had already made everyone forget many things, and there was one more thing: no one could be sure that this woman called Mo Trang was from the Heavenly Demon Palace.

In Lin Ruyue’s heart, she actually had another question mark, that is, she felt that this woman called “Mo Tranquil” resembled her own master “Mo Lian” in all aspects, including her appearance and temperament, and it was too similar.

“Mo Lian, Mo Trang, could this woman really be related to Master?”

She muttered darkly as she watched the tightly wrapped woman from the bleachers.

Like “Dan Yunzi”, Pill Shu could only refine pills to the level of “Heavenly Grade”, but could not reach the peak of “Heavenly Grade”.

Of course, this was not easy for Pill Shu, for after all, her cultivation level was only at the “Fifth Turn of the Golden Elixir” level, and so was that of Xie Tinglin.

The reason why Pill Shu was so strong in alchemy was that she also possessed one of the Ten Great Origin Fires, but she only had a part of it, namely the “Heart’s Sovereign Fire” of the “Samadhi True Fire”, while Xie Tinglin possessed the “Kidney’s Va*sal Fire” of the “Samadhi True Fire”, which was why Xie Tinglin always used his kidneys in everything he did.

Of course, this is also the reason why he was so determined to marry Yushu.

However, Xie Tinglin had also discovered that even with one of the “three true flames”, he could not do anything to that woman.

“It seems that we are targeting the wrong person!”

At this moment, the questioner from the “Suiren Clan” said, looking at the red light on the high platform.

Ge Yun also sighed helplessly and said.

“Yes, if the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ really took away the ‘Origin Fire’, how can we, the decent alchemists, still have any face to live in the alchemy world!”

“I should have known that I would have given all these topics to that ‘Mo Tranquility’, this is great, there is only the last one left tomorrow.”

After Ge Yun finished speaking, the question writer from the “Suiren Clan” looked at Ye Lu on the high platform and said quietly.

“Now it looks like our only hope is to rely on him, how ironic!”


Chapter 402

Despite these words, the questioner from the “Suiren Clan” understood that even though Ye Lu may be a demon, he was only a “Master” level expert, and there was too big a gap between his cultivation level and that of Mo Trang.

The last competition tomorrow will be the same as the previous ones, where all restrictions will be lifted and all participants will be allowed to prepare their own ingredients, prepare their own recipes and make the strongest and most valuable pills they think they can.

In other words, there will be no chance to cheat even if you want to.

Hearing the words of the questioner from the “Suiren Clan”, Ge Yun thought for a moment and said.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple… I can only use a little bit of extraordinary means for extraordinary matters.”

In response to Ge Yun’s words, the questioner from the “Suiren Clan” did not make any comment, but fell into a deep thought, and then he asked.

“Which family is this man representing and how did he get in?”

Ge Yun said, somewhat helplessly.

“He represents the ‘Zhu Rong clan’, you should be familiar with it, the ‘Fire God’ clan, no one would suspect, and we also gave the ‘Zhu Rong clan ‘ have sent invitations, it’s normal for people to send people, and their identities are all confirmed, but, I didn’t expect such a person to come.”

“The Fire God Zhu Rong was also one of the great powers of the ancient times. According to legend, after losing a battle with the Water God Gong Gong, he broke the “Bu Zhou Mountain” that supported the sky and broke a huge hole in the sky.

Although the “Fire God Zhu Rong” clan was not as powerful as the “Yan Clan” or the “Sui Ren Clan”, it was still a significant existence among the hidden alchemy clans, so there was no excuse for Ge Yun to allow her to participate in the competition.

Therefore, when Ge Yun finished speaking, the people of the Suiren Clan did not say anything else.

Everyone looked in Ye Lu’s direction, as the others had already come on stage one after another, but none of them could surpa*s the woman called Mo Tran.

Now it was up to Ye Lu.

However, in his heart, Liuyun knew very well that even though Ye Lu had detected the trap in the recipe, Ye Lu had no chance at all this time because the recipe was of such a low level, and he also wanted to take this opportunity to see Ye Lu’s level of alchemy, not really wanting Ye Lu to surpa*s Mo Tran in this round.

“It’s done!”

Ye Luo’s refining speed was extremely fast, and soon, he flew to the round platform in the centre with the “Dan Furnace”, and then took out the pills and put them into the apparatus.

Without any surprise, a white light came on, followed by a green light.

However, the light did not stop at the area of green light, but went straight to the area of yellow light.

Seeing this scene, Ge Yun’s fist clenched, and the audience around him also held their breath.

The yellow light rose quickly and followed it into the area of the red light.


At this point, someone couldn’t help but exclaim out, but no one said anything as the pillar of light was still going upwards, a little slower but not stopping, slowly approaching the scale line.

Everyone’s heart was in their throat, and the black area finally appeared, which meant that this elixir made by Ye Lu was actually a “holy product.

Seeing this scene, Ge Yun “rubbed!” Not only him, but almost all the people on the podium stood up.

This was because they all knew what kind of Dan recipe Ye Lu had been given, and even if the “Dan God” were to refine this kind of crap, it would be impossible for him to make a “Saint Grade” pill, but the truth was right in front of them.


“Holy sh*t!”

“What the hell?”

“This can work, it can’t be true!”


A few moments later, the whole venue was in chaos, because this was the second time a “holy” pill had appeared, the first time it was Lin Ruyue, and this time it was Ye Lu, and Lin Ruyue and Ye Lu had come together, their numbers were 9527 and 9528 respectively, and they were both from the “Mo Lian lineage”, if this was all a coincidence, no one would believe it.

“How did he do that?”

Ge Yun looked at Ye Lu, who was smiling and standing on the centre round platform, astonished beyond words, because things were so unbelievable that he suddenly felt as if Ye Lu was a god-like being.

It wasn’t just him, Pill Shu who had long since arrived at the stands thought the same thing, she found that everything Ye Lu did was simply incomprehensible.

She had read that recipe and all the herbs, and no amount of refining according to that recipe could have produced a pill of such quality.

Following that, everyone shouted like crazy, everyone’s aim was simple, they wanted Ye Lu to tell everyone how he had done this.

Seeing that if he didn’t tell them, everyone would be unrelenting, Ye Lu cleared his throat and said.

“Okay, everyone be quiet for a moment, I’ll talk.”

“I was able to do this because I modified the dan recipe, that one was too bad, I modified these aspects, firstly, I adjusted the ……”

Ye Lu began to briefly talk about his transformation method.

Almost everyone was listening quietly, including Ge Yun and the “Suiren Clan” questioner, and even the “Dan King” Ge Feilong, who was watching all this from a distant VIP room, was also listening carefully to Ye Lu’s explanation.

Every time Ye Lu explained the content of the transformation and the reasoning behind it, everyone showed an expression of sudden understanding, and many people began to nod their heads frequently.

Soon, even the people who were talking were slowly silenced, and everyone was listening to Ye Lu’s explanation like a primary school student listening to a lesson, and many people had a feeling of enlightenment.

Finally, Ye Luo finished explaining it all.

“Tsk! It’s really ‘listening to a lecture from a gentleman is better than reading a book for ten years’!”

“Yeah, this didn’t expect that the real pharmacology was like this.”

“Yeah, it’s completely overturned my previous philosophy of alchemy.”

“The Three Stooges, that’s my teacher!”


All of them showed expressions of admiration.

If everyone had been somewhat dismissive of Ye Lu’s attitude before, or had the suspicion that he was clamouring for attention, this time, almost everyone understood that this young man was truly level headed.

In fact, Ge Yun also felt that Ye Lu was not too reliable, thinking that he might have succeeded by some kind of skill, or some kind of cheating means that they did not know, but after Ye Lu showed this hand, everyone’s suspicions were lifted, Ye Lu did not seem to have succeeded by crooked ways, and people did have an extremely deep understanding of medicinal theory and alchemy.

Ye Lu was quite satisfied with the result of his foolishness, which was of course provided to him by “Gla*ses”, who did not understand such profound knowledge.

Xie Tinglin, on the other hand, was so downhearted that he almost collapsed, because he found that the difference between him and Ye Lu was so great that it was a world of difference.

However, Ye Lu’s appearance made him understand that there were people outside the sky.

Seeing this scene, that Mo Trang, who had been masking her face, also raised her head and looked at Ye Lu with a strange look in her eyes.

After that, the other pill refiners who hadn’t finished yet of course refined their pills one after another, but nothing more surprising happened.

After everyone had finished refining, Ge Yun once again walked up to the podium and said in a loud voice.

“Well, this is the end of the second round of competition, please prepare for the final round tomorrow, the rules of the competition are understood by everyone, the final champion will also be crowned tomorrow, who will be the winner of the ‘Violet Sky Flame’, let us wait and see. ”

When he mentioned the ‘Violet Sky Flame’, many people licked their lips, while others clenched their fists, this was a legendary flame.

Whether it could be fused or not, it was an extremely difficult thing to obtain!

Only the legendary “Kunlun” could have such a thing, as legend has it that the first “fire” used by humans came from the Palace of Light on Mount Kunlun.

Thus, the lively day finally ended, and Ye Lu and Lin Ruyue returned to the small building in the camp.

However, before they could enter the small building, the guests arrived.

“Ye Lu, can I come in and talk to you for a few minutes?”

Pill Shu said with a smile from behind Ye Lu.

Ye Lu looked at Pill Shu and thought about her special status, then nodded.