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Super School Student Chapter 397-398

Chapter 397

Seeing that Pill Shu did not speak, Xie Tinglin then continued.

“The Heavenly Pride of the ‘Pill Alliance’ wouldn’t be someone who likes to keep his word, would he?”

Pill Shu gritted her teeth and said.

“Fine, I will bet with you, but if Mr. Ye can pa*s, you will stop pestering me and get as far away from me as you can.”

As a result, after Medicine Shu finished speaking, Xie Tinglin laughed loudly and said.

“Fine, of course I agree, do you think everyone is a genius like me? As far as his level is concerned, he’s still pa*sing, it’s questionable whether he can put together those herbs into a dan.”

Ye Luo didn’t expect that things would still involve himself.

He turned his head to look above the high platform, only to see that Pill Shu was looking at him with an expectant face, which honestly made Ye Lu feel a bit of pressure.

However, he once again looked at the six materials, there really wasn’t was no way out!

To be honest, the current Ye Lu was indeed also proficient in medicinal theory, but compared to those experts who had been refining pills for many years, he was perhaps not even a rookie in terms of medicinal theory and knowledge of dan recipes.

After all, there were specialties in his field, and the main reason why he could refine pills so quickly was because of his special aura, his high level of understanding of the laws of heaven and earth, and the fact that his flame was the strongest “Origin Fire”, all of which made Ye Luo’s pill refining not only fast, but also with a super high success rate.

However, he was not as good at understanding the medicinal principles of various herbs.

Therefore, he was also in a dry rush now.

However, Ye Luo would not let this Xie Ting Lin be arrogant, he looked at Xie Ting Lin and said with a cold smile.

“Xie Tinglin, you’re arrogant, I can tell you responsibly that in this round, there are people who can far surpa*s your level.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Xie Ting Lin then laughed and said.

“Far beyond the sky, close to the eyes ……”

However, before Ye Lu could finish speaking, the black-robed woman with a flower pattern on her face flew onto the high platform, a scene that took everyone, including Ye Lu, by surprise.

This was because, even Ye Lu had not seen if this black-robed woman had already refined a potion before.

Now it seemed that she might really have two tricks up her sleeve.

After going up, she didn’t say anything more and directly put the elixir into the instrument, following which, a bright light lit up, white, cyan, yellow, red, but the rise in colour didn’t stop yet.

“No way, could it be that the first ‘holy’ elixir is about to appear!”

Everyone watched in amazement as the red light grew brighter and brighter and gradually approached the line that crossed over to the ‘Saint Pill’ scale.

Everyone’s eyes were wide open, but in the end, it was just a hair’s breadth away from crossing the line.

“What a pity! It’s just a hair’s breadth away.”

“But this is so awesome!”

“A dark horse! An absolute dark horse! Who is this, it’s so strong.”

“A hidden master!”


Everyone exclaimed in shock, as no one had expected that a pill refiner in the middle of the pack could actually refine the strongest pills currently available.

“Who is this person?”

“Yeah, haven’t seen it before!”

“It looks like someone from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, look at the pattern on her face, it should be the seal of the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’.”

“It seems true when you say it.”


The “Heavenly Devil Palace” was a legendary and terrifying sect, just like “Kunlun”, both were mysterious and powerful, but unlike “Kunlun”, the “Heavenly Devil Palace” had a notorious reputation and caused countless killings before it went into hiding, but the people in the “Heavenly Devil Palace” were all of unbelievable cultivation and powerful.

Not only in alchemy, they are also proficient in alchemy, formations, beast control, there is almost nothing they are not proficient in. It is said that it was only when all the major clans, including the hidden forces, came together that the “Heavenly Demon Palace” was finally stopped.

Now that the suspected “Heavenly Demon Palace” has reappeared, it has cast a shadow over everyone’s heart.

“No. 528, Mo Tranquility, Dan is complete, second-grade heavenly grade, pa*s!”

The man from the “Ge Family” who was in charge of reviewing the pills said in a loud voice.

After hearing the announcement, the woman called Mo Tranquility floated away from the high platform in the middle.

Seeing this situation, that Xie Tinglin looked in Ye Lu’s direction and said.

“Is the person you are talking about her? Is she also from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’?”

When he said the words “Heavenly Demon Palace”, Xie Tinglin’s face changed a little, because he also knew clearly that the “Dan Tower” might be very strong, but if the other party was the “Heavenly Demon Palace”, then even the “Dan Tower” was not worth mentioning.

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“Mao’s ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about her.”

With these words, Ye Lu pointed at Lin Ru Yue and said.

“She would be enough to crush you.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, everyone showed extremely puzzled expressions as everyone didn’t quite believe Ye Luo’s words, how did Lin Ruyue not look like a super expert.

Moreover, Lin Ru Yue was wearing the badge of “Two Star Pill Alchemist”, plus Lin Ru Yue’s age, if she could make pills that exceeded Xie Ting Lin’s, almost no one would believe her.

In fact, what people didn’t know was that Lin Ru Yue had long since entered the “Master” level, and it was not difficult to make a “Second Stage” pill at the “Innate Realm”, not to mention the fact that Ye Lu was there to tell her all the dos and don’ts.

However, Lin Ru Yue could not fly, so she had to obediently jump off the “pill refining platform” and walk to the high platform at the centre.

Seeing this scene made everyone think that this was unlikely, because although experts could not really fly, they could fly for a short time and pretend to be something.

Lin Ruyue, on the other hand, had her heart in the right place as she calmly walked over to the side of the machine and then threw the pills in.

As expected, no one was surprised as white, green, yellow, red and then a black pillar of light appeared and almost reached the top, which meant that this pill had almost reached the highest quality of “second-grade” pills.

The whole audience was silent as no one expected two unexpected things to happen at the last moment, and this last one was really too unexpected.

“It can’t be true, how is it possible?”

“Yes, a ‘holy’ elixir, is there really a ‘holy’ elixir recipe in the world?”

“I don’t know, anyway, she refined it.”


Few people have ever heard of a “holy” elixir recipe, because a “holy” elixir is unlike any other grade, and can already be a cross-grade wonder.

Many people have never seen a “holy” elixir in their lives, and of course “magic weapons” and “magic treasures” of “holy” rank are even rarer to come by.

In fact, this was because the earth’s cultivation resources had limited everyone’s imagination. In fact, there were still things that far exceeded the “holy grade”, only that they were not available on earth.

“How is it?”

Ye Lu looked at Xie Ting Lin and said with a smile.

“Is it enough to crush you.”

As a result, Xie Tinglin said with a sharp head and white face as he stared.

“Cheating, this is definitely cheating, how is it possible?”

When he finished, Lin Ruyue said.

“You’re the one cheating, this is all the result of my heart and soul, how could it be cheating.”

After saying that she then looked at Ye Luo, because her heart was also filled with endless shock, what was happening was simply too incredible.

Hearing Lin Ru Yue’s words, Ye Lu suddenly had a stirring in his heart, then his eyes lit up.

At this time, Xie Tinglin thought about it and pointed the finger at Ye Lu because, obviously, he couldn’t get the fact that Lin Ru Yue had cheated, everything was monitored, if Lin Ru Yue had really cheated surely she would have been expelled long ago.

“Ye Lu, there’s no use in bullsh*tting about this, you yourself still can’t pa*s, in the end, Medicine Shu still has to be with me, I’ll show you how much love Medicine Shu and I have, tread horse, actually dare to pretend in front of me.”

After he finished speaking, Medicine Shu’s face immediately turned white, while she had to tighten her teeth, following which, she then looked at Xie Tinglin and said coldly.

“I won’t go back on my word, and I won’t marry you, I’ll die right here to show you!”

However, just as she finished her words, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t die yet, it’s not too late to die after watching the next good show.”

After saying that, Ye Lu took out the Dan Ding for the first time.


The “Burning Heavenly Furnace” was placed on top of the high platform, while Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I hate pretending, so I’ve decided to show you guys my face.”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at the people of the “Ge family” on the main stand and continued.

“Including all of you feckless calves, watch out!”

Then, Ye Lu began to process the materials quickly, as time was really running out.


Chapter 398

Just now Lin Ru Yue’s words, “This is all the fruit of my blood” reminded Ye Luo of something, that is, there is a hidden part in the “medical ability” called “forbidden medicine”.

It was a recipe that was not recommended, or rather not wanted to be made.

“No wonder I couldn’t find it just now.”

Ye Luo opened the “Forbidden Pills” section, many of the “Forbidden Pills” in this section were extremely poisonous, and some of them consumed his own heart and blood.

In fact, such similar refinement methods had already existed in ancient times, especially in the area of refining weapons.

The “Ganshang” and “Mo Xie” of the legendary eighteen strongest swords were made after Mo Xie committed himself to the furnace for blood sacrifice, and were also called “evil swords”.

Seeing the speed with which Ye Lu handled the materials, everyone had an appalled look on their faces.

Because his speed was too fast.

Seeing this scene, Ge Yun of the Ge Clan finally understood that he had been tricked by this kid.

The previous time Ye Lu had refined the “Five Elements Pill”, it was not because he had refined it that he was so fast, but because he was already so fast.

“Holy sh*t! This is too fast!”

“What kind of technique is this? It’s the first time I’ve seen someone’s technique this fast.”

“This speed is absolutely unmatched.”


The “Origin Fire”, as the name implies, is a flame born from the origin of the universe, so with the power of the laws of the origin of the universe, the processing of various materials is of course twice as fast with half the effort.

This, coupled with a terrifying alchemy tool such as the “Heaven Burning Furnace” and a “spiritual energy” that far surpa*sed that of others, caused Ye Luo to be so fast.

However, no one knew what Ye Lu could refine with this device.

Therefore, everyone’s head was stretched out and their eyes were wide open as they looked up at the “pill refining platform”.

Although the whole venue was filled with people, there was no sound, everyone was waiting for the finished pills that Ye Lu would make, and Pill Shu was also staring at Ye Lu’s hands with wide eyes.

Soon, five ingredients were finished being processed.

But then, something unexpected happened, because after all five ingredients had been processed, Ye Lu slashed his wrist and blood poured down into the Burning Heavenly Furnace.

“Ooh! What is this?”

“Is he going to use blood to make a pill?”

“It looks like it, can blood really refine pills?”

“I don’t know, legend has it that the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ has ‘blood pill masters’ who specialise in using blood to refine pills, and can refine all sorts of heaven defying pills that are extremely terrifying.”

“Really, is he still related to the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’?”


Only after Ye Luo had released a full 700 to 800 milliliters of blood did he stop, then he put the various processed ingredients in order and began to refine them.

The outside of the “Burning Heaven Furnace” was dazzling with red light, and soon, even the audience in the stands could smell the strong smell of blood.

Seeing this scene, Medicine Shu’s eyes lit up, while Xie Tinglin’s brow furrowed.

He had not expected Ye Lu to have this skill, which was undoubtedly all about one more material for refining.

Soon, Ye Lu’s dan was practiced.

The lid of the furnace opened, endless blood qi surged out, and a scarlet red pill appeared in the “Burning Heaven Furnace”.

Once it was ready, Ye Lu slowly flew to the high platform in the centre.

Ye Lu’s flying skill was immediately appreciated, as it looked as if he could really fly.

Of course, everyone did not know that Ye Lu was wearing a magic weapon that could fly.

“Come on, let’s see if I can pa*s.”

Ye Luo took out a pill and put it into the apparatus, and soon, white light lit up, green light lit up, and yellow light lit up, but the light stopped just here.

Because the ingredients were really too demanding, even the recipe in the “gla*ses” could not find just the most advanced ones.

Seeing that Ye Lu’s potion had pa*sed, Pill Shu let out a long sigh of relief, at least she didn’t have to die, and she didn’t have to be humiliated by this Xie Tinglin.

While everyone else was in shock, shocked that Ye Lu could really refine a pill, and at such a speed that it was unbelievable.

Ye Luo then looked at Xie Ting Lin and said with a smile.

“How about it, I pa*sed, did you see that, any more words?”

Xie Tinglin’s face turned green, but he didn’t want to admit defeat as he glared and said.

“So what can you do, it’s just refining an ‘Earth-rank’ pill, what do you have to show for it, I’m refining a Heaven-rank pill.”

However, everyone showed a disdainful expression at his words, as he was not convincing at all with such nonsense, and the difficulty of the two was not at all of the same order of magnitude.

So, the audience immediately got up in arms.

“Sh*t, what kind of talk is that, if you’re capable of refining one.”

“That’s right, what kind of material did you use and what kind of material did they use, can you compare?”

“Yeah, it’s not an order of magnitude at all.”


Hearing everyone’s words, Xie Tinglin also felt a little hot in the face, but, at this time, Ye Lu looked at the person from the “Ge family” who was in charge of the inspection and said.

“You are the one in charge of the evaluation, right? You’d better take out the pills and take a look.”

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, the man from the Ge family froze for a moment, but he still reached out with a suspicious face and took out the pill, but then his face changed.

His mouth also opened wide at the same time.

Seeing his expression, the audience cried out in disbelief.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s the problem?”

“Speak up! It’s urgent!”


Hearing everyone’s chatter, this person in charge then said.

“Number 9528, Ye Lu, Dan Cheng, ‘Third Order Earth Grade’, pa*s!”

Hearing this guy’s words, everyone let out a gasp of surprise.



“Bull, it’s really a bull!”


After the results were announced, Xie Tinglin’s face turned from green to blue, this was too much of a barefaced slap in the face, and it was also the “slap!” kind. This was a real slap in the face.

Just now, he was pretending to be a fool, but as a result, he was a level higher than him.

Ye Lu picked up a pill and shook it, saying.

“Now you understand what I’m talking about, I just said that I hate people pretending to be pushy, no, you should also refine one.”

After Ye Luo finished speaking, he put the pill back into the pottery furnace and floated away from the high platform in the middle.

At this time, it was noon time and everyone, including the audience, took a lunch break, while the people from the “Ge family” started to get busy, because they needed their family members to arrange the seating arrangements and so on.

“Sister Ruyue, how come you’re so good at making even ‘holy’ pills?”

While eating lunch, Miao Fengling looked at Lin Ruyue and asked with some curiosity, although she was nominally Lin Ruyue’s senior uncle and should not have to be polite to Lin Ruyue, Miao Fengling had always called Lin Ruyue her sister.

Lin Ruyue, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Little senior uncle, ah, I don’t have that ability, it was your master who helped me.”

After saying that, Lin Ruyue looked at Ye Luo and asked curiously.

“Master, you’re not really from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, are you?”

Ye Luo shook his head and said.

“Mao’s Heavenly Demon Palace, aren’t you very clear about my origins, where would I have time to go to the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, the ‘Blood Pill’ is not the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ The ‘Blood Pill’ is not unique to the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, it has just been lost.”

Although he said that, the appearance of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” people still made Ye Lu feel a bit uneasy, he always felt that something might happen.

Throughout the lunch break, everyone was discussing the last-minute scene of the morning, where Ye Lu’s final punch to the face had left everyone feeling dumbfounded.

Of course, the competition had to go on, and the second round of the “Pill Maker Competition” began in the afternoon as scheduled.

However, Ye Lu found that he was not placed on one of the nine high platforms in the central area, but was placed in the middle area, slightly near the centre, seemingly according to the quality of the pills.

It was Lin Ru Yue who sat on one of the nine high platforms in the centre without any surprise.

Ye Lu felt that these details did not matter, and with a smile he flew up to the high platform that belonged to him.

The second round began.