Super School Student Chapter 405-406

Chapter 405

He had three kinds of “Ten Great Origin Fires” in his body, so it was not that easy for him to die from other attacks, but the person who came over was obviously of a very high level of cultivation, so the flames wrapped around him and made Ye Lu feel unbearable pain.

“Sh*t, this is a bit like ‘rebirth by fire’.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, followed by seeing a guy wearing fiery red clothes walking over from the woods.

“Ge Yun of the Ge family has even made a move ah, really ……”

His words, just halfway through, came to a screeching halt.

Because, a white flame spear has poked through his defenseless throat, the spear poked through him after flying towards the forest behind him, everywhere he pa*sed, gra*s and trees together with things were directly burned into nothingness, all burned out without even the flames rising, this is also enough to be able to reveal the terrifying of this white flame.

This pure white flame is also Ye Lu’s strongest flame, and is the ultimate colour of flame, just like light, red, green and blue light combined into white light, and Newton’s decomposition of the seven colours of light is also composed of white light, white is the ultimate in flame fusion.

If he didn’t use any of his cards, he would probably be at the level of “Golden Dan Fifth Turn”. However, if he included the flames, a single “Origin Fire” would allow him to fight at a small level, and such a strongest strike was no joke.


The man in red who had just walked over with a confident face tried to say something after his throat was pierced, but, obviously, he could not say anything else, he looked at Ye Lu in disbelief and then “flopped!” He fell to the ground with a loud thud.

This blow also startled Ge Yun and Mo Trang, and both of them stopped at the same time.

Ge Yun looked at Ye Lu like a monster, he could not figure out how Ye Lu could have killed this man with one blow, he knew this man, he was an expert of the Zhu Rong clan, Mi Rong who was known as the “King of Yan”, the largest branch of the eight Zhu Rong surnames.

Even Ge Yun himself was not confident that he could defeat this “Yan King” Mi Rong.

However, such a legendary expert was killed by Ye Luo with a single blow, and what exactly was the white flame just now?

Ye Luo waved his hand to get rid of the “Zhurong” flame covering his body, and then looked at Ge Yun and Mo Trang and said indifferently.

“As I said just now, you better not look for trouble with me, or you might be in a lot of trouble.”

Just as Ye Lu finished speaking, another terrifying flame aura appeared, this time it was someone from the Ge family, the current head of the Ge family, and also the boss of the three heroes of the Ge clan, “Ge Yan”, an expert who had truly achieved the “Golden Dan Avenue”.

“Big brother!”

When he saw Ge Yan appear, Ge Yun said with a somewhat frightened expression.

His elder brother had always been known to be strict, so he had been afraid of him since he was a child.

Ge Yan did not say too much nonsense, but looked at Mo Trang and said.

“Rubbish, kill her together, make it quick!”

At these words, the terrifying “Emperor River” flames emanated from Ge Yan’s body, and at the same time, a headless, six-legged, four-winged, flame-filled terrifying beast appeared, a demonic beast with the bloodline of the ancient fierce beast “Emperor River”, the “Red Inferno Emperor River”.

Ye Lu saw that although this beast had not entered the “Golden Dan Avenue”, it was still at the peak of the “Golden Dan Ninth Turn” cultivation and was incredibly strong.

It seemed that this Ge Yan was thunderous and ready to deal a thunderous blow to his opponent as soon as he struck.

After that, he didn’t even talk to Mo Tranquil, and directly charged forward with his “Red Inferno Emperor River”.

This time, Mo Trang made a move that made Ye Lu feel a bit strange, she actually gave an exaggerated cry.

“Someone is trying to kill me, save me!”

With her words, the same person and beast appeared, this person was wearing the same red clothes as the one who had just been killed by Ye Lu, and under his feet was a “Red Flame Beast” covered in red flames, this demon beast was on the same level as the “Red Flame Emperor River”.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu took out a bottle of drink from his storage ring, then found a wooden stake and sat down, entering the mode of watching the show.

Seeing Ye Lu’s action, Ge Yun almost vomited blood, he thought to himself, “We are fighting to the death, and you have the ability to kill “Yan Di Jiang” with a single blow, but you are here watching the show, D*mn you.

However, when he thought about what he had done to Ye Lu before, he was suddenly relieved.

“Mi Yishan, I didn’t expect you to come too.”

Seeing the appearance of the Mi family head, Ge Yan frowned.

As a result, Mi Yishan said with a smile.

“Not only our Mi Clan, all of us from the ‘Zhu Rong Eight Surnames’ have come, I don’t believe that you can still touch our people.”

However, as soon as his words left his mouth, another voice rang out.

“Yan’er can’t move you, what about me, can I move you all.”

Following this, Ge Fei Long, the “Dan King” of the Ge family, also slowly appeared from the woods.

“Hey, this is really, you’re singing and I’m on stage!”

Seeing that one expert after another appeared like a walking light, Ye Lu couldn’t help but spit out.

“I wonder if any more people are coming from that side.”

While Ye Lu was muttering, a tall figure appeared behind Mi Yishan, and it was this generation’s “Zhu Rong”.

This was because “Zhurong” was actually an official position, not a person.

When he saw “Zhurong” appear, Ge Fei Long, the “King of Dan”, frowned and sighed.

“I never thought that even you would fall into the path of the ‘Outer Way Heavenly Demons’ and become their puppet.”

Hearing the words of King Dan, Zhu Rong smiled and said.

“King Dan, you are joking again, how can our ‘Zhu Rong Clan’ become the puppet of the ‘Outer Way Heavenly Demons’?” “If you talk nonsense, I will sue you for slander, do you know that?”

As a result, Ge Feilong looked at him and also Mi Yishan and said.

“I still know some of the ‘Outer Way Heavenly Demon’s’ methods, and besides, I don’t remember your ‘Zhu Rong Clan’ having a habit of liking tattoos.”

In fact, Ye Lu also noticed that these few people from the “Zhurong Clan”, including the guy he had just poked to death with a gun, all had the same pattern on their faces as Mo Tranquil’s, which looked very demonic.

And Ge Fei Long continued.

“If I’m not wrong, you are all controlled by this woman, right?”

To be honest, this statement was beyond Ye Lu’s expectation, that “Mo Tranquil” was indeed very strong, but in Ye Lu’s opinion, it was not strong enough to control even a “Golden Dan Avenue” expert, right?

The “Golden Dan Avenue” is a real “great realm”, otherwise it wouldn’t be so difficult to go through the “Nine Revolutions of the Golden Dan”, so it’s not easy to cross this realm.

As expected, Zhu Rong also smiled and said.

“Your words are getting out of line, how can I be controlled by such a junior?”

Ge Fei Long said indifferently.

“Back then, in the ‘Battle of Extinction’, the entire strength of the group was unable to kill these ‘Outer Way Heavenly Demons’, so what’s a little tactic like this.”

Hearing Ge Fei Long’s words, Ye Lu froze for a moment, he had heard of the ‘World Extermination Battle’ more than once, in fact, he had never known who the two warring parties were before, he thought it was those ancient demon gods, fierce beasts, divine beasts and great powers who had fumed and fought due to some conflict of interest.

No wonder Ge Yun and the others had zero tolerance for the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace.

However, after Ge Fei Long finished speaking, Zhu Rong smiled and said.

“Ge Feilong, what’s the use of talking so much? You still don’t understand, with our ‘Zhu Rong clan’ around, you can’t stop Master Mo Tran from participating in the final round tomorrow.”

As he said this, behind Zhu Rong, the seven remaining family masters of the eight Zhu Rong surnames each appeared behind Zhu Rong with their own demonic beasts.

“Let’s see what happens in the final round.”

“Zhu Rong” said with a smile.


Chapter 406

“Although the Ge family had developed very well in the secular world and its ancestor, Ge Hong, was highly respected by the emperors of the past generations, it was still quite inferior to an ancient race such as the Fire God Zhu Rong, so Ge Fei Long understood that what Zhu Rong said was actually correct.

He then turned his head to look at Ye Lu, who was sitting on a tree stump watching the show, while Ye Lu shook the bottle in his hand and greeted Ge Feilong in a friendly manner.

Seeing this scene, Ge Feilong suddenly felt a bit of a headache.

He touched his temples and then looked at “Zhu Rong” and said.

“Good, don’t worry, our famous sect will not let you evil devils have your way.”

After Ge Fei Long finished speaking, “Zhu Rong” and the experts of the “Zhu Rong Eight Surnames” all looked in Ye Lu’s direction, because they all understood that the stumbling block in front of them was this kid.

Seeing that this group of people were also looking at him, Ye Lu sipped his drink while raising his hand to the “Zhurong clan” and made a very stupid “yea!” gesture. The “Zhu Rong clan” was also looking at him.

These people from the “Zhurong Eight Surnames” all showed a tearful expression when they saw Ye Lu’s behaviour.

In their opinion, this guy seemed a bit unreliable, and he didn’t seem to be in the same league as their Zhu Rong clan’s pride, Mo Trang.

However, the Mi family member knew in his heart that this was the one who had just killed the “Yan King” Mi Rong with a single blow, and that terrifying blow was still fresh in his mind.

Now that the Ge family was gathered here, and the Zhu Rong clan was also here, it was impossible to settle the matter by force.

Therefore, Zhu Rong of the Zhu Rong Clan looked at King Dan and said.

“Good, then I will wait and see how your thousands of rabble can win against us.”

After saying this, the “Zhurong Clan” and Mo Trang quickly left.

After the crowd left, “Dan King” Ge Feilong walked up to Ye Lu and asked.

“Ye Lu, apart from the things you mentioned to Yun’er before, is there anything else you need?”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Good, then I will give and ask you for the same thing, give me some of your ‘Emperor River’s’ blood, I will be useful.”

Hearing that Ye Lu wanted the blood of the ‘Emperor River’, although Ge Fei Long did not know what Ye Lu wanted to do, he still nodded and agreed to give it to Ye Lu tomorrow morning.

Then, he looked at Ge Yan and said.

“Yan’er, you should find people from the Yan Clan and the Suiren Clan, and unite the experts from all the clans to guard the small building where Ye Lu is, and make sure nothing happens. ”

Hearing Ge Fei Long’s words, Ge Yan nodded his head.

Ye Lu followed Ge Fei Long and left, and Ye Lu followed Ge Yan back to the small building, and as expected, experts from all walks of life soon arrived around the small building.

In particular, those from the Suiren Clan, who were covered in flames and looked extremely tough, as well as experts from the Yan Clan, the Pill Alliance and the Dan Tower, were also there.

“Master, what’s going on outside? Why are there so many people here?”

Miao Fengling looked outside and asked, somewhat puzzled.

“It seems like they are all here to protect us, when did we become so important.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Because they changed their minds, now they want me to win the title again, do you think these goods have nothing better to do.”

These words hit Miao Fengling in the heart.

She nodded her head and said.

“Isn’t that so, they made things so difficult for us before, and now they’re coming to offer their favours, how shameless.”

In this way, under the protection of many experts, Ye Lu spent a comfortable night, and early the next morning, the blood of “Di Jiang” was delivered, just as Ye Lu had requested, and a big bucket of it came, which Ye Lu was of course very satisfied with.

Of course, all these preparations were made just in case, and he didn’t want any conflict if there was no war, after all, the level of this tournament was too high, and even experts like “Dan King” and “Zhu Rong” were here, so it was not likely that Ye Lu’s current level would help much in a fight.

Soon, the final round of the tournament started on time.

As soon as they entered the venue, everyone started to get excited because the final round was completely different, there were no inhibitions, and finally they didn’t have to be subjected to the same constraints as the previous rounds.

To be honest, many people had been suffocated by the previous rounds.

This time, Ye Luo unsurprisingly became one of those nine people at the core, while Lin Ruyue became the one in the middle of the pack.

When she saw Ye Lu sitting by her side, Pill Shu looked at Ye Lu and smiled.

Ye Lu of course smiled back, which made Xie Ting Lin, who was at the side, feel rather bad inside, but he didn’t dare to get angry because he knew very well that Ye Lu was now the treasure in everyone’s eyes, and almost everyone was expecting Ye Lu to become that champion.

Mo Trang, who was sitting opposite Ye Lu, also looked at Ye Lu and smiled.

At this time, Ge Yan of the Ge family appeared on the centre stage not far from Ye Lu and in his hand were the three prizes.

The most coveted prize, the “Violet Sky Fire”, was invisible to everyone as it was contained in a special pottery furnace, then there was the “Immortal Pill”, which was also placed in a container, but from the outside of the container, one could feel the rich aroma of the pill, and the last item was the “Yao Chi Lingzhi”, which was red and purple in colour and crystal clear.

Of these three items, people did not know much about the “Violet Sky Flame” and the “Immortal Pill” because they had never heard of them, let alone seen them, but many people knew about the last item, the “Yao Chi Ling Zhi”.

“The “Yao Chi Lingzhi” was produced from the “Yao Chi Holy Land” in Kunlun, which was said to be a true spiritual treasure of heaven and earth, with extraordinary spiritual energy, and was a great tonic for cultivators.

Ye Lu looked at it and saw that the “Yao Chi Ling Zhi” was indeed the essence of spiritual energy, much higher than the “medium grade spiritual stone” he used, but unfortunately the quantity was a little less, one free.

Seeing everyone’s eager expressions, Ge Yan’s throat also moved. To be honest, these things also had a fatal attraction to him, but it was a pity that they were not destined for him.

“‘Kunlun’ hasn’t appeared in the ‘secular world’ for a long time, this time when they appear they are so big, I don’t know what they want to do.”

Ge Yan also muttered secretly.

Seeing everyone’s eager expressions, Ge Yun was extremely satisfied as he smiled and said.

“Everyone should have seen it, at the centre is the prize for this competition, I think everyone must have known what these three items are and the value of these items.”

“Then I won’t say too much nonsense, for half a day, you can use any materials you have provided, any potion furnace and potion recipe, as long as the final potion that is made is the most useful, then the one who makes it is the champion of this ‘Pill Refiner’s Conference’, and those three items can be pocketed as well. ”

“I won’t say any more nonsense, the final round of competition, now begins.”

With Ge Yun’s words, everyone quickly took out their dan furnaces, as the pills they wanted to refine had been prepared by everyone many days ago, so there was nothing to think about and everyone started to handle the materials at the first opportunity, as the materials were all prepared by themselves anyway, there were plenty of them.

Ye Luo also took out his dan furnace and began to prepare to deal with the materials.

This was the reason why Ye Lu had never made any pills before. However, now that he had the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame”, the “Flame of Vitality”, Ye Lu was not worried, as this flame was very helpful to the success rate of pills.

However, the moment Ye Lu and Mo tranquil released their flames, the audience gasped in amazement as they discovered that not only Ye Lu’s flames, but also Mo tranquil’s flames could cause a scene of a thousand flames worshipping each other.

As Ye Lu and Mo Trang were on opposite sides of the venue, half of the flames were worshipping the pink flame in Ye Lu’s hand, while half of the flames were worshipping Mo Trang’s “Nirvana Flame”.

This bizarre scene made everyone start to look forward to it.