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Super School Student Chapter 407-408

Chapter 407

However, to be honest, the vast majority of people actually did not recognize the flames used by Mo Tranquility and Ye Lu, especially the flame in Ye Lu’s hand, which many people thought was an “evil flame”.

“That’s the ‘Nirvana Flame’, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it, it’s really powerful!”

“Is the ‘Nirvana Flame’ the flame of the divine bird Phoenix that has been reborn since Nirvana?”

“Yes, but the one opposite her seems to have a stronger flame!”


“Didn’t you see that the ‘Nirvana Flame’ just appeared somewhat skewed towards another pink flame?”


To be honest, in fact, from last night Mo tranquil felt this attitude of the “Nirvana Flame”, so she was also very curious about Ye Lu’s flames, especially the last white flame, which could be described as simply terrifying.

However, this was not the time to study this, and the flames of all of them were only slightly out of order for a moment, and then they all returned to normal.

And all of them began to work hard to refine their pills.

After all, depending on the level of potion making, the prizes that everyone would receive in the end would be slightly different. Although the prizes for the champion were the most tempting, the prizes for the top ten and even the top one hundred were very generous, so even if they didn’t win the championship, everyone still had to work hard to compete for the top spot.

Especially for the nine people in the core area, as each of them has a great background, so in fact, they have not given up the hope of fighting for the first place in their hearts.

For example, the “Pill Alliance” and the “Dan Tower” are both titanic pill refiners, so of course they have their own unique recipes, while the “Suiren Clan” and the “Yan Clan” are also old pill refining clans, so they must have their own heritage as well.

The pill refining level of Ye Lu and Mo Trang was indeed superior, which everyone had to admit, but this time the competition was not about one’s pill refining level, but about the value of the pills, in fact, to put it bluntly, the competition was not about one person but about a power, or rather, about the heritage.

From this point of view, it was really unclear who would die.

“Look, that Xie Tinglin is using ‘Nine Spikes of Harvest’, right?

“Yes, according to legend, ‘Nine Spikes of Harvest’ is an immortal herb that can bring the dead back to life!”

“I guess without any refinement, this ‘Nine Spike Harvest’ alone can finish off a majority of people.”

“Who says otherwise, the ‘Dan Tower’ is worthy of being a ‘Dan Tower’!”


Seeing the medicinal materials Xie Tinglin took out, everyone couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, in fact, this is the gap, ah, even if an ordinary person is good at alchemy, can you come up with such good materials?

Without materials, how can you compare with others.

You have to know that many heavenly materials and treasures, the abilities contained in themselves are extremely heaven defying, not to mention the effects after being refined into pills.

“Wow! What that medicine shou is using should be the ‘Gra*s Returning Pill’, the one mentioned in the ‘Journey to the West’, of course it’s different from the ‘Journey to the West’ and not as divine, but it’s still a super rare and good treasure.”

“Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve seen something like that.”

“It looks like Pill Shu is going to refine a pill that can boost cultivation for a short period of time, while that Xie Tinglin should be refining a pill that can heal and recover, both are life-preserving things!”

“The ‘Tai Shan Bei Dou’ of pill refiners really does live up to its name!”


The crowd had very discerning people, and through the materials that everyone was using they could actually judge pretty much everything.

In fact, many of the materials used for the current pill refiners like Pill Shu and the girls are a bit wasteful, but, in order to achieve a superior victory one can only put down blood money.

After that, everyone looked at the “Yan Clan” side and started to stir up again.

Many people were extremely worried that his potion furnace would blow up because all the ingredients in the potion being made by that expert of the Yan Clan were so violent.

“What’s that guy making? He’s not making a bomb, is he?”

“Probably about the same, did you see that green coloured fruit, that is called the ‘Nine Heavens Thunder Fruit’, the explosion is extremely powerful, he should be making an offensive ‘elixir’.”

“Offensive pills are extremely rare, but they are usually extremely powerful.”


Seeing the ingredients these people took out, the onlookers were already dazzled, however, no one could tell what kind of herbs Mo Trang was taking out.

What she took out was a fruit with nine holes on it, carrying “nine colours”, which looked exceptionally beautiful and should be an extremely rare item.

Because the materials used with it were something like “nine leaf linden”, the price did not match at first glance.

The materials that Ye Lu had been handling were all ordinary materials, and although they were large in quantity and very mixed, they were not considered to be very valuable, so everyone immediately began to speculate.

“How come that Ye Luo guy is fiddling around with things that aren’t very cutting edge, it feels like he’s so poor!”

“Yeah, there’s not a single thing that stands out from the crowd.”

“It looks like the pills he’s going to refine should be of too high a grade.”

“It feels like it’s an elixir to boost cultivation.”

“Looks like he’s going to lose this round, not in terms of level, but in terms of not having money or power, I’ve never heard of such a person in the ‘Pill Alliance’.”

“Yes, the same person from the ‘Pill Alliance’, look at the things that other people use in Pill Shu, how bullish and high-end ……”


After observing for a long time, everyone agreed that Ye Lu’s level might be high and his insight was strong, but he didn’t have much family background, so he couldn’t get good herbs at all.

One should know that heavenly herbs and treasures were not that easy to find in this world.

Ye Lu ignored everyone’s comments, and after he had finished refining the various supporting materials, he took out the most important material, the three-stemmed, six-leafed “Earth Vein Purple Chi”.

Only when this material was brought out did everyone have a slight change of heart towards him, because although the ‘Earth Vein Purple Chi’ was very top quality, it was still considered a relatively precious material.

“This strain of ‘Earth Vein Violet Chi’ still has some weight to it.”

However, after refining the “Earth Vein Violet Ganoderma”, Ye Lu stopped refining the material, which made everyone disappointed again, as everyone reckoned that Ye Lu should not be able to refine anything particularly valuable even if he did.

As it took a lot of time to process the materials, so by this time people had already started to submit their pills one after another.

Because the others were different from the nine people at the core, everyone felt that they wouldn’t be able to win the championship either, so they refined the pills they wanted to make and turned in.

The nine people at the centre, on the other hand, kept refining cautiously.

However, everyone did not rush to submit their pills after refining them, seemingly competing against each other and waiting for the others to succeed, while Ye Lu was the last one to succeed in refining.

“What, are they all waiting for me?”

Ye Luo asked as he looked at the other people.

As a result, the “Dan Yunzi” from the Ren family said with a smile.

“All nine of us are experts, so of course we have to go up last to have a sense of style, so we are not in a hurry, let them go first and we nine will go last.”

Hearing “Dan Yunzi’s” somewhat flirtatious words, the others didn’t say anything, but they didn’t act either, probably thinking the same as “Dan Yunzi”.

Soon, there were only nine of them left on the stage.

At this point, Ge Yan, who had been sitting on the centre stage, suddenly stood up and said.

“Next, we will invite the nine most promising contestants to come up to the stage at the same time to test the quality of the medicine, and then the nine judges will score the winner through their respective presentations. .”

Having said that, he then reached out his hand and gestured.

“Everyone bring their pills up.”

Dan Yunzi was the first to fly up, and he said with a smile.

“Since you guys don’t want to take the lead, then I, an old man, will go on.”

Then the light came on and Dan Yunzi’s pill was a “Fourth Order Heavenly Pill”.

Next everyone flew up one after another.

When he saw that no one was coming forward, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Then I’ll be the first.”

Soon, the black area lit up, indicating that it was a “Holy” potion, and the black area had reached the top, indicating that the potion had reached the limit of “Holy”.

All the spectators drew in a breath of cold air, but then Ge Yan said.

“Grade, ‘Third Grade Saint Pill’.”

Now the audience was in an uproar.

“Is it actually only the third rank?”

Someone shouted.


Chapter 408

It was only a “third-rank” pill, even if it was a “holy product”, it was still too far from the others’.

Even Ge Yun stood up violently because he had never thought that Ye Lu had only made a “Third Order” pill, which meant that he had already lost.

When he saw that Ye Lu had only made a “Third Order Saint Pill”, Xie Tinglin sneered disdainfully and said.

“I didn’t expect your level to be so poor, looks like I had overestimated you before!”

After saying that, Xie Tinglin walked towards the middle instrument.

Soon, the black area on the testing pillar lit up.

“Not bad, a ‘Fourth Order Saintly’ elixir, quite good.”

Seeing that Xie Tinglin’s elixir had reached ‘Fourth Order Saintly Grade’, Ge Yan was quite satisfied, such an elixir could already have the strength to compete for the championship at least in terms of grade.

After that, the Yan Clan’s expert also went over, and his potion was also a “Fourth Order Saint”.

Ge Yan nodded his head as he ate again.

The “Fourth Grade Saint” was already the limit of everyone’s ability to make pills, the next competition was the efficacy of the pills, which meant that at least this kind of pills had a high chance of success.

Then came the man from the Ge Clan, who had also made a fourth-grade Saint Pill.

“The pill made by the expert of the Suiren Clan was also a “fourth-ranked holy grade” pill.

After that, Pill Shu and Mo Trang also began to put their pills to the test, and without any surprise, the pills they both made were all “Fourth-ranked Saint Grade” pills.

Seeing that six out of nine people had “Fourth Grade Saint” pills, Ge Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and so did Ge Yun and the others.

Of the six, as long as any one of them could win against Mo Trang, they would be considered victorious.

So, everyone left the three of them, Ye Lu, Dan Yunzi and the other confessor, hanging out to dry, as everyone felt that the three of them were out of luck.

Seeing this situation, Ye Luo then smiled at Dan Yunzi and the two of them and said.

“Both of you, do you both know how to play Landlord?”

Dan Yunzi said with a smile.

“Yes, sometimes when I’m bored I’ll play a couple of games online, Happy Landlord?”

Seeing that the other man was also nodding, Ye Luo then raised his hand and released a table, followed by a few more chairs, drinks, playing cards, all sorts of things, then Ye Luo looked at the two of them and said with a smile.

“It looks like there’s nothing for us for a while, why don’t we fight a few games?”

Seeing that Ye Lu actually carried so many messy things in his storage magic weapon, Dan Yunzi was also taken aback, in his opinion, a normal person shouldn’t put these things.

“How come you even have all these things?”

Dan Yunzi looked at Ye Luo and asked.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“There’s enough space anyway, so I just put a little bit of everything in.”

At this time, Dan Yunzi suddenly thought that that Ye Lu had even been able to take out the small building’s before, so there was nothing strange about being able to take out these things.

So, Dan Yunzi then stroked his beard then said with a smile.

“Fine, then old me will even accompany you in a fight.”

Seeing that Dan Yunzi wanted to play, the other pill refiner also agreed with a smile, as it really didn’t look like there was anything left for them to do.

With that, the three men started to fight the landlord in a corner of the round table.

“Woah sh*t! You guys see what those three guys are doing?”

“Yeah, why are they starting to play cards, but there really isn’t much hope for the three of them, so let’s just play.”

“Are these three guys broken?”


Seeing Ye Lu and the three of them actually start to fight landlords, everyone burst into tears and laughter.

Ge Yan looked at the three of them and shook his head with a smile as well, but he didn’t bother to care about the three of them as he gestured for Xie Tinglin to start introducing his pills.

Xie Tinglin then stepped forward and said in a loud voice.

“The name of the elixir I have made is ‘Heaven Returning Pill’, as the name implies, it is an elixir that can do ‘Heaven Returning’, put it this way, as long as you don’t die, this elixir can keep alive, and it can also restore your meridians And as long as there are no serious injuries such as mutilations, the repair will not affect your cultivation.”

Hearing the introduction of the “Heaven Returning Pill”, everyone showed surprised expressions, in terms of function, this could indeed be said to be able to return to heaven.

And Xie Tinglin continued.

“This pill is not something that can be casually made, and because of the scarcity of the ingredients, even people without any problems can increase their life expectancy if they eat it.”

Following this, he introduced quite a lot more.

The crowd nodded, but as he was the first person to be scored, the nine judges didn’t give him too many marks. Nine people, with a total score of ninety, ended up with him getting eighty marks, and this score was actually the benchmark score.

If people felt that the people behind him had scored higher than him they would raise one point, if they thought the standard was poor they would lower it by one point, so at the moment this score does not represent a high or a low score.

Therefore, Xie Tinglin was not particularly happy, and he silently returned to his position.

Following this was the expert from the Yan Clan, who said in a loud voice like a thunderbolt.

“The elixir I have made is called ‘Thunder and Fire Pill’, the two attributes it possesses, thunder and fire, are most violent and incomparable, and since the grade is that of a ‘Fourth Grade Saint’ elixir, even a ‘Golden Dan Ninth Turn ‘ experts can be blown up, this is definitely a life-preserving weapon.”

Not to mention, this item was a terrifying weapon no matter who put it in their hands.

This “Thunderfire Pill” and the “Heavenly Return Pill” that Xie Tinglin had just made were one for attacking and one for healing, so the scores of the two ended up being neck and neck.

After that, the “Suiren Clan” went up, but the score was basically the same, also eighty points.

After that came the Ge family, who also scored a modest seventy-nine points.

After that was Pill Shu, whose pill was similar to the Explosive Yuan Pill, but at a much higher level than the Explosive Yuan Pill.

“The one I made is called the ‘Ascending Yuan Pill’, which allows a practitioner at the ‘Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir Realm’ to raise two small levels or cross a small realm in a short period of time, with a duration of a quarter of an hour. ”

Everyone was taken aback when they heard these words.

Even the expert from the Yan Clan was surprised.

In a sense, this was equivalent to a “Thunderfire Pill” that you could use continuously, but of course, compared to a “Thunderfire Pill”, this “Ascending Pill” would last longer, and there was another problem with the “Thunderfire Pill”, that was, it was equivalent to a grenade, and it was still an open question whether or not it would blow up the opponent when thrown.

However, this was not the case with the Ascension Pill. Fifteen minutes was enough to kill a large number of people.

As a result, Pill Shu scored the highest score in the field, 88 points, just two points short of a perfect score, and everyone was very satisfied with this result.

However, at this time, that “Mo Tranquil” came over with a smile, and she said with a laugh.

“The potion I made is similar to the one made by Pill Shu’s sister. The potion I made is called the ‘Nine Turning Golden Pill’, which is similar to the ‘Ascension Pill’, but it can only raise one turn, and it is irrelevant whether it crosses small realms or not. ”

When they heard him finish, everyone showed a puzzled expression, feeling as if it wasn’t as powerful as Pill Shu’s pills, but, without waiting for anyone to wonder, Mo tranquil had already continued.

“However, my enhancement is a permanent enhancement.”

At this everyone’s mouths opened wide in surprise, this elixir would be a bit of an anticlimax!

Mo tranquil then continued.

“Since this elixir is made from the absolutely unique ‘Nine Trick Linglong Fruit’, not only will it not affect future cultivation, it will also help with future cultivation, how about that, is this effect heaven defying enough.”

Now even Ge Yan and Ge Yun were astonished, because they had heard of the “Nine-Bodied Linglong Fruit”, which was a legendary fruit, and even an alchemy family like the Ge family had never really seen it before.

However, in terms of its effects alone, this “Nine-Turn Golden Pill” was indeed more powerful than the “Ascending Pill”. One was powerful for three turns in a moment, and there was still a limit across small realms, while the other was able to raise one turn forever, and ignored small realms.

Even if the judges wanted to cheat, there was no way to do so, so without any surprise, Mo tranquil received a full score of 90.

“How’s that? The champion is mine now, right?”

Mo Trang said with a smile.

However, at this time, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“The three of us haven’t spoken yet, have we.”