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Super School Student Chapter 409-410

Chapter 409

After saying that, Ye Luo put down the poker.

Indeed, no matter what, according to the process Ye Luo and the three of them had to introduce their dan pills, after all, there was still a question of nomenclature and reward.

So, Dan Yunzi stood up first and gave a brief introduction.

Although he had difficulty competing for first place, there was no problem being in the top ten.

After that, there was another donor, who also made good pills, although they were a bit inferior to those six people just now.

When everyone had finished, everyone’s eyes looked towards Ye Lu, because, this a*sembly Ye Lu had brought simply too many surprises to everyone, and although everyone felt that it was unlikely, there was still a glimmer of hope in their hearts that he could perform a miracle.

However, Mo Trang looked at her and smiled, saying.

“Ye Luo ah, I have already scored a full mark, what are you still comparing with me, can you score more than a full mark.”

Ye Lu then said indifferently.

“Competition? I remember that whoever it was initially, he said that we are a fair, just and open competition, so of course there is something for me to say, right?”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked over to the crowd and said.

“The name of the elixir I’ve made is ‘Gathering Yuan Dan’, this elixir is a ‘third rank’ elixir, but if I say what he does, you will definitely feel that it is the best. ”

At this point Ye Lu bought a shut up without saying anything further.

The people below were whetted by the appetite and started to talk about it.

“What exactly does it do?”

“That’s right, tell us quickly, it can’t be more powerful than the ‘Nine Revolutions of the Golden Elixir’ boosted by one turn.”

“I guess it’s hard enough, it’s only a ‘third-order’ elixir after all.”


Seeing that everyone’s appetite had been whetted, Ye Lu then continued.

“The effect of this elixir can allow any cultivator at the peak of the ‘Foundation Establishment Realm’ to unconditionally cross into the ‘Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir’ realm, it is an elixir that can break through the bottleneck of cultivation.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, everyone drew a breath of cold air backwards.

To know that crossing a big realm was the most difficult thing, almost every big realm stuck a large number of cultivators, making them as desperate as looking at a heavenly rift, and the same was true for going from Foundation Establishment to Jindan.

And Ye Lu continued.

“Since the ‘Gathering Pill’ contains spiritual energy, it is not only helpful for breakthroughs, but also for future cultivation, isn’t it perfect?”

As expected, the crowd once again stirred up.

“An unconditional breakthrough that also doesn’t affect cultivation and even helps, is this really true.”

“That’s nice talk, it’s not a scam, is it.”

“Yeah, it’s so perfect, it feels a bit fake.”


The reason why everyone didn’t question Mo Tranquil’s was because that “Nine Aperture Linglong Fruit” was really too precious and it wasn’t surprising that it had such a magical effect.

When Ye Lu made it, only one herb, the “Earth Vein Purple Chi”, was considered to be more valuable, but it was far worse than the “Nine-orifice Linglong Fruit”, so everyone felt that Ye Lu was talking nonsense.

Hearing everyone’s comments, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bullsh*t, I can verify it on the spot.”

After saying that he then looked at the stage and said.

“Come on, come ten people who are stuck at the bottleneck of ‘peak clan master level’, I will help you break through.”

As expected, as soon as Ye Lu’s words fell, “Brush brush brush!” A large number of people stuck at the bottleneck leapt up in a flash, sixteen of them in one go.

Suddenly, everyone looked at each other and no one wanted to quit.

So, Ye Lu looked at them and smiled and said.

“Alright then, sixteen then, there are plenty of pills anyway.”

After saying that, he took out the pills and said.

“One for each person, breakthrough on the spot, no child will be cheated.”

The sixteen people didn’t have any hesitation because they didn’t think Ye Lu would dare to poison them to death in public, so it was a waste of time not to eat it, just in case it worked.

After eating it, the first person soon broke through.


This guy had been stuck in a bottleneck for many years, he originally thought he would never have this opportunity again in his life, but to his surprise, everything had come true in just a few moments.

He was so excited that he “flung himself!” He knelt down in front of Ye Luo with a sound.

“Master Ye Lu, you are my new parent, I will follow Master Ye Lu from now on.”

Then, someone else knelt down in front of Ye Lu, because this guy had also broken through.

“Master Ye Lu, thank you so much, I will repay you even if I am a cow or a horse, I will do whatever you want me to do.”

Soon, everyone broke through and sixteen people knelt down into one.

The scene was indeed a bit shocking.

Now everyone understood that Ye Lu was not fooling around.

Ye Lu quickly that everyone got up then smiled and said.

“There is no need for everyone to be like this, this is all trivial because the biggest advantage of my pills, which I haven’t actually mentioned, is that the materials are not that expensive, so I can ma*s produce them.”

When they heard that Ye Lu could ma*s-produce the “Gathering Pill”, many people showed incredible expressions, because in the secular world, in an ordinary family or organization, a person with “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir” was already a heavenly existence, and many families did not have such a person, because the reason why “Patriarch” was called “Patriarch” instead of “Foundation Establishment” was because they were already people who could open their doors and establish a sect in the “secular world”, while “Saint” was synonymous with being extremely strong.

The fact that Ye Lu could ma*s produce Saints was absolutely crazy.

After saying that, Ye Lu looked at the judges and asked.

“So how many points do you think my elixir can score?”

There were no surprises, a clear ten, with a final score of ninety.

However, it was obvious that compared to Mo Tranquill’s precious elixir that could not be ma*s-produced, Ye Lu’s elixir possessed a crushing advantage and was absolutely complete.

Other than that, the matter of ma*s production alone was a complete victory for this elixir.

To be honest, Mo tranquil was also shocked, she really didn’t expect Ye Lu to be able to rely on the “third-rank” pills to turn the tide, and to do so perfectly.

Ge Yun was trembling with excitement as he realised that he had just underestimated Ye Lu, who had once again turned the tables in a thrilling manner.

However, at that moment, Mo Trang said.

“Now we have the same score, both full marks, what should we do?”

She was clearly exploiting the situation by saying this, as his dan was clearly inferior in terms of actual results.

However, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“What do you say, I can accompany you and convince you.”

Ye Luo’s words of course hit Mo Tranquil right on the head, and she was secretly glad that this hairy boy was just young and indolent, and actually fell for it as soon as he was provoked, he was really good at fooling.

So, she smiled and said.

“How about this, let’s have an extra match, we both can’t refine the pills we just made, and then have a new match, what do you think?”

As a result, before Ye Lu could say anything, the audience quit first, and everyone shouted out.

“That’s not fair, it’s obvious that Master Ye Lu’s pills are better.”

“That’s right, you’re one rank higher than others, and you still have the nerve to add a match.”

“That’s shameless!”


In everyone’s opinion, Mo tranquil could make “fourth-ranked holy” pills, while Ye Lu could only make third-ranked pills, so it was obvious that Ye Lu was going to suffer a big loss.

There were also voices questioning the “fair, just and open” principle of the competition.

However, Ye Luo waved his hand at the crowd and said.

“Everyone be quiet, don’t worry, since we are going to take the championship, we will take a title that is worthy of the name, so what if I just compete with her.”

After Ye Lu’s words, everyone was bitterly persuaded.

“Don’t be impulsive, impulsiveness is the devil!”

“Don’t take any risks, taking risks is poison!”

However, Ye Luo had already floated to his own “pill refining platform”, and seeing this scene, Mo Trang smiled and also flew to another pill refining platform.

“Oh, little handsome, your courage is commendable, but unfortunately, courage cannot be taken as strength, I’ll see how you can win against me.”

As he said that, Mo tranquil had already released the “Nirvana Fire” and started to process the ingredients quickly.

Ye Lu smiled and also took out the “Burning Heaven Furnace” to start his own refinement.

The whole venue was silent as everyone was staring at the two people’s movements.


Chapter 410

Seeing that the two people had really started making pills, Ge Yun started pacing back and forth, because he was worried that Ye Lu would lose, after all, the difference between the two people’s cultivation levels was there, and the “third-rank” pills, the “Gathering Yuan Dan” just now was already the most unbelievable, there could not be a stronger one.

“Oops, too impulsive, too impulsive.”

Ge Yun muttered helplessly in his heart.

In his opinion, it was so easy to have a chance to turn the tide, and as long as everyone was dead-set, there was still a chance for Ye Lu to win the title, despite all being on the same score.

In fact, that was what most people were thinking.

However, things had come to this point, so everyone could only quietly wait for the outcome of the matter.

After that, everyone saw that Mo Tranquil had once again taken out a medicinal herb that everyone was familiar with, it was the “Gra*s Returning Pill” that Pill Shu had used before.

After seeing the “Gra*s Returning Pill”, the crowd understood that Mo tranquil was preparing to make the “Ascending Pill” that Pill Shu had just made, the one that had scored a high 88 points.

This was indeed a good idea, although Pill Shu’s elixir was not the highest score, it did have a very high score, and Ye Lu would only be able to get a full score if he wanted to win, but it was not that easy to achieve a full score.

“Sh*t! What a scheming woman.”

“That’s right, this is definitely the end of Ye Lu.”

“Not really, Ye Lu can refine the pills that that Mo Trang made before!”

“Are you kidding, how could he possibly refine that kind of elixir, that’s a ‘Nine Trick Linglong Fruit’, do you think it’s a cabbage from the roadside?”

“That’s true too, hey, is it a shame that you’re going to lose in the end!”


The reason why everyone said this was because everyone had already seen the ingredients Ye Lu took out, and indeed, he was trying to refine another kind of elixir, however, everyone did not know what kind of quality this elixir would be.

Ye Luo’s refining speed was also fast, two people, two fires, and it didn’t take long before Mo Trang succeeded in refining it first.

She smiled and flew to the top of the round platform in the centre, then took out the elixir and said.

“I shouldn’t need to re-score my pills, because what I’ve refined is the ‘Ascending Yuan Pill’, and it’s a ‘Fourth Order Saint Grade’ pill.”

With those words, she cast the elixir inside the machine.

Sure enough, the black area lit up, and it was a ‘Saint Grade’ elixir.

Then, Ge Yan had no choice but to announce.

“The elixir is the ‘Fourth Grade Saintly Grade’ ‘Ascending Yuan Pill’ with a score of 88 points.”

Hearing this score and this elixir, everyone sighed because this score was already very close to a perfect score, and only two elixirs, Ye Lu’s ‘Gathering Yuan Pill’ and Mo Trang’s ‘Nine Turning Golden Pill’, had just exceeded this elixir.

What Ye Lu was making now was obviously not one of these two pills, so many people felt that Ye Lu was hanging by a thread.

“Guess what kind of elixir this Ye Lu will make?”

“That’s too hard to guess, seeing as the ingredients shouldn’t be for attacking, most of them are also for increasing cultivation.”

“A similar kind of elixir, that feels completely out of the question!”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too.”

Seeing the types of Ye Lu’s materials and pills, the crowd then once again became disillusioned, but no matter what everyone thought, Ye Lu’s pills still came out of the oven.

Soon, he flew to the top of the central round platform with the elixir.

“How about it, are you sure about it?”

Ge Yan asked as he looked at Ye Lu.

Ye Lu did not answer, but raised his hand in an “OK” gesture, and then put the pill into the testing machine.

There was no surprise, the machine showed that it was a “Saint Grade” elixir, as only a “Saint Grade” elixir could compete with the other party’s.

“A fourth-grade Saint Pill!”

Ge Yan announced with some excitement as he held the pill.

He had originally thought that Ye Lu could only make a “Third Order” pill, but he had never expected that he could actually make a “Fourth Order” pill, and a “Saint Grade” one at that.

Seeing Ge Yan’s expression, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“How is it? Is it a surprise? Surprised or not?”

Ge Yan laughed and then gestured for Ye Lu to introduce the effects of the elixir.

As a result, Ye Luo looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

“I don’t have much to introduce about this elixir because, its name is familiar to all of you, it is the ‘Nine Revolutions Golden Pill’, its effects? just now Master Mo Tranquility has already introduced it, so I won’t reintroduce it, as for the score, it has just been played, so there should be no need to play it again either. ”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, not only the people in the room, but also Mo Trang froze, she also didn’t expect Ye Lu to refine the “Nine Turn Golden Pill”, but the ingredients were completely different!

“You can’t be talking nonsense, the ingredients you used are completely wrong!”

Mo tranquil looked at Ye Lu and said with a frown.

Ye Luo then tossed the potion and said with a smile.

“I think with so many people around, I wouldn’t dare to deceive everyone, would I, let’s just do the same and get someone to try.”

Hearing that Ye Luo was looking for people to try the pills again, everyone started to get excited, because just now when they tried the pills, everyone had gotten a big benefit.

Sure enough, another large group of people flew up.

Ye Luo of course came and he handed out the pills to the crowd and soon everyone had a smooth breakthrough.

Ye Luo looked at Mo Trang and said with a smile.

“Actually, you don’t need the ‘Nine-Turned Golden Pill’ to refine the ‘Nine-Turned Linglong Fruit’, this fruit is very precious and is something that can be used to refine ‘Fifth Order’ pills. It’s simply too wasteful for you to use it to refine ‘fourth-rank’ pills, and the preparation of the pills is also, all too big and small, in fact, refining the ‘Ninth Turn Golden Pill’ is just a trivial matter.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s light-hearted words, everyone was shocked, because this was too incredible, this was a pill that had just almost won the championship, and he had just made it so easily, and he hadn’t even used a heavenly pill like the “Nine-Turned Linglong Fruit”.

“What kind of person is this Ye Lu? Is he the god of pills?”

“This is too terrifying, it’s simply invincible.”

“However, there shouldn’t be any controversy now.”

“What’s the point of disputing, wasn’t the verdict already made long ago?”


However, at this time, Mo Trang looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Ye Lu, I’m curious, where did you get such a Dan recipe, and that ‘Gathering Yuan Dan’ just now, I think not only do we not have it, even the ‘Pill Alliance’ and the ‘Dan Tower ‘ don’t have such a thing either, right?”

To be honest, not only her, everyone was very curious about this, after all, Ye Lu’s performance all along was too unbelievable.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Hehe, that’s too much for you to underestimate the ‘Pill Alliance’, our ‘Pill Alliance’ has nothing for so many years, so I have nothing to say to you.”

After saying that, Ye Lu then turned towards Ge Yan and said.

“How about it, can I be declared the champion now?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ge Yan nodded his head then announced in a loud voice.

“After two days and three rounds of fair, just and open competition, congratulations to our expert number 9528, Mr. Ye Lu, who has been awarded the champion of this secular ‘Pill Refiner Conference’!”

After Ge Yan finished speaking, everyone let out a thunderous applause.

Everyone cheered, as Ye Lu’s championship was not only well-deserved, but he had also foiled the conspiracy of the “Heavenly Demon Palace”, so the people’s hearts were in favour of him, not to mention that everyone could see Ye Lu’s potential and the benefits he could bring to everyone.

Therefore, almost everyone stood up.

For a while, the entire venue was in a very heated atmosphere.

However, at this moment, from the centre of the round platform, there were suddenly terrifying flames coming from all directions, as if someone had detonated an incendiary bomb, and these flames were not ordinary flames, but the terrifying “Nirvana Fire”.

The people of the Ge family on the round platform and the eight geniuses who had been here before were the first to be enveloped in the terrifying “Nirvana Fire”.

“Today, none of the people present will leave alive!”

Mo tranquil’s silvery voice rang out from the tumbling flames.

“Also, all the prizes, you guys don’t want to take them away either, not bad, I am the ‘Dragon’s Daughter’ of the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, I am already tired of this boring game!”

As she spoke, eighteen figures from the audience flew up at the same time, followed by eighteen people quickly choking, and a huge “boundary” rose up and enveloped the whole venue.