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Super School Student Chapter 411-412

Chapter 411

Following that, the flames in the central area dispersed and Ye Lu saw Mo Trang, who was wearing an extremely S*xy armour.

This armour of hers could basically only cover the most important parts of her body, but the parts were complete, including a helmet, wrist guards, chest protector, hip protector, knee protector and a pair of S*xy boots.

However, each part is minimalist in style, especially the chest and the small of the back which basically only cover the most important part of the body, with most of the skin exposed, so the pattern on the body looks exceptionally striking.

Although this look was S*xy and provocative, there was no time to admire Mo Trang as a beautiful woman, because as far as we could see, we had already become “turtles in a jar”.

“Mo tranquil, you dare to attack so many of us, are you looking for death?”

At this time, a white-browed and white-bearded figure suddenly flew up from one of the stands and looked at Mo Trang.

This guy was none other than the “Dan King” of the “Ge Family”, Ge Feilong, and together with him was the “Ge Family’s” guardian beast, the headless but six-legged and four-winged The “Emperor River”.

Mo Trang was not surprised to see the “Dan King” appear.

She smiled and said.

“‘Zhu Rong clan’, you have something to do.”

With Mo Tran’s words, the “Zhu Rong Eight Surnames” stood up one after another. Now Ye Lu understood why the “Zhu Rong Clan” had brought so many people here, instead of sending the clan’s elites, and only sent Mo Tran alone.

It turned out that initially they had two plans, if they could get the “prize”, it would be best, if not, then it would be a big battle to steal the prize directly.

However, it seemed that it wasn’t as simple as just stealing the prize, most of the Heavenly Demon Palace also wanted to show everyone how terrifying they were.

However, what puzzled Ge Feilong was that Mo Trang was indeed very strong, and so were the Zhu Rong and the eight Zhu Rong surnames, but he didn’t think they could handle it. In this situation, if it was really a plan to “catch a turtle in a jar”, then it was not certain who would be the turtle.

So, he looked at Mo Tran and Zhu Rong and said coldly.

“Just you guys, aren’t you too insolent.”

As they spoke, the Yan Clan, the Suiren Clan, and many other experts from other clans flew into the air, all looking at Mo Tranquility and the Zhurong Clan in silence.

However, Mo Trang did not panic at all, and she said with a smile.

“We may not have this ability, but they do.”

With Mo tranquil’s voice, the eighteen men flying in the air suddenly took off their black robes and eighteen tall figures appeared in the air.

All eighteen of them were bare-chested, both male and female, and none of them looked like normal human beings, for each had horns on their heads, and several had huge black wings on their bodies, but the only thing that was the same was that these guys all had a terrifying aura.

Moreover, each one of them had an aura similar to that of a “Dan King”, which meant that all eighteen of them were super experts who had truly entered the “Golden Dan Path”.

When they saw these eighteen people, everyone drew in a breath of cold air.

Mo tranquil was right, these eighteen people did have the ability to do so.

Ye Luo also observed these eighteen people at the same time, and as a result, he found out that these eighteen people were really not human beings, and they were not demonic beasts either, but “ghost generals” from hell, and each one of them came from a different hell.

“Eighteen Ghost Generals from Hell!”

“They are the Eighteen Ghost Generals of Hell!”

“Really? So strong!”


There were other people who also saw the identity of these eighteen people.

When he heard someone break the identity of these eighteen people, Mo Tran said with a smile.

“Giggle! I didn’t expect that there were really people who knew what they were doing, you guys have a good eye, these are indeed the ‘Eighteen Ghost Generals of Hell’ from the ‘Eighteen Hells’.”

Following this, he then turned his head to look at Ge Yan who was in the stands and said with a smile.

“The prizes can all go to me now, right?”

Ge Yan did not say anything.

Ye Lu stood in front of Pill Shu and Xie Ting Lin, who were watching the scene, as they did not have any origin fire on their bodies.

Pill Shu looked at Ye Lu’s broad back with some emotion, she didn’t expect things to turn out like this, it looked like she was going to be protected by this man in front of her once again.

The three treasures were placed on a table to one side, at this moment a certain distance away from Ge Yan and Medicine Shu, while the floor was still burning with the “Nirvana Fire” that Medicine Shu had just released, as well as the few weak cultivated corpses that had been burned by the “Nirvana Fire”. The service staff.


Ge Yan did not say anything, but dashed towards the three prizes, even if he had to die, he could not let Mo Tranquil take those three items.

However, he had once again miscalculated because Mo Tranquility was actually faster than him, it was obvious that Mo Tranquility had hidden her strength before, this terrifying woman was even more powerful than everyone thought.


Seeing that she was going to succeed Mo Tranquility laughed delicately, but, right after that, she saw that the three items suddenly disappeared, as if something had gotten rid of those three items with a flash.


Mo tranquil quickly stopped as she turned her head to look at Ye Lu’s rea*surance, as the one who kept her guessing the most out of this person was Ye Lu, who happened to be on top of the high platform.

Seeing Mo tranquil looking at him, Ye Lu immediately spread his hands to show that he had done nothing.

Both of his hands were indeed empty as well.

However, what Mo tranquil did not know was that the three vines of the “Heavenly Vine” that were lurking quietly underneath Ye Lu’s feet were in fact making small movements.

Since the ground was covered with Nirvana Flame, it obscured the path of the “Heavenly Vine”, which was not easily burned by these “Nirvana Flame”. “Of course, walking in the flames made the “Heavenly Vine” hurt badly, after all, Mo Tranquility’s cultivation level was really too high.

Seeing that Ye Lu really didn’t seem to be doing anything, Mo tranquil shifted her gaze to the others.

She hadn’t decided to kill Ye Lu yet, because there were too many secrets hidden in Ye Lu’s body, and she had to dig them out before she could do so.

To the Heavenly Demon Palace, these secrets might be more important than the prize of this competition.

“Who is it? Tell me or die!”

Mo tranquil said coldly to the Yan Clan expert who was closest to the table.

The Yan Clan expert didn’t know what was going on, but he knew very well that Mo Trang would definitely not listen to his explanation, and even if he had the prize and gave it to the other party, he would still die. “He threw them out at Mo Trang.

These “Thunderfire Pills” were of the top grade of the “Saint Grade”, and when they were thrown out, they made an earth-shattering explosion.

The thunder rumbled, the flames shot out in all directions, and there were so many of them that the high platform immediately turned into a battlefield, Mo Trang frowned, and then a phoenix covered in fire appeared in front of Mo Trang.

The fire phoenix appeared and blocked all the attacks for Mo Trang, while spewing out a mouthful of flames at the Yan Clan experts.

Ye Lu was delighted and took advantage of the confusion to quickly retrieve the “Heavenly Vine” and put all three treasures into the “Sumeru Ring”.

At the same time, he saw another man and beast appear from the side of the hill, and one of them was a strange and terrifying demonic beast that Ye Lu was familiar with, having killed one before, the “Enlightened Beast” with nine heads and a tiger-like body.

Apart from the Kai Ming Beast, there was also a huge blue bird with a green body, a red head and huge wings like a crow.

The leader of the group was still standing on top of a white goat-like demon beast with snow-white ribs and wings, which possessed the bloodline of the divine beast Bai Ze.

Seeing this scene, many people began to exclaim.

“It’s Kunlun, Kunlun’s people are here.”

“Thank goodness you have finally come, great!”

“We’ve finally been saved.”

However, Ye Lu was not so optimistic, he looked at the “boundary” surrounding the crowd, this thing was not broken, the people outside could not enter at all.


Chapter 412

So, Ye Lu ignored the battle between the Yan Clan expert and Mo Trang and looked at the “boundary”, while he began to wander around the circular platform.

A “boundary” is an independent space formed in the form of a “formation” to block external invasion and attack, and is in fact a special form of “weapon pattern”, the essence of which is the application of the laws of heaven and earth, usually invisible boundaries, taiji boundaries, eight trigrams boundaries and so on.

In fact, on a larger scale, a “secret realm” can also be described as a huge “boundary”.

Generally, these small “boundaries” have one or a few key points, which are also called “formation eyes”, and now Ye Lu is looking for this formation eye.

At the same time, those people from Kunlun had already reached the outside of the formation.


The white bearded Daoist on top of the demonic beast “White Zephyr” quickly waved his hand.

“The water flowed down the smooth surface of the sphere, but only after it reached the ground did the power of the water show itself, killing all living creatures in a radius of several kilometres, and turning the gra*s and trees into withered leaves.

At the same time, the nine heads of the “Enlightened Beast” began to spew out different attacks, water, fire, thunder …… and all sorts of terrifying sounds rang out.

“The two divine beasts are both extremely terrifying, but the two that Ye Lu has seen so far are not the divine beasts themselves, but demonic beasts with the bloodline of the divine beasts.

Because almost all the “divine beasts” and ancient experts like gods had disappeared during the “Battle of Extinction”, the details and results of that battle were not very clear to everyone, but from the current situation, that battle was indeed real, and this was definitely true.

This “Enlightened Beast” was obviously much more powerful than the one Ye Lu had killed before, and its attacks were terrifying, but unfortunately, the “boundary” had not changed much.

However, this attack was not completely ineffective, as six of the “Eighteen Ghost Generals of Hell” started to stand in a hexagonal shape, and then six of them had black mist lingering on their hands, obviously consolidating the formation.


Seeing this scene, “Dan King” Ge Feilong quickly waved his hand, and other experts from various clans rushed towards one of the “Ghost Generals”.

It is better to break one finger than to injure ten fingers.

However, there were not only six “ghost generals”, six more “ghost generals” immediately rushed forward to meet these people, and a fierce battle began immediately.

Behind Ye Lu, Pill Shu looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, don’t worry, there are still our people outside, they will definitely send experts from the clan to support them when they see the strange situation here.”

“There were many experts from the clan community, so if the clan community intervened in this matter, there would be no trouble for everyone.

However, the problem was that distant water could not quench the thirst of the near!

So, Ye Lu said with a sigh.

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to hold out until then!”

As he said that, he poured the “Nine Revolutions Golden Pill” he had just made into his mouth and ate it like a sugar pea.

If he wanted to solve this crisis, he had to make use of everything he could.

At the moment, Mo Trang was surrounded by a group of experts.

Together with her, there were all sorts of “native spirit beasts”, but it was obvious that the siege was not very effective for Mo Trang.

Mo tranquil also saw Ye Lu’s movements, but she did not care, in her opinion, Ye Lu was only a small person, it would not have much effect.

Moreover, Mo tranquil still felt that in fact those prizes were in Ye Luo’s body, so she had already decided to put aside the others to catch Ye Luo now first.

So, she quickly said.

“Wu Jing Du, Mud Lu Du, follow me and catch him, Wu Luo, Wu Man, Wu Suo, Wu Hoo, go and kill everyone.”

The names she said were the names of the hells represented by the “Eighteen Ghost Generals of Hell”, and the six remaining “Ghost Generals” immediately began to act according to Mo Tranquill’s arrangement.

The people from Kunlun outside could not see what was going on inside due to the “boundary”, which made them feel anxious.

“What kind of formation is this, how can it be so strong?”

The expert standing on top of the demonic beast “White Zephyr” asked with some emotion as he looked at the impenetrable “boundary”.

He wasn’t very good at formations.

Their original plan was not like this, their plan was to take back the prize given by Kunlun and take away a person.

This person was one of the “Nine Stars”, the “Star of Destiny” corresponding to the “Lianzhen Star”, and was the real reason why Kunlun was sponsoring this secular “Medicine Refiner’s Conference”.

But now, it seems that their plan is going to go badly.

“It is a formation from hell, and it is very difficult to break it from the outside, so if we attack it by force, it will take a lot of time for the energy of the formation to run out.”

Another Daoist reported back respectfully.

The guy standing on the “white zephyr” immediately got a big head.

“I originally thought that the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ was aiming for those prizes, but now it seems that they are aiming for more than that.

“Those prizes are just fine, the key is that the ‘Man of Star Destiny’ can’t die, otherwise everything will have to start from scratch again.”

So he frowned at the “boundary” and said.

“Is there any way to see inside?”

The Taoist priest who was standing on the Kai Ming Beast thought about it and said.

We can only look for the nearest real person to see if there are any “magic treasures” we can use, but I am afraid that before we can break through the “boundary”, the people inside will already be dead.

Hearing this Daoist priest’s words, the Daoist priest at the head of the group thought for a moment and said.

“Okay, let ‘Golden Roc’ go and find someone, we will all attack together and try to hold the people inside, I hope there will be no trouble.”

And inside the boundary, Ye Luo was no longer hiding and ready to fight these guys openly, because if not, I’m afraid that Lin Ru Yue and Miao Feng Ling and the few of them would be in trouble.

At the moment, they were protected by the people of the Pill Alliance and were not in any serious trouble for the time being, but the four guys, Wu Liao, Wu Man, Wu Xu and Wu Hoo, were not easy to deal with, and although there were tens of thousands of people present, together with the audience, they were still unable to stop the madness of these four guys.

The black “Yin Qi” was so thick that it was almost unstoppable wherever it went.

Therefore, Ye Lu had given up the idea of using his “Ghost Bat” long ago, because the current “Ghost Bat” was definitely not a match for these guys, and the level of this battle had far exceeded his imagination.

“Let’s eat the ‘Yao Chi Ling Zhi’ first.”

Seeing “Wu Jingdu” and “Mud Ludu” rushing over, Ye Lu took out the “Yao Chi Lingzhi” and started nibbling on it like a chicken leg.

To be honest, seeing such a hard gnawing of the “Yao Chi Ling Zhi” made Ge Yan feel very heartbroken, this is simply a waste!

Seeing Ye Lu’s actions, Mo Trang understood that the three items had really been taken away by Ye Lu.

“This kid is really weird.”

Up to now, Mo Trang still hadn’t figured out how Ye Lu had gotten it.

In fact, Ye Lu was also a bit distressed, if this “Yao Chi Lingzhi” was refined into a pill then its efficacy would be completely different, it would be many times more efficient than the current method of eating.

However, there was nothing he could do now, so Ye Lu swallowed the “Yao Chi Ling Zhi” in a few bites.

After that, Ye Lu quickly grabbed a handful of the “Ascension Pill” that he had just brought from Pill Shu and swallowed it.

“D*mn you! I have no choice but to use all my strength!”