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Super School Student Chapter 413-414

Chapter 413

As things stood now, the only person who could solve this trouble was himself. Although the “Ascension Pill” could raise an ordinary “Ninth Turn of Golden Elixir” practitioner by two small realms with just one pill, Ye Lu was not sure of the effect of taking it himself, so he took a handful of it as if he were eating fried beans.

As a result, the effect was still very satisfying, and he really did improve two small realms, as he went from five spirit fluids to seven spirit fluids.

However, this was not enough, so Ye Lu quickly took three more “Exploding Yuan Pills”, and then, he shouted out.

“‘Di Jiang’ come out for me first!”

Just now, while Ye Lu was wandering back and forth, he had already taken the opportunity to use the “shaving” on his feet to draw a formation on the stage, at this moment, a large amount of blood frantically gushed into the formation, and Ye Lu also bit through one of his hands and violently pressed it into the formation.


A red light appeared, and an immense demonic beast, “Di Jiang”, appeared.

Ye Lu had used the blood of all the “Di Jiang” he had gotten, so the beast he summoned was so strong that it was far beyond his control, but he guessed that there was one person who could definitely control it, and that was the “Dan King” Ge Fei Long, whose family’s guardian beast was the “Di Jiang”, so he could definitely control it.

So, after summoning “Di Jiang”, he said in a loud voice.

“Old man Ge Fei Long, let this thing protect us.”

Then, a large amount of blood was poured into the blood formation, and the red light lit up again.

In fact, there was no need to control the “Di Jiang” too much, because, under Ge Fei Long’s control, the “Di Jiang” flapped its wings with countless flames and flew towards the “Wu Jing Du” and “Mud Lu Du”, who were rushing towards us, and these two “ghost generals” from hell refused to show any weakness.

At the same time, another strange-looking demonic beast appeared in the red light.

It was a huge beast with a dragon’s head and a tiger’s body, extremely exaggerated, fierce and powerful, terrifying.

“However, Ye Lu waved his dagger at him, and he roared with fury and charged towards the two “ghost generals”, Wu Jingdu and Nei Ludu, with an endless stream of water vapour.

And once again, Ye Lu released his blood.

When she saw this scene, Mo tranquil was not calm. She did not expect Ye Lu to be so terrifying, and if she let him continue to summon them like this, she was afraid that she would really lose the game, thinking that the “Di Jiang” and “Yi Yi Hou Yi” that had just appeared were really formidable.

So, she quickly shouted.

“Wu Liu, Wu Man, Wu Xu, Wu Hoo, go and clean up that man first, don’t kill him.”

Hearing Mo Tranquil’s words, the four terrifyingly shaped “ghost generals” gave up on killing and charged towards Ye Luo.

“Nine Infants, come on!”

Apart from Hou Yi Yi, who had no idea of the level of his fighting ability, the strongest one known to Ye Lu was the “Nine Infants”, and the nine-headed monster bird appeared in the air.

“Let’s do it!”

After roaring, Ye Lu charged towards the “Wu Man”, one of the “Eighteen Ghost Generals of Hell”.

He had just learned through his gla*ses that the “Wu Man” among the “Eighteen Ghost Generals” was the key to this formation. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the help of his gla*ses, he really wouldn’t have known that this guy was the key because he didn’t look like the key figure either from his position or from his performance.

However, after a little thought Ye Lu understood, since he wanted to protect the key figure of course he had to hide a little deeper, this layer could be better protected.


Seeing Ye Luo rushing over, the “Wu Man” became fierce, and with a strange cry it waved its black as ink lance and rushed towards Ye Luo.

These “ghost generals” had experienced endless killings every day in hell, so they were not only ferocious, but also good at fighting. However, in order to hide the fact that he was a key figure, this “Wu Man” was not the strongest of the “18 ghost generals”, but a middle-ranking one.

Nevertheless, black ghostly qi flew, and Ye Lu was instantly jerked from the high platform to the ground with a spear shaft. With a bang, Ye Lu’s entire body embedded into the ground, leaving only a human-shaped mark on the ground, which showed how strong this blow really was.

On the other side, although the “Nine Infants” were powerful, under the attack of the three “Ghost Generals”, their heads were cut off several times, and it looked like it was only a matter of time before they were killed.

Seeing this scene, everyone was in despair.

The three brothers of the “Ge family”, Ge Yan, Ge Yun and Ge Feng, were now fighting against Mo Tranquillity, and they wanted to take Mo Tranquillity down, so they thought it would be over.

It was obvious to everyone that although Mo Trang was not the strongest of these people, he was undoubtedly the head of the group, and the whole thing had been started with Mo Trang at its core.

However, it was clear that Mo Tranquill was not that easy to deal with, as above her head, a “candle dragon” was emitting a terrifying aura, and Mo Tranquill was also extremely strong in battle.

All the people present had pinned their hopes on Ye Lu, whose summoning was really powerful, but what they didn’t expect was that he had been knocked into the ground so quickly by the “Wu Man”, and everyone could see that Ye Lu and the “Wu Man” were not on the same level at all.

Moreover, looking at “Wu Man”‘s cold, calm and emotionless face, everyone didn’t think that this guy would be careless or complacent, the “Eighteen Ghost Generals” felt like eighteen killing machines, without a word or any emotion fluctuation, just killing.

This is also the most devastating thing for everyone.

While on the ground floor, Leaffall was smiling up at the humanoid sky above.

“It looks like it really did hold back, and really didn’t kill me.”

Just now Mo tranquil told the four of them that they didn’t need to kill themselves, and Ye Lu felt that this was a good opportunity for him, and that he could perhaps use this to turn the tables.

However, at this moment, he heard a cry of alarm from the people above.

It turned out that up there, Mo tranquil had already used the “Candle Dragon” divine ability, and a burning candle suddenly appeared on the chests of Ge Yan, Ge Yun and Ge Feng.

The candles did not seem to have any killing power, and after appearing out of nowhere, they burned quietly, but they gave people a strange and unusual feeling.

It was only then that the three men and the crowd of onlookers realised what the candle could do. As Mo Trang attacked and the three men counterattacked, the candle was burning fast.

“I guess the person will die when the candle finishes burning.”

“What kind of divine ability is this, first time I’ve seen it, it’s really bizarre!”

“This divine ability looks a bit strong, it feels like a completely alienated and incomprehensible divine ability.”

“What a terrifying woman!”


The crowd was all baffled by this scene, everyone felt that this “bloodline divine ability” had gone beyond the normal range and reached the incomprehensible category of “divine skill” or “immortal art” or something like that.

Seeing this terrifying divine ability called the “Candle of Life”, Ge Yan and his three brothers also looked shocked and astonished. Looking at the current situation, the three of them would be consumed by each other in a short while unless they could take down Mo Tranquil before the candle went out.

However, it was obvious that using such a terrifying divine ability, Mo Trang could not be alright at all, and the three of them could also clearly see that Mo Trang was also extremely depleted, and fine beads of sweat had already started to appear on her plump body.

Ye Lu, who had burrowed up from the ground, also saw this scene.

“Sh*t! There’s really no one else with this ‘divine ability’.”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as well.

However, at this time, that “Wu Man” had already rushed over, he had changed his plan this time, he was going to catch Ye Lu directly, because this was also Mo Trang’s original plan.


The “Wu Man” was extremely fast and instantly arrived in front of Ye Lu, and then, he extended his hand towards Ye Lu, but Ye Lu also attacked at the same time.


The arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” on the “Heavenly Vine” instantly pierced through the body of “Wu Manchu”, followed by the magenta flames rushing in.


Chapter 414

The “Sunset Arrow” is the most virile weapon and has an innate restraining effect on ghosts and monsters, while the magenta flame is a fusion of “Ghostly Flame” and “Red Lotus Karma Flame”, both of which are flames that burn ghosts in hell and are extremely damaging to ghosts.

So, this time, Wu Man was unlucky, as the karma fire burned up from inside its body, and the damage was simply too great, especially for their “ghost bodies”.


“Wu Man let out a harsh howl and began to fly backwards, but magenta flames and black smoke emanated from all parts of his body.

This scene stunned everyone.

The 18 “ghost generals” were so powerful and terrifying that many of them were already waiting for death.

However, no one expected that things had actually reversed. Although he had only killed one of them, and it was not the strongest one, Ye Lu had undoubtedly made a breakthrough of zero.

“Sh*t! This Ye Lu is too scary.”

“That’s right, we really underestimated him too much before.”

“I was beginning to think he was a waste of time and was ready to fight him.”

“Luckily you didn’t do it.”


The crowd was stunned by this scene.

In fact, it was mainly because the opponent was a “ghost” that Ye Lu was able to successfully kill his opponent, otherwise, it would not have been that easy to kill such a powerful guy.

Of course, there was also an information asymmetry, if the “Wu Manchu” knew that Ye Lu had the terrifying flames that could kill it, and the “Sunset Arrow” arrow, it would not have gotten so close to Ye Lu so easily.

However, having learnt this lesson before, the remaining Ullu, Uluo and Uhu would not make the same mistake again, and the three of them quickly surrounded Ye Lu in the core.

Since the core of the entire boundary, Wu Man, had been killed, those outside could already see what was going on inside.

“So it’s a ‘ghost general’ formation, and there are so many of them, no wonder it’s so strong.”

It wasn’t that the people from Kunlun couldn’t handle it, but he was worried that the people inside couldn’t handle it, because the person they were looking for was inside the boundary.

“Suddenly we can see what’s going on inside, someone must have broken one of the ‘eyes’ of the boundary from the inside, but it’s not possible to break one ‘eye’ alone, we still can’t get in! ”

Yun He looked at the still strong “boundary” and scratched his head.

He had already noticed that the situation inside the boundary was extremely unpleasant, only “Dan King” Ge Fei Long was comfortable with it, while everyone else was struggling.

“Who broke the formation?”

Yunhe began to mutter, as she saw that Ge Feilong, who was most likely to break the “formation eye”, was being watched by several powerful “ghost generals” and should not have had the chance.

Immediately afterwards, he saw Ye Lu, who was surrounded by three Ghost Generals.

“It looks like it’s this kid.”

Ye Lu was surrounded by three “ghost generals”, and next to him was the corpse of “Wu Man”, so it was not difficult to tell that it was Ye Lu who had done it.

“An extremely strange young man indeed.”

Yunhe muttered as he looked at Ye Lu.

They, Kunlun, had been following this match, so they were very clear about Ye Lu’s appearance and performance, and in fact, the Kunlun people were also very curious about Ye Lu’s performance.

He thought that destroying the key “formation eye” would solve the problem, but he found out that it was not that easy.

“It looks like there is one more key point to destroy.”

He took a look at “Ullu”, “Ulu” and “Uhu”, two of these four guys were also “formation eyes”, but Ye Lu felt that it would not be that easy to take out one of them.

However, it seemed that if we didn’t kill one more, everyone would die here.

“Come on!”

Ye Lu had exhausted all his cards, and there was nothing else he could do. At present, under the siege of these three “ghost generals”, there was no chance for him to use his “summoning technique” again.

There was still one option left, and that was to use the power of the Bloodline Avatar, which Ye Lu had always carried with him.

“Looking at the current situation, I can only use the bloodline of the ‘White Tiger’.”

Ye Lu pondered for a while and then made up his mind. “Green Dragon” was a wood attribute that was mainly defensive, while “Xuan Wu” was a water attribute that was also defensive, “Vermilion Bird” was a fire attribute that was mainly offensive, and “White Tiger” was a metal attribute that was also mainly offensive, but also had the wind attribute and was especially good at speed.

As the saying goes, “The clouds are born from the dragon, the wind is heard from the tiger”.

Seeing that Ye Luo was drinking something, the three “ghost generals” no longer hesitated and quickly drew their weapons and started to attack Ye Luo.

However, the three guys all avoided the vital points with a very tacit understanding.

Of course, Ye Lu dodged quickly, but each of these three guys was very powerful, let alone three at the same time, so Ye Lu could not dodge them at all.




Blood splashed out, but the injuries Ye Lu received were not very serious, but the main reason was not how cleverly he dodged, but that the other party was being merciful, otherwise he would have been killed.

Ye Lu dodged while waiting for the actual opportunity, he only had one chance, he had to kill him with one blow.

On the other side, the three Ge brothers had very little of the Candle of Life left. They had also discovered the rule of the Candle of Life, the more power they used, including the amount of Innate Astral Qi they consumed, the faster it would burn, so it was dangerous to waste energy recklessly.

However, you can not use your strength, but the opponent will not stop attacking you. If attacked by Mo tranquil, the candle will also start burning violently, and it has nothing to do with whether you are injured or not, as long as you are attacked, the “candle of life” will start burning wildly, which is definitely a deadly “magic power”.

Ge Yan felt that the three brothers were going to die here.

Likewise, Ge Fei Long, the “King of Dan”, could not hold out. He was indeed very strong, but he could not fight alone, and even if he was strong, he could not handle so many experts.

The spectators looked this way and that way. They knew that although there were many of them, they would not be able to help at all.

Just when everyone was almost desperate, the counter-attack on Ye Lu’s side finally began.

At this moment, Ye Lu was already covered in blood, but with the protection of the “Heavenly Vine”, his injuries were not serious, but his bloodied appearance was really scary.

However, this opportunity was not given by the three “ghost generals” who saw him covered in blood, but the three guys did not relax even in this way.

He lured the three guys to the side of the demon beast Hou Yi Yi, and then let Hou Yi Yi Yi launch a sudden attack. While Wu Liu was dodging, he unleashed the white tiger’s “bloodline divine ability”, and with the wind attribute added to his body, his speed soared by a large margin.

Seeing that “Wu Liao” had also been killed by Ye Luo, Mo Trang’s surprise was unparalleled, she found that she seemed to have underestimated Ye Luo’s strength once again.

“We can only fight!”

Seeing this scene, Mo tranquil gritted her teeth, she was already covered in water, using the Candle of Life was not that easy, her target was Ge Feng, the weakest of the three Ge brothers.


With a powerful blow, Ge Feng’s Candle of Life wavered for a few moments before it was extinguished.

However, at the same time, everyone from Kunlun began to attack the Boundary together, and the Boundary, which had lost its two “formation eyes”, could no longer support itself. The “boundary”, which had lost its two “formation eyes”, could no longer support itself and shattered with a “bang!” It shattered with a bang.