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Super School Student Chapter 421-422

Chapter 421

“Who beat the man up?”

This one called Ren Quan looked at Ye Lu and the three of them and said coldly.

In fact, he had some suspicions that Ye Lu and the others had done it, but, he didn’t quite believe that Ye Lu had the ability to do it, after all, Ye Lu looked too young.

As a result, Ye Luo smiled and said.

“I beat up the man, are you the Ren Family’s man of your word? Good things are coming for your Ren family.”

Ren Quan had seen arrogant people, but he had never seen such an arrogant person, he walked in with an iron face and followed without too much nonsense and then directly took action.

In his opinion, it was superfluous to talk to such an arrogant guy like Ye Lu, so he might as well just finish him off and let him learn a lesson before saying anything else.

Seeing this guy’s stance, Ye Lu shook his head and sighed, saying.

“You’re so impulsive, it doesn’t look like you can keep your word.”

However, this Ren Quan was not Ren Chong, this guy was already an expert who had crossed the “Ninth Golden Dan” realm, so Ren Yi and Ren Yao were both sweating for Ye Lu, they thought that even if Ye Lu was strong, it was unlikely that he would beat a “Ninth Golden Dan” expert.

They thought that even if Ye Lu was strong, it was unlikely that he would be able to defeat a “Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir” expert, which was also called a “Saint” in the “secular world”, and was already at the apex of existence.

Of course, this was the reason why Ren Quan was so confident that there might be someone who could beat him, but he didn’t think it would be the young man in front of him.

So, just like the guy before him, he did not use any “spells” but went straight for it.

But, just like that Ren Chong, he was sent flying by Ye Lu’s blow and hung up right next to him.

“Uh, Brother Quan, you’re here too!”

Ren Chong looked at Ren Quan and said somewhat helplessly.

For his part, Ren Quan looked at Ren Chong with a depressed expression and said.

“This calamity is the one you got back?”

Ye Luo then said from afar.

“Hello, my name is not Calamity, my name is Ye Luo, the tea tastes good, I think it’s Long Jing from West Lake, I’m here to have some tea, you guys find someone who is true to his word, there’s no rush, big time!”

As he said that, Ye Lu sat down next to the table and drank his tea.

Seeing Ye Luo’s leisurely appearance, Ren Yi and Ren Yao then hurriedly walked over to fan Ye Luo left and right.

“Big brother, we’ll call you big brother from now on, just how powerful are you! This is too awesome.”

“Yes, I originally thought you were here to pretend, but I didn’t realize that you really have p*ssy, you don’t need to pretend at all!”


The water that Ye Lu had just drank into his mouth when he heard Ren Yao’s words “snort!” The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

However, Ren Quan looked at Ye Lu and frowned.

It was true that he hadn’t used any “spells”, but he could feel that Ye Lu hadn’t used any spells either, just a direct punch that sent him flying.

So, he thought for a moment, then shouted loudly towards a short distance away.

“Someone, go and fetch the family head, just say that there is something big for him.”

The people who were called over were all taken aback to see both Ren Quan and Ren Chong hanging from the decorations on the wall, and following that, someone went to report to the head of the family.

“Something big, what could be big?”

The Ren family’s head of family, Zong Heng, frowned when he heard the report from his subordinates. The Ren family was a powerful and prestigious family in the capital, and many of the other surnames in the “Yellow Emperor Clan” were much worse than the Ren family.

What he is most concerned about now is the matter of Dan Yunzi’s departure. A “pill refiner” of Dan Yunzi’s calibre cannot be found anywhere, and it is inseparable from Dan Yunzi that their family is so strong.

“This vacancy is a bit hard to find, is our Ren family going downhill from here?”

Ren Zongheng sighed helplessly and muttered to himself.

They had tried looking for a pill refiner too, but it was really too difficult to find one at this level.

At this time, one of the Ren Family’s pill refiners beside him said.

“Family head, there is no need to worry too much, although old ‘Dan Yunzi’ is no longer here, he has left his disciples here, moreover, the number of pill refiners in our family is still great!”

Ren Zongheng then shook his head and said.

“That’s different, ‘Dan Yunzi’ is the pillar of the family, you guys understand that too, right?”

At this time, the man who returned the favor suddenly said.

“Report to the family head, I had heard Ren Zong and Ren Yao say before that they said that they knew a very powerful pill refiner, and this time the incident was caused by the people they had brought, could it be that pill refiner who came?”

Hearing this subordinate’s words, Ren Zongheng then frowned, then muttered secretly.

“Such a capable ‘pill refiner’? It’s worth seeing, so why don’t all of you come with me and take a look?”

Hearing that it was related to “pill refiners”, the pill refiners present decided to go and have a look.

In this way, a large group of people went to the hall with a “hue and cry”.

When they arrived at the hall, Ren Zongheng saw Ye Lu, who was sitting there leisurely drinking tea, as well as Ren Yi and Ren Yao, who were standing to his left and right.

Ye Lu dared to be so arrogant, but Ren Zongheng and Ren Yao did not dare to do so, after all, Ye Lu was only an outsider, while they were different, they were true Ren family members, and this bloodline connection was inseparable.

“Good day family master, this is Ye Lu, the alchemy expert we talked about before.”

Seeing that the main master had arrived, Ye Lu also put down his cup of tea, then looked at Ren Zongheng and said with a smile.

“I’ve heard that your offering ‘Dan Yunzi’ old man has left for personal reasons, so I would like to come to your house to be your offering.”

Ye Luo’s tone was not one of solicitation, but one of non-negotiable, so those “pill refiners” behind Ren Zongheng did not do it. They asked themselves that they might not be as good as Ye Luo, but in terms of pill refining, they felt that they would not lose to Ye Luo, after all, these people were all experts.

Therefore, these people were the first to discuss.

“That’s too arrogant.”

“That’s right, it doesn’t look a bit like the dignified aura of a pill refiner either.”

“Yes, it feels like a loser!”


Hearing these guys’ words, Ye Luo then looked at these guys and said with a smile.

“Sh*t! You guys are pill refiners, or models, and you’re still dignified and imposing, what’s wrong with me being a loser? I, a loser, can also blow you guys away, do you believe it or not?”

Ye Luo knew very well that he would definitely not admit himself without showing his hand in front of Ren Zongheng, so it was better to provoke these pill refiners and let everyone understand that he had this value.

Only when he had enough value could he have the opportunity to participate in the competition between the Emperor’s Clan and the Chi You Clan.

At that time, he might be able to enter the clan of the Chi You clan, and it should still be easy to capture a few members of the Chi You clan.

The fact that Ye Lu has such a strong taste for gunpowder made Ren Zongheng’s eyebrows furrowed, this strength is really not much like a pill refiner, you know “pill refiner” is a very noble profession, especially senior pill refiner, should not be this way, but Ye Lu can easily hang Ren Quan on the wall, which made Ren Zongheng think about it and then said.

“Good, since you said so, then show your hand and prove that you really are the person I am looking for.”

Hearing Ren Zongheng’s words, Ye Lu Bai then smiled and said.

“Sure, where are we going to compete?”

We can’t just build a fire in the hall, right?

Ren Zongheng nodded and then led everyone to the “Dan Room” of the Ren Family, which was actually a large courtyard in the small secret realm of the Ren Family, including many buildings and a large group of underlings responsible for the materials.

“Since Ye Lu, you claim to be an expert in pill refining, then show us your flame, what level of ‘beast fire’ it is.”

A pill refiner looked at Ye Lu while releasing the ‘beast flame’ in his hand, a bright yellow flame that looked quite good in quality.

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Lu smiled and then released an orange-red flame.

As soon as his flame came out, the opponent’s flames immediately poured towards it.

“Could it really be a pill refining master?”

Seeing this scene, everyone was taken aback.


Chapter 422

Although there was no strict relationship between the level of a pill refiner and your flame, but to be able to release a flame that made other flames worship, it showed that Ye Lu’s flame was really not bad, and someone who could have such a flame must not be too bad in level either.

However, although the other pill refiners’ expressions changed, they did not really feel that Ye Lu was invincible or anything like that, because, in their opinion, Ye Lu might have a very good flame level and should indeed be a pill refiner, but Ye Lu looked too young.

Even though everyone would age very slowly after entering the “Innate Realm”, Ye Lu was a bit too young, simply too young, and his experience in pill refining was inevitably lacking at such a young age.

The scene when he used the “Burning Heaven Furnace” to refine pills should have been seen by everyone in the Ren family, and since he was a different Ye Lu, he certainly needed another set of equipment.

However, when they saw Ye Lu’s ordinary-looking temporary furnace, they were a little dismissive. After all, all great pill refiners had their own pots or furnaces, and Ye Lu’s was obviously not very good.

Ye Lu did not care about this, but released the flame to refine quickly.

The crowd looked at Ye Luo and had no idea what he was refining.

Everyone only saw that his movements were fast, as if he didn’t think twice. Soon Ye Luo handled the ingredients, fused them, condensed the pills, and finished refining the pills in one go.

This process and movement was not really standard in the eyes of the other pill refiners, but it was fast enough that it seemed too fast to everyone.

“So fast, can it be done? It can’t be messing around, can it.”

“I don’t think so, what good would it do to mess around.”

“Let’s see, we don’t know what kind of elixir it is.”


In the midst of everyone’s chatter, Ye Lu had already opened the lid of the “Dan Furnace”, the rich aroma of the elixir came out, and seeing the crystal clear elixir, everyone understood that the elixir had been successful.

“This is the ‘Nine Revolutions Breaking Realm Pill’, which allows people in the ‘Nine Revolutions of Golden Dan’ realm to break through the bottleneck, no matter which revolution, even if it is a small realm, it is possible to break through, I don’t know if the Ren family head has taken a fancy to it. ”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ren Zongheng’s eyes instantly lit up, how could he not see it?

So, he looked at Ye Lu with an excited face and said.

“I’m impressed, I’m impressed, I really didn’t expect you to be so powerful!”

The other pill refiners of the Ren Family were all dumbfounded, they had never even heard of this “Nine Turning Realm Breaker Pill”.

Then, one of them looked at Ye Lu and said.

“You’re not fooling us, are you? I’ve never heard of the ‘Nine Revolutions Realm Breaking Pill’, have you guys heard of it?”

The others also shook their heads.

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Just because you guys haven’t heard of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in the world, and just because you guys can’t refine it doesn’t mean others can’t either, it’s also easy to confirm this matter, just find a disciple who is at the bottleneck and take one from, if it doesn’t work just get a few more to try it together.”

As a result, Ren Zongheng really found several disciples from his family at once.

The reason is that at the “Golden Dan Nine Revolutions” realm, even for those who are very talented, as long as they do not have a pure bloodline, it is very difficult to break through every small realm.

The Ren family is only one of the twelve surnames of the “Xuan Yuan Yellow Emperor”, that is, a side branch with a certain amount of “Yellow Emperor bloodline”, the real “Yellow Emperor bloodline” is more concentrated in the “Xuan Yuan clan”, Xuan Yuan is also the continuation of the Yellow Emperor bloodline orthodox, just like the “Chi You clan” Jiu Li clan, but is only a supplement to the “Chi You clan”.

Therefore, the people of the Ren family did not cultivate very fast.

Soon, Ye Lu gave everyone a “Nine Turning Realm Breaking Pill” and then let them eat it.

The pill that Ye Lu had made was rich in spiritual energy, so after eating it, the spiritual energy triggered the medicinal power, and almost immediately, a disciple of the family broke through.

Following that, everyone else broke through one after another.

Everyone was stunned at this.

The effect of this medicine was too powerful, it was so instant that it could be described as a “miracle pill”.

At this point, Ren Zongheng turned his head to the other pill refiners and said with a smile.

“Everyone, what do you think of this elixir? Do you have any questions? Do any of you have the ability to refine a more powerful elixir than Master Ye?”

The pill refiners were used to being arrogant in the Ren family, and it was fine to have “Dan Yunzi” to help suppress them before, but once “Dan Yunzi” left, their anger immediately rose, and Ren Zongheng also wanted to take this opportunity to suppress them.

Although these pill refiners were a bit reluctant, they had no other way out but to bow down.

So, everyone shook their heads to indicate that they could not refine it.

Only then did Ren Zongheng look at everyone and say with a smile.

“In that case, I hereby announce that Grandmaster Ye Lu has officially become a ‘Donor’ of our Ren Family and enjoys the same rights as Grandmaster ‘Dan Yunzi’.”

Hearing Ren Zongheng’s words, the expressions of those pill refiners were not very good, because “Dan Yunzi” was exactly their leader-like role, and now that “Dan Yunzi” had easily left, Ye Lu came again, which made everyone feel the pressure.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Master Ren, you have announced it like this, as if you haven’t consulted me yet.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ren Zongheng hurriedly said with a smile.

“Master Ye Lu, you say, what conditions do you have, our Ren Family will definitely agree to all of them, just mention them.”

He intuitively felt that this Ye Lu was even more powerful than “Dan Yunzi”, and that he might be able to make a pill to improve his cultivation in the future.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“My condition is also very simple, that is, let Ren Yi and Ren Yao participate in this ‘Martial Competition’, I will follow them throughout and guide them to ensure that they can stand out in the competition.”

“Of course, after this, the two of them are to be trained as the family’s elite, this condition is easy to accept, right?”

After hearing Ye Luo finish, of course Ren Zongheng agreed with his mouth, he also saw that Ye Luo mostly came to his family because of Ren Zun and Ren Yao’s relationship, otherwise with Ye Luo’s level, but where everyone wasn’t grabbing for it.

When he saw that the matter was settled, Ye Lu chatted happily with everyone, then he took Ren Zun and Ren Yao and left, there was not much time left before the “Martial Competition” of the two clans, he had to make these two brothers as strong as possible, and he also had many other things to do.

For example, he had to go to the Pill Alliance to obtain the qualification of “Elder”, which was a more valuable title than “Elder” of the Weapon Sect.

At the same time, Ye Lu also found out another thing, that is, for ordinary people, the cultivation path is really too difficult.

This was still with the help of the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, otherwise Ye Lu felt that they would have been lucky to break through to the “Innate Realm”.

It was understandable why everyone was so crazy about the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” at that time, but unfortunately, Ye Lu never got that blue Manjushri afterwards.

So, Ye Lu first took out a batch of pills and gave them to Ren Yi and Ren Yao, so that they could raise their cultivation levels to the peak of the “Innate Realm” first, and then he found them tailor-made “martial skills”, and then helped them plan suitable “magic weapons”, as this tournament was a competition by cultivation level.

After all this was done, he then looked at the two men and said.

“Tell me about the ‘Yellow Emperor Clan’ and the ‘Chi You Clan’, especially about the ‘Chi You Clan’. ”

As a result, what Ye Lu did not expect was that he heard the legend about the “Ten Ancient Fierce Armies” for the first time.