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Super School Student Chapter 423-424

Chapter 423

“The reason why the ‘Yellow Emperor Clan’ and the ‘Chi You Clan’ are so powerful is because both clans have their ‘Fierce Armies’, while the equally powerful The ‘Shen Nong Clan’, on the other hand, has fallen apart because the ‘Fierce Armament’ has been lost.”

This time it was Ren Zun who spoke, he obviously knew more about the various matters of the clan.

When he heard Ren Yi talk about the ‘fierce soldier’, Ye Lu asked curiously.

“What is this ‘fierce soldier’ you speak of? Can you explain it carefully?”

As a result, it was Ren Yao who explained this time.

“‘Fierce weapons’ are actually those terrifying weapons in legends that have had great killings, to be honest, most of them are also legends because many people have never seen these weapons either, however, it is said that there are ten ‘fierce weapons’ called ‘The Ten Fierce Weapons of the Ancient World’.”

“One of the ‘Regulus Swords’ owned by our ‘Yellow Emperor Clan’ is said to be a gold-coloured ancient sword cast by the gods from the bronze of the first mountain, with the sun, moon and stars on one side of the sword, and the mountains, rivers and gra*ses on the other, and the hilt side was written with the art of farming and storage, and on the other side with the strategy of unifying the four seas.”

“This divine sword of the ages once helped Emperor Xuanyuan Huang to defeat his powerful enemy Chi You, and was a powerful divine weapon with infinite power, but it was also called a ‘fierce weapon’ because it killed too much.”

After listening to Ren Yao’s explanation, Ye Luo then nodded and said.

“This sounds a bit interesting, do you know any other ‘ferocious weapons’?”

Ren Yao thought for a moment then said.

“We don’t know this very well, I only know that the ‘Chi You Clan’ had a ‘Chi You Go’, which was the ‘Chi You’ when he was fighting the Yellow Emperor There is also the ‘fierce weapon’ of Southern Chu called ‘Dong Huang Zhong’, which is said to be the weapon of ‘Dong Huang Tai Yi’, the great god of Southern Chu.”

“Right, there’s also the legendary oldest ‘fierce weapon’, the terrifying guy who opened up the heavens and the earth, the ‘Pan Gu Axe’, but this thing is a bit esoteric and mysterious, it doesn’t feel too reliable.”

At this time, Ren Yi, who had been silent, suddenly said.

“I can think of one, it’s the ‘Sunset Bow’ that the ‘Hou Yi Great God’ shot the sun with, also dead one of the ‘Ten Fierce Weapons’, it is said that he used the ‘Sunset Bow’ and ‘Sunset Arrow’ were given by the Heavenly Emperor, and he used this ‘Fierce Weapon’ to not only shoot down nine suns, but also to kill six terrifying ferocious beasts. ”

Hearing Ren Yi’s words Ye Luo then couldn’t help but say.

“Do you know where this ‘Sunset Bow’ is?”

If even Ren Yi and Ren Yao knew where the “Sunset Bow” was, then wouldn’t the “Ten Ancient Fierce Armaments” be cabbages on the street?

The arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” was already so powerful, if he could get the “Sunset Bow”, then he would be able to shoot whoever he wanted.

However, at the moment, it was just a thought.

It was not that easy to get hold of, but a weapon could influence the rise and fall of a power. If the rumours were true, then these “Ten Ancient Fierce Weapons” were really powerful and terrifying, and must be more than just “magic treasures”.

The two brothers talked a little more, and as a result, Ye Lu found that not only did Ren Yi and Ren Yao not know where the “Chi You clan” was, but also the rest of the Ren family did not know where the “Chi You clan” was, because when it was their turn to compete on the “Chi You clan” side, they all used temporary teleportation arrays to teleport people directly to the vicinity of the “Chi You clan” clan, and then teleported back after the competition was over.

However, even though this seemed unsafe, there had never been any mistakes, so everyone was used to it.

After understanding the basic situation, Ye Lu gave a few more instructions, and then got up and rushed to the Hundred Flowers Sect first, as the Hundred Flowers Sect was closer to the capital, while the headquarters of the Pill Alliance was a little further away.

When he arrived at the “Hundred Flowers Sect”, Ye Lu went to look for Liu Mei first, because he had not seen her for a long time, and he really missed her.

So, Ye Luo stopped dwelling on this matter and instead went to the central square of this secret realm.

This central square had been remodeled, and at this moment, the “Fire of Vitality” was burning brightly, and around the “Nine Heavens Xuan Fire”, there were many disciples of the sect sitting around there, cultivating on their knees. “Hoo-la-la!” They all ran over happily.

In fact, Ye Luo could see from the growth of the plants in the whole secret realm that even the flowers were bigger and brighter than before.

Ye Luo saw Jasmine looking down at himself, so he smiled and gave her a pair of “storage bracelets”, which he had made for Jasmine, and the space in the two bracelets was also the largest, Jasmine had helped him a lot.

“These two are bracelets for storage, I put the pills I gave you, and the defensive ‘magic treasures’ and ‘magic weapons’ and many other things in them, thank you so much.”

Ye Lu looked at Jasmine and said with a smile.

Jasmine’s face immediately turned red, she didn’t dare to look at Ye Luo, lowering her head and looking at the finely carved pattern of jasmine flowers on the bracelet and whispered.

“Also …… thank you too …… me, I will take care of sister Liu Mei ……”

Seeing Jasmine squirming state, Ye Lu felt that most of Liu Mei had said something to this simple ninny.

Seeing the surrounding people looking at Jasmine’s envious expression, Ye Lu said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, everyone has a share, I made a storage gadget for most of you, it’s a little gift from me to you, it’s equivalent to me giving each of you a designer bag, right?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, all of them raised their eyebrows and smiled.

To be honest, this was much more valuable than any designer bag, and everyone instantly you surrounded Ye Luo in the middle.

However, Ye Luo did not take out these things and distribute them to everyone, but only took out one and held it up and said to everyone with a smile.

“Don’t be in a hurry, don’t be in a hurry, it’s this ‘Hetian white jade’ pendant, however, I can’t give it to you directly, I will give this hundred or so jewels to Elder Shui Xian in a moment, so that Elder Shui Xian can distribute it to you.”

While Ye Lu was talking, Elder Water Fairy’s voice suddenly rang out from afar.

“Ye Luo, I am here, I am looking for a matter to discuss, the clan wants you to join, do you agree to join our ‘Hundred Flower Clan’?”

Without waiting for Ye Luo to speak, Elder Shui Xian continued.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you really join us, I know you’ve already joined the ‘Pill Alliance’, we want you to be our ‘Honorary Elder’, you don’t have to do anything, just titularly count as one of us now, do you Do you agree?”

Then, again, without waiting for Ye Luo to answer, all the women started to say to Ye Luo.

“Ye Luo, just agree!”

“Yes, just join us, we like you a lot.”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s okay to let us sisters serve you together.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to work either, just hang out.”


The women were all hugging, hugging, hugging and rubbing …… each other.

“Alright, alright, I promise you all, so are you satisfied?”

Only then did the crowd throw Ye Luo up with a roar.

To be honest, even though Ye Luo had always been thick-skinned, he still felt his face heating up a little when he was surrounded by so many women.

Elder Shui Xian then smiled and continued.

“Ah Ye Lu, since you are already our elder, so you should also have a flower name, your name is ‘Immortal Ball’, so congratulations ‘Immortal Ball’ elder!”

With the words of Elder Narcissus, everyone shouted out.

“Congratulations to Elder ‘Immortal Ball’!”

Ye Luo was instantly left with a black line.


Chapter 424

Leaffall hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“Stop! Stop it all, what kind of bird names are these, how unpleasant, no, I demand a different one, otherwise I won’t be your elder.”

After Ye Lu finished speaking, Elder Shui Xian rubbed his chin and said.

“This is a bit hard to do, ah, most of the other flower names, we ‘Hundred Flower Sect’ have used ah, including ‘Man-eating Flower’, ‘Dog-tailed Gra*s’ We’ve used them all, just this ‘Fairy Ball’ happens to have a vacancy.”

For his part, Leaffall said after some thought.

“I have a name, let’s call me ‘Bellflower’, I can acquire with her who was called by that name before.”

Because Ye Lu suddenly remembered a manga he liked and also a corresponding movie called “Hot Blooded High School”, the high school in it was called “Suzuran High School”, moreover, he had checked afterwards that “Suzuran” was a poisonous herb that was poisonous all over, so it was very similar to himself.

When Ye Lu finished speaking, Elder Narcissus stroked his chin and muttered in a low voice.

“Bell orchid? The language of the flower, happy return, hmm, not a bad name, then you should congratulate the ‘Bell Orchid Elder’.”

Ye Luo didn’t know the flower language of “bell orchid”, but it sounded much better than “fairy ball elder” anyway.

Following this, Elder Narcissus said with a smile.

“Well, Elder Bell Orchid, since you are already our elder, we don’t have to hide something from you.

With those words, Elder Narcissus took out a stone that was emitting light.

“Luminous stone!”

No, it should actually be called a “daylight stone”, because this fast stone could already glow in the daytime, in such a bright place.

When he saw this “Daylight Stone”, Ye Lu felt like drooling, this was the “Upper Grade Spirit Stone”, which was more advanced than the “Medium Grade Spirit Stone” he had used before. Although the “Medium Grade Spirit Stone” was still basically enough to be used until the nine spirit fluids were fully condensed, the “Upper Grade Spirit Stone” was undoubtedly more effective and much better, although it was a bit wasteful.


Ye Lu subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Elder Shui Xian said with a smile.

“Why do you see this and see a great beauty, don’t worry, it will be given to you, come on, let’s go to my place for a closer chat.”

Of course Ye Luo obediently followed him over.

Then Ye Lu and Elder Narcissus exchanged their things first, seeing that Ye Lu had actually taken out so much stored jewellery, Elder Narcissus was really taken aback.

“Did you make all this yourself?”

She asked as she looked at Ye Lu with an incredulous expression.

Ye Luo nodded and then said.

“Yes, I made it myself, I forgot to tell you, besides this status, I am also an honorary elder of the ‘Weapon Sect’, in addition, soon I will become an elder of the ‘Pill Alliance’.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Elder Shui Xian asked with a somewhat incredulous stare.

“Those pills were really made by you, huh? I had previously suspected that you had obtained some great treasure somewhere.”

In fact, Elder Shui Xian was also slightly suspicious because Ye Lu’s performance was really too incredible.

After that, Elder Shui Xian took out twenty fast “top-grade spirit stones” and handed them to Ye Lu, saying.

“To be honest with you, these things, including the ones I gave you before, were actually not obtained by me, but by the inner sect elders. Elder Lotus said that she could only give you twenty first, and I’m not sure how many more she has there, but she didn’t know that you had brought so many good things.”

“So, don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly, I will report the truth to the clan, and then if there are more ‘Daylight Stones’ subsequently, I will ask Jasmine to bring them.”

After saying that, Elder Water Fairy took out another storage ring and said with a smile.

“Here is also a large batch of those ‘super extreme luminous stones’ from before, these are for you, the pills promised to the sisters remember to give time to refine some for everyone oh.”

After Elder Water Fairy finished speaking, Ye Lu took out a few pills and said.

“This is the ‘Nine Revolutions Golden Pill’ which allows you to raise one turn without side effects, however, it can only be used once in your lifetime.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Elder Shui Xian was taken aback.

He knew that each of the nine revolutions of the Golden Elixir was very difficult and took a long time, and that the two small realms of crossing from the Pseudo-Dan Realm to the Void Dan Realm and the Void Dan Realm to the Real Dan Realm were even more difficult.

However, Ye Lu wasn’t finished yet.

He once again took out a bag of pills and said.

“This is the ‘Gathering Pill’ that I said I would provide again afterwards, so you guys can ma*s produce ‘Golden Dan Ninth Turn’ experts.”

Seeing that Ye Lu really took out a large batch of “Gathering Pills”, Elder Shui Xian was once again surprised, at the same time, she also felt that the loss she had suffered from Ye Lu last time was not in vain, this harvest was really immense, “Foundation Establishment Pills”, “Foundation Fixation Pills”, “Gathering Pills”, “Nine Turning Golden Pills”, this was simply a set of combinations that could turn an “Innate Realm” cultivator into a “Nine Turning Golden Pill” expert in a very short time.

Moreover, according to Ye Lu, these pills could be ma*s-produced.

If this continued, the Hundred Flowers Sect would sooner or later become an extremely powerful sect, and would no longer be bullied everywhere.

Therefore, after picking up the pills, Elder Shui Xian said solemnly.

“Ye Lu, don’t worry, since you are already a member of our ‘Hundred Flower Sect’, we will definitely not treat you badly, I will report to the sect and will definitely let you have inexhaustible resources.”

Ye Lu certainly did not doubt Elder Shui Xian’s words, he instructed Elder Shui Xian to help take care of Liu Mei, and then left the Hundred Flowers Sect and headed for the Pill Alliance.

Since he already knew about the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion”, the “Nine Stars” and the nine keys to the Immortal Mansion, Ye Lu decided to take the initiative to unravel the truth of the matter and find his grandmother, which might also lead to the possibility of learning about his and Ye Yan’s origins.

“The headquarters of the Pill Alliance was located on Mount Tai, the largest mountain in China, the top of the Five Mountains, which was not too far from the capital.

This is also the place where the legend says “the view of the mountains is small”. Not to mention the fact that Mount Tai is the only mountain in the world, so looking down from the “Jade Emperor’s Peak” really gives you the feeling of “the world is small when you climb Mount Tai”.

There are not only peaks and trees on Mount Tai, but also many caves. However, the secret place of the Pill Alliance is not near the Jade Emperor’s Peak, as it is too high and crowded, so it is not very convenient after all.

Near the cave, Ye Lu also saw a spatial teleportation formation for the first time.

When activated, it could transfer things and people between two teleportation arrays, but it consumed a certain amount of energy.

He and “Big Wind” approached the entrance of the cave very quickly, and when he saw that he was being received by a woman at the entrance, “Big Wind” took his original form and put on his clothes.

When he saw Ye Lu riding a demonic beast, the Pill Alliance disciple at the entrance immediately gave Ye Lu a respectful salute.

“Excuse me, who are you?”

She looked at Ye Luo’s face and asked.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“My name is Ye Luo, a pill refiner of the ‘Mo Lian Lineage’, invited here by the headquarters.”

As soon as she heard that it was Ye Luo, the woman immediately said with wide eyes.

“You’re Master Ye Lu, you’re really young, come on, please, please, I’m here to receive you, it’s said that you like beautiful women, isn’t it?”

This woman’s words made Ye Luo’s head black, he did have this hobby, but how did she know about it?

As a result, without waiting for Ye Luo to ask, the other party said with a smile.

“It was your ‘Master Mo Lian’s’ disciples who said that you love beautiful women the most, which is why the clan sent me to receive you.”

To be honest, this woman was indeed quite beautiful, and at first Ye Lu felt a little strange, not expecting there to be such an interlude here.

However, immediately after that, the woman smiled and said.

“However, Master Ye Lu, you will probably have quite a lot of trouble this time you go, because of the way the ‘Mo Lian lineage’ acts, they have made a lot of enemies, ah, I guess there are many people who don’t obey you.”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I will see to it and specialise in curing all kinds of disobedience!”