Super School Student Chapter 427-428

Chapter 427

He looked at the crowd and said.

“Shut up all of you, have some breeding will you, I really don’t have such a good thing, however, we do have an egg of a divine beast that is slightly worse than this one in our ‘Pill Alliance’, it is also an egg of unknown breed and currently has no way of hatching, I will bet you with that one, if you feel at a loss, I have There is also a beast egg of the fire attribute ‘Vermilion Bird’ bloodline that can be used together as a bet, so that’s always okay, right?”

Ye Lu nodded with a smile and said.

“Fine, although I’ll take a bit of a loss, but so be it, but I have a question, you said that the unknown beast egg belongs to the ‘Pill Alliance’, so what right do you have to give it to me, you’re not lying to me, right?”

“Elder Yuxin smiled and said.

“Since I dare to use it as a bet, I will definitely be able to give it to you, you can rest a*sured of that, after all, there are so many people here to witness it.”

Hearing Elder Pillar’s a*surance, Ye Lu nodded and then gestured for Elder Pillar to start the test.

In fact, the reason why Elder Yuxin was so generous was because in his opinion, there was no doubt that he would win, and the other two elders were his friends, so in such a case, they could just turn a blind eye and decide that Ye Lu did not pa*s the test, so he was basically in a safe position to win.

Although it had not been hatched yet, there were only so many ways to hatch a beast egg in general, and if it was not possible, one could apply to enter the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” through the “Beast Alliance” to find a special female to hatch.

Anyway, there was always a way.

So, he reached out and formed a Fire Wolf in front of him.

“The flames used by Elder Pillar were also beast flames, but in fact, beast flames did not mean that they were weak, as the flames of some demonic beasts were still very terrifying.

The fire-red flames quickly transformed into a living and breathing “fire wolf”, and under the control of Elder Yuxin, the “fire wolf” even howled to the sky.

They had all learnt to do this before, but many of them were unable to control the fire in a very surprising way, and their creations were extremely shoddy.

The “Fire Wolf” that Elder Pill Xin had made was so fine that it could move and howl at will, which was very rare.

Ye Lu took a look at Elder Yuxin’s Fire Wolf, then smiled and said.

“Just a little wolf, let me destroy you.”

As he said that, he quickly reached out his hand and a pink leopard appeared in front of Ye Lu, this leopard was also alive and well, even its beard and ears were very clear, and its body was heavily coloured with leopard stripes, while its size was bigger than Elder Pill Xin’s Fire Wolf.

However, compared to Elder Yuxin’s Fire Wolf, the leopard’s fur was very short and therefore not visible, so although the crowd was surprised, they were not surprised.

“Are you ready?”

Seeing his own flame shaking involuntarily after Ye Lu’s flame appeared, it made Elder Yuxin’s brow frown.

“It seems that at least the rumour that he possesses ‘Origin Fire’ is true.”

“He knew very well that the level of Ye Lu’s flame was stronger than his own, but level didn’t mean everything, so after seeing Ye Lu nod, he activated his “Fire Wolf”.

The pink leopard also rushed up at the same time, and the two fire beasts instantly tore into each other.

As soon as they did, Elder Yuxin realised that he had underestimated Ye Lu, and that his Fire Wolf did not have any advantage in terms of speed or lethality.

“It looks like I’ve been a little bit light on the enemy!”

Seeing this scene, the “Pillar Elder” quickly raised his hand and another fire beast appeared, this time it was a glistening tiger, dazzling and wagging its head and tail, unusually powerful, and this time this fire beast was not only much bigger, but also looked more solid.

“Oh, you have it, I have it too!”

After seeing the fire tiger, Ye Lu raised his hands, and a “fire lion”, which was a head taller than the fire tiger and almost the size of a real lion, appeared, also much more solid than the first “fire leopard”.

“Huh! That one called Ye Lu actually hid his strength too!”

The crowd was a little surprised.

However, Mo Lian said.

“Can’t you guys see that Master Ye Lu is using the strategy of attacking afterwards, and the fire beasts he condensed afterwards were only a little stronger than the opponent’s fire beasts.”

Hearing Mo Lian’s words, some people nodded as it did seem to be the case, however, many people could not accept this as it made people feel that it was not Ye Lu who was taking the examination, but rather “Elder Pillars of Xin”.

Seeing that Ye Lu’s Fire Lion was actually one head bigger than his own Fire Tiger, Elder Yuxin frowned and he quickly struck again, and a Fire Qilin, which was much bigger than Ye Lu’s Fire Lion, appeared.

However, Ye Lu immediately returned with an even larger Fire Dragon.

By this time, the Fire Beast released by both sides was so big that the test table in front of him was too big to fit the Fire Beast.

This was something that had rarely happened in previous tests, so they all got excited.

“Fight! Fight!”

“Bite it, bite it ……”

“Make it hard ……”


The venue was as lively as a cricket fight.

However, it was obvious that it was Elder Yuxin’s fire beast that was unlucky, because every time Ye Lu released a fire beast that was bigger and more solid than his.

“This kid is really evil!”

“He felt that it was time to deal a fatal blow to Ye Lu, otherwise it would be unjustifiable to give Ye Lu another failure if he continued like this.

So, this time, he made a quick move and created a huge fire bird, which Ye Lu knew very well, it was the Vermilion Bird of the Four Sacred Beasts.

As soon as this Vermilion Bird appeared, the whole venue was in an uproar, because not only was it huge enough to cover the sky, but it was also detailed to the point that every plume, beak, eye and hair, was so delicate that it was the ultimate in fire control, and it had reached the realm where it was as free as it wanted to be.

Seeing this Vermillion Bird appear, Ye Lu understood that the time had come to decide the winner.

He looked at Elder Yuxin and said with a smile.

“It looks like it’s the final moment, so I’ll show you what true fire control means, the undying Phoenix!”

The reason why it was not bigger was not because Ye Lu could not get a bigger bird, but because the two birds had already reached the roof and there was no way to go higher or bigger.

“Isn’t this the same size, what do you mean by real fire control, I don’t feel it?”

“That’s right, it’s obviously claptrap!”

“Spoken as if it were true.”


The crowd’s discussion had just started when someone shouted in surprise, “Look guys, that phoenix is changing colour.

Yes, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, all sorts of colours were showing up one by one, the phoenix that had been pink slowly turned into a seven-colored phoenix of breathtaking beauty.

Everyone was stunned and dumbfounded at this.

This was beyond anyone’s knowledge because everyone present knew that a person could only have one type of “beast fire” or “spirit fire” and that each type of flame had only one colour, although there might be differences in shades, but it would never be this colourful.

“What surprised him even more was that while he was dazed, the seven-coloured fire phoenix had already finished off his Vermillion Bird.

Then, Ye Lu looked at Elder Yuxin and said with a smile.

“Alright, give me the bet, but don’t worry, I’ll give you a chance to win back in the next round of the test, do you still want to bet?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Elder Yuxin could not help but fall into deep thought.


Chapter 428

He had no idea how Ye Lu could have done that, he could hardly describe it as unbelievable.

Anyway, Elder Yuxin asked himself if he could not do it. Moreover, Ye Lu’s “Fire Phoenix” was indeed stronger than his own “Vermilion Bird”, and in this regard, Ye Lu had not taken advantage of the situation at all.

However, he knew very well that if he didn’t win back the beast egg, he would have to work for the Pill Alliance for the rest of his life, and that was not something that could be taken for nothing.

Therefore, he was in a state of hesitation for the time being.

However, while he was hesitant, those who were watching were not afraid of what was going on. Everyone felt that a simple test would be a very boring thing to do, so almost everyone felt that they should make the bet happen.

So everyone, led by a secondary lineup of “Mo Lian Clan”, began to shout.

“Elder Yuxin, if you’re a man, say yes.”

“If you’re a man, bet!”

“If you’re a man, don’t be afraid!”

“Be a man is one word, bet!”


Soon, this matter had risen to the level of whether Elder Yuxin was a man or not, which made Ye Lu feel a bit unprepared, but it seemed that things were indeed becoming more and more interesting.

In fact, to be honest, Ye Lu did not know what the next test would be, but as long as it was playing with fire and alchemy, he felt that he should not have to worry about it, as he was also a member of the “Three Great Origin Fires”, and the other party did not have a ridiculously high cultivation level.

However, the others didn’t know that, including Elder Yuxin, who was opposite him.

If he did, not only would he be under immense pressure to pay the debt to the Pill Alliance, but the pressure of public opinion would also kill him if he avoided it.

So, he gritted his teeth and said.

“Fine, let’s bet, the second item is to specify the alchemy, it must be a ‘Heavenly Grade’ pill, what do you think?”

Hearing the words of “Elder Pill Xin”, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“This is up to you, if I were to set the rules, it would feel like I’m bullying you, wouldn’t it? You set the rules.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Elder Yuxin suddenly burst into tears and laughter, he felt as if things had suddenly reversed and he had become the pa*sive party, while Ye Lu had become the active party.

However, when he thought about what Ye Lu said, he had a point. He knew what the test was about, but Ye Lu knew nothing about it, so it was unrealistic for Ye Lu to come up with the questions.

So, he thought about it and said.

“The second test was originally done in such a way that we would randomly come up with an elixir recipe and then give you the specified ingredients to complete the refining of a ‘Heavenly Grade’ elixir, if we bet like that, I feel that it should be too easy for you, so why don’t the two of us bet on the speed and colour of refining a certain elixir. ”

“As long as you can reach my ‘80%’ level in both areas it’ll be considered a win for you.”

To be honest, in everyone’s opinion, this condition was already a bit difficult for Ye Lu, because ordinary tests were not so troublesome, as long as one followed the recipe and refined the pills step by step, as long as there was a pills of sufficient colour.

After all, Elder Yuxin was a super expert who had truly entered the Golden Elixir Path, and he was a real elder of the Pill Alliance, not some external elder.

However, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Let’s not make it so troublesome, judging by 80 percent or whatever is too wordy, let’s just have a serious competition to see who is stronger in terms of speed and finished product rate.”

Hearing that Ye Lu had actually called out “Elder Yuxin” directly, everyone was shocked beyond words.

“Is this guy crazy?”

“Does he know who ‘Elder Yuxin’ is?”

“He’s actually trying to fight a tough match against an elder, he’s looking for death!”


As a result, Lin Ruyue shouted loudly.

“What are you guys talking about, Grandmaster Ye is also an elder, okay, if it wasn’t for ‘Elder Yuxin’ questioning Grandmaster Ye, Grandmaster Ye would have been a real elder a long time ago.”

Hearing Lin Ruyue’s words, many people fell into deep thought, because in terms of reasoning, what Lin Ruyue said was also right, the sect had announced this matter long ago, although it was not official, but basically many people knew about it.

It was only that most of the people in the Pill Alliance had not seen Ye Lu’s performance at that time, so they were naturally unconvinced that Ye Lu had suddenly become a “pill refining master” and an “elder”.

They knew that the titles of “Master Pill Refiner” and “Elder” both carried a lot of gold.

“Uh! Wouldn’t that be too much of a disadvantage for you?”

“Elder Pill Xin” said as he looked at Ye Luo and stroked his beard.

Ye Luo waved his hand indifferently and said.

“Little Yue Yue is right, you don’t need to have any worries, because after I become a ‘pill refining master’ in a while, I will soon be an elder, and the two of us will be on an equal footing, so you don’t need to give in to me, say it, what are we here to refine this time? ”

“Elder Yuxin thought for a moment and said.

“It would be unfair for me to come up with the questions, so let Elder Yuan come up with them.”

With these words he looked at another old man with a white beard.

The “Medicine Garden Elder” thought for a moment and said.

“After all, I am a few years older than you, so I know some strange potion recipes, so you can make a ‘fourth-rank’ potion for the ‘Ninth Turn of the Golden Elixir’ realm. ‘Nine Trick Pill’.”

“As the name implies, it is related to the ‘Nine Nostrils of the Golden Elixir’, and it is said that its use at the ‘Nine Revolutions of the Golden Elixir’ realm will be helpful for truly stepping into the ‘Golden Elixir Avenue’ It will be helpful afterwards, but of course since the materials are hard to match and you have to wait too long for it to be effective, and there’s no way to prove whether it’s really effective or not for everyone, so almost no one refines it, so you guys just refine this.”

“Xiao Ke, go and help prepare the ingredients, prepare two copies for each of you, I think even you might fail, because this elixir not only requires a full thirty-six ingredients when refining, but it also requires the fusion of nine different laws of heaven and earth, so the requirements for the refiner are very high when it comes to fusion and condensation.”

Hearing that not only did the materials need to be so many, but that they had to contain nine different laws of heaven and earth, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, this really wasn’t an ordinary difficult pill to train!

Soon, all the various things for the alchemy were ready.

Sure enough, there was a huge array of materials alone, and seeing that the two people were going to compete to refine such a complex elixir, the audience’s interest was also piqued, and everyone looked at the two people with wide hungry eyes.

“Are you all ready?”

“The Pill Garden Elder asked, looking at the two men.

When he saw both of them nodding, he smiled and said.

“Let’s begin!”

As his words fell, both of them began to prepare the ingredients. The Pill Garden Elder’s pot was quite extraordinary, it was a “Heavenly Grade Lower Grade” “magic treasure”.

“It looks like it’s Elder Yuxin who has won this time, he’s a bit faster.”

“Yeah, that Ye Lu is lifting a stone to smash his own feet, if he accepts the 80 percent at the beginning, he will win, not this time.”

“Hey, yeah, too young after all.”

However, at this moment, nine dan furnaces suddenly appeared in front of Ye Lu, and then the flame in Ye Lu’s hand also split into nine, and at the same time, he threw the nine ingredients into each of the nine dan furnaces.

“Holy sh*t! Not put, he’s going to refine nine at the same time!”

“It looks as if that’s the case.”

“This guy is so crazy!”

“Absolutely crazy, the situation is not clear now.”

“Yeah, I feel like ‘Elder Yuxin’ is going to be finished.”

“I have a feeling it is too.”


When he saw the scene of the nine tripods coming out from Ye Lu, Elder Yuxin’s eyelids twitched. He originally thought that he was sure to win, but he didn’t expect the other party to have such a trick.

“This is going to be a disaster!”

“Elder Yuxin suddenly felt as if he had fallen into the pit designed by Ye Lu.