Super School Student Chapter 429-430

Chapter 429

This method of refining pills with a large pile of pots Ye Lu had used many times before, because he found that he had too many pills to refine and he could not split them, so Ye Lu came up with this method, at least before melting the pills, to save his time greatly.

With thirty-six ingredients, Ye Luo’s nine pots came out in unison, refining at a fast pace, this exaggerated method of refining caused everyone to look sideways.

“In fact, Elder Pillarsin was also considering whether or not to do this.

With his ability to control fire, he could also do it, but he didn’t do it at first, because if he did it after seeing Ye Lu do it, he would feel somehow uncomfortable, and with the style of those strange women in the Mo Lian lineage, if he did it, those women would definitely scold him to death.

So, after thinking about it, Elder Pill Garden finally gave up. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t surpa*s Ye Lu in terms of speed, he would definitely not be worse than Ye Lu in terms of quality.

The “Pill Garden Elder” stroked his beard as he watched all this.

Although he was an old friend of Elder Yuxin, he was not inclined towards Elder Yuxin from his standpoint, because Elder Yuxin was still a fair and impartial person.

Just now, Ye Lu’s performance had already amazed him, in fact, in the heart of the “Pill Garden Elder”, he had already acknowledged Ye Lu’s status, but he also wanted to see what kind of skills Ye Lu had.

He knew the level of “Pill Garden Elder”, and what he had just said about the possibility of failing to refine was actually for Ye Lu, a kind of secret help to give Ye Lu one more chance, he knew very well that “Pill Garden Elder” would not fail, because he was a true “Golden Dan Realm” super expert.

He knew that Elder Yuxin would not fail in refining a pill of the same level, but for a pill of a lower level, Elder Yuxin could definitely refine it to the extreme as long as he gave up on speed.

The difficulty with this elixir was how to control the speed and quality of the elixir.

The pursuit of speed inevitably entailed giving up some of the quality, and the pursuit of quality would of course have an impact on speed.

However, Ye Lu’s strange move made this key point meaningless, because Ye Lu was already destined to win in terms of speed, so Elder Pill Xin had to fight for quality.



Many of the people here had connections with Elder Yuxin, some were disciples of Elder Yuxin, some were disciples of Elder Yuxin’s disciples, so everyone knew Elder Yuxin’s level of alchemy, and Ye Lu was the first person to be able to push Elder Yuxin to such a level.

“This one seems to be really strong.”

“You’re right, I thought he was just a name, but it looks like I was wrong.”

“Yeah, look at how each Dan Ding is processed faster than me, such strong fire control!”


This point was right, because Ye Lu used spiritual energy and his body had been reborn, so his affinity to the laws of heaven and earth was much stronger, plus the “Origin Fire” was originally something that pointed directly to the origin, which helped Ye Lu even more.

Soon, Ye Lu finished processing all 36 ingredients, and by this time, Elder Yuxin had only processed less than one-sixth of them.

If he hadn’t taken advantage of the situation, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t have been able to handle this “Elder Yuxin” according to the 80 percent agreement.

“Sorry, I’ll start using the Melting Pill first.”

Ye Lu looked at Elder Yuxin and smiled, then began to take out the “Burning Heaven Furnace” and put in the ingredients.

Since he had already saved a lot of time before, Ye Lu was not in such a hurry when it came to making the pills, but started to make them with great concentration.

The audience had also changed from watching to expecting Ye Lu to perform a miracle, a change in mood that the audience had not thought of.

Soon, Ye Lu’s refinement was complete.

He did not open the furnace but sat quietly watching Elder Yuxin refine the pills. He found that he could learn a lot from Elder Yuxin, who after all had been a real expert in making pills all his life.

It took him about a third longer than Ye Lu, and Elder Yuxin had finished making the pills.

“He opened the pottery furnace and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“A ‘Heavenly Grade’ Pill, without a single mistake!”

After saying that, he took out a small testing instrument and put one of the pills in it.

Sure enough, a red glow lit up and it went to the top.

When they saw this, the crowd was not surprised, as it was clear to everyone that Elder Yuxin did have this ability.

Ye Lu also smiled and opened the pottery furnace, then took out a pill and put it in, saying.

“A ‘Heavenly Grade’ Pill, without a single mistake!”

Sure enough, the red glow lit up and reached the top as well.

It was not surprising that the “Pill Xin Elders” could do it, but it was surprising that Ye Lu could do it too, because Ye Lu was not an Elder. According to everyone’s understanding, apart from the “Pill Alliance” and the “Dan Tower”, all other “pill refiners” were wild “pill refiners”.

For these wild “pill refiners”, they did not think much of them, and Ye Lu was one of these wild varieties.

“That’s really impressive!”

“Yes, it should be no worse than our ‘elders’.”

“You’re missing the point, the point is, how old is he, which of our elders is that young!”

“Yeah, you’re right.”


The most surprised person was Mo Lian, who suddenly realized that his so-called “master” could now be his own “master”.

This level can only be described as unbelievable.

“The speed of refining Ye Lu wins, and the level of pills is equal, so Ye Lu wins, right?”

“No, I don’t think so… I just said that he won in both aspects.”

“It didn’t explicitly say that, did it.”


Just when everyone was studying how the decision would be made, Ye Lu spoke first.

He looked at the “Pill Garden Elder” and said with a smile.

“Regarding the level of the pills, I think it’s better to ask the ‘Pill Garden Elder’ to rule on it, after all, he’s the one who wrote the questions this time, right?”

As he said that, Ye Lu pushed the elixir in front of the “Pill Garden Elder”.

The “Pill Garden Elder” did not know what Ye Lu meant, so he pushed the pill to the “Pill Garden Elder”‘s side with some suspicion, as he was not afraid anyway.

However, the “Pill Garden Elder” took the pills from both of them and announced the knife without any hesitation.

“In this competition, Ye Lu has won in terms of speed and quality of pills, I rule that Ye Lu wins.”

At this everyone was in an uproar.

“How is it possible, the ‘Elder Pill Xin”s pills actually lost.”

“It can’t be, it’s a draw at most, didn’t the instrument just show it?”

“Could ‘Elder Pill Garden’ have cheated us?”


As the crowd wondered, the “Medicine Garden Elder” explained.

“It’s true that the grade of the pills are the same, but Ye Lu’s pills contain an inexplicable spirituality, so really, in terms of effect, it’s definitely Ye Lu’s pills that are superior.”

After saying this, he flicked the pill in his hand towards Elder Pill Xin.

After receiving the pill, “Elder Pill Xin” nodded helplessly, because what “Elder Pill Garden” said was indeed correct.

Ye Lu looked at Elder Yuxin and said with a smile.

“Well? Elder Yuxin, I think there is still one last round, do you want to compete again, you all have a big career anyway, just for fun.”

“Elder Yuxin sulked and muttered in his heart.

“This kid is obviously setting a trap for himself, if we continue, we will probably lose our underwear to each other.”

So, he shook his head and said.

“No need, there is no title for the last round, everything is free for you to play.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and took out a dan recipe and said.

“Fine, go ahead and dispense the medicine then, but it’s so boring without someone to bet on.”

But what Ye Lu didn’t expect was that when he was about to pretend, the “Pill Garden Elder” suddenly looked at him and said with a smile.

“Master Ye Lu, I think I can already call you that in advance, I can play with you, the bet is also a beast egg, I have a top grade ‘dragon egg’ here, we will bet on who will refine the variety of ‘Saint Grade’ pills with more, how about that?”


Chapter 430

“Dragon Egg!”

Hearing this name, Ye Lu was moved, because Long Fei Xue was of the “Green Dragon” bloodline, so if the “Dragon Egg” was given to her, it would definitely be the most suitable.

However, the “Medicine Garden Elder” continued.

“However, I should also explain to you in advance that this dragon egg, like your egg, is also rather special, and if you want to hatch it, most of you still need to enter the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’.”

Hearing the words of the “Pill Garden Elder”, Ye Lu asked with some confusion.

“Can’t we give it to the ‘Beast Alliance’ and ask for their help?”

The “Pill Garden Elder” smiled and said.

“If you really give the good stuff to the ‘Beast Alliance’, you will never get it back, and I advise you, even if you enter the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ from the ‘Beast Alliance’ side ‘, you must not reveal that you have any treasures in your hands, or else you may disappear forever in the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Mysterious Realm’.”

Hearing the words of the “Pill Garden Elder”, Ye Lu also sucked in a breath of cold air, he really did not expect the “Beast Alliance” to be so black, it was simply too black.

However, despite such problems, Ye Lu still had to get this “Dragon Egg”.

So, he smiled and said.

“Okay, then we’ll compete once.”

Hearing that Ye Luo wanted to compete with the “Pill Garden Elder”, those who were slightly unconvinced just now began to sigh, not to mention that Ye Luo’s domineering aura of killing God and Buddha made them feel a bit scared.

The “Pill Garden Elder” was a person who had seen a lot of things, and most people would be ashamed of themselves at this point, and to compare the number of “Saint Grade” pills made with the “Pill Garden Elder”, everyone felt that Ye Lu had brought his own strength this time.

“Hey! This guy has swelled up!”

“Yes, after all, he is young and vigorous!”

“I don’t think you can say that, young people? You have to be a bit energetic to do that.”

“It’s as if it’s true, you’re on!”

“That’s better.”


Following that, the two people began to formulate the herbs for the dan recipe while they started to refine it up, seeing that the two people were definitely in for a long battle, so many people went out and bought all kinds of food and drinks, ready to take their time and watch.

Pill Shu had also been alerted long ago, but instead of showing up, she followed another elder and sat in a nearby room to watch the scene.

“Shu’er, this one called Ye Lu is really quite a special person!”

This female elder also looked outside at Ye Luo with some emotion.

“However, how could such a powerful person get involved with the ‘Mo Lian’ girls?”

Pill Shu then said.

“Report to the ‘Pill Condor’ Master, I was also puzzled at first, thinking that he was Mo Lian’s disciple, but only later did I learn that he was actually Mo Lian’s master, Mo Lian and the girls had always been unrestrained, so I guess I met them occasionally when I went out one time and then worshipped their master.”

“The Pill Master nodded and said.

“It seems that their relationship is really unusual, and it looks like they are going to keep the ‘Mo Lian lineage’ at the headquarters.”

Hearing the words of the Pill Fai Elder, Pill Shu said with some concern.

“Will they cause trouble?”

“Elder Pill Fai said with a smile, shaking her head.

“Don’t worry, I’ve asked around, although the Mo Lian clan is a maverick, they haven’t caused any big trouble, and they basically don’t take the initiative to provoke others, which is why no one has ever bothered them. ”

After listening to the “Pill Premium Elder”, Pill Shu was a little curious and asked.

“What exactly is the relationship between the Mo Lian Clan and our ‘Pill Alliance’?”

“Elder Pill Concubine shook her head and said.

“I don’t know, because it involves something much older, but it should be related to the ‘Alliance Master’, anyway, but then again, the ‘Alliance Master’ hasn’t appeared for too long, so people’s hearts are scattered! ”

After saying that, the “Pill Premium Elder” also shook his head with some concern.

Pill Shu then stared outside and said.

“Both of them have already started making their second pills, I wonder how many ‘Saint Grade’ pills they can make?”

“The Pill Master said with a smile.

“In fact, the number of pills that can be made is not the most important thing, what matters most is whether the ‘Saint Grade’ pills that Ye Lu makes are the ones that our ‘Pill Alliance’ has, or the ones that we don’t.”

“If it’s something that we have, then it’s not unusual, if it’s something that we don’t have, then Ye Lu’s value is huge, every ‘Saint Grade’ elixir is worth a fortune, can’t you see, the ‘Pill Garden Elders’ eyes are lighting up. ”

In fact, Pill Shu also saw the excitement of the ‘Pill Garden Elder’, then she suddenly remembered something, then she looked at the ‘Pill Premium Elder’ and said.

“When I was chatting with Ye Lu, he mentioned a ‘holy’ elixir called the ‘Fixed Face Pill’, which, according to him, is a pill that can make one’s face ageless. If the two pills were used at the same time, one might be able to look old again.”

Hearing what Pill Shu said, “Pill Premium Elder” was really not calm at all.

Even though she had entered the Innate Realm at a very young age, her face was aging irreversibly as the years went by, and this had become a problem in her heart.

So, she said with some excitement.

“He can really make such a ‘pill’?”

Medicine Shu had to think about it and said.

“That’s what he said.”

Just at this time, they heard Ye Lu say.

“This is the ‘Face Fixing Pill’, a ‘holy’ elixir that can make one’s youth last forever.”

After saying that, he started a new round of refining, but the “Pill Relief Elder” was already looking at the bottle of pills with straight eyes.

Ye Lu and the “Medicine Garden Elder” spent a day refining, and then it was late at night.

The “Pill Garden Elder” had already refined all the “Saintly” pills that he could make for the “Houtian Mirror”, “Xiantian Realm”, “Foundation Establishment Realm” and “Golden Dan Nine Revolutions” realms.

However, on the contrary, Ye Luo was still leisurely refining the “Saintly” pills for the “Innate Heaven” realm, moreover, the “Pill Garden Elder” was refining one kind of pills while Ye Luo was refining one kind of pills, so Ye Luo also took the opportunity to finish his lunch and dinner, which made the “Pill Garden Elder”, who was continuously refining pills, a bit overwhelmed.

This was because the Pill Garden Elder was surprised to find that he had not seen most of the “Saintly” pills Ye Lu had made, and the ones he had seen were not quite the same as the ones he knew, which made him understand that this Ye Lu was really an unusual person.

“Alright, alright, you’ve won.”

The “Pill Garden Elder” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

He was very satisfied with Ye Luo, so he smiled and took out a sign and said.

“Ye Lu, congratulations on becoming the ‘Pill Refining Master’ of our ‘Pill Alliance’, and I don’t think there is any Do any of you have any more comments?”

As a result, it was “Elder Pill Xin” again who looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I have an opinion, every one of our ‘Pill Alliance’ elders has made a great contribution to the ‘Pill Alliance’, Ye Lu has done nothing and has just become the ‘Pill Alliance’ ”Elder, isn’t that a bit too unreasonable.”

Hearing Elder Pill Xin’s words, Elder Pill Garden’s brow furrowed, because although Elder Pill Xin was right, the current situation was obviously different from what Elder Pill Xin had said, because now Ye Lu was not begging them to become an elder, but the Pill Alliance wanted to keep Ye Lu through this.

“He looked at Elder Yuxin and said.

“You old man, I have put up with you for a long time, your grandson was beaten by me because he was to blame, who let him have no strength and still had a bad mouth, besides, as you can see, I did not hurt his muscles and bones, nor did I touch his foundation, so you are still not satisfied. If you don’t educate him properly, he will sooner or later become a eunuch, just like that Xie Tinglin of the Dan Tower.”

As a result, “Elder Pillowwood” said coldly.

“Humph! No matter what you say, the rules of the ‘Pill Alliance’ are that I have the right to veto, and if I don’t agree, you won’t be able to become an elder.”