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Super School Student Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

At the side, Gu Shiqi looked at this scene with astonishment, because just now Ye Lu bought this item without greeting her, but bought it on his own initiative, she was a little confused at first what Ye Lu wanted to do, and now she realized that it turned out that Ye Lu, this ghost slicker, was ready to sit on the ground and raise the price!

Seeing Ye Lu’s attitude the old man however did not get angry, but said with a smile.

“Then, little friend, how about you make a price, as long as it’s suitable, we’ll pay with one hand and deliver with the other?”

As a result, Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“I won’t make a price either, because I still have things to do, let’s wait until I’m done, you’re so cultivated, you must have the patience for this, right?”

Gu Shiqi thought that the old man would definitely get angry, but the old man spared but looked at Ye Lu with interest, after which he suddenly smiled and said.

“Okay, then when you’re done, go from the entrance of the hutong to the right, there’s a private club there, just meet there, just say you’re looking for Su Lao, I won’t see you, I want to take another look around here too.”

After saying that, the old man went on his way to wander elsewhere.

After the old man left, Gu Shiqi came over and said.

“Ye Lu, what is that treasure you are holding, why is that person so interested.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s not a treasure, it’s just unimpressive rubbish.”

Indeed, that’s what the gla*ses had just said, something about the grade being too low, so Ye Lu didn’t really care about this item, he wanted to use it to learn as much as he could about cultivators, and things related to the “Dharma Society”.

After all, he knew almost nothing about this field, but the way things were going, he seemed to have become one of these people.

Of course, before he could ask about these things, he had to make more efforts to touch all the pots and furnaces in the whole street, but fortunately there were not many such collections.

After that, Ye Lu helped Gu Shiqi touch a few more items, but this girl’s appetite was so big that she only kept one item that was over a million and one that was a few hundred thousand, and didn’t lay her hands on anything else.

The two people went to the Gu family’s shop first to finish the transaction, and then walked to the private club that the old man said.

As a result, before they reached the entrance, Gu Shiqi first said with some surprise.

“Huh! It’s the Hongfu Club, it seems to be the most upscale club in our city, I heard that the entrance fee costs one million, this old man is quite rich, let’s rip him off hard later.”

Ye Lu had never been in a place like a club where only rich people go, so his first feeling about this “Hong Fu Club” was that it was a dumb place, actually the entrance fee was one million.

The two of them went to the door and said that they had an appointment with Su Lao, and they were politely led upstairs immediately.

After entering, Ye Lu realized that it was indeed luxurious and grand inside. What’s more, the service girls walking around inside were all beautiful women.

It seemed that for the rich, this place was really worth every penny!

“The two of you can play in the chess room first, Su Lao said he would only arrive later.”

The service lady said politely.

Ye Lu had never been to a place like this before anyway, and wanted to look around, so he didn’t care, so he carried the antiques he had plucked and wandered around inside with Gu Shiqi.

In the chess room of the clubhouse, where several young people were playing around, one of the boys said.

“Guess who I just saw?”

Hearing his mysterious words, everyone gathered around to ask about it.

“Gu Shiqi! She actually came here.”

As soon as the crowd heard that it was Gushiki, they all immediately murmured.

“Why is it her, she’s still in the mood to come to the clubhouse to have fun, doesn’t she know that her family is about to cross over?”

“But she’s so pretty and tender, I so want my dad to get his hands on her.”

“Che! Look at her dad, he’s counting on this daughter to save a piece of the country, how many big families are watching, when will it be your turn?”

“Sh*t, what’s wrong, even if it’s not my turn, I can’t even think about it!”

“Hey, I can only blame her father for being too good at what he does, a good child will be ruined.”

“Okay, okay, don’t be sentimental, what I just saw was not only Gushiki, there is another kid beside her, that is so handsome, I guess this cabbage has long since been vaulted by a pig.”

Once they heard that there was a handsome boy beside the beauty, the crowd was not calm.

“Sh*t! Which handsome guy dares to bang my goddess.”

“It’s not a loser, is it?”

“Let’s find a way to fix him up later.”

Hearing the crowd’s words, the guy with the triangular eyes who had spoken initially said with a smile.

“I’ve never seen this guy before, which means he’s definitely not the son of a very rich family in the city, and, seeing as he’s quite young and around women, he must light a fire and like to act like a P***y around women or something, so when he comes later, we’ll provoke him into playing cards with us and then take the opportunity to embarra*s him badly. What do you guys think?”

Hearing this proposal, the crowd nodded their heads.

And coincidentally, Ye Luo and the others happened to come around to this imposing chess room.

“That handsome guy, since you’re here, why don’t you come and play a couple of games, since you’ve entered such a high-cla*s club, you shouldn’t be poor enough to care about these two dollars, right?”

When he saw Ye Lu enter, that triangle-eyed man said in a provocative manner.

Ye Luo then looked at him and smiled and said.

“I don’t think that’s necessary, I have things to do, and if you bet with me, you’ll lose your trousers.”

This was the truth, with the recognition function of the gla*ses, Ye Luo could know everything, playing cards with such a person, wasn’t that asking for death?

After Ye Lu finished speaking, the triangle eye froze instead, he had originally thought of a whole bunch of set-ups to provoke Ye Lu to gamble with them, what he never expected was to be mercilessly despised by his opponent right after he opened his mouth, he felt his dignity and intelligence had been seriously insulted, so he glared and said.

“Sh*t! You’re so capable of blowing off steam, have the guts to try?”

Gu Shiqi knew that these dudes must not be holding back any good farts, so she hurriedly stopped Ye Lu, but Ye Lu laughed and said.

“Someone wants to make a fool of himself why not make it happen, well, let’s bet on it then.”

After saying that he sat down on the other side of the card table looked at a few people and said.

“Bet on what?”

Seeing that Ye Lu had fallen into the trap so easily, a few people felt a bit unsure in their hearts instead, however, the triangle eye still thought about it and said.

“Let’s bet on Golden Flower Fry.”

Ye Luo nodded indifferently.

However, what Ye Lu did not know was that in fact, at this moment, that Su Lao had already come, and he was watching the scene happening in the chess room from the monitoring room.

“Ai! Young people are just impulsive, but it’s good, when he loses it all in a while, that pill censer will be easier to get hold of.”

Seeing that Ye Lu really wanted to gamble, Su Lao sighed and then shook his head.

At this time, Triangle Eye took out a deck of playing cards from the drawer.

However, his deck of playing cards had not yet been opened, so Ye Lu pointed at his hand and said.

“This deck of poker doesn’t work, you can see see the suit with your gla*ses, change the deck.”

Hearing Ye Luo your words, the triangle eye was shocked in his heart, thinking that this time he had met a connoisseur, but he did not retort, because it was true, he raised his hand and put the playing cards aside, and took out another deck.

As a result, Ye Lu said.

“This deck won’t work either, it’s coded poker, you can see the suit.”

Triangle Eye couldn’t help but speak up this time, he glared and said.

“I haven’t even opened the seal and you’re saying there’s a pa*sword, what basis do you have?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Then might as well open it up and let me point out the pa*sword.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, Delta Eye suddenly didn’t know how to reply, because what Ye Lu said was indeed true, but he couldn’t understand how Ye Lu knew it at all.

Equally confused was Su Lao who was watching the surveillance, he also couldn’t understand how Ye Lu had done it.

“A bit interesting!”

He twirled his beard with interest and watched.

In the chess room, Ye Lu, on the other hand, looked at the triangle-eyed few of them and said with a smile.

“Why are you guys so young in age but so timid? Don’t you dare to have a fair competition and have to cheat? Is this what you call guts? Aigoo! I said don’t play, but you guys insist on playing, and as a result, the cla*s is still so low, it’s a pity that such a high-cla*s clubhouse.”

With those words, Ye Lu shook his head and prepared to get up.

Triangle Eye and a few others exchanged glances before fiercely reaching out to stop Ye Luo and saying.

“Good, then we’ll listen to you and see how we can play fair.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Fine, but I really have limited time, so how about we just have one game to decide whether we win or lose, with everything on our bodies, including our trousers, pressed?”


Chapter 44

When they heard Ye Lu’s words, these few people hesitated again, not to mention them, even Gu Shiqi was sweating, she knew that Ye Lu had several millions in his card from the sale of antiques.

Seeing that several people were hesitating, Ye Lu smiled wistfully.

Seeing Ye Lu’s smile, the triangular eyes put their hearts on the line and said.

“Okay, as long as your rules are fair, we dare to bet with you.”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Then of course, let’s take out a deck of poker cards without any problems first.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Delta Eye then took out a completely ordinary deck of playing cards.

Ye Luo then said.

“This is an ordinary deck of cards, and we don’t need to deal the cards in a while, because as you know, there could be a lot of foul play in dealing the cards, right? In a moment by Gu Shiqi, she you all must know who it is, she opens the poker cards, withholding and shuffling, then spread the cards out, we each draw three, don’t worry, I draw the cards last, then compare the size, the person with the biggest card wins, the others all lose, simple right?”

Hearing what Ye Lu said about the rules, Su Lao in the monitoring room also had a strange expression on his face.

The poker was provided by the teenagers, so there would be no problem with the poker itself. The only one who could tamper with it was the girl, but that girl, firstly, she didn’t look like someone who played cards a lot, and secondly, she didn’t deal the cards, so even if she tampered with it, it would be very limited, and Su didn’t think she could mark each card in just a few seconds or ten seconds of shuffling.

It was too difficult to mark each of the fifty-four cards, but it would have been easier to mark three cards, but it would have required a very fast hand, and with seven people playing and twenty-one cards to take, it would have been difficult to ensure that all three cards remained at the end, and if only two remained, the maximum would have been a pair, which is not a big card in gold fry.

Besides, that little girl didn’t look like an expert cheater anyhow, and the likelihood of making a good mark so quickly was almost nil.

“So how exactly does this kid want to win?”

Su Lao’s curiosity was also piqued.

Triangle Eyes thought for a moment, then said.

“OK, but when Gushiki shuffles, she must roll up her sleeves, no rings or anything like that, and wash her hands and trim off all her fingernails ……”

He made a series of demands, just to avoid any chance of Gushiki cheating.

Ye Lu agreed to all of them, of course.

Following that, Gushiki then cooperated with them by folding a large circle before she finally opened the playing cards with her bare arms, then took out the big brat and the spare cards and very clumsily started shuffling and rewinding them back and forth.

Soon enough the cards were messy enough for Gushiki to spread them out on the table, and then she stepped aside.

Everyone began to draw their cards and everything was of course flawless, followed by the final part, the opening of the cards.

Su was also wide-eyed as he could not see any flaw in the cards from the beginning to the end.

In the end, Ye Lu took the bet with three sevens.


Ye Luo said with a helpless sigh.

“What did I say to you guys? Bet with me and you will even lose all your trousers, why don’t you guys believe me? It can’t be helped, take them off.”

At this, the triangle-eyed few of them all hesitated.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“What, such a big man, in such a high-cla*s club, don’t you want to lose face at all and want to go back on your word?”

Just at this time, Su Lao suddenly appeared, he looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Little friend, I watched the gambling game you just had, I think it was very interesting, how about this, I will also bet with you, if you win, I will not only let them fulfill their promise, but I will also give you as much money as they carry, how about that?”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

“And what if I lose?”

Su Lao also smiled and said.

“If you lose, give me that medicine pot, however, I will be the one to shuffle the cards and then you will draw three first, how about that?”

Ye Lu nodded his head without thinking and said.


If he drew three cards first, he wouldn’t lose anyway, it was a B*****d not to take advantage of such a bargain, right?

There was no doubt about what was going to happen, even though Elder Su took out a completely unmarked poker card, and Ye Lu did not see the face of the card, and it took a lot of time to mess it up, Ye Lu still drew three “Aces” easily and casually.

Su flipped over the rest of the cards, and the three “Aces” were gone, which meant that Ye Lu had not changed the cards, and the three cards were really drawn from here.

The reason why Su was convinced this time was that he was curious about how Ye Lu did it. In his opinion, the biggest possibility was that Gu Shiqi was playing tricks on him, so he shuffled and showed the cards himself.

Unbeknownst to him, these simple messages could be seen by Ye Lu just by using his mind to click in his vision.

“I have really met a high achiever today, I am convinced, a few of you put everything down for this young friend, then all the money in all the cards on your body are also withdrawn and left for this young friend, someone, supervise.”

The old man kept his promise, he said with a smile.

None of those dudes dared to say anything against it, and, as soon as Su Lao’s words fell, really immediately a few male waiters in black came over to help.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo understood that this Su Lao should be the owner of this clubhouse.

Sure enough, seeing Ye Luo’s eyes, Su Lao smiled and said.

“I’m sure little friend can also see that this clubhouse is indeed owned by the old man, why don’t we go over there and have a good talk, don’t worry, they will bring people over after this side is taken care of.”

Elder Su said as he pointed in the direction of the meeting room.

Ye Luo nodded and followed the three people and then went to the parlour.

Su Lao looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Since little friend is an expert, I won’t beat around the bush, anyway, that item is not used by little friend now, so little friend can just make a price, or exchange it.”

“However, can you tell me how you did it just now? Could it be that little friend has a pair of penetrating eyes.”

Hearing Elder Su talk about see-through eyes, Gu Shiqi immediately subconsciously covered her chest.

Seeing Gu Shiqi’s appearance, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s not something as divine as perspective eyes, because I’m Master Yun’s disciple.”

To be honest, this matter was really a bit hard to explain, from all indications indeed the guess of perspective eyes might be a bit more reliable, in fact Ye Luo’s ability was a bit similar.

Hearing Ye Lu say that he was Master Yun’s disciple, Su Lao then nodded in a dazed manner, then looked at Ye Lu again with some confusion and said.

“However, after thinking about it, I feel that even Master Yun would find it difficult to do this, right?”

Having no choice, Ye Lu had to say with a smile.

“My family master, Grandmaster Yun, is so heavenly and talented that no one can peek at it… Besides, let’s get down to business, why did you say I can’t use this medicine censer, and also can you explain to me why you need it?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, Su Lao became even more puzzled as he looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“About the cultivation, didn’t Master Yun tell you about it?”

Ye Lu had to say meekly.

“Not a word was mentioned.”

Su Lao then said with a sudden realization.

“No wonder you don’t have any true qi at all.”

“What about this medicine censer, we cultivators call it a ‘magic weapon’, which is a general term for things that will be helpful to us cultivators, some of these things were pa*sed down from the ancient times, some were refined by senior people in the past, and of course some are refined by senior people nowadays, however, to use a magic weapon, at least You must also be a strong Dark Energy practitioner to use them, and you don’t have True Qi, so you can’t use them at all.”

After Su Lao’s explanation, Ye Lu probably understood what this “magic weapon” was, but there was still something he didn’t understand, so he continued to ask.

“That Elder Su, what kind of cultivation level does ‘Dark Strength’ refer to?”

Seeing that Ye Lu actually didn’t even know such common sense, Su Lao shook his head helplessly and said.

“As far as I know, the realms of us cultivators are divided into ‘Ming Jin’, ‘Dark Jin’ and ‘Hua Jin’, ‘ Ming Jin’ is to strengthen the body through cultivation and open up the meridians to make the flesh and blood body stronger, while ‘Dark Jin’ strong people are one step closer to gathering ‘true qi’ in their bodies and can use ‘internal energy This is why it is called ‘Dark Energy’, while a ‘Transformation Energy’ practitioner can turn his true qi into an attack from the outside, which is most terrifying. Of course these are only the three realms of ‘Houtian Cultivator’, it is said that there are ‘Innate Cultivator’ further on, no these are too far away from me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to reach them in my lifetime.”

Ye Lu didn’t expect there to be so many ways to cultivate, no wonder the black-clad men who had just attacked him had mentioned something about “dark jin power”, but he wasn’t sure what level of cultivator he was now.

At this time, a group of naked boys suddenly came over, and Gu Shiqi was so scared that she immediately buried her head into Ye Lu’s arms.